Find Delicious Wife Ch2

“You’re sure?”

“Of course.” He already disposed of all the men who attempted to get close to the little white rabbit. Furthermore, the little white rabbit’s life was pure and simple. She herself disliked men and thought they were troublesome, so how could she have someone she liked?

Zhong Zhen Dong was used to being in control of everything. He had the ability to dominate in wealth and power, so let alone a simple and easy to deceive little girl. It never occurred to him that he wouldn’t be able to control the little white rabbit since everything went according to his plans.

The amorous feelings he had for Tang Xin Lian was unprecedented. He thought that he treated her very well; giving her a mansion to live in, an unlimited credit card to use, and even an exclusive chauffeur.

Under his protection, other men wouldn’t harass her. Even when he made love to her, besides the initial venting of feelings, he would put her experience and feelings as his priority. After she reached the peak of ecstasy, it would then be his turn to enjoy it.

He treated her so well, but how could she take advantage of him while he left to go on a business trip and subsequently leave him?

Other than feeling the situation was very inconceivable, Zhong Zhen Dong was also vexed because he felt a sense of betrayal. After the little white rabbit received so many benefits from him, she suddenly ran away.

“I assure you she doesn’t have anyone.”

Anna gave a charming smile and composedly said, “Sometimes, women will hide their love deep in their hearts, so deep that others wouldn’t be able to see it.”

Zhong Zhen Dong immediately rejected the idea. “Impossible, are there any other reasons?”

“Well… If she doesn’t like someone else, then it was probably involuntary. For example, someone kidnapped her.”

Zhong Zhen Dong’s heart lurched. Thinking back to how easily the little white rabbit encountered bad people and attracted crude men, he couldn’t help but worry. His eyebrows furrowed as he lowered his head in contemplation. The chauffeur said that he personally saw them enter the apartment building, and that the area around it was decent. Public security wasn’t an issue, and the building also had security guards. In such a short distance and time period, the possibility of abduction was very low.

“Apart from these two scenarios, is there anything else?”

“If it’s not these two, then the only remaining possibility is that the woman didn’t voluntarily follow the man in the first place. Everyday, she would cope by feigning civility, and once she finds an opportunity, she’ll hurriedly leave.”

The reason why Anna put forth the third hypothesis was because after following the boss for so many years, she understood his personality. Zhong Zhen Dong appeared warm and gentlemanly, refined and courteous, but to become a powerful arms dealer, craftiness and deviousness were essential.

Underneath Zhong Zhen Dong’s handsome exterior, was a shrewd man capable of committing all manner of crimes to achieve his goal. There was no woman he couldn’t have. Even until now, she hadn’t seen a woman escape his charms. But maybe there really was such a woman, an exception, that was completely immune to his temptations.

Sure enough, after she proposed her third conjecture, she saw her boss consider it. Could it be that this new lover became the boss’s woman under unwilling circumstances? If so, then that would be extremely amusing.

“Okay, you can go now.”

“Yes boss.”

After Anna withdrew from the office, Zhong Zhen Dong sat in his chair and pondered over the matter while tapping his finger against the desk. He was aware that the little white rabbit wasn’t in love with him; otherwise he wouldn’t have had to use such means to get her to throw herself into his arms.

He had always believed that as long as there was time, the little white rabbit would sooner or later be unable to leave him because familiarity bred fondness, and what woman would reject a handsome, wealthy man who was capable of providing such a generous livelihood?

He not only satisfied her materialistic needs, he also satiated her needs in bed.

In any case, he had to figure out what happened. If it really happened according to what Anna said, that she ran away voluntarily… Zhong Zhen Dong’s eyes narrowed. No matter where she was on this Earth, he had to get her back.

After he found out that the little white rabbit was missing, he immediately sent people to find her whereabouts.

With the development of modern science and technology, this generation could rely on the internet to do anything. As long as the person wasn’t dead, investigating a person wasn’t a problem. Sure enough, within a few hours, he received the news.

Within the emigration records, her and her son’s English names were found, and their destination was California, U.S.

This time, Zhong Zhen Dong was certain his woman chose to run away. Moreover, she escaped to another country!

Humph! America? Zhong Zhen Dong felt it was laughable. The United States was his mother country. He quickly gave the California police department a call, and sent them a picture of Tang Xin Lian and her son.

Tang Xin Lian couldn’t have possibly known that without even landing at her destination, there would already be someone waiting for her.

As Tang Xin Lian and Cheng Cheng sat in their seats aboard the plane, Cheng Cheng was extremely thrilled because it was his first time on an airplane.

“Mommy, how long are we staying in the U.S.?”

“At least 3 months.”

“Then what about school?”

Tang Xin Lian laughed bitterly in her heart. In order to escape Zhong Zhen Dong, Cheng Cheng had no choice but to suspend schoolwork and flee with her to America to seek refuge from a close friend from high school.

While they were in high school, she and Ruan Xiang Ping were best friends. After graduation, Xiang Ping was sent to study at a college in the U.S. by her parents.

Although they were separated, they had always kept in touch. Within Xiang Ping’s emails were several invites for her visit. She really hoped Xin Lian would bring her son with her to play in the states. Tang Xin Lian never found the time to go, but she didn’t think that the first time she brought her son out of the country, it would be for the purpose of seeking refuge.

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