Chapter 14 I Am That Man


In an instant, the entire banquet hall fell into silence.

It was like a movie where the sound was pulled out, and suddenly there was no sound.

Everyone’s mouth is so open that they can stuff a potato!

Bo Shao… Just called Lin Su’er’s name?

So, Bo Shao said that the person to be found is Lin Su’er?

This cognition is to make the audience crazy!

The calmest part of the audience was Lin Su’er.

She looked at the man in front of him. He had a very powerful aura on him, which was daunting, but she didn’t retreat at all. She just met his gaze and calmly said: “I know.”

Bo Qingang looked at the girl’s clear eyes and could not help raising her eyebrows slightly.

Few people dare to look at themselves like this.

Especially the other party is a girl who looks weak and can’t help but be windy.

Reminiscent of the girl’s daring behavior in the car last night, the thin angle of her mouth evoked an imperceptible arc.


This little girl is really interesting.

“Since I remember.” He said, his voice is still undoubtedly strong. “Then please Miss Lin to keep her promise.”

Lin Su’er was shocked when he heard this.

Last night, in order not to owe human affection, Lin Suer left his name in the palm of the man before leaving.

But according to Lin Su’er’s original thought, the man was comatose at that time. When he woke up, he should just see the name to find her, but he should know nothing.

But listening to the man’s tone now, how does he seem to know what she did and still remember what she promised him?

Could it be… At that time this man was awake?

Lin Su’er quickly denied this year.

As a successor of ghost doctors, she knows the horror of the cold and cold poison more than anyone else. When the poison hits, the poisoned person is desperate to live, how can he still maintain his consciousness.

This man should just see the name in his hand, so look for it with curiosity.

“It’s inconvenient to talk here.” Lin Su’er clearly felt that the eyes of the people in the entire banquet hall were almost on the two of them at the time, and said, “Change the place.”

“Good.” Bo Qingang was not interested in being watched like a monkey, so he turned around and went out with Lin Su’er without hesitation.

I don’t want the two of them to hear the sound before they even reach the door—


A sharp voice rang from behind them.

Lin Su’er turned his head and saw that Lin Rouer didn’t know when he rushed out of the crowd. At this time, he was holding his fist, staring at her and Bo Qingang.

Lin Su’er raised her eyebrows, “Lin Rouer, what do you want to do?”

Lin Rouer bit his lip, and did not answer Lin Su’er’s question.

Lin Rouer at this time was already going crazy.

She really didn’t even dream that Bo Shao came to Lin Su’er.

To know who Bo Shao is!

The most honorable man in the entire China country! The man she dare not dream about!

Can such a tall man come to Lin Su’er as a fool?

How can this be!

Jealousy and resentment came like a tide, leaving Lin Rouer with no reason, and only one thought in his mind—

You must not let Lin Su’er, a stupid slut, climb up to the bottom!

Absolutely not!

Thinking of this, she barely thought about it, she screamed: “Boss, you must not be fooled by this woman Lin Su’er, don’t look at her as if she is very simple, but in fact, she is a watery poplar in her bones. Slut!”

Lin Su’er heard Lin Rouer’s words, and already vaguely guessed what Lin Rouer was going to do.

Sure enough, she saw Lin Rouer can’t wait to pick up the photos scattered on the ground beside her and handed it to Bo Qingang.

“I don’t believe you see these photos.” Her tone was anxious, for fear that Bo Qingang didn’t believe her, “These photos are evidence that Lin Suer was fooling around with other wild men last night! So you must not be fooled by her. !”

Lin Rouer’s words came out, and everyone in the audience couldn’t help looking nervously at Bo.

Those eyes were a little scared, fearing that Bo Qingang would be angry; but also had some faint expectation, expecting Bo Qingang to see the true face of Lin Su’er!

But Bo Qingling didn’t reach out to pick up the photo. He just looked down slightly and saw the content on the photo.

Like Lin Su’er, he immediately recognized that this was a photo of Lin Su’er’s Chinese medicine last night.

He raised his eyebrows slightly, a pair of ink eyes could not see the emotion, and Lin Rouer thought he did not believe in himself, and the whole person was even more anxious.

“Bo Shao, what I said is true! You can investigate if you don’t believe it! Sister really was with a wild man last night! I really–“

“No need to check.”

Lin Rou’er was excited to continue to say something, but he didn’t want to finish it before being interrupted by Bo Qingang coldly.

He raised his eyes slightly, looked at Lin Rouer in front of him, thin lips lifted lightly, and the cold words spit out slowly-

“Because the wild man you said is me.”

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