Chapter 6 Space

When Lin Su’er opened her eyes again, she realized that everything in front of her had changed.

No longer is the road under the blazing sun, but a lush grass.

In the middle of the grass is an ancient tree.

The ancient wood is not good-looking, but Lin Su’er has been dealing with herbs for many years, and he can see the extraordinary nature of this ancient wood.

In particular, taking a fruit of water spirit hung on the ancient wood, there is even a touch of spiritual power.

She walked over and saw a stone tablet under the ancient wood.

“Jade Lingmu.” Lin Su’er saw the introduction on the stone tablet and finally knew the name of the ancient tree, and also understood what was going on in the space where she was.

It turned out that this is the space in the medicine jade.

This space is equivalent to a world of different dimensions, and the space is full of spiritual power, so this jade spirit tree was bred.

Jade Lingmu can blossom and bear fruit, and each flower and fruit carries a strong spiritual power, and humans can stimulate the body’s potential when eaten.

Understanding all this, Lin Su’er carefully picked off the fruit from the tree.

Although I don’t know what function this fruit has, but Lin Su’er just feels that it is a good thing.

After a long journey, she was already terribly dry, so she ate the fruit without thinking.

And just when the fruit was in her abdomen, she clearly felt a force spread all over her limbs.

She looked down at her body. Although she still looked slender and delicate, she could clearly feel that her body was different.

Although the original body is also a wealthy family, but because the father does not hurt the stepmother does not love, so in fact the body is not good.

But at this time the fruit went down, Lin Su’er only felt that he was full of strength!

“It really is a good thing.” She murmured.

With the help of this fruit, Lin Su’er was not tired anymore. She sat on the cool grass for a while before leaving the space and returning to reality.

In reality, the sun is still shining, Lin Su’er glanced down at the time, but there was a trace of surprise in his eyes.

She just talked in the space for half an hour, but she didn’t want the time on her phone, but only a few minutes passed.

Could it be that the time in this space is not equal to the outside world?

Lin Su’er wanted to understand this, and looked at the medicine Lingyu in his hand, suddenly more cautious.

It really is a useful thing.

Thinking of this, she carefully collected Yu Pei before she continued to move forward.

After another long hour of trekking, she finally returned to a place near the city and boarded a taxi.

“Master, go to Wangtian Villa.” She reported the address in her body memory, but she didn’t want her cell phone to clink suddenly.

When she took out her mobile phone, she saw an alarm clock reminder, which said abruptly-

[Emperor Hotel, 2 pm, engagement ceremony]

Lin Su’er narrowed his eyes slightly, and finally found the relevant memory in his mind——

She almost forgot. Today is her engagement banquet.

He had a fiancé who had signed a marriage contract since he was a child, Song Yuanzhi, the young master of the Song family.

The original body loved this song Yuan Zhi from an early age, today’s engagement banquet is also a long-awaited day for the original body.

But who would have thought that she would be framed the day before her engagement.

Lin Su’er was so concerned about his eyes that he quickly looked up to the driver and said, “Master, we will not go to Wangtian Villa Area, and we will go to the Imperial Hotel instead.”

After more than half an hour’s drive, Lin Su’er finally arrived at the Dorsett Hotel.

She got out of the car and found the banquet hall where the engagement banquet was held according to her memory. But if she didn’t want to go to the door of the banquet hall, she saw awesomely written on the flower basket at the door–

[Congratulations to Mr. Song Yuanzhi and Ms. Lin Rouer on their tie-up]

Lin Rouer?

Lin Su’er froze for a moment before remembering that this was her half-sister.

She could not help raising an eyebrow.

Wait, isn’t she and Song Yuanzhi’s engagement banquet today? Why did it suddenly become Lin Rouer?

Lin Su’er’s eyes flashed, he seemed to understand what was coming, and quickly walked into the banquet hall.

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