Chapter 18 Walking Antidote

Ouyang Luo was still trying to smooth out his frightened little heart. He didn’t want to hear Bo Qingang suddenly say that, he couldn’t help but stunned.

“Why do you want to test the toxins?” He looked awkward, but suddenly he reacted, his face slightly changed, “Wait, Aang, you will not be doubtful, this little girl named Lin Su’er is to relieve the toxins in your body. The reason?”

In the middle of the night yesterday, the poison of ice and cold in Bo Qingang temporarily broke out. Ouyang Luo was taken by Bo Song’s assistant Zhang Song overnight, but when he didn’t want to, he found that the toxin in Bo Qingang actually relieved himself.

Ouyang Luo, a doctor in charge of Bo Qingang for many years, was shocked. He wanted to grab Bo Qingang and go back for a comprehensive medical examination.

Then Bo Qingang took him to the Dorsett Hotel, and then Ouyang Luo witnessed the ambiguous interaction between Bo Qingang and a little girl in her mother’s solo.

At first, he thought that Bo Qingang had ushered in the spring of being late for many years, but now he suddenly realized what–

Just now Bo Qingang did mention to the girl, what was it last night, so when Aang was poisonous yesterday, this girl was there?

“Not bad.” Bo Qing nodded and said his speculation, “I suspect that as long as I get close to this girl, the toxins in my body will be suppressed. So I wanted to come to her to confirm.”

Yes, Bo Qingang came to Lin Su’er today, of course, not to let Lin Su’er return his favor.

From the beginning, he just wanted to confirm whether the relief of toxins in his body had anything to do with this little girl.

So he just approached Lin Su’er that way just now.

Ouyang Luo heard Bo Qingang, but his eyes were round.

“No.” He was a little ridiculous. “Aang, this is impossible. We haven’t figured out a way to deal with the toxins in your body for so many years. How can it be relieved because this little girl is close to you ?”

As a Western medicine doctor, Ouyang Luo couldn’t agree with Bo Qingang’s guess.

Of course, Bo Qingang knew that his guess was ridiculous, but he didn’t mean to explain it, but he urged it lightly: “Test first and then say.”

Ouyang Luo couldn’t say much about Bo Qingang’s insistence. He could only walk over and take out the instrument to test Bo Qingang’s toxin.

While checking, he couldn’t help but whisper: “How is this possible, it is simply unscientific guessing, I tell you, your toxin level must be the same as usual… wait!”

Ouyang Luo was nagging, but suddenly, he saw the value on the instrument. He suddenly looked like a ghost, and his eyes were round.

He thought that besides his eyes, besides having problems, he quickly picked up the instrument and examined it carefully, but found that the toxin level displayed on the instrument was actually lower than usual!

This toxin in Bo Qing’s body has been around for many years.

Ouyang Luo has been responsible for Bo Qing’s physical condition, so although he has not found a way to solve this mysterious toxin, but what he has measured is already perfect.

The toxins in Bo Qing’ang’s body are usually stable at a certain value, and only burst suddenly when the poison hits every month.

But just now, after Bo Qingang had talked with the little girl, Bo Qingang’s toxin was actually lower than it was in the morning!

Although the toxins were not completely eradicated, Ouyang Luo was shocked just by reducing the toxins.

The actual value is in front of me. Ouyang Luo thought that he had a bit of pain in his face when he vowed that it was impossible, and murmured unbelievably: “My God, is this little girl really a walking antidote?”

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