Chapter 25 Bet

Lin Su’er couldn’t help but stunned.

She tried hard to think about it before she remembered from the body’s memory that it was indeed the mid-term exam of Yingzheng High School next month.

“It turns out that the mid-term exam is about to take place.” Lin Su’er muttered to himself, thinking about it, not knowing if he had time to review.

Lin Rouer saw Lin Suer’s expression and thought she was bluffed by the mid-term exam

But also, every time before the examination was a time when Lin Suer was disgraced. Last year’s mid-term exam, Lin Su’er’s test paper was stolen and posted on the school’s bulletin board. The stupid answers above are still being circulated as a joke in the school.

“How are you afraid?” Lin Rouer hugged his chest and looked at Lin Su’er in a condescending way. How could his pride be covered up? “If you are afraid, go back and read the book honestly! Maybe you can still work hard this time Mongolia has one or two multiple choice questions!”

When Lin Rouer said these words, the voice was very loud. There were already many people in the cafeteria at noon. Many of the classmates who ate around heard this and could not help laughing out loud.

Seeing everyone mocking Lin Su’er, Lin Rouer has been unbalanced since yesterday, and this is finally a lot of relief.

That’s right!

Lin Su’er, a big fool, deserves to be laughed at!

She originally thought that Lin Su’er should be crying and ran away as if she was laughed, but she didn’t expect Lin Su’er’s exceptional calmness today, and she was indifferent to her classmates’ ridicule.

Instead, she just lowered her head and thought about it.

“Lin Rouer.” The next second, she suddenly said, “How many places did you take the exam?”

Lin Rouer didn’t expect Lin Su’er to ask this, froze for a moment, but quickly snorted from his nose, with a smug tone, “I’ve always been in the top 100 of the grade! It’s not like you, it’s always the bottom countdown. the first!”

“One hundred.” Lin Rouer’s tone was proud, but Lin Su’er just tilted his head and thought, “That doesn’t seem to be very difficult.”

“What do you say!” Lin Rouer was stunned, but then he was angry, “What’s not difficult! You have the ability to test me a top one hundred to show me! If you can test it better than me, I’ll just hit you on my face!”

Lin Rouer was really angry at this moment, she said everything, but she didn’t want to. Lin Su’er heard this in front of her, but she suddenly raised her head.

“I hit the face casually?” Lin Su’er’s eyes were shiny. “Lin Rouer, do you speak?”

Lin Rouer saw Ming Huang’s expectation from Lin Su’er’s eyes. For a while, she felt a hair in her heart for no reason.

But the next second, she secretly scolded herself for worrying.

As for Lin Su’er’s head, even if you add a hundred or two hundred points, she will not be taller than herself. What is she worried about?

Thinking of this, Lin Rouer once again straightened his waist and sneered: “Of course it is true, as long as your midterm exam is one point higher than me, I will slap me casually! Of course, correspondingly, if you The test is not as good as me…

Lin Rouer narrowed his eyes slightly, a vicious light flashed under his eyes.

“Then you will undress me and run a hundred laps in the school playground!”

Lin Rou’s bet can be said to be quite vicious.

A girl stripped off her clothes and ran in school, which simply destroyed Lin Su’s reputation.

But Lin Su’er listened, but there was no time for half a second to think, so he nodded and said, “Okay.”

Lin Rou’er didn’t expect Lin Su’er to promise so much pleasure. The eyes first flashed a bit of consternation, but then there was excitement that couldn’t be concealed!

Lin Su’er is really a fool!

Dare to bet on such bets.

She had to check it out, and when Lin Su’er was running naked, the video was also posted online, and Bo Shao wanted her!

Thinking of this, Lin Rouer couldn’t help but smile, and looked around the lively classmates, smiling with a smile: “Sister, this is what you agreed, I didn’t force you. Now so many classmates are looking at us Testify, when the results are down, don’t regret it.”

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