MS Lu Ch617

Mu Si Jue did not go back, but dialed A Guang’s phone.

A Guang’s hurried voice quickly came from the phone: “Seven brothers, our people are chasing …”

“No more chasing, let her go.” Mu Si’s voice was very soft and he could not hear any emotion.

A Guang didn’t seem to believe what he had heard, but he was stunned for a moment before he was very sure: “Seven brother, you …”

“Let her go.” Lord Mu Si’s voice fell sharply, and there was an extra bit of dangerous fury. “Do I need to repeat it a third time?”

Ah Kwong condenses Rongzheng, saying abruptly: “Seven brother, I know what to do!”

Mu Si hung up the phone and looked down, inadvertently seeing a trace of blood on the ground that had not dried up.

It should be Xu Youning’s blood.

His knife was enough for her to shed so much blood …

Shen Yuechuan looked at Lord Musi quietly, always feeling that his face was still stiff, and his handsome facial features would soon split …

In order to allow Master Mu to live until he is handsome and old, Shen Yuechuan cleared his throat and asked, “Are you going to see Jane, or …”

“I’ll go back.” Mu Si Jue’s expression was blank. “I put something on the coffee table in the living room. It’s a welcome gift for Xiyu and Xiangyi. You can give me a word.”

Shen Yuechuan nodded and looked at Mu Sijue uneasy: “You …”

Before Shen Yuechuan finished speaking, Sir Musi interrupted him coldly: “I’m fine.”

At the end of the story, Mu Si stepped away from the hospital. His back still had a formidable pressure, but the night covered his face, and Shen Yuechuan could not see whether his emotions were good or bad.

But without looking at it, Shen Yuechuan can guess that his mood must have been extremely bad.

However, other people can’t help with affection.

Finally, Shen Yuechuan said nothing and returned to Su Jianan’s suite.

What Mu Si said was still on the coffee table in the living room, Shen Yuechuan picked it up and took it back to the room, and handed it to Lu Boyan: “Mu Qi gave Xiyu and Xiao Xiangyi a meeting gift.”

Lu Boyan didn’t open it immediately, but asked, “What about him?”

“Go back.” After a pause, Shen Yuechuan said, “Xu Youning was injured.”

Su Jianan was surprised, and put down the spoon of milk powder and came over: “How did You Ning get hurt? Is it serious?”

Shen Yuechuan raised his hand and signaled Su Jianan to rest assured: “Mu Qi just stabbed Xu Youning with a missed hand. The injury is a bit more serious than a skin trauma. But for Xu Youning’s kind of person, this injury is nothing.”

For Su Jianan, Xu Youning was injured when she was injured. Her eyebrows were almost in a ball: “Is Yuning back?”

“Mu Qi let A Guang let her go.” Shen Yuechuan helplessly spread her hands. “As for whether she will go back, or where to go, I don’t know.”

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jianan: “If a person cannot, she will contact Kangrui City.”

“Yeah.” Shen Yuechuan didn’t like Xu Youning anymore, perfunctoryly agreeing, “Xu Youning is a lot smarter than you think, you don’t need to worry about her at all.”

Su Jianan lowered his eyebrows and asked for a moment of silence: “Does Lord Mu know what Youning is doing in the hospital?”

Shen Yuechuan shook his head: “Mu Qi should know, but he didn’t tell me. However, I can guess it-she came to see you.”

Su Jianan smiled curiously: “You can’t talk to Youning in less than ten minutes. How do you know?”

Shen Yuechuan also smiled: “People like Xu Youning must be fully armed if they go out with any task. But when I saw her just now, she was wearing very light sportswear and did not carry any self-defense or help. Attacking weapon. So I guess, she should just come to see you, she probably does n’t know that she will run into Mu Qi. ”

Su Jianan thought for a while and sighed: “If You Ning came to see me, then … that’s too bad.”

Xu Youning came to see her, but chose the same time as Lord Mu Si, so that he exposed himself.

It sounds like Xu Youning did come by accident.

Shen Yuechuan’s thinking is not the same as Su Jian’an. If there is a finger, he smiles and says, “How come I feel so coincident?”

Su Jianan was stunned for a moment, and immediately understood the meaning of Shen Yuechuan.

Mu Sijue ’s schedule was not tight, but he chose to visit her at this time; Xu Youning had been staying in City A. He did n’t come yesterday or wait for tomorrow to come. He chose this time evenly.

Who said it was unlucky?

Thinking of this, Su Jianan couldn’t help smiling, without refuting Shen Yuechuan’s words.

Shen Yuechuan didn’t intend to continue this topic that didn’t know whether it was sad or happy, and pointed to the bag in Lu Boyan’s hand: “Look at the meeting ceremony of Mu Qi. Our seven brothers generally don’t shoot easily. . ”

Lu Boyan took two boxes from the light blue bag and opened them one by one.

The first box is slightly larger and contains a diamond necklace. The design is very retro and elegant. Each diamond reflects a pure and dazzling light, which is extraordinarily noble.

Shen Yuechuan could see the origin of the necklace at a glance, and he said, “The necklace worn by the princess of King X is made of the best quality diamonds, cut from a diamond worth 70 billions of millions. Coming down-Brother Mu Qi shot, it really shocked. ”

The necklace is obviously a suitable gift, and Xiao Xiyu’s pen is equally valuable.

There are only 58 commemorative fountain pens launched by a luxury brand in the world, and only one is issued in China.

The designer of the fountain pen is very famous. This is the work of his design career. Therefore, the fountain pen is designed with a charm and a profound meaning. What is even more rare is that this pen has reached a first-class level in terms of use.

There are magazine reviews, this is the most worthy collection of pens in history.

Getting a pen like this is not difficult for Lord Musi.

What makes Shen Yuechuan admire is that the pen is actually engraved with three English letters: LXY-the initial letter of Lu Xiyu.

If you read it right, that is the handwriting of the pen designer!

“Huh!” Shen Yuechuan shook his head again and again. “The other people’s gifts do not add up to Lord Mu Si’s opponent. Jane, you have a problem.”

Su Jianan puzzled, “Huh?” A cry, “What problem?”

“His gift to Xiyu and the appropriate gifts is too high. He will have children in the future. You probably don’t know what to give him. You say this …”

With that, Shen Yuechuan suddenly fell silent.

According to the state of Mu Si Jue, not to mention having a baby, whether he can normally find someone together is a problem.

So, he thought too far.

Shen Yuechuan grinned bitterly and stopped talking: “I’m going first.”

Soon after Shen Yuechuan was sent away, Xiyu and Xiaoxiangyi also fell asleep. Su Jianan lay on the bed after changing clothes, but did not sleep.

Lu Boyan came out of the bath | room after taking a bath, and at a glance, Su Jianan had something to worry about. She came over and hugged her and asked, “What are you thinking?”

Su Jianan turned sideways, and the whole person leaned into Lu Boyan’s arms: “I don’t know what happened to Youning …”

Lu Boyan frowned, saying: “You don’t have to worry about her. She is the most effective assistant of Kangrui City. In this case, Kangrui City will definitely send someone to pick her up. Besides, even Kangrui City doesn’t know that she is here. No matter what happened, Mu Si will not really kill her. ”


However, half a year ago, did Mu Sijue want to kill Xu Youning?

Su Jianan felt that Lu Boyan’s last sentence had more than one meaning. He stared at him and asked, “Do you still have nothing to tell me?”

Lu Boyan was not sure whether his guess was right or wrong, or decided not to tell Su Jianan first, touched her head, and coaxed half a command: “Sleep.”

Su Jianan is so easy to obey. He tilts his head away from Lu Boyan’s hand and looks at him stubbornly: “You tell me first … Um …”

Before she finished speaking, Lu Boyan suddenly lowered her head and kissed her lips.

Su Jianan glared and protested, “Well!”

It seemed that Lu Boyan didn’t hear Su Jianan’s protest, deepened the kiss, and even gave her no chance to make a sound.

His hands clung to Su Jianan, as if he had some incredible magic power, and the kiss was more overbearing and sweet. Su Jianan couldn’t resist at all, and he soon indulged in his kiss and completely forgot what he was saying … …

If someone is sweet, there will be pain.

At this moment, the one who felt the pain was Xu Youning.

As she fled covering her wound, she saw Ah Kwong.

I haven’t seen it for half a year. Aguang hasn’t changed much from the past. He is still a spirited person, simple and light clothes, and his eyes are shining with vigilance.

If you do n’t know that he is following Mr. Mu, Xu Youning definitely thinks he is a good young man.

A Guang saw her too, and the conditioned reflex called her as before: “You Ning …”

Seeing that his word “sister” was about to blurt out, Xu Youning shook his head towards him from afar.

She is no longer Mu Si Jue’s men, and returned to Kangrui City. Mu Sijue and Kang Ruicheng are dead rivals, how can A Guang call Kang Ruicheng’s “sister”.

A Guang also seemed to realize that it was inappropriate and stopped his voice, looking at Xu Youning tangledly, as if hesitating to come over and grab her.

At this time, A Guang’s phone rang, Xu Youning took advantage of him, turned around and ran.

She knew that A Guang was entangled, but no matter what answer A Guang entangled, she could not be caught by him.

Half a year ago, A Guang let her go. At this time, Xu Youning didn’t think that A Guang would let her go again.

But more than Aguang is chasing her, and Aguang will let her go, which does not mean that Sir Mu Si ’s other men will also hesitate, not to mention that she has injuries, and the fact does not allow her to delay her relationship with Aguang.

In this run, Xu Youning did not look back and did not stop.

Not too far away from the hospital, Xu Youning heard the sound of a sudden brake and looked over to the person in the window of Kangrui City.

She sighed with relief and happily smiled and ran towards the car …

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