Chapter 148: Being easily seen through

bar is always a place of color, but this Waiting is a wonderful flower in the bar. It is said that the boss is two girls, the big boss looks very beautiful, but the second boss is quite satisfactory, unlike the people in this field. It is just such a bar, but it is also a leisurely place to relax, and there are naturally many repeaters.

“Boss, Mr. Yan, your fruit wine.” The waiter walked into the private room and brought a bunch of fruit drinks.

With a thin cigarette in the corner of his mouth, Yu Mei poured a glass for him. “The bartender who was newly invited yesterday made a good wine. You try it.”

Yan Xudong stared at the lime-colored liquid, laughing and jokingly, “This is the girl’s drink, I still drink something else.” He said he was going to get that bottle of XO, but Yu Mei robbed him, “What kind of hard drink to drink, don’t need money.”

Yan Xudong That’s right, “I give money.”

“I don’t give you money to drink, I don’t sell it.” Yu Mei took the wine a little farther and couldn’t pull it.

“That’s how you do business?” Yan Xudong quipped with her, Yu Mei retorted, “Yes!”

Suddenly, the bartender hurriedly rushed into the private room and shouted, “Boss, here come!”

“Problem?” Yu Mei is not in trouble and seems to be used to it.

“A woman brought a lot of people! It feels very promising! It’s not like the usual troublesome little scumbags!” said the bartender.

Yu Mei sandwiched the cigarette between her fingers and got up and said, “I’ll go to the meeting.”

Yan Xudong stood up, “I’ll accompany you!”

All the guests were stunned in the bar’s lobby.

A few tall men stood there, knowing that something was wrong at first glance. Among the men, the beautiful woman sat quietly waiting on the moving sofa. Her expression is arrogant, and she is exquisite and elegant. She just sat like this, with a graceful look and lazy look, and the aura burst out was already unmatched.

As soon as the two ran to the lobby, they saw such a scene.

Yu Mei was a little surprised by the woman, as if she didn’t expect her to come, but it was also reasonable. Yu Mei said to everyone, “Dear customers, I’m sorry, but I have some personal affairs to deal with today, so please come back! Today’s account is all mine!” After the

guests heard it, they naturally got up and left, but did not want to cause any trouble.

After the venue was cleared, only two people remained in the bar.

Yan Xudong looked at the beautiful woman and realized that Yu Mei and she seemed to know each other.

The woman said nothing, just stretched her hand over a gesture.

A few men around saw the gesture and, without saying a word, stepped forward immediately and took up the stool and smashed the bar all over. The bartenders stepped forward angrily, they would bargain with them, Yu Mei stopped again, “After work, you all go back!”


Yu Mei drank, “Go back!” The

bartenders looked at each other, but the boss put all Then, I had to leave.

The men smashed all the things in the bar, and the wine bottles and cups shattered to the ground, mixed with the taste of various wines, and some pungent. The woman stood up and walked slowly to Yu Mei. She said with pride, “I’ve told you many times, don’t be entangled with the lord. You don’t understand the rules, which makes me very unhappy.”

“Ms. Su Hong is upset, what is it about me?” Yu Mei asked with a smile.

“The old man is sorry for you, so he will keep you by his side. Now the old man doesn’t want you anymore, don’t play tricks on me again.” Su Hong’s cold words are like arrows, she stretched out her hand, and the man handed it up. A cheque, she threw that cheque on Yu Mei’s face, and sarcastically said, “This is the loss fee of the bar!” The

cheque flew from the air, Yu Mei grabbed it with one hand, and generally tore a crush to the vent. With a smile, “I accepted it!”

Su Hong looked displeased. “The old man has packaged you for so many years, and the money has given you a lot. It is normal that you do not lack money. This bar is sold by you. .”

“Please speak politely!” Yan Xudong, who has been silent for a long time, finally couldn’t help but say, he blocked Yu Mei and protected her, “Please leave immediately! You are not welcome here!”

“Hehe.” Su Hong Laughing, cold eyes swept over Yu Mei, fixed on Yan Xudong, “Are you the little white face she raised? Or do you like her? Can’t stand it anymore, start her for her? Then you probably don’t know, she does it for others Lover!”

Yan Xudong narrowed his eyes, and the elegant and handsome appearance was hard to reveal. He stepped forward and knocked down the two men beside her, “I don’t beat women, but I can’t guarantee it.” What kind of things will you do when I see you this time! The person who takes you will go away immediately! I don’t want to say it again!”

“Deep—” Who’s cell phone clamored.

The man answered the phone, his face slightly changed, and immediately transferred to Su Hong, “Madam, Master’s call!”

Su Hong answered the phone with his eyes narrowed, his lips closed. Hanging up the phone, she glanced at Yu Mei with disdain, and turned around and left.

A group of people finally retreated, leaving only a terrible mess.

Yu Mei looked up and saw Yan Xudong standing in front of her. She took a deep breath, grasped her hair and rationalized, and said calmly, “She is right, I am a lover for others!”

Yan Xudong only After taking the cigarette between her fingers, throwing it away and crushing it on the ground, “Don’t smoke anymore.”

Yu Mei is still laughing. Is it sad or happy that the score is not clear? “What are you doing? Go ahead. Don’t stay with a woman like me, it’s not good for you! Don’t come again in the future, a woman like me is not suitable to be your friend! Where should you go?”

Yan Xudong remained silent for a long time, listening to her Finish talking.

“Don’t go yet?” Yu Mei asked softly, suddenly

shouting angrily, “Go away for me!” Faced with her roaring thunder, Yan Xudong was only right in silence. He just reached out and hugged her into his arms. Yu Mei resisted his hug, struggling and resisting, but he said indifferently in her ear, “Cry if you are sad, don’t be brave.”

Yu Mei was startled, and the whole person was in a trance, closing her eyes and suddenly burst into tears.

I didn’t know what to do, so I had to smile.

Deceived others, deceived the whole world, but could not deceive yourself.

So easily seen through, the original sad expression could not be covered.

A car was parked on the road not far from the bar.

Several men escorted Su Hong out and walked slowly towards the car. The subordinate stepped forward to open the door, and Su Hong stooped down and drilled in. The car was full of smoke, and the man sat quietly, watching the front. Su Hong adjusted her sitting posture, stroked her hair over her ears, and looked dignified. Then she

quietly opened her mouth, “Master treats me very well, knowing that I have come to Hong Kong, I will immediately come out to pick me up.” Shen Sheng said, “You are so noisy, what’s the point.”

“It’s really meaningless.” Su Hong echoed, and his tone was rigid.

The car drove forward, and the bar slowly slipped out of sight.

Lin Zhengfeng glanced quietly, but his eyes never stayed on her, “I told you many times, don’t go to her! Why don’t you understand?”

“Yes, I don’t understand.” Su Hong raised Lips and corners, laughing, but counting the past, “The kind of girl, no money at home, helpless and helpless, this world is so rich! The compassion of the master is so rampant, is it not every miserable woman Child, the old man should help her? For her to read and give her money, but also to bring her around to train her, she can be a lover for the old

man , it is really a blessing in eight lifetimes!” Lin Zhengfeng frowned, handsome The side face was obviously unpleasant, “Su Hong, I told you many times! She is not a lover!”

“Not a lover? What is that?” Su Hong squinted at the scene passing by the car window, squinting, ” She is a beautiful woman, and the old man is a man!”

Lin Zhengfeng did not want to continue to discuss this issue with her. It seemed that such conversations were always endless, making him feel very tired. The cigarette had finished his last breath, and he said, “Come back tomorrow, and you will not have contact with her in the future. Don’t get entangled anymore.”

Su Hong was obviously surprised when he said this. , Half-sneered and half-sighed with emotion, “Hong Kong is a good place, the old man is willing to leave?”

“You have to talk to me like this? She is already dead, what else do you have to do?” Lin Zhengfeng asked with anger.

“Hehe.” Su Hong chuckled slightly and stared at him violently. She didn’t know how many years she had held back in her heart. When she returned to her homeland again, she seemed to be in a state of grief, and she seemed to want to remember something Things, said coldly, “She is dead, but she has been living in your Lin Zhengfeng’s heart!”

I am afraid that the saddest thing is that some people, even if they are dead, are far more important than living people!

In front of traffic lights, the car suddenly disappeared after turning around the corner.

day and night, changing day and night.

The rising sun accompanied the morning glow, spreading the clouds.

The temperature at ten o’clock in the morning has begun to rise slowly.

On the rooftop of the building, a man stands on the rooftop and looks at the vast sky. Italian handmade coat over the shoulders, black suit, white shirt. He didn’t know how long he had stood, only to hear footsteps behind him, his suffocated face had a hint of expression. He looked back at the person and said lightly, “Come.”

Yu Mei stood a meter away behind him and was silent for a while, before saying, “It’s not that he won’t meet again in the future.”

Lin Zhengfeng just smiled, Shen Sheng said , “I didn’t want to see me.”

Yu Mei pursed her lips and stopped talking. Lin Zhengfeng said again, “I will leave in the afternoon plane! Don’t play anymore, just find a good man and get married, girl.” There is not so much time to waste! Don’t forget to notify me when you get married, my number will not change!”

“Okay, I will inform you by then!” Yu Mei smiled, with a light voice.

Lin Zhengfeng sighed silently, staring at her face with heavy makeup, “What do you do with such gorgeous makeup, people always misunderstand you! You shouldn’t be like this!”

Yu Mei suddenly stunned and suddenly remembered the past.

The man was well dressed and appeared that night. At that time she was accompanied by a drink in a nightclub. He sat among a few men, but it looked so outstanding. Several beautiful young girls stood in front of them. He looked up at them, but stayed on her face for a moment, and then reached out to her.

Everything seemed to start out of that night and became uncontrollable.

He was really good to her, let her stay with him, let everyone think that she is his lover, even even herself. At one point, she thought he thought she was too young and she was too young. But the days passed by, and when she grew up, she realized that he was not like that to her. Until she finally found out, he was just looking for someone’s shadow on her body.

Yu Mei never asked who that person was, but she always knew that person existed. Immediately

, she couldn’t help but ask, “Who is she?”

Lin Zhengfeng stared at her, and he didn’t respond. Yu Mei stared at him stubbornly and wanted an answer, but she heard him say, “You call me Dad and I will tell you.”

Yu Mei suddenly reddened her eyes, but she still couldn’t shout this name. .

The cold wind raged, and the two looked at each other for a long time. Lin Zhengfeng finally made some movements, but actually reached out and touched her head. It was a small and intimate gesture.

“Let’s go.” Lin Zhengfeng said in a deep voice, taking the steps to go downstairs.

Waiting for him to walk by, Yu Mei looked at the clear blue sky and shouted her fists gently, “Daddy!” The

wind entangled the female voice. Lin Zhengfeng stopped and was surprised and surprised. He glanced back at her and ridiculed, “I’ve been waiting for you for so many years!”

Yu Mei seemed to be so angry that she didn’t speak, clinging to an answer, “You haven’t told me who she is!”

Lin Zhengfeng opened his eyes slowly and spoke slowly, saying the strange name, “Ding Shuchen.”

This is Yu Meidi. I heard the name once, but it was the last time.

Gu Xiaochen learned from Yu Mei’s mouth that the bar was closed for three days and said that he wanted to renovate it. That night she went to Yinshen to clean up the apartment, so she didn’t know what happened. But didn’t it change before opening? Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but be confused! But Yu Mei said carelessly, “My sister Yo, now the bar will change styles from time to time to attract customers!”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t understand much of this, and naturally she believed it when she said that.

Three days later the bar reopened and it really changed its face.

Probably psychological reasons, I always feel that there are really more customers.

One afternoon, Gu Xiaochen received a call from Lin Fen.

Lin Fen said a lot on the phone, but Gu Xiaochen only listened to these words, “Xiao Chen, the Wu family is one of the best in Hong Kong. They are not ordinary rich people! My mother told you before, I don’t want you to marry into a wealthy man! And, I heard that he has a fiancee? Don’t go with him anymore! You won’t have a result! I don’t agree that you are with him!”

Gu Xiaochen held the phone and remained silent for a long time.

Finally, she whispered, “I know.”

Gu Xiaochen always knew, knowing the gap between them, the ditch that could not be crossed. Lin Lin’s words made her sad. Wu Helian goes to the hospital every day, so they only meet at Yinshen’s apartment or at the bar. Gu Xiaochen was a little sullen and didn’t want to be alone, so he went to Yu Mei’s bar.

Yan Xudong is also here, he seems to have become a regular visitor here.

Only that night, Wu Helian did not come.

After about ten o’clock, Gu Xiaochen was a little sleepy. Yu Mei saw that the bar was quite peaceful and planned to go back. Yan Xudong naturally acted as a driver. The three walked out of the bar together, while Yan Xudong went to pick up the car, and Yu Mei walked slowly along with Gu Xiaochen. They didn’t find out that the two of them were sneaking behind a few people.

“Isn’t they?”

“It’s the woman with glasses, I know! The other woman is the owner of this bar!”

“Okay! Let’s go! Give him a vote!”

Several men deliberately lowered their voices, He murmured a few words and followed them after reaching an agreement. While they were about to walk out of the alley, they saw that there was no one on the side. Several of them quickened their pace and ran towards the woman who was holding her hand. Gu Xiaochen and Yu Mei didn’t notice the difference at all, just ahead of the road.

But the sound of footsteps behind him made Yu Meihu look back suspiciously, but her head was covered by her hand and she was not allowed to speak.

“Um! Um! Um!” Yu Mei struggled hard, and Gu Xiaochen was also covered by her hand.

“What are you doing…” Yu Mei made an ambiguous voice, and as she struggled, the bag in her hand began to pull. How could the two women withstand the strength of a few big men, easily held by them and hurried towards the other alley. It’s just that on the ground, things are messy, lipstick, wallet, key ring, and a burgundy high-heeled shoes.

After a few more minutes, someone turned back to the alley.

Yan Xudong had already picked up the car and waited by the roadside, but he couldn’t wait for the two of them, wondering if something had happened. Rest assured, find it immediately. When he walked into the alley, he found things scattered all over the place under the dim street lights. Bend over to see, but those things make him familiar. He reached up and picked up the high heels, vaguely remembering who wore burgundy high heels.

Yan Xudong suddenly stunned, isn’t it Yu Yu’s?

She and Xiaochen…

When the brain was hot, Yan Xudong was anxious and hurried to the bar to ask the bartender if they were there. The bartender was suspicious, didn’t the two bosses go together? Yan Xudong ran back to the alley where things were scattered and took out her mobile phone to make a call to Yu Mei. The phone rang for a long time, but his heart was about to stagnate. When he thought that no one would answer, the phone was connected!

“What is Xu Xudong’s name! You listen to Lao Tzu! Prepare one million cash immediately, get ready, and contact Lao Tzu! If you dare to call the police, I will tear the ticket! Listen! Lao Tzu is not kidding!” Roaring screaming,

Yan Xudongqiang calmed himself down and listened to his words, only the haze said, “If you dare to move them! I’ll come to collect your corpses!”


hospital ward, but because of someone’s Arrived and broke that peace.

Wu Haoyang suddenly returned from France.

In the ward, after being nursed up these days, Wu Jizong also ate more food than before and was able to walk around. The doctors all said that he was recovering well, and after a few days of observation, he would be discharged home. It’s just that Wu Haoyang, who was originally away from home, came back so that he was a little relieved and angry.

Wu Helian had originally planned to leave, and saw Wu Haoyang not moving.

“Hao Yang, your father’s body is fine! The doctor said that he can be discharged home in a few days!” Ji Yuehua was very happy to see Wu Haoyang come back, and asked with concern, “Have you eaten yet?”

Wu Haoyang’s eyes swept. Everyone, looking at Wu Jizong with a good look, Shen Sheng said, “It’s okay!”

Wu Jizong wiped his hands with a hot towel and handed it to the side caregiver, “You are all back, then you can take Miao Ke back. Everyone is here, first book the marriage of Lian and Yongxin!”

“The second brother has a girlfriend!” Wu Haoyang didn’t call this title for a long time, but he was not strange.

“Shut up for me!” Wu Jizong drank. “Yingxin has loved lotus since childhood! And this marriage has already been settled! No one can change it!”

Wu Haoyang was stunned and wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what to say. In the end, he couldn’t refute it.

Yao Yongxin

bit her lip and faced this embarrassing topic, she finally boldly said, “Uncle Wu, I have someone I like!” “What?” Wu Jizong looked at Yao Yongxin in consternation, and she was hard to open her teeth. Wu Haoyang just smiled coldly.

At this time, Wu Helian’s cell phone rang a rapid ringtone.

He took out his phone and looked at it from Yan Xudong!

On the phone, Yan Xudong’s voice couldn’t hide his anxiety, Shen Ning said, “Lian! Xiaochen and Yu Mei have an accident!”

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