Chapter 27: Give You Some Colors

Gu Cheng originally saw Lin Su’er’s face stunned. Hearing this, he exploded on the spot.

“Don’t talk nonsense!” He yelled in exasperation, and turned his head nervously to look at the little net red behind him, “Who’s who’s kidney is weak!”

Gu Chengchai’s little celebrity was not from Yingzheng High School, so he didn’t know about Gu Cheng’s kidney deficiency. Hearing this, he only looked at Gu Cheng with a confused expression. “Kidney deficiency? Who has kidney deficiency?”

“No one has kidney deficiency!” Gu Cheng’s entire face was green, and he looked at Lin Su’er, squeezing his teeth out of his teeth, “Lin Su’er, I warn you, I’m welcome if you talk nonsense!”

Gu Cheng’s words are full of threats, but Lin Su’er just blinked innocently, “I never talk nonsense, you are indeed kidney deficiency, and it’s quite serious.”

As soon as these words came out, the little net red around Gu Cheng also reacted, looking at Gu Cheng’s expression a little more complicated, “Gu Cheng, you… you kidney deficiency?”

“I don’t have it!” Gu Cheng lost face in front of the target at this time, and the whole person was mad. When he looked at Lin Su’er in front of him, his eyes burst into flames.

It’s Lin Su’er, a bitch!

Spreading rumors of his kidney deficiency everywhere makes him embarrassing!

Thinking of this, he flushed his eyes and raised his fists and shouted: “Lin Su’er, you slut, bullshit, I will give you some color now!”

Speaking of his fists, he thumped towards Lin Su’er’s pretty little face!

And at the same time.

Inside Mannido.

In the luxurious private room on the second floor, a gray-haired old man lifted his hands away from the thin and leaning wrist, with unbelievable eyes.

“It’s weird.” The old man murmured. “From the pulse point of view, the toxins in your body do seem to have stabilized a lot, small and thin. Have you changed medicine recently?”

Bo Qingyang, who is sitting opposite the old man, is wearing a black shirt today, with a slender and handsome figure, and his beautiful eyebrows are still like craftsmanship.

Hearing the old man’s words, his ink eyes flashed slightly, and the girl’s cold and pretty face appeared in his mind, and a slight arc of the corner of his mouth was not noticeable, “It’s true.”

“What medicine did you change?” The old man couldn’t help but show curiosity, and just wanted to ask, Ouyang Luo on the side quickly came out to play the round.

“No medicine, just change the dose. Okay grandpa, should you give acupuncture?”


At this time talking to Bo Qingang, the grandfather of Ouyang Luo officially, the grandfather of the Ouyang family.

Wan Ren Tang was actually opened by Mr. Ouyang.

Ouyang Luo’s family practiced medicine in his own age. Although his current generation is Western medicine studying abroad, in fact, his ancestors were skilled in traditional Chinese medicine, just like his grandfather. Simply opened a Chinese medicine hall to show people the incurable diseases.

Because Bo Qingang had been poisoned by strange drugs since he was a child, Western medicine could only be suppressed but not cured for many years, so later he also took a look at Chinese medicine here.

The magic is that this Western medicine’s helpless toxin can be suppressed by Chinese medicine’s acupuncture.

Mr. Ouyang is old, with inconvenient hands and feet, and Bo Qingang is naturally embarrassed to trouble the old man to come over in person, so this only comes to Wan Ren Tang once a month.

Today is the day for him to check his pulse as usual.

Grandpa Ouyang saw his grandson said that, so he stopped asking. He pulsed Bo Qingang as usual, acupuncture restrained the toxins in his body, and then Bo Qingang and Ouyang Luo came out together.

But when they didn’t want to go out, the two of them saw noisy and noisy at the door. When they looked closely, they found that a man was scolding a little girl.

“Eh, let me go. Is this man bullying other girls?” Ouyang Luo couldn’t help frowning and immediately wanted to stop, but when he saw the bullied girl, he could not help but suddenly his eyes widened, “Wait, Bo Qingang, isn’t that the walking antidote?”

Hearing Ouyang Luo’s words, Bo Qingang couldn’t help but lifted his eyes. Sure enough, he saw Lin Su’er holding that small and beautiful little face, standing in the door coldly.

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