Chapter 30 Who Says I’m Not Responsible

Lin Su’er didn’t know what Bo Qingang was thinking, but just replied: “Of course.”

Just kidding, this is the cold poison!

The self-righteous old man of her master hasn’t solved it all her life. If she can solve it, wouldn’t she be able to blow her life?

Bo Qingang heard Lin Su’er’s unhesitating answer, but his eyes dimmed suddenly.

The girl in front of her eyes was clean and clear, but he unconsciously thought of the soft, tender touch of her pink lips that night.

He couldn’t help thinking that if the girl detoxified herself in a more intimate way…

Bo Qingang’s throat tightened unconsciously, and some unnaturally looked away, forcing himself to stop looking at Lin Su’er’s clear eyes.

Lin Su’er didn’t notice the strangeness of Bo Qingang, but just mentioned the herbs on the ground and said, “I have nothing else to do, so I will go back first.”

With that said, she turned around and walked away, and Bo Qingang watched her back disappear at the entrance of Wan Ren Tang, and did not withdraw her eyes for a long time.

Until there was a very coughing sound around him.

Bo Qingang turned his head and saw Ouyang Luo standing aside, looking at him playfully.

“I can’t see it.” Ouyang Luo raised his eyebrows, and his eyes were full of playfulness. “Our mother and baby’s solo family is too young, and now they will also be a sister?”

Ouyang Luo’s tone is extremely flat, but Bo Qingang is too lazy to ignore him, just asking: “Last time, you said that the detoxification effect of Lin Su’er on me was determined according to the closeness of the two people. Is it serious? “

Ouyang Luo didn’t expect that Bo Qingang would suddenly ask about this. He was surprised for a while, but he answered honestly: “I think it is, but it is certain that it must be determined after practice.”

Bo Qingang nodded.

“You are right.” He looked faint. “It really should be tried.”

Ouyang Luo was stunned for a while, and then suddenly responded to the meaning of Bo Qingang’s words. When he was scared, he made a pig cry.

“The lying trough is thin and tilting. Are you going to play with other girls for experiments?” His eyes were rounded. “I tell you, although you want to detoxify, you can’t be such a beast! It’s cheaper than other girls. Responsible, condemned!”

In Ouyang Luo’s understanding, Bo Qingang said “try”, of course, to do the most intimate thing with Lin Su’er.

After doing it, you are not responsible, isn’t it a beast!

Ouyang Luo was distressed.

I can’t see it!

Bo Qingang’s sullen appearance, on the surface, it seems that she is not interested in anything, but it is actually an old beast! You can do it to the little girl!

But Bo Qing’an gave him a very disgusted look.

“Who said I am not responsible.” He looked at Ouyang Luo with an idiot’s eyes. “Since I want to try, I will naturally be responsible.”

Ouyang Luo was stunned, and had no time to ask Bo Qingang how he was responsible. He heard Bo Qingang open his mouth–

“Speaking of it, is Angel Kiss still in Europe right now?”

at the same time.

Lin Su’er on this side has returned to the Lin’s villa.

She carried the big bag and small bag back to her newly robbed room, sorted the herbs into different categories, brought the gold needle close to her, and finally took out some green seedlings from the bag. Without saying anything, just Entered his own medicine Lingyu space.

This is the medicine she bought from Wan Ren Tang today.

Lin Su’er, the medicinal material of Wan Ren Tang, has also seen it today. Because of the low spiritual power of this continent, these medicinal materials are not very good, so Lin Su’er thought, simply planting it in the space.

After all, her medicinal spirit jade space is full of energy, and the medicinal herbs grown must be much better than those on the market.

With such thoughts in mind, she dug several small pits in the space to plant the medicinal plants carefully, and was preparing to water, but at this time, a harsh and mocking voice suddenly sounded in her ear-

“Lin Su’er! What time is it, do you still doze off here in an elegant manner?”

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