MS Lu Ch616

Xu Youning has heard that when a person is familiar with another person to a certain degree, he can find that person in the crowd by feeling.

It’s like when you walk on the street one day and your heart looks in a certain direction, you will be pleasantly surprised to see an acquaintance.

Because they are familiar with each other, there is traction between each other.

Knowing that it was unrealistic, Xu Youning couldn’t help but think, just because Lord Mu was able to discover her in time, was it because of this traction?

If so, can you tell me that Lord Mu Si did not forget her?

Thinking about it, on the surface, Xu Youning concealed all expectations perfectly, and looked at Mu Sijue with a lightly taunting look, as if waiting to see his joke.

When Xu Youning was discovered, Mu Si didn’t see her face, but just by her figure, he could conclude that it was her.

If he had to be handed a convincing answer, it was probably because of familiarity.

They didn’t get along for long, but Xu Yuning’s everything was like a brand, engraved deeply in his mind. Half a year after she left, he never forgot.

So, even if Xu Youning was hiding and hiding, even if she was hiding in the dark, even if she changed a strange face … he could recognize her.

He can know by feeling that she is Xu Youning.

Of course, he couldn’t tell Xu Youning truthfully.

Mu Si Jue walked coldly towards Xu Youning, with a very low voice sarcastically said: “Xu Youning, don’t say you change your face, even if you change a skin color, I can still recognize you.”

“Why?” Xu Youning deliberately ridiculed and smiled lightly, “Because I am hard to forget, or because I impressed you.”

“You are half right.” Mu Sijue did not deny Xu Youning’s words, and then continued unclearly, “Your body really impressed me.”

The smile that Xu Youning deliberately piled up instantly cooled down, and finally turned into a thin layer of ice stiff on her face.

She knew, how could Lord Mu Si be sure of her words?

He will only humiliate her.

However, when she gave herself to Lord Mu Si, she was willing, and now she has no regrets and no shame.

Xu Youning stared coldly at Lord Mu: “Mu Qi, as a man, humiliates a woman with this kind of thing, don’t you think it’s tasteless?”

Not waiting for Mu Si’s reply, Xu Youning went on to say, “But it’s also true, where are you a character, you have nothing but dirty and cruel!”

Mu Sijue warned: “Xu Youning, angering me at this time will do you no good.”

Xu Youning smiled indifferently: “If you don’t plan to let me go, I won’t anger you, can you change your mind?”

Mu Si Jue sneered, and asked: “What do you say?”

Xu Youning shook his head and said nothing to himself: “I still don’t understand you-of course it is impossible. In this case, I might as well irritate you, at least I can be happier!”



Mu Sijue felt ridiculous, but couldn’t laugh, just asked: “Xu Youning, how much do you hate me?”

“Hate to the deepest part of the bone marrow.” Xu Youning emphasized word by word, “Mr. Mu, you are my enemies of my life! So, you better not let me go today, otherwise, I will not let go Past you. ”

Mu Si Jue coldly raised the corner of his lips, as if facing an opponent who knew nothing about heaven and earth: “I will give you a chance to see how you have not let me go.”


Xu Youning has already spoken out the ruthless words, so the drama will also be played to the end.

She stared at Lord Mu with hatefulness, not knowing where the saber was moved, and the dangling knife popped out of the scabbard, refracting in the night | a bloodthirsty light.

She rushed towards Lord Mu, and the saber in her hand was contaminated with her momentum, turning into a small but deadly weapon.

Mu Sijue personally gave Xu Youning the opportunity, but when Xu Youning rushed over with murderousness, he was still agitated.

He did not guess wrong, Xu Youning still suspected that he was the murderer who killed Grandma Xu, she still wanted his life.

When the sword in Xu Youning’s hand was only five centimeters away from him, Master Mu flashed to the side, clinging at a speed that was too fast to cover his ears. He held Xu Youning’s wrist, twisted gently, and grabbed the sword with the other hand.

It was not that Xu Youning was too weak, but that Lord Mu Si was too fast and overwhelmed Xu Youning in strength. He wanted to grab something from Xu Youning without difficulty.

Xu Youning was not frustrated so easily. He looked at Master Musi indifferently: “The knife is yours, and it will be given back to you. Next, if you have the ability, you will kill me with this knife.”

Listening to her tone, it was clear that there was still nothing to say, and Lord Musi gave her a chance to finish it: “Otherwise?”

“Otherwise?” Xu Youning said coldly, “he–“, “otherwise–that is, I killed you with this knife.”

As soon as the ending came to an end, Xu Youning shot unexpectedly against Lord Mu.

Mu Sijue took a punch. Xu Youning’s fist-to-meat unambiguous play brought him a brief but heavy pain.

He looked at Xu Youning, his last tolerance finally disappeared.

Xu Youning was too familiar with the look of Mu Sijue, knowing that she would not run away this time, Mu Simu will surely swallow her alive.

She ran as soon as she pulled her leg.

A good girl doesn’t eat the loss in front of her. If she can’t run away today, everything she paid before will be in vain!

So, run away and talk!

When Mu Sijue came to City A, he never expected to meet Xu Youning. But since it happened, he had no reason to let her run away easily.

He caught up, almost at the same time, Shen Yuechuan came from Su Jianan’s suite.

More than ten minutes ago, Sir Mu Si suddenly changed his face and left in a hurry. Su Jianan quickly realized a possibility and asked Lu Boyan: “Will it be Yuning?”

Lu Boyan obviously thought of the same possibility, saying: “It should be.”

Su Jian anxiously asked: “What will happen to them?”


Lu Boyan didn’t speak, but the answer, everyone actually knew it.

Xu Youning always insisted that Mu Sijue was the murderer who killed her grandmother and had been waiting for the opportunity to seek revenge from Mu Sijue. And Mu Si Jue, the last time he let Xu Youning escape, this time, once Xu Youning provoked him, I am afraid there will be no such good luck.

Therefore, these two people will definitely be injured.

Lu Boyan called Shen Yuechuan: “Go to Mu Qi.”

Shen Yuechuan knew what Lu Boyan wanted him to find Mu Qi, and he was not very confident and said, “What if I can’t stop Mu Qi?”

Mu Shijue and Xu Youning faced each other. If one must be injured, it is obvious that Xu Youning is more likely to be injured, because she is not Mu Sijue’s opponent at all.

Therefore, Lu Boyan wanted Shen Yuechuan to stop Mu Sijue.

But once Mu Si’s temper came up, ten Shen Yuechuans might not be able to stop it.

Shen Yuechuan felt that he was under too much pressure …

Lu Boyan said: “Just said that Xiyu and Xiangyi had just been born and told him not to do anything in the hospital.”

As long as Xu Youning can stay out of the hospital, the people of Kangrui City should receive a message to pick her up, and she can escape.

“Good idea!” Shen Yuechuan nodded and turned to leave the suite.

It was five minutes after he found Master Mu and Xu Youning. The two confronted Maimang at the needle tip near the hospital door. Xu Youning was obviously in a weak position, but stubbornly refused to admit defeat.

“Master Mu, you’d better send me to see my grandmother!” Xu Youning looked at Master Mu with hate. “Otherwise, when I see you next time, I will personally send you to another world to my grandma. apologize!”

Mu Sijue narrowed his eyes dangerously, and the sword in his hand pierced Xu Youning.

Xu Youning also responded quickly, and soon grabbed | holding Mu Si’s wrist, trying to block back the saber that had been stabbed.

At this time, Shen Yuechuan called Master Mu: “Mu Qi!”

Xu Youning looked like Shen Yuechuan in a conditioned reflex, and at the same time let go of his strength without warning.

Mu Sijue exerted too much force, and Xu Youning loosed his hand suddenly, and his wife was suddenly.

Xu Youning’s painful boredom | He snorted, closed his eyes, and waited for the pain to pass, then looked up at Lord Musi.

For a second, Lord Mu Si’s mind was flustered.

He didn’t want to really hurt Xu Youning.

But at this moment, bright red blood was flowing from Xu Youning.

Taking advantage of Master Mu’s unexpected gap, Xu Youning kicked him fiercely. He stepped back a few steps and pulled the knife out of Xu Yuning’s belly.

Xu Youning covered the wound with his hand and turned away without changing his face.

Lord Mu Si was about to catch up with him subconsciously, but was caught by Shen Yuechuan | “Lord, forget it, let her go.”


Mu Si Jue did not speak, motioned Shen Yuechuan to see the saber in his hand.

The blade of the saber was stained with fresh red blood.

Shen Yuechuan glared: “Are you injured?” He quickly swept the Lord Mu, but he didn’t find any wounds. Then he reacted. “Oh, did you hurt Xu Youning?”


Mu Sijue did not speak, but Shen Yuechuan knew him too well. The more silent he was at this time, the more he represented the acquiescence.

Shen Yuechuan sighed and asked, “Is Xu Yuning seriously injured?”

At the moment when Xu Youning loosed his hand, Mu Si slightly withdrew his strength. Although he still stabbed Xu Youning, the wound was certainly not deep, and it was not in a deadly position.

For Xu Youning, who has been on the verge of danger all year round, this injury may only be regarded as a skin trauma.

Lord Mu Si felt annoyed, as if his knife was deeply inserted into Xu Youning’s heart, very serious …

Shen Yuechuan saw Lord Mu not speaking, grabbed the saber in his hand and looked at it, only the blood on the tip of the knife was stained. Guess that even if Master Mu injured the fatal part of Xu Youning, the wound was not deep.

He patted Master Mu’s shoulder: “She has been with Kangrui City for so many years, and she has suffered numerous injuries and minor injuries. Your knife is like a tickle to her. “

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