Chapter 26: Are you looking at kidney deficiency?

Lin Su’er looked at Lin Rouer’s virtue of the white lotus and seemed to laugh, “It’s fine as long as you don’t regret it.”

Seeing Lin Su’er still talking hard, Lin Rouer snorted from his nose and turned to leave.

Lin Su’er and Lin Rouer’s bet on the mid-term exam has been spread throughout the school in just one lunch break.

“Hello, have you heard that Lin Rouer and Lin Su’er have to bet that they will score better than their midterm exam!”

“I’m going. What’s the good bet? Lin Su’er has a single-digit score every time I take the exam. I must lose!”

“Yeah, if I heard that Lin Suer lost, I would take off my clothes and go to the playground to run!”

“I’m going to be real and fake! Then are we not blessed?”

“Hey, hey, isn’t it, this guy Lin Su’er is stupid, but beautiful, and that figure…”

All of a sudden, Lin Su’er became the object of everyone’s pointing.

But Lin Su’er still didn’t care about it.

After the afternoon class ended, she did not go back to Lin’s home directly, but went to the print shop next to the school to print a few exquisite business cards.

The little brother of the printing shop saw the words “Ghost Doctor Successor” on the business card, and looked at Lin Su’er’s expression as if he cared for the mentally disabled.

But Lin Su’er didn’t care. After printing the business card, she followed the instructions on the mobile phone map and took a taxi to a Chinese medicine center in the city center.

Lin Su’er checked it last night, and now ancient medicine is not well developed. Many precious medicinal materials and medicine stoves are difficult to buy. After searching for a long time, she finally found a Chinese medicine hall called Wan Ren Tang. It is said that the herbs in it are the most complete.

This Wanren Hall is indeed very large. The second floor is an outpatient clinic, the first floor is a pharmacy, and the antique building is still very luxurious in the city center, which is not ordinary.

Lin Su’er didn’t care about these, as long as there were herbs.

As soon as she entered the door, she took out a long list and bought all the herbs in the store, including a set of exquisite gold needles.

Fortunately, Lin Aotian just hit a lot of pocket money in Lin Su’er’s card yesterday, so she had money to splurge here.

After buying the medicinal materials, Lin Su’er also asked if there was an alchemy furnace. It is embarrassing that alchemy is no longer popular in traditional Chinese medicine nowadays. At most, it is medicine jars for decoction, but alchemy stoves have long been unused.

Lin Su’er felt a pity in her heart, but she couldn’t help it. She thought she could only find a chance to go to another place in the future.

After paying the money, Lin Suer picked up big packs of medicinal herbs in everyone’s shocked eyes and was about to leave.

Unexpectedly, she just hit the door when she hit the person.

She hurriedly took care of the newly purchased medicinal herbs, just wanted to apologize, and just heard a violent familiar voice ——

“You don’t look at the road when you walk!”

Hearing this, Lin Su’er froze, raised his head, and really saw the familiar non-mainstream hairstyle.

At the same time, the person on the opposite side also recognized Lin Su’er and screamed like a ghost.

“Lin Su’er, why is it you again?”

Yes, it happened to be in the Chinese medicine hall at this time, which happened to be Gu Cheng who was told by Lin Su’er to have kidney deficiency today.

Gu Cheng is chasing a small net red recently. The small net red didn’t know from where I heard that this Chinese medicine museum has a weight loss pills with no side effects. I especially want to buy it. Gu Cheng, in order to chase people, of course hurriedly brought a small net. Red came to buy medicine together.

But Lin Su’er didn’t know this. She looked down and saw Gu Cheng holding a pack of Chinese medicine in her hand, and suddenly showed a sudden enlightenment. “Ah, look at your kidney deficiency?”

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