Chapter 22 This pulse of kidney deficiency

The next day, Lin Su’er went to school.

The school where she is studying is the local noble high school, Yingzheng High School.

The original body is actually 19 years old, only because the brain is really not very good, the bottom of the school with poor grades, this is only two years after repetition, and is still in high school, and is in the same class as Lin Rouer who is two years younger than himself.

Lin Su’er came to the school by car in the morning, and walked towards the classroom of his third and second grades according to his memory.

But I don’t know why. When she walked through the school, she always felt that the people around her were pointing and pointing at herself, with a bit of sarcasm and disgust in her eyes.

Lin Su’er frowned.

In her memory, the original body was not well treated at school because of a bad brain, but most people seem to be just when she does not exist, why suddenly point her at her?

With a suspicious mood, Lin Su’er entered the classroom.

The noisy classroom, when Lin Su’er entered the door, quieted down.

Lin Su’er didn’t take it seriously, and walked to his seat in the corner, but he didn’t want to pass by his classmates, but the murmured discussion sounds got into her ears——

“Eh, did you see the photos of the online forum, my god, I really didn’t expect that Lin Su’er looked silly, but actually this kind of person!”

“Cut, this is a disgraceful look. I used to look at her face and I knew it wouldn’t be a good thing! Sure enough, my brain was stupid and still wavy, it was disgusting.”

“That’s right, you said she was so messy, would there be any infectious disease on her body, it was really unfortunate that she was in a class with her!”

Hearing these comments, Lin Su’er’s hand took the book from the schoolbag only slightly.

She suddenly realized something, took out her mobile phone, and found the forum in the school according to the memory in her body.

In the forum, a post was topped-

[Silly and sweet on the surface, inner Pan Jinlian? Reveal the true face of Lin Su’er, a fool repeater in the third grade and second grade! 】

Click inside, Lin Su’er saw countless familiar photos.

It was a photo of her Chinese medicine taken by Lin Rouer at the wedding yesterday.

Lin Su’er’s eyes suddenly froze when he saw the pictures.

This Lin Rouer.

It’s really good, the scars have forgotten to hurt.

Yesterday, she was given a lesson, but today she is humbling again?

There was a chill in the eyes, Lin Su’er had just locked her phone, but she didn’t want to snap, she patted her hand on her desk.

She looked up and saw that a boy with a non-mainstream hairstyle and a thief’s eyes stood in front of herself.

Lin Su’er reluctantly remembered it in his mind. This is his classmate named Gu Cheng, a famous playboy in the school. After three years of high school, his girlfriend has changed and I don’t know how many.

“Lin Su’er.” Gu Cheng looked at Lin Su’er with a raised eyebrow, and his smile was frivolous. “I heard that you are playing outside the school. Why, I like the outside of the school. Why not consider the classmates in our school?” “

When saying this, Gu Cheng’s small eyes looked back and forth on Lin Su’er, with a bit of insolence.

I have to say that although Lin Su’er is a bit stupid, it has to be said that it looks really good. It’s not bad to be a serious girlfriend and use it for a few nights.

Hearing Gu Cheng’s indecent play, many boys in the class lowered their voices and laughed, and the girls blushed one by one.

But Lin Su’er, the same person, just like everyone else, just raised his head and looked at Gu Cheng lightly, “Considering classmates? Do you mean you?”

“Of course.” Seeing Lin Su’er didn’t seem to be teased and angry, Gu Cheng’s courage could not help getting bigger, hippie smiled, and his mouth was not covered, “My brother Gu assured you that I’m doing this job , It must be much stronger than the tycoons outside you! Guaranteed to satisfy you!”

With that said, his hand was still touching the small white face of Lin Su’er.

Don’t want Lin Su’er to go up suddenly, grabbed his wrist.

“Good job?” Lin Su’er raised his eyes and raised a cold arc at the corner of his mouth. “Don’t talk nonsense. I’m afraid you can’t hold it for ten minutes, and still satisfy me?”

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