Chapter 23 Give you 20% discount

Lin Su’er is telling the truth.

When she saw this Gu Cheng just now, she felt that he was listening loudly, but some of them were lack of energy. At this time, when she pinched the pulse, it was indeed a smooth pulse, a standard kidney deficiency.

Gu Cheng was completely dumbfounded when he heard Lin Su’er’s words.

“You, what nonsense you are!” He didn’t recover until a few seconds later, almost angry with Venus, “Which kind of kidney is weak! Laozi is in good health!”

Speaking of his anger, he wanted to break free of Lin Su’er’s hand, but Lin Su’er didn’t know how to pinch his wrist. Obviously it was such a slender little hand, but when he pinched his wrist, he seemed to have grasped something. The key part, let him break away a little, he was cold and sweating in pain.

“I’m not talking nonsense.” Facing Gu Cheng’s rebuttal, Lin Su’er seriously refuted. “Did you often go to the toilet in the middle of the night, and often feel frequent urination? Urinary urgency? Dizziness and tinnitus, cold limbs? “

Every time Lin Su’er said something, Gu Cheng’s face was white.

What a terrible sight, Lin Su’er even said everything!

“How do you know…” He blurted out in shock, but when he said it, he realized he was wrong and shut up.

But it was still too late. The classmates around me had heard Gu Cheng’s words.

Everyone’s complexion suddenly became brilliant.

“I’m going, Lin Su’er really gave the talk, so Gu Cheng really has kidney deficiency? How old is he? It’s too exaggerated.”

“I think it’s normal, you see him changing his girlfriend so often, it’s not bad to be blamed.”

“But how did Lin Suer know… speaking of it, how do I think Lin Suer seems to be a little different in peace day?”

The students all lowered their voices and whispered, but the classroom was so big, and those comments were still clearly heard in Gu Cheng’s ears.

His face suddenly turned green.

“Lin Su’er!” He looked at the culprit in front of him, and suddenly couldn’t care about the pain in his wrist. He shook her away and shouted, “Are you looking for death!”

“I haven’t.” Facing Gu Cheng’s roar, Lin Su’er’s face remained the same, but he took out a card from his pen box and passed it to him with a sincere look. “The doctor is kind, although you are not polite, but For the sake of classmates, if you ask me to help you cure kidney deficiency, I can give you a 20% discount.”

Gu Cheng looked down and saw that Lin Su’er was actually a handwritten card, which read-

[Lin Su’er, the 32nd generation heir of the ghost doctor, cures all diseases, contact: 13xxxxxxx0]

Is this a special business card?

Looking at the extremely rough hand-made business card, and the same slogan as the liar’s small advertisement, Gu Chengqi almost turned his eyes and fainted.

What’s wrong with him?

“Lin Su’er, you, you wait for me!” Gu Cheng’s angry voice shivered and shouted at Lin Su’er before walking out of the classroom angrily.

“Eh, don’t you cure the disease?” Lin Gu’er was disappointed when he saw Gu Cheng leave like this.

She glanced down at the card in her hand and shook her head regretfully.

Ever since he made up his mind to carry forward the ancient medicine operation again yesterday, Lin Su’er immediately made only a few small business cards by hand.

Because she knows from her original memory that doing business in this world needs to be publicized. Since she wants to start her own name of ghost doctor, she naturally needs a business card.

“It seems that this business card is still not professional enough, so I can’t attract the interest of customers.” Lin Suer said to herself, while putting away the business card, he was determined to quickly make a business card with a compelling grade, attracting more Many customers.

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