Chapter 32 Midterm Exam

Because the test rooms of Yingzheng High School are mixed with students from different classes, and then arranged in order of surname, Lin Rouer and Lin Su’er are divided into one test room.

Lin Rouer walked into the examination room and heard the frivolous comments of Lin Suer from the surrounding students. The ridiculous arc of her mouth could not be restrained. She looked up and saw Lin Suer passing by her desk. We are all looking forward to your midterm exam results, so you must not let everyone down.”

What Lin Rouer said was as provocative as possible, but Lin Su’er was too lazy to reason.

What is reasonable? When the results come out, don’t they just hit their faces one by one?

Thinking so, Lin Shu’er Shi Shiran found his seat in the examination room and sat down.

The invigilator teacher came soon, and everyone calmed down.

The test paper was quickly sent out, Lin Suer hurriedly glanced at the question on the test paper, and she had a rough idea in her heart.

After less than a month of evil supplements, Lin Su’er now has a general understanding of high school knowledge in this world.

But because there was not enough time for review, she could not write down all the knowledge points and formulas, so her current situation is that she can make the correct answer by turning over the book, but it will be a bit difficult to turn over the book.

Of course, normally speaking, you can’t turn the book during the exam, so in fact, the exam is based on Lin Su’er’s current level, and the bottom is not enough, but it is still a little difficult to pass the top 100 Lin Rouer. .

But Lin Su’er was not worried at all.


Because she has a plug-in!

Lin Su’er hurriedly finished the questions on the paper, and she had a rough idea of ​​the test site of this exam. Then she did not hesitate and tilted her head and fell asleep!

At the same time, Lin Rouer, who was sitting in Lin Su’er, actually made a paper while looking at Lin Su’er secretly.

Although he didn’t believe that Lin Su’er could get good grades, Lin Rouer was still a little worried deep in his heart.

After all, she could clearly feel that since the engagement banquet, Lin Suer’s whole person is not the same as before, so looking at Lin Suer’s vow to be able to test herself, Lin Rouer was really scared in the truth.

So she couldn’t help but look at Lin Su’er for a few more times, but it didn’t look good. At first glance, she found out where Lin Su’er is doing the papers, even she was sleeping!

Lin Rouer was surprised for a moment, but then she almost couldn’t help laughing out loud!

She said, how could Lin Su’er, an idiot, suddenly become a school bully? After doing it for a long time, Lin Su’er, the fool, was really dead!

Have you ever tested her? Now I saw a test paper and began to sleep, so that she could really pass the test!

Lin Rouer watched Lin Su’er hold his chin, his eyes closed, his head drowsed a little bit like a chick pecked rice, the last point in his heart was gone, and he began to write his own paper.

Lin Su’er!

You just wait to undress and run to the playground!

Lin Rouer was in a good mood, but what she could not have imagined was that Lin Su’er sat cross-legged on the grass in the invisible space of the medicine Lingyu, quickly flipping the textbook in her hand.

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