Chapter 2 Lin Feng really looks at his direction

“The first class is a physics class, and I will study Chinese myself as early as possible.” The head teacher looked back at the schedule on the blackboard.

He said this: Ji Mingyue’s same table, the representative of the Chinese class, stood up sharply, holding the book that he had prepared earlier, and stood a little bit in front of the podium: “Everyone take out the book, short song, Cao Cao, one or two-“

Her voice was clear and loud, and the students quickly followed the back like a conditioned reflex: “Short song, Cao Cao, song to wine, life geometry …”

At this time, Ji Mingyue also caught the book she placed on the desk, which wrote her name, called Luo Wei. Because he spent only one year in domestic high school and another ten years, the environment has changed too much, so the faces of teachers and classmates other than Lin Feng are a little fuzzy.

But in the end he experienced it personally, and after the prompt of the name, he still remembered it. He remembered that Luo Wei was at the same table as his entire freshman year. He studied well, was very generous, and was very cute. Many boys in the class secretly loved her, but she was taken for the reason of “study is not important”. Refused.

After he went abroad, they also contacted by email several times, and as the gap between the two’s living environment widened, this connection naturally faded.

He also remembered that the little fat man who entered the classroom with him was called Feng Rui, because when high school first started, he led someone to coax Ji Mingyue with a nickname, and Ji Mingyue slapped him in his sleeves After a meal, it turned out that the two did not know each other, but later they became good friends.

Their class teacher stood on the side of the podium, counted the amount of homework, and shook their heads slightly as they recited the rhythm of the ancient poems, seemingly immersed in it.

He teaches Chinese. His surname is Yang. He is called Yang Chao. He graduated from a university majoring in ancient arts. He graduated not long before. He is very young and can integrate with the students. Therefore, his classmates called him “in private”. Super brother. “

It was also because on the first day of school, he said to the roster: “There are two students in our class whose names just make up a poem, very destined-I send sadness and bright moon, and follow the wind until Yelangxi … “Feng Rui would notice that Ji Mingyue’s name is” Mingyue “, and because when Ji Mingyue came to report, it was his father who drove him an SUV and added a brand-name clothes. Leading the younger brothers who just received, they coaxed and called Ji Mingyue “Miss Moon” …

Although he was later to punch the next century, beating honest, “Missy moon” is the nickname of this spread, and his classmates, especially girls, all right like to use this nickname to take liberties He, Ji Mingyue couldn’t get angry at the girls, in the end he could only hold his breath and turn back to Feng Rui.

The sooner those ancient poems and essays forgot about Ming Ming, at this time they just followed the classmates to draw their mouths and make up for them. What he thought in his mind was the decision he just made–

Changing a person’s destiny is a simple proposition, but it is a very heavy proposition if you really want to put it into action.

Because high school textbooks are too much and too heavy, most students have their own small bookshelves on the table, and those without bookshelves will put thick stacks of books on the table. Ji Mingyue took a notebook out of the bookshelf and unconsciously doodled on it with a pen.

Lin Feng’s predicament, the most serious problem, is a word of “money”: working day and night is for money, and arguing with his family and coming to school is also for money, and even his final death is also Because of various restrictions that failed to attend better schools, field safeguards were not in place.

Ji Ming is richer, very rich. When the national gDp developed rapidly in 2008, and the bridge noodles in front of the school only cost five yuan a pot, many of his ordinary classmates did not go home at noon, ate a meal at school, plus pocket money, a month in general That is more than 500 yuan, and Ji Mingyue’s pure pocket money for a month is more than 5,000.

Ji Mingyue’s father, Ji Hong, is a real estate company. In the first two years, due to the soaring housing prices and land prices, his value doubled. For quite some time, his Hong Ming real estate was ranked as the largest company in the province. Although the company’s scale has shrunk because of investment errors and national policy adjustments, he has indeed enjoyed the scene for so many years.

Ji Mingyue’s mother died of dystocia when he was born, and Ji Hong never married anymore. In 2008, when Ji Hong was the busiest in business, Ji Mingyue remembered that he often did not see him home for ten and a half months.

However, Ji Hong was very busy, and he still loved his son very much, and his way of expressing love was simple and straightforward: money. Not to mention pocket money, but also clothes money, entertainment money, dating money, etc., etc., there are more rich red envelopes for New Year’s Day, such as Ji Mingyue’s birthday today, Ji Hong hit 5,000 yuan in the morning Come here and let him do whatever he wants.

Forgetting about his own small treasury, Ji Mingyue found that he had at least 60,000 to 70,000 in his spare money … Now that I started school in the semester, it should be Lin Fenggang who used his compensation and family savings to finish his father ’s funeral. When he gave his mother the first operation, the big money was spent, and there should not be too much expense in the short term. Ji Mingyue could use his own small coffer to survive.

However, when Lin Feng was in high school to high school, Lin Feng should have to bear a lot of expenses, so he would sell his house to his family.

In this life, he can no longer let Lin Feng sell his house, it will provoke the best relatives and ruin his reputation. By then, Lin Feng wo n’t even have a place to live, so it wo n’t be completely homeless?

And Ji Mingyue heard that after Lin Feng’s death, his mother didn’t stay in the hospital for a long time. After hearing the news of Lin Feng’s death, he pulled out oxygen and followed him. In the previous life, he was thousands of miles away from China, and in this life he had to pay close attention to the situation of Lin Feng’s mother and never let the tragedy repeat itself!

In order to achieve these goals, he must reach out to his father in the later stage, or it is better to think of a suitable reason in advance …

Also, even if you want to help Lin Feng, you can’t just rush up to send money. It looks like a bad plan … Ji Mingyue can’t help but think of those “domineering president novels” that I have seen in the previous life when I was drawing for comics. “I can give you five million, but you have to sleep for me.”

Ji Mingyue secretly replaced the chief executive into himself, Lin Feng replaced Cinderella, his brain filled with Lin Feng’s stubborn eyes and his eyes were “rich and no kinky”. Sour …

However, he did not want to exchange money with Lin Feng, nor did he want to force Lin Feng at all. So while he couldn’t help laughing, he denied this brain hole in his heart.

… and with Lin Feng’s self-esteem, he may not agree to Ji Mingyue’s “assistance”.

In the past life, it was not that the school leader proposed to organize a school donation for Lin Feng, but Lin Feng refused. He would rather go to work and sell a house day and night rather than raise a part of the money through the sympathy and compassion of the whole school. In the words of the classmate who told Ji Mingyue about this, “I feel that Lin Fengning would rather force himself to die than to let us pity him.”

Of course, the facts of the previous life also prove that Lin Feng’s pushing himself to the limit can indeed survive the past. If there are no subsequent accidents, perhaps his life will still get better.

-Thinking of that accident, Ji Mingyue’s breathing tightened again.

The reciting came to an end. Yang Chao at the podium had already counted the assignments submitted by the subjects, knocked on the spine with his knuckles, and said, “One biology is bad, two are poor in English. Who did n’t pay, hurry up, don’t force me. One by one! “

He has just become a class teacher, and he has a strong sense of responsibility. Every day, he must check the number of assignments in each subject while studying in the morning, and then send the class representatives to the teacher’s office.

Ji Mingyue has been living in a domestic high school for ten years. At this time, he couldn’t help but feel a bit panic: because he knew he was going abroad, he always had a lot of time in class in China. When he just handed in his homework, he only looked after him. Seeing Lin Feng gone, I didn’t pay attention to my homework assignments, writing or writing of other subjects …

He remembered that when he was in school, he had a set of methods for dealing with Yang Chao’s homework, but it was a long time ago, and he couldn’t remember it at this moment.

He panicked, but didn’t rush. He flipped through his schoolbag and table hole slightly. When he rummaged, Feng Rui in the back wheezed and sent an English exercise book. . Going too fast, he was still holding a pen in his other hand, and it seemed that he had just finished working hard.

“You finished writing this ?!” Yang Chao took a few pages of the exercise book and said, “The second half is still empty. Who are you to fool?”

The fat man had just returned to his seat, and his face was pale.

“Go back and copy the places you didn’t write twice, one for me and one for the English teacher.” Yang Chao gave a verdict coldly, “Have you heard ?!”

Feng Rui reluctantly lay down on the table, and said “deadly” in depression.

In fact, the general winter vacation homework, teachers will not check so carefully, it is also Feng Rui’s long overdue for homework, just hit the muzzle, it is so unlucky.

No one came up again this time, Yang Chao counted the homework again and found two people. Fortunately, Ji Mingyue wasn’t in it-“Cui Qi, Wen Ya, what about your work?”

Two people stood up stunned, one said that he had forgotten to bring it, and one said that he had suddenly found it. Yang Chao had a mirror-like heart in his heart, and he waved his hand so that they would be treated like Feng Rui: One teacher and one teacher.

After checking the homework, it was almost time for self-study. Yang Chao packed his things and left, Ji Mingyue breathed a sigh of relief.

After Yang Chao left, the subject representatives also walked to the podium and took up the large stack of workbooks to go to the teacher’s office. Ji Mingyue couldn’t help but look up to see Lin Feng, but he didn’t watch out and happened to face him.

Lin Feng’s eyes were dark and instantaneous, it was indeed his direction that he looked at.

Sudden gaze, Ji Mingyue jumped in his heart, a little dull, I do not know what to do.

At this moment, the class teacher had just left, and the physics teacher had not yet arrived. The class members were buzzing and talking. Lin Feng took the two top books of the assignment and went straight to his position.

Getting closer and closer …

When Ji Mingyue felt that his face was a little hot, he “slammed” and Lin Feng put those two assignments on his desk.

“Quick copy, I’ll get it after class.” He said concisely.

Ji Mingyue suddenly remembered how he avoided checking assignments every Friday.

When Lin Feng finished his homework, he folded his homework and put it on the podium. Before Yang Chao inspected it, he pulled it out and set it on the top. Then he put a good student’s homework on top of his homework.

This will not only prevent Yang Chao from discovering when turning over, but also facilitate Lin Feng to take advantage of the gap between the teachers and quickly pass the two assignments to Ji Mingyue.

The first lesson every Friday is physics. The physics teacher has to take the class and has no time to check the homework. Ji Mingyue will have a class time to copy the homework … After the class is over, he will finish the homework and let Lin Feng The two books were stuffed into the large army, and the light was delivered to the physical office, and they were integrated into one, and there was no trace, it was perfect!

Asking Lin Feng to help him do this is one of the few intersections in the domestic high school career.

Perhaps it has become a habit to assist in “committing crimes” many times. This time, Lin Feng did not even use Ji Mingyue to say that he took the initiative to do so. Anyway, Ji Mingyue did not do his homework well.

Ji Mingyue looked down at two exercise books, one with his name written on it, and the other with a beautiful two-character “Lin Feng” on the cover.

The corners of his mouth couldn’t help it anymore.

Although looking cold, Lin Feng is actually a kind and kind person …

If you want to work hard, start with “Being a Friend of Lin Feng”?

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