Chapter 168: Lynn Law Firm

Jiulongwan Villa.

It was ten in the afternoon, and although the sun was not too bright, the sky was clear.

It is cold autumn now, and it is almost winter in the blink of an eye. The two figures stepped on the yellow grass and walked one after the other. Yan Shikang pumped a pipe from time to time and said with a deep voice, “Xia Yuan, you see you have returned to Hong Kong and have re-entered Wu’s. I promised you everything, and you promised me too Shouldn’t it be fulfilled?”

Xia Yuan smiled slightly and said softly, “Master Yan, this is just the beginning, do you want to close the net?”

“Quick swords can slash chaos!” Yan Shikang’s attitude is always resolute.

“Wu’s family is still Wu’s for now. Do you want to wait until the situation is clear before you start?” Xia Yuan said quietly, Yan Shikang’s eyes narrowed, and Sensen said, “Don’t play tricks on me! I can make When you return to Hong Kong, you can never go out again!”

“Master Yan, I am absolutely loyal to you! Please don’t doubt it!” Xia Yuan did not change her look.

“You were expelled from Hong Kong by Wu Er, and you suffered a lot outside! I think you should also know that he is an ungrateful person! If it is for this man again, it will be worthless! You follow us well, In addition to 5% of the shares, the benefits will not be less for you! In another 20 years, you will be the elder of Yan Shi!” Yan Shikang gave lure, Xia Yuan responded, “Thank you, Master Yan!

” Supervisor Xia was shifting during work hours, and I had to deduct my salary.” Footsteps sounded together with Qinglang male voices.

Yan Shikang turned back, as was Xia Yuan. The two saw Yan Xudong walking slowly. She was tall and handsome. Xia Yuan worked in Wu’s for several years and knew the ability of Yan Xudong. This man seemed to be attentive and warm, but had a deep stubbornness. She nodded slightly to him and joked, “Speaking, I will go to work now, Don’t deduct my salary.”

Xia Yuan finished and left.

Yan Xudong stared at Yan Shikang, his male voice deepened, “Dad! Don’t send someone to follow her in the future!”

“Actually, I just want to invite the girl to sit and chat at home, don’t think too much!” Yan Shikang smiled and turned, “but no one is idle! There have been signs of marriage before marriage It seems that it is just a blind eye, and I want to confuse the audience! Xu Dong, he has been guarding you for a long time!”

Yan Xu Dong condensed his handsome face and said in a cold voice, “I want to make up for Wu’s family! As for her, I have no interest.” That’s it!”

“If you can think of it that way, then it’s best!” Yan Shikang applauded.

“What happened to the Lin family, will Lin Zhengfeng withdraw his capital?” Yan Xudong frowned. “If the Lin family withdraws the capital, Wu’s unstable!”

“Lin Zhengfeng’s old fox is not a fuel-efficient lamp. Wu’s trouble is so big, he Don’t show up! It must be watching the changes! But I think he will withdraw his capital!” Yan Shikang said in contemplation. “At this time, if you can win the Lin family, then everything will be better! Xu Dong, you just now He said that he was not interested in that girl anymore! What do you think of Lin’s daughter?”

“If you can reach a consensus with the Lin family, it will be even more powerful! Dad, you should visit Lin Zhengfeng!” Yan Xudong opened his mouth and said conceitedly , “From now on, let me take care of everything! You don’t want to participate! You wait to see me take down Wu Shi!”

“Okay!” Yan Shikang patted him on the shoulder.

“Miss Xia, Mr. Wu does not accept visits!”

“Did you tell him who I am!”

“I told Mr. Wu, but he saw no one but a private lawyer!”

Police detention center, police officer Telling the original words, Xia Yuan froze, squeezed her lips together and turned away. She was driving, Li Rong was full of jealousy, and even more angry in her heart. She murmured while holding the steering wheel, “Wu Helian, you will regret it! You will regret it! I will make you regret it!”

The speeding sports car drowned in the avenue.

The lively street people came and went, and an isolated figure walked with the crowd out of soul.

Gu Xiaochen’s thoughts were slightly chaotic, and she thought of all possible means. Inadvertently looking up, I saw the Supreme Court in front of the left. She suddenly thought of something in her mind. The phone rang suddenly, Gu Xiaochen took a look and showed the magazine number, she pressed the connect button, Ding Min growled at the end of the phone, but she just said lightly, “Deputy editor-in-chief, I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry to ask for leave.”

Before waiting for Ding Min to say something, Gu Xiaochen hung up and hurried home. Looking through the boxes, she didn’t know where the business card was placed, but she couldn’t find it after searching for a long time. She tried hard to recall, and vaguely remembered that the female partner mentioned “Spring City”, almost blindly. She forced herself to calm down.

Gu Xiaochen immediately packed up and left the door.

From Hong Kong to Spring City, several cities were turned around and finally arrived smoothly.

Unfamiliar city, unfamiliar airport, unfamiliar accent.

The Spring City in early November is as warm as the city’s name. Although arriving in Spring City, Gu Xiaochen was still at a loss and stopped the car. The driver asked her where to go. Gu Xiaochen asked, “Master, do you know Lawyer

Lei Shaoheng’s law firm?” ” Leader Lawyer?” the driver suspiciously said, In the promise of Gu Xiaochen, “Of course I know! Who doesn’t know?”

“I’ll go there!” Gu Xiaochen was excited.

The taxi drove up to the elevated speed, and this strange city with a rich ancient rhythm came into Gu Xiaochen’s eyes. She felt a headache, but she was not sleepy, and she stubbornly wanted to see the man. The car didn’t know how long it drove, and finally stopped in front of a building.

There are two stone lions in front of the building, which are very majestic, and the plaque is engraved with “Lynn Law Firm” beginning with English.

Gu Xiaochen walked into the law firm, and the lady at the front desk smiled and asked, “Miss, what service do you need?”

Gu Xiaochen stepped forward, “I want to see lawyer Lei Shaoheng.”

“Sorry, miss, Mr. Lei is not in the law firm !”

“I have a case entrusting him as a defense lawyer!” Gu Xiaochen said persistently, and the lady at the front desk said, “Miss, Mr. Lei has not taken over the case! All other lawyers can serve you! I can arrange contact for you!”

“Can you tell me how can I see Lawyer Lei? I’m really anxious!”

“I’m sorry, Miss.”

Gu Xiaochen lost his direction, what should I do?

After three days.

“Xiao Xu, the lady is here again!”

“Well, I saw it.”

“What is she looking for Mr. Lei?”

“Who knows! I heard that I was looking for Mr. Lei as a defense lawyer, but our business. With so many excellent lawyers in the office, why did she just stare at Mr. Lei? And, who doesn’t know that Mr. Lei has

stopped the case in Chuncheng ! I think this drunkard’s intention is not to drink , and have ulterior motives!” Lei Shaoheng is in Chuncheng It can be said that the wind is going to wind and the rain is going to rain, and the lover’s girlfriend is like a crucian carp! Which woman does not want to climb him? Such a woman, these staff are not unseen! So, facing her inquiries every day, even if she read the joke, even if she was sitting in the lobby and waiting, no one would take care of her.

For three days, Gu Xiaochen has been in this city for three days. She could not inquire about Lei Shaoheng’s whereabouts or how to find him. Had to stay in a nearby hotel and waited at the law office every day, from morning to night. She didn’t know whether she should give up or go back to Hong Kong to see the situation.

The crowd swarmed out, and Gu Xiaochen stood at the door, and the warm wind blowing made her feel cold and spread from the bottom of her feet. After a long time, she lowered her head and sat back in the chair.

Outside the office building, the flat-headed man was hiding behind the pillar and watching her, reporting to the other end of the phone, “Lawyer Feng, Miss Gu is still not willing to leave!”

“You go to Mr. Lei immediately and say yes Master Lian said, let him…”

“I know!” The flat-headed man responded, hung up the phone and turned away.

A high-end entertainment venue in Spring City, “Wanjing” entertainment city, provides uninterrupted fun during the day and night, which is one of the most popular places for the rich to come to enjoy. The air was filled with the smell of cigars, the rich aroma of wine, and the beautiful lady in cheongsam. Stepping into the entertainment city only makes people feel like they have returned to the Republic of China period, singing and dancing.

The flat-headed man came upstairs with another man and knocked on the door of the private room.

As soon as the gate opened, a pool table over three meters long and nearly two meters wide came into view.

Wearing a black leather skirt, a hot woman leaned over the pool table with her cue, pointed at a certain ball, retracted the top of the club back and forth, aimed at the best angle, and then hit the ball violently. It was just the sudden knocking on the door that made her tremble, and the strength was a little worse. The ball deviated from the track, rolled to the edge of the hole, but did not enter the hole.

“It’s a disappointment!” The woman frowned and turned to the dark-haired man sitting on the couch who was playing with a glass of wine. “They didn’t score!”

“You go out and compensate you later!” The man smiled slightly, on the woman’s side A kiss on the face casually, without loss of grace and elegance. The thin hair shattered uninhibitedly, arrogant and charming, the knife-like profile condensed a deep and sharp edge, inadvertently exuding the natural momentum and a strong sense of oppression.

The woman left consciously, passing by the two men who walked into the booth.

Lei Shaoheng did not look up and spoke with interest, “Say, what’s the matter!”

“Mr. Lei, Master Lian let his subordinates tell you, he hopes you can go to the law firm to refuse Miss Gu’s request and let her return Hong Kong!” the flat-headed man said truthfully.

“Oh?” Lei Shaoheng’s eyes flashed a bit of interest, suspiciously.


lunch time, the staff returned to the office one after another.

Gu Xiaochen got up and ran to the lady at the front desk, condensed and said, “Sorry, can you tell me, is lawyer Lei in Spring City? Has he gone abroad? Or, where does he live?”

“Sorry, miss, no comment “

” I really have something very important…” Gu Xiaochen said with a begging tone, crying without tears.

“Lawyer Law!” Suddenly, respectful cries rang one after another, and the people around him stopped.

Gu Xiaochen turned around horribly and saw a man in a black suit standing in front of her. The suit was straight, and the dark silver shirt unbuttoned the two buttons on the top, lining his arrogant and handsome look, becoming more casual. Cynical smiles disrespectfully, but not frivolously, making people feel comfortable and natural.

“You want to see me?” Lei Shaoheng raised his mouth, and he smiled at her charmingly.

“Mr. Lei!” Gu Xiaochen was overjoyed, only when the savior arrived.

In the conference room of the law firm, the secretary delivered tea.

Lei Shao was calm, sitting quietly on the sofa, looking at the woman sitting opposite. She panicked, unable to hide her fatigue and anxiety. A pair of big eyes flashing and blurry, helpless and stubborn, but very beautiful, which reminded him of a damn woman, he ridiculed and said, “Miss Gu, you have changed a lot, I remember you had long hair before.”

Gu Xiaochen was too late to reminisce , Anxiously said, “Mr. Lei, I came to you this time, I want to ask you to help.”

“Oh?” Lei Shaoheng suspiciously said.

“He has an accident!”

“Who?” Lei Shaoheng asked something deliberately.

“Wu Helian!” Gu Xiaochen said, gritting his teeth, looking up to meet him, and begging the hoped eyes, “He is suspected of a commercial crime, and he can’t be released on bail, and he doesn’t see anyone except defense lawyers! Can you help him? I Knowing that Mr. Lei is the most famous and capable attorney, there must be a way!”

“Hehe.” Lei Shaoheng laughed lightly, and Jun Rong was crazy, “You hat buckled me!”

“Mr. Lei will certainly have a way! I believe!” Gu Xiaochen said firmly.

“Do you believe me?” Lei Shaoheng asked back, “Don’t you believe him?”

Gu Xiaochen’s hands clenched into fists, panic slightly, and her voice trembles, and she said helplessly, “I don’t believe him ! Because I believe in him, I want to ask Mr. Lei for help! I just don’t know how to help him and what to do with him! As long as I can think of and can do it, I will do it!”

“You Who is he?

Helping him this way?” Gu Xiaochen froze for a long while, and spit out two words, “Friend.”

“Friend.” Lei Shaoheng murmured these two words, condensed and smiled, Yun Qingfeng Qingqing He asked, “Why do you think you can move me?”

“The only one who can move me is his woman, are you?” Lei Shaoheng said indifferently, making Gu Xiaochen’s eyes wide.


this moment, Gu Xiaochen could not answer, she could not answer.

For someone who had loved so deeply, she didn’t dare to touch it. She was afraid of touching it. She thought she could meet her calmly when she saw her again. She thought she said goodbye when she said goodbye. She was reluctant to open those emails, and was reluctant to go to that favorite little shop. She could not fall asleep late at night, and her mind was full of memories of the year. How should she face it?

Thoughts swallowed her like a tide, Gu Xiaochen’s eyes were red, and his eyes were covered with a layer of water vapor.

Lei Shaoheng saw that she was about to cry, but she dared not continue to tease. I was afraid that someone would know that it would be hard to explain. After all, my brother and wife should not be bullied. “Miss Gu, I didn’t say anything!”

“Mr. Nai Means help?” Gu Xiaochen didn’t forget to ask exactly, she lowered her head and choked.

“One night’s rest, set off tomorrow!” Lei Shaoheng said with a sense of crisis without a sense of crisis.

“Mr. Lei, can we go now?” Gu Xiaochen couldn’t stop for a moment, swallowing the sourness and begging to ask.

Lei Shaoheng drew his teacup and drank a

dragon well . “Are you running from Hong Kong to Spring City, aren’t you tired?” Gu Xiaochen looked stubborn, “not tired!”

“Well, since you are not tired, start right away!” “Lei Shaoheng picked up the landline and pressed the straight key. Gu Xiaochen listened to his Shen Sheng’s order, and the heart he lifted finally fell at this moment.”

After a while, the secretary knocked on the door and entered, “Mr. Lei, already arranged and ready to go.”

Lei Shaoheng glanced at Gu Xiaochen and both got up. The two left the conference room and went downstairs, just about to leave the office, but a woman rushed face to face and said in a hurry, “Mr. Lei, Miss is sick!”

“Sick to a doctor! Don’t you understand this common sense?” Lei Shaoheng still smiles, but only makes him feel cold.

“But Miss refused to go to the hospital!” said the woman embarrassedly.

“Secretary Wang, you sent her to the hospital! Tell her that if I don’t go, I will immediately dismantle the Jinyuan!” Lei Shaoheng ordered Shen Sheng and walked forward without walking back. Secretary Xu bowed his head and immediately turned away with the woman. Gu Xiaochen followed behind silently and couldn’t help but wonder.

Until he got in the car, Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but say, “Mr. Lei, if you have something to do, you can stay overnight and start tomorrow!”

Lei Shaoheng smiled at her and said slowly, “Driving!”

left Hong Kong and returned again It is the fifth day.

Gu Xiaochen hadn’t slept well in recent days and was extremely tense, making her face pale. After getting off the plane, someone picked up the plane. Gu Xiaochen recognized the other party at a glance. The man was Wu Helian’s personal lawyer Feng Yuan. Gu Xiaochen thought that they were friends and must have made contact.

“Mr. Lei, please here!” Feng Yuan said with a deep voice, then nodded to Gu Xiaochen respectfully, but obviously the “please” people did not include her.

Gu Xiaochen was not angry, but just worried and asked, “Lawyer Feng, how is he?”

Feng Yuan said, “Miss Gu, Master Lian is very good.”

“Go back and rest, you should be tired too!” Lei Shaoheng looked at Gu Xiaochen and said, followed Feng Yuan away.

Gu Xiaochen watched the figure of the two of them leave the airport, and she walked forward slowly as if in a loss. When she walked to the exit, she saw a motorhome passing by her eyes and drove away quickly. It was then discovered that Hong Kong is cloudy today, and the sky is overcast with clouds, as if it is about to rain. It’s just that a heavy rain seems to be brewing for a long time, but I don’t know when it will fall.

In the police station, Feng Yuan made a request to visit.

Lei Shaoheng came to the visiting room with the police. As soon as the door opened, he saw Wu Helian sitting there. He walked in, and he looked up indifferently, and his witty handsome face was obviously unhappy, but it was also the same. Lei Shaoheng sat down opposite him and said amusedly, “Hey, she is very courageous, so she went to Chuncheng to find me like this, and she was really not afraid of being sold and kidnapped!”

“It’s not that you don’t come ?” Wu Helian frowned and asked.

Lei Shaoheng raised his eyebrows and said seriously, “You are going to go to jail, can I not come?”

” Let’s come! Your own affairs will be solved by yourself, you go back to the Spring City!” Wu Helian refused, leaving no room.

Lei Shaoheng seemed to have expected that he would say this, he gazed at him provocatively and said, “If you don’t let me stay, then I will tell the old man! I will not only tell the old man, I will also tell That Miss Gu, you gave her that ear ring, it means she didn’t marry! And, she doesn’t seem to know yet?”

Gu Xiaochen had been sleeping because she was too tired from the plane flying to Hong Kong from Chuncheng. Lei Shaoheng turned his head inadvertently, and saw the earrings on her right ear. He naturally knew what that meant. But when she answered what they were related to, she used the word “friend”, which was too interesting.

Wu Helian was silent. After a long absence, she said, “Is there any smoke?”

Lei Shaoheng took the cigarette and handed it to him. Wu Helian smoked a cigarette. Bai Yan gradually spread out. He narrowed his eyes slightly and said lightly, “She is married.”

Lei Shaoheng was surprised, and thought he was surprised with him, and asked, “When did you get married?”

“She is not married to me.” Wu Helian said lowly, and let Lei Shaoheng be surprised again.

Suddenly Lei Shaoheng understood it, and said nothing more.

“At this point, there must be someone going to jail. Even if the civil case is withdrawn, the criminal can’t withdraw it! Have you said hello to it? Not allowed to bail? Is there such a funny thing?”

“If you fight for me,” Wu Helian Squinting said, “How many years will the judge sentence?”

“Lian, would you want to take it down yourself? For that surname?”

Wu Helian did not respond to his question, just a sentence, “There are always ways to solve things.” “

after meeting Wuhe Lian, Lei Shaoheng turn back hall. Face to face but saw Gu Xiaochen standing quietly, she did not go back to rest, but came by herself. Gu Xiaochen also saw Lei Shaoheng at the same time. She did not step forward immediately until he walked in front of her. Then she asked, “

Layer , can I visit?” Lei Shaoheng slightly raised his lips and smiled calmly. “Miss Gu, you came to Chuncheng to find me by yourself. Doesn’t your husband have any opinions? It’s none of your business, or stop intervening.”

Gu Xiaochen said with a lip, “It’s okay.”

“You really Married?” Lei Shaoheng suddenly looked sharply.

Gu Xiaochen was silent, Lei Shaoheng glanced at her hands and ridiculed, “Hey? Why didn’t he wear a ring? Married women don’t wear a ring? It’s rare! Or is your husband saving so much and not buying it for you? If I don’t let Lian give you one, it’s a wedding gift, or I’ll give you one…”

Lei Shaoheng talked, Gu Xiaochen clenched his fists lightly, growling a little, “I-divorce.” Now!”

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