Chapter 13 Do you still recognize me?

Lin Rouer only felt that the happy bubble in his heart seemed to be pierced by someone, and the smile on the entire face suddenly condensed, and he didn’t react.

“What, what?”

She looked at the handsome man in front of her in shock, but found that the depth of his ink eyes was impatient and indifferent.

“I said, let go.” Bo Qinghang looked down at the woman in front of her, his expression was colder, “You are blocking me.”

Lin Rouer’s complexion turned pale in an instant.

The heart seems to have fallen from a height, how proud she was just now, and how shameful she is now.

She backed away in a panic, trying to pretend that nothing had happened, but the scene just now was already seen by the people around her.

There were also some Miss Qian and Lin from the Lin and Song families who came to participate in this engagement banquet. When they saw Bo Shao walked in front of Lin Rouer, they didn’t mention how envious they were, and now they saw Bo Shao ignored Lin Rou at all. Son, they couldn’t help but sigh, they couldn’t help but whispered with their mouth covered–

“Haha, did you see that? Lin Rouer, the self-righteous woman, even thought that Bo Shao came to her. Just now that the tail was upright proud, it was a laugh!”

“That’s right, if you want me to say, Song Yuanzhi, who is worthy of our family, is already Gao Pan, and she is still thinking about Boshao? I’m shit, it’s really her dream of spring and autumn!”

“Haha, that’s right, who is Bo Shao, how can she be regarded as her kind of thing, and don’t look at her a few pounds or a few pounds to dream here day by day, our Lin family’s face blamed her for losing it!”

Although these girls have deliberately lowered their voices during the discussion, after all, the banquet hall is so big, and all the harsh words still penetrated into Lin Rouer’s ears.

Lin Rouer immediately wished to find a ground drill!

She thought about stomping her feet angrily, looking up at Bo Qingang unwillingly, but did not want to raise her eyes, but saw that Bo Qingang had stopped again.

This time, Lin Su’er was in front of him.

Seeing this scene, everyone assumed that Lin Su’er was just like Lin Rouer just now, blocking Bo Qing’s way.

The celebrities all around me immediately couldn’t help getting sour again–

“Lin Su’er! What are you doing there? Didn’t hear that Bo Shao was here to find someone? Don’t hurry up!”

“That’s why you talk about how these two women surnamed Lin are like this, and they are so passionate! They thought they could attract little attention like this!”

“Yes! Don’t look at what you are, but you dare to brush your presence in front of Bo Shao, really shameless!”

Lin Rouer heard everyone meaning Lin Su’er while knocking on the side and also bringing herself, her face was even more ashamed and almost burned. She saw Lin Su’er standing still and motionless, she couldn’t help being more annoyed, she lowered her voice and said angrily: “You hear Lin Su’er No! Don’t hurry up!”

With that said, she also wanted to personally pull Lin Su’er, a fool who didn’t know what to do.

Don’t want to, at this time-

“Lin Suer.”

A low and sweet voice suddenly sounded from the side.

Lin Rouer froze and raised his head, only to find that Bo Qingang’s cold ink eyes fell on Lin Su’er.

The next second, everyone heard him speak slowly, “Do you still recognize me?”

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