Chapter 15 Useless Things


The entire banquet hall fell into silence again.

Everyone was completely ignorant at this time, looking at Bo Qingang in front of him, he didn’t react for a long time.

Even Lin Rouer was dumbfounded, his eyes were rounded, and his stuttering words were unclear, “You, what are you talking about?”

“I said.” Bo Qingang shredded the photo in his hand, and his expression was cold, repeating every word, “I was with Lin Su’er last night.”

Bo Qingang is telling the truth.

Yesterday Lin Su’er was indeed with him, and indeed he and Lin Su’er had a skin kiss.

But the truth was heard in the ears of others, but it seemed like a thunderstorm.

When I saw the pictures of Lin Su’er just now, everyone guessed that Lin Su’er was with 80% of the men last night.

But they never dreamed that that person would be boring!

In this way, the nature of this matter is quite different.

If the man who was with Lin Su’er last night was any other man, it would be that Lin Su’er was not obsessed with women’s ethics and dissolute; but if the man with Lin Su’er last night was boring…


What a slut!

People called this sparrow to become a phoenix, soaring into the sky!

The people present are relatives and friends of the Song and Lin families. Everyone is in business, and the most people in business are eyesight, but in a flash, everyone reacted and opened their mouths β€”β€”

“Oh, Suer really deserves to be our Lin’s daughter-in-law, but it’s really good! They are all friends with Bo Shao, and I really did not waste my aunt when I was a child!”

“Yes, yes, you see, this is the fate of the fate! Oh, they are all thin, and they still care about what Song Yuan does! If you want me to say, Suer, you have a good vision!”

“That’s right, Su’er, developed in the future, don’t forget your uncle, I gave you a toy when I was a kid!”

Everyone swept away the sarcasm of Lin Su’er just now, one by one, as if he had loved Lin Su’er since childhood.

Even the relatives of the Lin family couldn’t help but count Song Yuan’s words. Song Yuanzhi listened to his ears and his face was green!

But he can’t refute it!

If you say that what Lin Su’er said just now can’t look down on yourself, it sounds like a ridiculous thing; but now, what Lin Su’er said is really honest.

Lin Su’er, who has already got on with Bo Qing’ang, is so despised that he can’t look down on him!

Thinking of this, Song Yuanzhi only felt angry and dizzy, but the other party was thin, even if he was reborn, he would not dare to put a fart!

The most shocking audience was Lin Rouer.

As the behind-the-scenes planner last night, she knows better than anyone what happened last night. At this time, when she heard Bo Qingang, the whole person couldn’t help but stunned and blurted out: “It’s impossible! Yesterday with Lin Su’er clearly Yes–“

Almost all of her words came to her lips, but fortunately, she reacted violently and closed her mouth quickly.

But Lin Su’er already knew what she wanted to say, looking at her with a smile, her eyes cold, “Say, Lin Rouer, who should I be with last night?”

Obviously it was a breezy sentence, but it was mixed with endless chill, which made Lin Rouer’s face pale, and he dare not speak again.

“Why didn’t you speak?” But Lin Su’er refused to let her go so easily, but took a step closer, sneering even worse, “Lin Rouer, you are not clear about my whereabouts last night, are you clear?”

Strange to say, Lin Su’er just asked Lin Rouer so lightly at this time, the tone could not even be stern, but Lin Rouer listened in his ears, but couldn’t express the fear.

She paled and staggered back, but stepped on her skirt without wanting to be careless.


Her body suddenly lost her center of gravity, screamed, and fell heavily on the ground.

And Lin Su’er, when he saw Lin Rouer fell to the ground in a state of embarrassment, made a disdainful sneer from his nostrils.

“Useless things.”

She sneered, ignoring Lin Rouer’s more ugly face, and left without looking back.

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