Chapter 10 Photos

What Lin Rouer said, set off an uproar in the banquet hall!

Everyone can’t wait to grab the photo in Lin Rouer’s hand, and when they saw the content on the photo, they all took a breath.

I saw those photos, all photos of Lin Su’er.

In the photo, Lin Su’er was lying on the ground with a disheveled dress.

Not only that, she still has a pair of hands next to her. Although she didn’t see her face, the skeleton looked like a man.

None of the people present were fools, and immediately saw what this photo represented.

This time, everyone is frying.

“I’m going! I can’t see it! The girl Lin Su’er looked so stupid, so shameless in private! He was obviously engaged to Master Song, and he was still engaged with other men!”

“That’s right, this kind of photo was taken, it was a shame!”

“What do you mean to look down on Master Song? It’s simply that you don’t obey the woman’s ethics and provoke wild men outside. What are you doing here?

The mesmerizing words around them kept ringing, and even Lin Aotian was stunned. He grabbed the photo in the guest’s hand and saw the content above, and he was dizzy!

Although I don’t like the older daughter Lin Su’er, but in the end she is his daughter, and it’s his face that does this kind of thing!

“Lin Su’er!” He threw the photo on Lin Su’er’s face in a roar, “So far, what else do you have to explain!”

Lin Su’er picked up the photo and saw the content above, his eyes suddenly cooled down.

She recognized it at a glance. The photos should have been taken by the two rogues when she was just given the medicine last night.

In fact, the two gangsters didn’t have time to do anything to her. This photo was just what she had taken after taking Chinese medicine, and nothing was exposed.

It was only because of what Lin Rouer said that it made people think.

Lin Su’er immediately understood that this should be Lin Rouer’s prepared back.

She suddenly couldn’t help laughing.

“Lin Rouer.” She looked up at Lin Rouer with the photo in her hand, her expression looked like a smile instead of a smile, “You can’t see it, there’s something you can do.”

She underestimated Lin Rouer.

She thought she just invited two gangsters to frivolous herself, but she didn’t expect to take a photo as evidence of splashing her dirty water.

Lin Rouer’s face changed slightly when he heard Lin Su’er’s words.

At this moment, she really realized that Lin Su’er was different from before.

She is no longer the fool who was led by her nose, but she has become smart, even smartly seeing through her plan.

But what about seeing it?

Now that the photo is in hand, her Lin Su’er is destined to be ruined!

Thinking of this, Lin Rouer just squeezed out her tears, making a frightened and weak look, and whispered: “Sister, I… I really didn’t mean it… You asked me to keep these photos for you, I was also afraid of being I saw it before I carried it with me. But I didn’t expect you to come to my engagement party and humiliate my older brother, so I just…”

Lin Rouer said while tearing down, her tears fell down completely, a pitiful look bullied by her sister.

Lin Aotian was even more annoyed to see this scene.

“Lin Su’er, you still have a face to blame your sister!” Lin Aotian roared and pointed at Lin Su’er’s nose. “I tell you, you must explain these photos today!”

“Explain?” Lin Su’er sneered, looking up at Lin Aotian, his expression cold, “I said I did nothing, do you believe it?”

“There are photos! How could I believe you did nothing!”

“That’s not enough?” Lin Su’er sneered even more. “Since you don’t believe me at all, what do you want me to explain?”

“You!” Lin Aotian was blocked by Lin Su’er, unable to speak, his face suddenly turned into an ugly pig liver color, he was very angry, really unbearable, and raised his hand to fan Lin Su’er’s face.

If it was Lin Su’er before, it was estimated that Lin Aotian’s slap to the fan would vomit blood.

But now Lin Su’er, after eating the Lingguo of Yulingmu, the whole person’s senses and reactions are different from ordinary people. She immediately reacted and was about to hold Lin Aotian’s hand, but don’t want to be at this time—


The door of the banquet hall suddenly opened!

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