Chapter 145: Retention

At this time, the suite next door, Mrs. Wu Jiyuehua and Yao Yongxin were talking.

“Yong Xin, I have called your mum and she has no opinion. This marriage was also a matter of uncle Wu when your father was still there. I think you know that too. So your uncle Wu thought In order to take advantage of the thirtieth anniversary celebration, I made this order so that your mommy can rest assured. Your mommy has not been in good health recently, and she also thinks that you will have a good support as soon as possible.”

No doubt, Ji Yuehua is I like Yao Yongxin in my heart.

From a young age to seeing a big good girl, whether it is the need for marriage interests or the relationship with Father Yao, this marriage has been settled from the beginning. At first Yao Yongxin wanted to marry the boss Wu Xiangcheng, but the little girl was not close to the boss, but instead came closer to the second and third.

Since Wu Haoyang was still a few months younger than Yao Yongxin, when the two of them were certain to grow up, Wu Helian was ordered.

Whenever she asked her opinion about Wu Helian, she always said she liked it.

Naturally, everyone agrees that they are a pair.

Yao Yongxin also knew about the marriage in the door, but didn’t know everything about it today. Hearing Ji Yuehua’s words, he said softly, “Auntie, actually I…”

She was about to speak, but someone knocked on the door.

A subordinate yelled angrily, “Ma’am, Miss Yao, the master passed out!”

What? Ji Yuehua and Yao Yongxin were shocked at the same time and hurried out.

As soon as he left the room, Wu Helian ran out of the suite with Wu Jizong on his back, and hurried towards the elevator. Ji Yuehua rushed up, not looking at the others. Yao Yongxin had just stepped forward, but saw Gu Xiaochen coming out of the suite. When she stopped, she wanted to call Gu Xiaochen to go together, but the Wu family’s two old men had an obvious attitude. After thinking about it carefully, they said to Gu Xiaochen, “Xiao Chen, will you go back by taxi? Would you like to stabilize here?” Now, let me talk to you.”

Gu Xiaochen glimpsed that the elevator door was closed, Wu Helian’s figure suddenly disappeared, and she spoke softly, “Okay.”

Yao Yongxin immediately took another elevator and Gu Xiaochen was left here alone, but he didn’t know where to go. The floor is not high, here is the tenth floor. She just wanted to be quiet and simply walked down the stairs. Step by step, from the tenth floor to the bottom floor. But the shoulder bag is still in Wu Helian’s car, she has no money, no cell phone, nothing.

There was still laughter at the banquet, and the guests did not seem to be disturbed.

Gu Xiaochen walked out of the hotel alone, and there was a cold wind on the face, trembling with cold, and he couldn’t help shaking. She didn’t encircle her body, just felt that the wind made her awake.

The neon lights were shining, but there was some darkness in front of them.

Gu Xiaochen moved his head down, thinking about how to go home.

At this time, a figure emerged from a car parked by the roadside. The suit was straight, the silver-rimmed glasses shone with white light, and it stood dazzling in the night. Zhou Chengze watched her walk slowly, without moving. But she looked like a wandering soul, walked past him without even paying attention to him.

Zhou Chengze Junrong was awkward, bypassing the body and chasing up.

“Gu Xiaochen!” Zhou Chengze reached out and grabbed her arm, shouting.

Gu Xiaochen looked back calmly and saw him, and did not speak.

The cold wind hit her, she wore so little, Zhou Chengze immediately took off his suit and put it on her body. But the breath was not the familiar taste in her memory. Gu Xiaochen wanted to refuse, but Zhou Chengze said sternly, “Do you want to be sick? It doesn’t matter if you are sick, don’t worry Aunt Fen!”

Gu Xiaochen was silent and no longer refused.

“I’ll send you.” Zhou Chengze spit out three words a long time before pulling her back to the car behind her.

The car drove past the hotel, but another figure chased it out.

Yan Xudong looked around anxiously, holding a mobile phone in his hand and continuously making calls, but he could not get through.

The car parked in front of the Spring Garden, Gu Xiaochen took off his suit and thanked him, and then got off the car. Zhou Chengze also got out of the car and accidentally grabbed his coat. He was standing in front of her, and he just put the suit on her again, but the mouth was cut with teeth, “No need to give it back to me! You have to throw it, just throw it at you!”

“I don’t mean that.” Gu Xiaochen said softly .

Zhou Chengze’s anger subsided, and Shen Sheng said, “I know that I must lose, why do you still want to be obsessed. He has announced that he is getting engaged, and you are still staying with him. What is this? What is the origin of the Wu family, you think every day Being rejected by someone? He should know about the engagement in advance, don’t you be so stupid? Maybe it’s just for you to play with!”

Thoughts are slightly chaotic, and the mouth is not right, Zhou Chengze finished, inexplicably a little regret, but Covered with water is difficult to close.

Gu Xiaochen silently, her voice so soft, but very firm, “He is not such a person.”

Zhou Chengze was discouraged, but actually could not speak. Gently clenched his fists, and then said, “Just whatever you want.”

Back at the apartment, Gu Xiaochen immediately received a call. I thought it was Wu Helian, but I didn’t expect it to be Xudong Xu. She repeatedly asked her if she was okay and where she is now. She told him that he was okay when he got home. Yan Xudong blew a few words, and then hung up.

Gu Xiaochen sat in the living room and waited until early in the morning, but he never waited for Wu Helian’s phone.

The mobile phone number had been remembered for a long time, and she couldn’t help but finally pressed the number to call him.

After the phone rang a few times, it was finally connected. On the other end of the phone, Wu Helian did not speak. Holding a cell phone, Gu Xiaochen asked cautiously, “How is your father?”

“Brain hemorrhage.” His voice was extremely low, which made Gu Xiaochen particularly distressed.

“He will be fine, you can rest assured.” Gu Xiaochen said breathlessly for a while, “Ahe, I’m home safely. Don’t worry about me, don’t worry too much. We are all very good…” Her voice also lightened, leaving only one sentence in a thousand words, “We are waiting for you.”

“Chenchen.” Wu Helian shouted quietly, Gu Xiaochen listened quietly. He was silent for a long time, and suddenly said, “Do

n’t run around.” He said these three words more than once-don’t run around.

At this moment, can you think that he is keeping her.

Early in the morning, Wu Helian ordered the shoulder bag to be delivered.

But for the next three days, Gu Xiaochen didn’t know how he spent it.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday… Every day seems to be a long wait. On the weekend, she took care of a lot, took Duoduo for a walk, watched TV with Yu Mei, and went to the bar to accompany Yu Mei at home in the evening. Now it is two people, so there is no longer so lonely. But her heart has been hanging, never falling.

For three days, Yu Mei didn’t see someone report in the apartment, and naturally realized the change and something was wrong. At first I thought it was someone who went out for a meeting, and the boss of these big companies should be very busy based on their subjective judgment. She used to just listen to Gu Xiaochen’s endless work, and she was bothered.

But until Sunday night, Yu Mei finally realized the strangeness.

Even if it is out of Congress, it doesn’t take so long.

What’s more, a man used to be on time like an alarm clock.

Yu Mei asked her, “What happened?”

Gu Xiaochen pondered quietly, and said lightly, “His father is ill.”

Yu Mei heard her say this, but also expected that there was something hidden in her heart. It’s just that when she doesn’t want to speak, she won’t continue to ask.

Yan Xudong finally appeared in the bar after disappearing for a few days.

“Mr. Yan.” The waitress greeted with a smile.

Yan Xudong smiled slightly and walked towards the woman sitting at the bar. The barman nodded at him immediately, and adjusted the glass of wine according to the old rules.

Yu Meijing drank himself and glanced at him and said, “What the hell happened.”

Yan Xudong silently said, “I, Lian and another girl named Yongxin are good. friends, however, Ng Wing heart since childhood daughter default candidate. thirtieth anniversary celebration, announced the news of the engagement. “

I rose slightly to stop drinking actions, thoughts for a reason, surprised and said,” Wuhe Lian engagement? “

Introduction Xu Dong stopped talking and pinched his glass.

Yu Mei was bored for a long while before she popped out a word, “Fuck!”

“What about Xiaochen?”

“She was watching TV in the office.”

“I went to see her.”

Yan Xudong said, getting up and going to the office, Yu Mei’s slightly deep female voice came from her ear, “A man like him is only suitable for love, not for life. Xiaochen, she wants a home.”

The office of the bar climbed to her from time to time. On the lap, from time to time on the sofa.

Gu Xiaochen sat quietly on the corner of the sofa and watched TV. That was the DV “Blue Life and Death” that Yu Mei bought specifically. She had told Yu Mei about this Korean drama before, but it was a pity that she never watched the ending.

Recently, Yu Mei was bored, so she went to the audio-visual store and bought a full set to watch slowly, which was used to pass the evening time.

After growing up, Enxi and Junxi finally met again, but Junxi had a beautiful fiancee beside her, and there were also suitors around her. Once a brother and sister, it was later discovered that the relationship was not that simple. Two people who shouldn’t be in love, but love each other so hard. At the end, Enxi fell asleep on Junxi’s back. When Junxi, who had lost Enxi, faced the oncoming truck, he could obviously avoid it, but had no choice to move forward or backward.

This ending seems to have been expected, so Gu Xiaochen did not cry.

Yan Xudong walked in the corridor, in front of the office. It happened that a waitress delivered the juice and Yan Xudong made a gesture, not letting her close. He walked quietly to the door and just looked at her silently.

For the first time, Yan Xudong had a strong thought in his heart.

Want to give her a home.

Blinking on Tuesday, Gu Xiaochen received a call from Yao Yongxin.

On the phone, Yao Yongxin told her that Wu Jizong was out of danger and that there would be a solution. Listening to Yao Yongxin’s ding, Gu Xiaochen responded softly. In fact, Yao Yongxin is so good, it is normal for the Wu family to like her. If she is a man, she will like girls like her.

Back home, there are only a lot in the apartment.

Yu Mei greeted in advance and went out.

Gu Xiaochen put down his shoulder bag and took the dog food to feed Duoduo.

Suddenly, the door of the apartment was knocked. Whose name popped out of my head, Gu Xiaochen hurriedly opened the door. As soon as the door opened, I saw Wu Helian standing outside. He looked tired, his eyes covered with red blood, as if he hadn’t slept well for several days.

Gu Xiaochen even noticed clearly that he seemed a bit thin.

Wu Helian’s originally tight eyes were relaxed, and he suddenly raised a corner of his lips as if nothing had happened.

Gu Xiaochen was taken aback, and took a step back to let him walk into the apartment. She hurriedly took the apron to fasten and said, “Ah, do you want to drink water? Have you eaten? I will do it immediately! Soon!”

Gu Xiaochen first poured him a glass of water, Wu Helian reached out and took the water glass, but Without catching it, the glass fell from the air, fell to the ground, and made a harsh, broken sound.

“Hehe, be careful, don’t step on the broken glass.” Gu Xiaochen didn’t make a nagging, but worried that he might get injured.

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly turned around and wanted to use tools to clean up the debris.

Wu Helian strode across the shards of glass, hugged her from behind, and wrapped her hands around her body, holding her so tightly. How could she not be angry without a complaint, so obedient so obedient. He lowered his head, his chin against her shoulder, and closed his eyes, said, “He is out of danger.”

“I know.” Gu Xiaochen said softly, “Sister Yongxin and Xudong both told me.”

Wu Helian was silent, Gu Xiaochen stroking his arm, whispered, “Aga, nothing like your father.”

Wuhe Lian frown, he let go and clasped her hands. “we go to the hospital!”


“go to the hospital?”

“visit Patient.”

So suddenly, Wu Helian took Gu Xiaochen to the hospital.

After the car drove to the hospital, Gu Xiaochen specially picked fresh fruits at the nearby fruit shop and asked the boss to install the fruit basket. Thinking about visiting the patient, I did not forget to buy a bouquet of carnations.

Outside the flower shop, Wu Helian was waiting with a fruit basket.

Gu Xiaochen walked out of the florist holding a bunch of flowers, and when she walked in front of him, he said

quietly , “No need to be so troublesome.” “This is polite.” Gu Xiaochen said softly, holding the bouquet slightly tight.

Wu Helian silently took her hand and led her to the hospital.

That is the senior inpatient building of the hospital, first-class escort and care.

The ward where Wu Jizong lives is even a super ward. The ward is on the sixth floor, and the elevator goes straight up. It’s just that although it is a super ward, the building is like a villa, but it can’t escape the smell of disinfecting water in the hospital. Gu Xiaochen always hates this kind of taste, which reminds her of Gu Qing and thinks of the things that regret her life.

Outside the ward, there were subordinates who were always waiting, “Master Lian.”

As soon as the ward door opened, Gu Xiaochen, who was standing behind Wu Helian, saw that Nuoder’s ward was extremely clean and tidy. Compared with the ordinary ward, it was not like a ward, but more like a hotel suite. Carpets, coffee tables, medical equipment, and everything. In the ward, nurses are taking routine examinations to measure body temperature.

Wu Jizong closed his eyes and nourished himself, lying on the hospital bed and dribbling.

Mrs. Wu Jiyuehua and Yao Yongxin stood side by side, and slowly looked around. The arrival of Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen left both Ji Yuehua and Yao Yongxin shocked. Yao Yong looked at the two of them and shouted, “Lian, Xiaochen, you are here.” When

Xu Shi heard a cry, Wu Jizong opened his eyes violently.

Wu Jizong, who was comatose because of cerebral hemorrhage, was much older than before at the banquet ceremony. It’s just a consistent cross-eyed anger, that tough look is somewhat similar to who. He looked at Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen, Shen Sheng shouted, “What are you doing with this woman!”

Gu Xiaochen immediately stepped forward and placed the flowers on the bed bracket, and took the fruit basket in Wu Helian’s hand and put it down, “Director Long, it’s very presumptuous to visit you suddenly…”

“Get out of me!” She was interrupted by Wu Jizong halfway through her words.

Gu Xiaochen was bored and couldn’t be embarrassed in an instant.

“Mr. Wu, please control your emotions,” the nurse said quickly.

“Uncle Wu, don’t be angry. Beware of your blood pressure rising again. Lian and Xiaochen are also kind.” Yao Yongxin also persuaded him immediately, worrying about his illness.

Wu Jizong was very excited, and pointed to Wu Helian, “You are here with this woman, are you here to show me or to show your heart! You have so many women outside, those messy things are no longer in control You! Yongxin is your fiancee! You should have known! I want you to break the relationship with this woman! Now! Immediately!”

Wu Helian no longer spoke, Yao Yongxin winked at him, meaning they walked away .

“So have you ever asked Yong Yong to be willing?” Wu Helian finally spoke, her voice was low, but she was very shocked. “She is a person, not a chess piece, wherever you want to be, you should be where you are.”

Wu Jizong was not angry One face turned red, “It’s really the opposite!”

Ji Yuehua ran to Wu Jizong, stroking his chest, “Master, the doctor said you can’t move anymore!” she said, looking up. To the two, “Let’s go!”

“Lian, Xiaochen, you go first.” Yao Yongxin urged, fearing that Wu Jizong would get sick.

Wu Helian stared at Wu Jizong on the hospital bed, and suddenly said, “You always decide this way, so you can’t keep people.”

His words seemed to touch Wu Jizong’s deeply hidden scars, making his eyes stunned. Then sullen anger rose up, clenched his teeth, and grabbed the solid wooden crutches next to him, and smashed towards him, “Run with other men! Such a woman who doesn’t check the reputation of corruption, don’t stay!” The

speed is real ! Too fast to make people unresponsive. The crutches hit Wu Helian, but he did not dodge.

Gu Xiaochen’s body acted instinctively in an instant, protecting Wu Helian. The crutches hit Gu Xiaochen’s spine so hard that she could not help but groan, and the crutches “chattered–” fell to the ground.

“Xiao Chen!” Yao Yong exclaimed and hurried to Gu Xiaochen. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay!” Gu Xiaochen said in a muffled voice, pulling a smile. In fact, the back pain made her a little unstable.

“You leave me!” Wu Jizong froze for a moment, but still stubbornly refused to bow his head, just shouted. He fell down suddenly and his breath was short.

“Mr. Wu!” the nurse shouted anxiously, “please meditate!”

“Get out of me… get out of me…” Wu Jizong repeated these three words repeatedly, muttering, “I regret to have given birth to your son It would be

nice if Xiang Chengzai …” Ji Yuehua looked at Wu Helian and begged, “You take her away! Don’t make your dad angry again!”

Wu Helian glanced at Wu Jizong, but he turned away and closed his eyes and did not want to look at him. He said nothing more and left Gu Xiaochen. Only when he left, Wu Jizong opened his eyes again, his eyes bleak.

The cold wind screamed, and the car drove all the way, and the speed was scary.

Back to the Spring Garden, Duoduo ran over immediately, spinning around at his feet. The glass fragments remained on the ground, and Gu Xiaochen hurried to collect them while saying, “It’s very sad to be sick, and it’s normal to lose my temper. When I was sick before, I always got angry, so don’t take what you say when you are sick. , Don’t

go to your heart …” Wu Helian lit a cigarette and looked at her figure indifferently. “Someday, you will hate me.”

“No.” Gu Xiaochen stood up and looked up. He shook his head, “Ah, I won’t.”

“No matter what happens, I won’t hate you, and never will.” Her indifferent smiling face was close at hand, and she focused on him seriously, Wu Helian’s heart was Suddenly so quiet at this moment.

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