Chapter 31 The Existence of Space

The sound was very sharp, but it seemed to be coming from a distance. Lin Su’er was stunned and immediately reacted. Someone outside the space was calling himself.

She closed her eyes and let herself leave the space.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw Lin Rouer standing in her room, her eyebrows facing her.

Lin Su’er looked cold when she saw Lin Rouer, “Lin Rouer, who allowed you to come in?”

“This is my room, why can’t I come in!” Lin Rouer stuck his waist, not to be outdone.

“You are mistaken, this room is already mine.” Lin Su’er reminded with a cold expression, “Do you need me to remind you again?”

She said that her hand had touched the golden needle in her pocket.

If Lin Rouer was still so unsure, she wouldn’t mind giving her a lesson.

Lin Rouer saw Lin Su’er’s movements. Although she didn’t know what she was trying to touch, she was stunned.

In fact, she just saw Lin Su’er coming back from the outside, so she was reluctant to find fault, but she didn’t expect to see Lin Su’er sleeping on the table with her eyes closed on the table as soon as she entered the room.

You know, it’s the mid-term exam in less than a month, and Lin Su’er still feels sleepy?

This made Lin Rouer couldn’t help mocking a few words.

But now looking at Lin Su’er, she was really scared.

Forget it, don’t worry about Lin Suer as a bitch!

She bit her lip and thought bitterly.

Anyway, when the mid-term exam results come out next month, Lin Su’er will have to take off her clothes and run in the school playground.

Thinking of this, Lin Rouer felt a lot more happy in his heart, and said with a sneer: “Lin Su’er, you will continue to sleep here! I’m going to take a look, wait for the mid-term exam next month, and you get one What a shameful result!”

After bluffing, Lin Rouer quickly turned his head away.

Lin Su’er looked at her back, but frowned slightly.

Sleeping loudly?

So, when she entered the space just now, in the eyes of Lin Rouer and the outsiders, in reality, she was sleeping a lot?

To be honest, Lin Su’er was not quite sure how the space in Yao Ling Yu actually existed.

She can feel that the space of Yaolingyu should be another dimension space, but she is not very sure that every time she enters the space, her body in reality will disappear.

Because of this concern, she did not even dare to enter the space of Yaolingyu directly in front of others.

But now after listening to Lin Rouer’s words, she is sure. Every time she enters the space of Yaolingyu, her real body will not disappear, but she will appear to be asleep.

In that way, she would not need to be afraid to enter the space in front of others.

Lin Su’er didn’t know what he had suddenly thought of, and a thoughtful smile was drawn from the corner of his mouth.

“Next month’s mid-term exam.” She touched the medicine Lingyu in her hand and chuckled, “It seems that she won.”

The following month, time passed quickly.

Soon it was the day of the midterm exam.

On this day, Lin Su’er came to the school early. When he walked into the school, he heard the students around him whistling at her—

“Lin Su’er, it’s time to take the exam! Come on and get a quick test. Brothers are all looking forward to running the playground naked!”

“Hahaha, Lin Su’er, don’t let them talk nonsense, but I believe you can take at least 10 points! Don’t let me down!”

“Lin Su’er, don’t be discouraged even if you fail the exam, the big deal is to bet again next time! Anyway, we love to watch it a few times!”

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