Chapter 179: Seeing Ji Lingfeng Again

Wandering the bustling market, the three turned around and went elsewhere.

Lei Shaoheng suddenly proposed to go to the Ocean Aquarium. Gu Xiaochen tranced slightly, as if he had thought of something, but nodded in agreement. Wu Helian naturally had no opinion and immediately drove to the aquarium. Although it is not a weekend, there are still a lot of people in the aquarium, both men and women, young and old, of course, most of them are adults and children. The children came to this underwater world and cheered with excitement. The small faces were the innocent smiles, which made people feel warm and joyful.

“Lawyer, do you like the aquarium?” Gu Xiaochen asked casually.

“Yeah.” Lei Shaoheng replied with a smile, but it didn’t seem to like how he looked or listened to that expression.

Is there any reason? Gu Xiaochen thought secretly.

Lei Shaoheng found the curator of the aquarium, Shen Sheng said, “curator, I want to buy something.” The

curator immediately took Lei Shaoheng to the special gift shop in the museum, Gu Xiaochen and Wu Helian were waiting in the same place And did not follow. They stood in the middle of the passage, the green atmosphere, the transparent glass reflected the blue waves, spread out in the face. Beautiful fish swimming around, already surrounded by sea water and small fish.

When he calmed down and came alone, Gu Xiaochen thought about the past.

They used to come here. She still remembered the candlelight dinner in the aquarium. He showed her the red starfish and the fish she didn’t know. He said it was a clown fish. It was an angel fish. It’s stone fish. At that time, he rode her to pick her up. At night, when the wind was cool, he didn’t walk near the road, carrying her on the quiet path.

He said: I don’t want to go short.

Gu Xiaochen thought about this, and the chest seemed to be infused with warmth, making her even breathe carefully, for fear of pain. He looked up at him slowly, but saw him staring at the colorful fish in the aquarium. There were people walking around next to me. It was a group of elementary school students. Teachers and tour guides led the team. They obviously came to travel.

The children were very naughty and bumped into each other to laugh. One child pushed another, and the child fell to Gu Xiaochen. The sudden weight made her unexpected, Gu Xiaochen suddenly fell silent, and the whole person fell sideways. At this time, someone stretched out her arm, and the powerful arm wrapped around her waist and led her into her arms.

“How are you?” The familiar grassy smell is still the same as before. Gu Xiaochen knew it was him and shook his head.

“Sorry, sorry.” The two children quickly apologized.

Wu Helian helped Gu Xiaochen stand, she said with a smile, “It’s okay, you have to be careful when you walk, do you know?”

“I see.” The two children raised their smiles and followed the team.

Wu Helian looked down at her, her delicate profile with a slight fragrance, and the shower gel shampoo she used was still the same as before. He frowned suddenly. Will the man named William have the same fragrance? His hand was still holding her waist, slowly letting go of his hand, not letting himself be nostalgic. He turned around, no longer ignored her, and continued to stare at the colorful fish.

In fact, the aquarium, plus this time, he visited three times in total, but with two women.

But these two women, one is no longer in this world, will never see it again. The other stood side by side with him, but no longer belonged to him.

When Gu Xiaochen saw him staring at the fish so persistently, he couldn’t help but ask, “What are you looking at?”

“The fish are fighting.” Wu Helian came up coldly, and Gu Xiaochen’s eyes widened.

what? What? Will the fish fight? She looked in his sight, left and right, and could not see that the fish were fighting!

Lei Shaoheng finally turned back, and Gu Xiaochen turned to look at him, but he didn’t see what he bought, wondering if he didn’t. Lei Shaoheng smiled at Gu Xiaochen and looked at Wu Helian. Youyou said, “I just received a message that the old man came to Hong Kong.”

Old man? Gu Xiaochen was suspicious of his words, and Wu Helian frowned.

The sea was splashing white waves, gently washing the reef.

The sea breeze has a unique fishy smell, slightly cool. Simply the afternoon sun is bright and the temperature is suitable. The bungalows and villas by the sea belong to the name of the Bei family. The Bei family has previously been in Hong Kong, and the chairman Bei Shaotang is one of the legends. The only thing that is unknown is that Bei Shaotang was once the founding veteran of the Four Gods Empire, and even a white tiger, one of the Four Gods.

As the years changed, the Bei family gradually disappeared with the other families, and they lived an indisputable life. However, these real estates still exist, and it seems to prove that the glory of the year was not as simple as legend.

On the open-air balcony, the gray-haired old man sat on the wicker chair and listened to the sea roar.

He was wearing a thin black cashmere coat with a cane in his hand. The crutches are very unique, carved with evil spirits and beasts, it is unforgettable at a glance. He stretched his sword eyebrows, a tall nose bridge, his eyes condensed with light, radiant, calm and calm. And there was a gentle smile in the corner of his mouth, no longer as cold and cold as when he was young, making people feel kind and kind. It’s just that kind of momentum that seems to be locked in the bottom of my eyes. Only when you raise your eyes will you inadvertently reveal a bit of domineering, which is awesome.

The sound of footsteps sounded from behind and far, and the old man still did not open his eyes.

The blond man stopped next to him, but spoke very fluent Chinese. He respectfully said, “Feng Lao.”

“William, that girl is really good.” Feng Lao said indifferently, his voice deep and mellow.

“Miss Gu is indeed a good girl.” William agrees. Such a girl who keeps her promise, if she agrees to others, will never say that girl, there are really not many in this world.

“Such a good girl, so easily let that kid cheat, it is too cheap for him.” Feng Lao asked with a smile, “William, are you right?”

William frowned, not knowing how to respond, He knew that the old man was about to toss people again.

“It’s not that easy to marry a wife.” Feng Lao finally opened his eyes and looked at the sea. “Medical research is almost the same, you go back to the UK first.”

“Lao Feng, Master Lian… “William is afraid that Master Lian will ask him to settle the account!

“You can rest assured that you will be fine with my old man on it.” Feng Lao promised leisurely, and William was relieved.

In fact, after Gu Xiaochen went to the UK, he met Cheng Wei in an unexpected situation. Just in that dark alley, the trailing thief took advantage of nobody to attack Gu Xiaochen, but at that time Cheng Wei drove away the thief with help. Unfortunately, in the process of arguing with the thief Wei was injured. After going to the hospital for examination, I learned that Cheng Wei was pregnant at that time, and the doctor even reprimanded her, saying that if you exercise vigorously, your child may be insecure. This is too dangerous.

Gu Xiaochen heard the doctor say this, and moved and grateful, but also blamed himself.

That is a life, how can it be lost because of her?

But because of this, Gu Xiaochen knew Cheng Wei in this way.

In this strange country, the sudden appearance of Cheng Wei made Gu Xiaochen feel relieved.

The two women are all alone, and there are no relatives and friends here, so it is natural to become good sisters. But for how long, the two rented the apartment together and lived together. After a few more months, Cheng Wei’s stomach grew bigger and bigger.

On one occasion, Cheng Wei’s company gave a hospitality voucher to go to a villa outside London for a day and two days. I thought it was a weekend and a free hospitality ticket. Such a good opportunity did not want to be wasted. The two women naturally did not want to miss it. Gu Xiaochen packed up things and helped Cheng Wei to a villa in the countryside for a holiday.

Unfortunately, when I arrived at the villa that day, London encountered a rare snowstorm every ten years.

The snowstorm on that day was terrifying.

The road was blocked by heavy snow, and it was impossible to go out at all. But the two stayed in the villa with a stove and heating. Although they couldn’t go out to play, they had to pass by. But at this time, the sudden situation came again, Cheng Wei felt his stomach ache, I am afraid it was about to give birth.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t know what to do now, so he hurriedly called for help.

However, the road was blocked by heavy snow, and the rescue team rushed to this remote suburb to take two hours. Hanging up the phone, Gu Xiaochen was helpless. Cheng Wei was lying on the sofa in pain, it really called every day should not, the ground is not working, “I knew I would not want this child, don’t want him, anyway, he didn’t want me…”

This is a child!

Gu Xiaochen thought that he had also conceived a child, because he loved it because he had lost it, so he could understand it better. Even if you don’t say anything in your mouth, how can you not give up? Isn’t the child the best proof? Proof of love, who she loved so deeply.

At a critical juncture, Gu Xiaochen thought of seeing another villa nearby on the way. There was a car parked outside the villa at the time, and there should be someone. She had no choice but to seek help. Cheng Wei had fainted from the pain, and she resolutely rushed into the snow and ran to the villa several kilometers away.

At the time, the man in the villa was none other than William.

During the conversation, Gu Xiaochen knew that William was a doctor. She almost wept with joy, as if she had found a savior. But problems also followed, and William refused to save people. Gu Xiaochen’s inquiry revealed that William’s father was ill, and he desperately hoped to see his son get married. William told her frankly that he could not get married because he was GAY. But his father was critically ill, and he himself was so confused by this matter that he had no time to take care of others.

After thinking about it, William suddenly asked, “Miss, are you single?”


William then offered an exchange, “I can save your friend, but can you do me a favor?”

“What ?”

William’s condition at the time was that she hoped that she could marry him temporarily so that her critically ill father could walk away in peace. As for the duration of marriage, it is two years. Two years later, she regained her freedom. During marriage, no one will bother anyone. They can be friends or even siblings. But she must also ensure that no one is allowed to tell anyone about this matter.

Cheng Wei was unconscious and the child didn’t know if he could keep it. If he didn’t keep it at this time, wouldn’t it be a pity? In an instant, Gu Xiaochen didn’t think much, but gritted his teeth. Then William ran back to the villa with her. On that snowy night, that stormy night, Cheng Wei gave birth to a boy, a very cute boy.

And that boy is Situ Chen.

As for what happened later, it happened naturally. After signing the marriage, Gu Xiaochen became married from being single. William made up for her and bought her a ring as a gift, which finger she wore. But Gu Xiaochen had never worn that ring. The reason why she would marry William, even Cheng Wei did not know, she did not say.

Cheng Wei even thought they were in love at first sight, and it was normal to “flash marriage” in foreign countries.

William is not only a good doctor, but also a good man. He often flew abroad to participate in medical research, and he purposely rented a villa to live for them. He takes care of them, and over time, they are like a family. The room where she sleeps is connected to another room, which is designed to open the door. She walked into the bedroom with William to sleep, and then went to sleep in separate rooms, no one affected anyone.

This peaceful life continued for two years, until the end of the two years, they divorced as agreed.

Cheng Wei returned to Italy, Gu Xiaochen returned to China, and William continued to stay in the UK.

Before William came to Hong Kong, he came to give Gu Xiaochen a divorce certificate.

In fact, there is no divorce certificate, because all this…

“Old wind, then I’m going back to England first.” William recalled the past, only felt a chill. The old man originally wanted to arrange for him to find a reason to marry Gu Xiaochen. That day was also a mismatch, and God also helped him. But the old man was too good to play, and Master Lian was almost killed by him. William didn’t dare to stay too long, only fearing that it would be his luck next time.

Feng Lao looked at the sea, his eyes narrowed, his eyes full of smiles. He took the pocket watch out of his arms and pressed it to open it. The picture of who was inlaid on the dial of the pocket watch was a girl who smiled extremely cheerfully. She bent her big round eyes, as if talking to him with her eyes.

“Chaoyang, the children you selected back then, they really grew up.”

“But they are very disobedient, and they always love bullying, especially those who are important to them. I can’t make them so fast It’s happiness, happiness comes too easy, and it won’t be cherished, do you say it?”

“You said I’m bad? How can I be bad? Well, I’m so bored.”

“Chaoyang, the boy with lotus, look It’s almost time to get married. You have been waiting for a long time.”

Feng Lao held the pocket watch and stared at the girl in the picture and muttered.

The sea breeze passed by softly, as if it was answering for someone else, as if someone ’s cries sounded in the ear, “Lingfeng, Lingfeng…”


wind has arrived in Hong Kong, which is a shocking thing.

It was only when Wu Helian and Lei Shaoheng came to Linhaifang Villa that Feng Lao had long gone. Even the four gods, they rarely see Feng Lao himself. He has always gone without a trace, and it is hard to understand. The only thing that can be determined is that every year from early December to the end of December, Feng Lao will go to the Swiss ski resort Gstaad. The only thing they know is that Mrs. Feng Chaoyang loves snowy Christmas.

Counting the days, Christmas this year is coming again.

I’m afraid Feng always went to Switzerland.

The lawsuit is under intense preparations, and the date of the trial is gradually approaching.

Seeing that tomorrow is the day of court, everyone can finally see Yan Xudong who Xu has not seen. Since the police submitted the case to the Department of Justice, they have never seen Yan Xudong. The police are not allowed to visit, and according to legal procedures, only the defense lawyer can meet him before the case is closed. However, as a defense lawyer, Lei Shaoheng only sent his subordinates to go.

“It’s too arrogant!” Wu Haoyang endured for a long time, seeing that the court will be held tomorrow, he can’t bear it, “What kind of lawyer, is he also a lawyer?”

Yao Yong calmed down and said softly, “Maybe this lawyer Lei has long been confident. a. ” “

he confidently? I’d like to see how he is to win this lawsuit! “Wu Haoyang nose, obviously do not believe. And at this time, the phone rang, Wu Haoyang answered the phone, and Mei Yu wrinkled even closer, only to hear Lin Zhengfeng say, “Wu San, Xiaolan’s girl ran to find you yourself, I can’t help it, you Just take care of her for me! Well, nothing else, then I will hang up, you are busy!”

Wu Haoyang said, Lin Zhengfeng hung up the phone, “Uncle Lin…”

Yao Yongxin saw him look wrong,

Fox questioned, “What’s the matter?” “Dong Dang Dang——” The door of the office was knocked again, Wu Haoyang drank, and the assistant pushed the door in.

“Mr. Yang, Miss Lin is here.”

Lin Lan was wearing an off-white thin coat, black tights, straight pencil trousers, and a pair of rhinoceros short boots, showing a graceful figure curve, but also casual and chic. Carrying the latest cherry bag in her hand, she flew lightly and flew from Finland, “Hi, Haoyang, Miss Yongxin.”

Lin Lan walked into the office with a smile and greeted them.

“Hi.” Yao Yongxin smiled back, and then remembered that they were the couple with the engagement. “You talk, I still have something to

do .” “What are you doing?” Wu Haoyang saw Yao Yongxin gone, Shen Sheng asked. .

Lin Lan didn’t care about his impatience, looked around the office, and bored toward the bookshelf, picked up a book and said, “I don’t want to stay at home all the time, but I can’t go out without reason.”

“Then you take me When in the guise?” Wu Haoyang’s anger didn’t hit him.

“Don’t say that.” Lin Lan opened the book and read it, mumbled, “I helped too! I told my dad not to divest or help the speaker.”

“When are you going to go back?” Wu Haoyang pinched Nose bridge, some troubles.

Lin Lan closed the book and looked at him with a bright smile. “I don’t plan to go back.”

“Then where are you going?”

“I’m following you.”

“Why are you following me?”

“Because you won’t control me.”

Lin Lan’s words were enough for Wu Haoyang to spur blood, and she stayed in the Wu family in such a stately manner. Yao Yongxin no longer came to Wu’s house for dinner, which made Wu Haoyang a little crazy.

After a peaceful night, the next morning, the court was finally opened.

A group of people rushed to the court to listen, and they were all there. But among the people, Yu Mei alone was missing. Gu Xiaochen shouted Yu Mei before leaving, but she couldn’t say it. Yu Mei’s temper has always been like this, and she will never go if she doesn’t say it. Gu Xiaochen is afraid that she won’t be able to go to court for hearing, so she has to go alone.

The English court is quiet and quiet.

The plaintiff is the prosecution of the Department of Justice on behalf of the government, and the defendant is Yan Xudong. In the court, prosecutors, judges (magistrates), court secretaries, etc. and public seats are listed in order. The jury is served by Hong Kong citizens over the age of 18, and the jury is guided by the judge, but it is limited to the verdict of whether the accused is convicted.

At the end of the lobby, Yan Xudong came out under the escort of two police officers. He looks much thinner, but his spirits are not bad. He looked at everyone, his eyes warm, and the corners of his mouth fluttered with a slight arc, very calm. The crowd looked back at him, Yan Yan’s eyes were red.

Lei Shaoheng sat on the seat of the defendant’s lawyer, accompanied by an assistant lawyer. He looked at Yan Xudong on the dock, still smiling, but the coldness in his eyes seemed to be brewing, as if he had already decided.

The plaintiff’s lawyer got up, “Good judge, good jurors.”

And outside the court, some people kept pacing back and forth.

She looked up from time to time to the closed court, as if waiting for something.

The wind was slightly cool, and Yu Mei stretched her hands around her body. She did not want to go in, let alone hearing, she did not know if she was afraid, or if she saw him, she could not bear the pain. She did not allow herself to show that emotion in front of others.

The clock went from one cell to another, from the number “9” to the “11” without knowing it.

The door of the court was suddenly pushed open, and some people came out one after another.

Yu Mei was shocked and hurriedly hid herself aside to prevent others from discovering herself. She watched the crowd come out one after another, and finally saw Gu Xiaochen and his party. Unable to press anymore, she immediately took out her mobile phone and called Gu Xiaochen. As soon as the phone was connected, Yu Mei asked, “How is the result?”

Gu Xiaochen whispered, ” Mei Mei, Xu Dong was sentenced.”

Yu Mei sank in his heart, as if smashing a big rock, but heard Gu Xiaochen again Say, “Three years’ imprisonment and two years’ probation.”

“What do you mean?”

“Xudong doesn’t have to be in prison, but he will be sent back to Canada tomorrow. Within five years, he can’t leave Canada and can’t make mistakes.”

” So…” Yu Mei held her phone and asked anxiously, “So he doesn’t have to go to jail?”


Yu Mei suddenly felt ecstatic, but seemed to lose her voice again, and could no longer say. Out a word.

It turned out that the happiest thing is to know that you are well.

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