Chapter 9 Because I Can’t See You

Song Yuanzhi didn’t expect Lin Su’er to be such an answer, and he froze for a while.

“Lin Su’er, what are you talking about?” He was unbelievable. “You don’t want to get engaged to me?”

Lin Su’er in Song Yuanzhi’s memory always followed his ass, crying and arguing to marry himself.

But now this nympho fool even said he didn’t want to marry him?

“Yeah.” Lin Su’er justified, “I don’t look at you at all, why would I want to get engaged to you?”

As soon as Lin Su’er said this, everyone in the audience gasped!


They heard it right!

Lin Su’er said he couldn’t look down on Song Yuanzhi?

She is such a fool, she can’t even look down on Song Yuanzhi?

Not to mention others, even Song Yuanzhi was dumbfounded.

“Lin Su’er!” The next second, he recovered and pointed to Lin Su’er’s nose. He said irritatingly, “What are you saying? Who do you think you can’t look down on?”

Regarding Song Yuan’s angry question, Lin Su’er just blinked innocently, repeating word for word: “I said, I, Lin Su’er, look down on you, Song Yuanzhi.”

“You!” Song Yuanzhi’s face was completely angry.

He used to hate Lin Suer likes himself. But he couldn’t accept what Lin Su’er said he couldn’t look down on himself!


Lin Su’er, a fool, didn’t piss and look in the mirror to see what he was like, but he also had a face and said he couldn’t look down on him?

Song Yuan’s anger is almost exploding, and I just wish to go up and teach this silly woman, but I don’t want anyone to move fasterβ€”

A figure suddenly hurried out of the auditorium, without a word, slapped towards Lin Su’er.

“Lin Su’er, you mistress! Do you know what you are talking about?”

Seeing that the slap was about to fall on Lin Su’er’s face, but no one could see how Lin Su’er was acting. She took a light step back and avoided the slap.

She looked up and frowned at the middle-aged man in front of her eyes.

It was Lin Aotian, Lin Su’er’s father, who rushed out at this time.

Although Lin Aotian is the biological father of the original body, he has not been able to say much about the original body over the years.

There is no way, there is such a silly daughter, it is shameful to say it out, how could Lin Aotian give Lin Suer a good look.

Although Lin Su’er had long known Lin Aotian’s indifference and ruthlessness from the memory of his original body, he still felt a little chill in his heart when he heard his rebuke.

What kind of father is this?

His own daughter didn’t return home all night. He didn’t worry about it at all, even when he came up, he just scolded himself?

This kind of father is better than not!

Thinking of this, Lin Suer sneered and asked: “Bullshit? I’m just explaining my own thoughts, why is it even bullshit?”

“You!” Lin Aotian did not expect that the only silly daughter of Novo would suddenly become so stubborn, and he was speechless.

Lin Rouer, who had been on the sidelines silently at this time, suddenly rushed over.

“Sister!” I saw Lin Rouer’s eyes filled with tears, and the voice was aggrieved, like a white flower that had been bullied. “I know that you are being played by people. It’s not a pleasure. But when you said that you don’t want to marry a distant brother, you are also you. Ah! I just completed the engagement for you, but why are you coming to my engagement party now!”

As soon as Lin Rouer said this, the audience was shocked.

Lin Su’er is being played with?

Which one is this?

Even Song Yuanzhi couldn’t help frowning at Lin Rouer, “Rouer, what are you talking about?”

Lin Rouer wiped her tears, as if she made up her mind to say: “Sister, I originally wanted to keep it secret for you, but I can’t just watch your elder brother cheating! So don’t blame me for not keeping my promise.”

With that said, Lin Rouer took a stack of photos from his pocket and turned to look at everyone.

“Everyone, my sister is actually already dating other men, so she is unwilling to marry his elder brother. And my photos here are proof of her fooling around with other men last night!”

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