Find Delicious Wife Ch1

Three days after Zhong Zhen Dong left the country, he received a phone call from the chauffeur. Subsequently, he found out that Tang Xin Lian was gone.

At that moment, he was at the headquarters in France, which was also one of his strongholds in Europe. As he was listening over the phone, the elegant smile on his handsome face suddenly turned cold.

“The person was doing fine, how did you lose sight of her?!”

He was currently in the middle of a conference with some talented people he hired, and the meeting was only halfway through when he received the long distance call.

After listening to the chauffeur finish his report, Zhong Zhen Dong stood up from his chair.

“What you’re saying is… she ran away?”

His complexion turned downcast. He raised his hand to signal the suspension of the meeting and held his cell phone as he walked away from the office.

Once the boss left, everyone immediately started to discuss what just happened.

“I wonder who ran away to make the boss so anxious.” Jack softly questioned. He was a Jewish person that was an expert at cracking codes, and was one of the regulars of Zhong Zhen Dong’s secret group.

“It was probably a client right?” said Anna. She was a British person who specialized in gathering information. She was also among the talented people Zhong Zhen Dong managed to snare.

“Do you think it’s a woman?”

“Don’t be absurd, it’s impossible. No woman would run away from boss’s side.”

“That isn’t necessarily true. While the boss was staying temporarily in Taiwan, it seems like he took a fancy to a woman.”

“Hey! Boss has a new lover? Then what about Lydia?”

“Obviously she lost favor. Boss has indulged her for a year, it should be about time he changed his preferences.”

“True, a year should be enough to break even. Boss gave her jewelry and a house. He also provided enough for her to eat, drink, and enjoy herself for a lifetime.”

A wealthy, powerful man supported a woman, while the beautiful woman profited from the rich man. This was like a law of the world.

The boss had many women, but none of them were fixed. There was only the favored, and how long they could remain that way.

The gossip between the boss and women, was only their topic for idle chat during their leisure time. They weren’t surprised the boss got a new lover; it would’ve only been strange if he didn’t.

Their team consisted of 12 members. They were people Zhong Zhen Dong gathered from the military and intelligence agencies of various countries. Because their boss stopped the meeting halfway to talk on the phone, they also paused. They suspended the movie playing on the TV. Above were live-feeds of arms dealers all over the world. There were also public and hidden figures, and representatives of the state as well as private organizations.

This was called, “to know yourself, is to know your enemy,” so one can emerge victorious in every battle. The weapons and ammunition business didn’t just depend on a mouth and a network, it also needed to control and seize the information and beneficial relations from each country. Every munitions center had the support of a secret team to help handle one’s affairs. Zhong Zhen Dong had gathered everyone precisely to discuss the arrest of the criminal who stole the American issued microchip.

After a while, the boss returned to the conference room. The members ceased their conversation while they stared at the boss.

Zhong Zhen Dong looked as awful as before. The meeting continued, but everyone felt that the mood was eerie. The reason was because the boss’s solemn and cold expression caused everyone’s nerves to tense up.

Was it possible that a woman really did run away from the boss? This was a truly rare occurrence; for a woman to dump the boss.

After the atmosphere settled down, Zhong Zhen Dong handed the microchip to Jack. He wanted everyone to investigate who stole and sold the microchip. This person might not be an arms dealer, but rather a desperate runaway who wanted money and not their life.

After the meeting was concluded, Zhong Zhen Dong waved Anna over. “Anna, come here.”

Anna had a gorgeous outward appearance, and a sexy body. Her beauty was undeniably top-notch.

However, what interested Zhong Zhen Dong wasn’t her beauty, but rather her intelligence and superb skills.

She walked into another office with her boss. She stood there as she waited for his command, but after watching the boss sit in his chair with his brows furrowed, it was evident that he had come across a big problem.

She patiently waited. Her boss didn’t utter a sound, so she also didn’t say anything. After waiting for a while, her boss finally started to speak.

“Let me ask you, suppose a wealthy man with a good build and appearance treated a woman very well by giving her a big house to stay in, and also didn’t mind that she had a son. In addition, he gave her an unlimited credit card for her usage, but this woman suddenly without saying anything ran away. What does this mean?”

Anna was stumped. Originally, when she saw her boss’s stern expression, she thought he was going to privately give her an assignment. Who would have imagined that the boss’s question was completely unrelated to intelligence?

The boss wanted to consult with her about an issue with women?

Seeing that the boss was serious, Anna suddenly understood. The boss really did have a new lover, and that new lover ran away!

She sat on the sofa and crossed her slender legs. Her posture was graceful and beautiful as her lips hooked into a charming smile. She then offered her professional speculation and analysis.

“If these attractive conditions aren’t enough to make her stay, it’s possible her heart has someone else.”

Zhong Zhen Dong immediately denied this conjecture. “I’ve checked, she doesn’t have a person she likes.”

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