Chapter 12 The Legendary Boss

In the entire S city, there may be many people with surnames Bo. There may be only one person who is so respectfully referred to as a young man by Song Yuanzhi.

Bo Qingang.

The Boss’s son-in-law, heirs, the entire Chinese nation, and even the most honorable man in the world.

If the Song family today is already a bit high for the Lin family, then the Bo family is even the family of the Lin family who dare not dream of having a relationship.

The Bo family ancestors started with military merits. These two generations only started to transfer to politics and business, but the strong family foundation has already made them legendary in military, political, and commercial aspects.

And Bo Qingang, as the only heir of the Bo family, is the dream lover of all women in the world, and all the families want to be stabbed.

Everyone didn’t even think that he could meet the legendary big man here, and he was so excited all the time, especially the few young girls in the banquet hall, they were all fainted by joy—

“My God, this is Boss! It’s even more handsome than the legend! No, I’m going to faint…”

“Ah, the thin eyes are so charming and deep, especially when looking at me, I think my soul will be sucked away!”

“Bah, dream of your spring and autumn, how could Bo Shao look at you! Bo Shao looked at me!”

In the excited screams of the girls, Lin Aotian was also dumbfounded.

This… this is actually Boss?

Apart from being shocked, he was terrified and terrified. He just yelled at Bo Shao just now!

It’s just to death!

But this can’t be blamed. The Bo family’s status is there. The Lin family doesn’t even have the qualification to see Bo Qing’s side. Where can you recognize it?

Even Song Yuanzhi actually only saw Bo Qingang by chance from afar. It’s just that Bo Qingang’s appearance and momentum are really impressive, so he recognized it immediately.

“Thin and thin.” After recognizing Bo Qing’s identity, Lin Aotian’s whole person became more dog-legged, with smiles all over the pleats, nodding and bowing to Bo Qingang to please, “Will you come to participate today Is my daughter’s engagement banquet? Look, we don’t know that you will come. This engagement banquet is really simple. Don’t worry, I will take you to my seat now.”

As he said, he bent down the dog’s legs and wanted to personally take a thin lean to the seat.

At the same time, Song Yuanzhi’s parents, who were originally sitting on the highest seat, also got up busy, and sincerely gave up their seats to Bo.

Can be thin but no action.

“No,” he said, his voice extremely cold. “I’m here to find someone.”

Lin Aozhi’s flattering smile instantly stiffened in his face.

“Finding, looking for someone?” Lin Aozhi didn’t respond a little, and just wanted to ask Bo Shao who he was looking for, he saw Bo Qingang raised his foot and passed him.

All the people present evaded themselves, and Bo Qingang passed through the crowd, and finally walked to the center of the banquet hall.

In front of Lin Rouer.

The audience suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.


What’s happening here!

Bo Shao, this is for Lin Rouer, the bride who is engaged today! ?

Not to mention the stunned people around, even Lin Rouer, the person involved, was dumbfounded.

Her brain was blank, and she looked at the thin black eyes in front of her eyes, almost screaming in her heart!


Bo Shao came to her!

The most honorable man in the whole country, he came to find his own!

At this moment, Lin Rouer had long forgotten that he was engaged to the bride today, and also forgot that he was still struggling to marry Song Yuanzhi a few hours ago, and the whole person was completely addicted to the bohemian. Among the handsome faces, the happy ones almost fainted!

Don’t want to be at this time–

“Step aside.”

A cold voice suddenly sounded from her ears.

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