FAHB Chapter 142

Wu Helian turned her head and glanced at Gu Xiaochen, again Ding-zhang, “Go get dressed.”

“This should be Xiao Chen tell you! Mr. Wu go get dressed!” Yu Mei was angry, he How can it come out like this!

“His clothes are wet.” Gu Xiaochen hurriedly explained, unable to take care of himself, ran to the bedroom and took another bathrobe back. Wu Helian reached out and took it, wearing it in a chic posture.

“I’m going to iron the clothes.” Gu Xiaochen turned to the bathroom, hugged the clothes out, and set up the ironing board to start ironing. She looked up from time to time, and Wu Helian and Yu Mei were sitting on the sofa peacefully, but silently, silently keeping silent, but more like a silent fight.

It was not until Gu Xiaochen ironed his clothes that Wu Helian changed back to his shirt and trousers, and Yu Mei spoke.

“Six o’clock tomorrow, come to the bar to report on time! Mr. Wu Helian! Me and you singled out!” Yu Mei smiled, her eyes burst into flames. Blame it on this man’s character is too bad, too much conviction. To ensure that, it is absolutely necessary to examine him carefully. Immediately impeach him if he fails.

Heads-up? Gu Xiaochen’s eyes widened, what singled out?

“Follow you.” Wu Helian said meaninglessly.

“It’s not early, Mr. Wu please come back!” Yu Mei made a guest order.

Wu Helian stood up unhurriedly, and before leaving she didn’t forget to kiss Gu Xiaochen’s face, Shen Sheng said, “Sleep early.”

“Miss Yu, good night.” Wu Helian greeted Yu Mei politely, Yu Mei

Scowling at Fengmei, he replied sternly , “Goodbye!” After Wu Helian left, Gu Xiaochen walked to Yu Mei, lowering her head and not talking, just like a child who did something wrong. Deadlocked for a few seconds, but Yu Mei softened her expression first. Her hand holding Guxiao Chen’s hand, said softly, “I’m just afraid you cheated! He had too many women, but he was too unusual, fall in love with this man, you’ll be tired bitter.”

Guxiao Chen silent under , Holding Yu Mei’s hand and said, “Memei, I know.”

Yeah, she always knew.

From the beginning, she knew he was extraordinary.

Falling in love with someone is always a scourge.

And she is probably in a catastrophe.

…… The

bar has just begun to open, and there have been customers coming for fun.

In the private room, Gu Xiaochen finally knew what Yu Mei meant by “heads-up”.

Twelve bottles of spirits were neatly placed on the brown glass coffee table. The only certainty is that these twelve bottles seem to be just the beginning. Because the bartenders in the bar are all experts in drinking. And Wu Helian sat there, still the indifferent handsome face that would not change for 800 years.

Yu Mei came in with a bartender, and Gu Xiaochen sat next to Wu Helian and looked at them curiously.

“Mr. Wu, I heard that you have a good

drink .” “In general.” Wu Helian was still the moderate answer, unable to hear any emotions.

Yu Mei glanced at the bartender. The bartender immediately stepped aside and opened a bottle of wine, and then began to pour the wine. Under Gu Xiaochen’s surprise, Wu Helian and the bartender began to fight wine, cup after cup. His drinking posture also has the style of a noble son, and the liquid slowly flows into the body along the throat.

Gu Xiaochen felt that it was not good to drink so much, and it hurt the body too much.

But Yu Mei grabbed her and whispered in her ear, “

Drinking the truth after drinking , I just want to intoxicate him! You don’t feel hurt! This is a necessary stage!” Gu Xiaochen knew Yu Mei’s temper, not enough The goal will not stop, just watching Wu Helian drink so much, she can’t help worrying for him.

“Boss Yu, I can’t do it!” After the bartender picked up the Nth glass of wine, he only took a sip and couldn’t continue to drink. He said back, rushing out of the room with his mouth covered.

Yu Mei stamped her foot and immediately called out a bartender.

This night, from six o’clock to ten o’clock, the bartender changed six in a row, but Wu Helian was still not drunk. All the bartenders who can drink are sent, and the rest are not used. Yu Mei was annoyed. She took off her coat, sat down next to him, grabbed a bottle of wine and handed it to him, and grabbed another bottle of herself, “Drink!”

” Mei Mei ! Stop drinking!” Gu Xiaochen repeatedly persuaded, But Yu Mei patted her shoulder to appease, “Observe while watching TV!”

Gu Xiaochen sat next to Wu Helian, “Ah, don’t drink!”

Wu Helian squeezed lightly. Down her tender face, but said nothing.

Gu Xiaochen felt like she was going crazy, and neither of them could persuade her.

The bar was open until 1 a.m., and the two actually drank like this until twelve. Yu Mei is drinkable and entertained by all kinds of people. She is always at ease, but she never thought of it. There are times of defeat today. After drinking the last sip of the wine from the bottle, she stood up swaying, her eyes blurred.

Yu Mei walked out of the private room, and Gu Xiaochen helped her. “

Mei Mei , do you want to go to the bathroom?” In the bathroom, Yu Mei uttered a mess. After vomiting, it was easier, but my head was sore and about to split. Back in the private room, Gu Xiaochen asked people to understand the wine and medicine, and pure water, and fed Yu Mei. Wu Helian also turned back from the bathroom, and his pace was fairly stable.

Yu Mei had long lost her consciousness and saw the figure of the man, shouting, “Wu Helian! You can really drink! I’m convinced you! Don’t think that even if you pass this way! Life is not so good! You wait for me!” “

Messing a bunch of messes, Yu Mei spit out the three words “to count you ruthlessly” and fell asleep.

“Ah! Mei Mei! Are you okay!” Gu Xiaochen exclaimed, but Wu Helian grabbed her.

Gu Xiaochen turned around and saw that he smiled at her, with a strong drunkenness, that smile really reversed all beings, “Ah?”

“Headache.” Wu Helian murmured and fell towards her suddenly, her heavy body leaned against her, and threw her directly on the sofa.

Gu Xiaochen realized that his body was terribly hot and patted him hard, “Ah? Ahe!”

God! Just sleep like this?

That night, Gu Xiaochen supported Yu Mei, and the bartender supported Wu Helian, and had to return to the apartment in the Spring Garden. The two were half asleep and awake. Yu Mei had a headache and vomited twice. Wu Helian slept her head in another room, shouting hot from time to time. This was tossing Gu Xiaochen, taking care of two people at the same time.

“Xiao Chen, I have a headache ……”

“Come here.”

Here I shout rose headache it, there Wuhe Lian began to cry hot, “CNR, good thermal ……”

“Come here.”

Finally Quit, it was already two o’clock in the morning.

Gu Xiaochen fell beside Yu Mei and slept tiredly.

The dark night sky gradually rose into the day, and the early sunlight shed golden light, and through the half-pulled curtain, it shot towards a sleeping woman in bed. Yu Mei woke dryly and had a headache. Lifting the quilt, she ran to the bathroom and placed a trumpet. It was tossing again, looking for Gu Xiaochen’s figure.

Only a lot of walking around in the living room.

Yu Mei glanced at the clock, but this is not working on weekends!

Yu Mei poured herself a glass of water and took a few sips. Yu Guang glanced at the black leather shoes at the entrance and suddenly froze. Put down the glass and swept suspiciously towards the other bedroom. The door was half-covered, leaving a gap. Yu Mei couldn’t help being curious and walked quietly. Standing outside the room, she finally saw the two people in the room.

Wu Helian with her bare chest embraced Gu Xiaochen and slept deeply. Gu Xiaochen stretched out a slender arm, smooth skin, even without pajamas! Should this man still have the ability to continue to estrus after drinking so much alcohol? But just watching them sleep together like this, Yu Mei could not help softening her expression, and gently brought the door.

Around the door, Yu Mei was reluctant. She walked back to the bedroom and took out her mobile phone to make a call. “Hey

, Xiaowei, are you free tonight? Hey, my sister has something for you to do!” Until three times in the day, Gu Xiaochen finally woke up. When she saw Wu Helian sleeping by her side, she was suspicious and she slept in Meimei. She quietly did not wake him up. In the living room, Yu Mei was already awake and was watching TV with a cup of honey tea, but said nothing, but Gu Xiaochen was embarrassed.

“Xiao Chen, go to the bar to settle accounts for me at night.” Yu Mei said suddenly.

Gu Xiaochen promised, “Okay.” The

bar’s business has always been good, and Yu Mei must report every night.

The employees in the bar all knew Gu Xiaochen, because boss Yu said she was her sister, so everyone always called her “second boss”.

As soon as the two arrived, the employees shouted, “The boss and the second boss are here.”

Only today, they also followed a charismatic man. The bartender recognized him, isn’t it just yesterday’s “Thousands of glasses are not drunk”? For the weekend, Wu Helian didn’t need to go to the company, and Gu Xiaochen didn’t have to work. So a man simply refused to leave, ate breakfast and lunch, and even included dinner.

Yu Mei held Gu Xiaochen and said to Wu Helian, “You are free.”

Yu Mei said, embracing Gu Xiaochen and turned to the office.

In one corner of the bar, Wu Helian was sitting alone drinking. Slender fingers held up the wine glass, black eyelashes converging black eyes, hiding the light. The women around me turned their gaze from time to time. For such a handsome man, most of them were interested in knowing. No, a voluptuous woman with short hair walked towards him on high heels.

“Sir, are you alone?” The woman with short hair is also beautiful, and her chest and skirt show large white skin.

Wu Helian ignored it and just drank.

The short-haired woman didn’t mind his cold attitude, and sat down beside him. With a small hand, he took his arm, and the twin peaks that were about to rub against him were obviously trying to seduce him. The woman’s voice was so tender, it made people numb, “How boring to drink alone, why not accompany you! My

name is Xiaowei , how about you?” Wu Helian even gave Yu Guang one, and spit out a word coldly, ” Go away.” ” Xiaowei’s

face changed slightly, but he seemed unbelief, and his hands caught his neck ambiguously, “Don’t be so fierce!”

Wu Helian finally glanced at her, the cold eyes were enough to make people feel chilly and suffocating. Xiaowei couldn’t help but tremble, but he just hugged him. He raised the corner of his lips, his eyes narrowed, and the wine glass in his hand suddenly “cracked–” and was crushed by him. The shards of glass and the wine dispersed in an instant, and his hand was slightly scratched.

“If you don’t roll anymore, your end will be the same as this cup.” He said coldly, his eyes lit up with a faint blue light, but a trace of blood.

Xiaowei was scared, but he didn’t dare to anger him again. She left angrily and was stopped by Yu Mei. “What’s the matter, my sister, didn’t get it? You stepped back!”

“You go on! Hum!” Xiaowei snorted and turned away.

Yu Mei squinted a pair of beautiful eyes and walked slowly towards Wu Helian, said with a smile, “I will take you to the office to find Xiao Chen.”

Wu Helian really stood up and followed her.

But Yu Mei did not take him to the office, but took him to the next room. Wu Helian walked in, and Yu Mei locked the door. She took off her coat and her hot body curve was wrapped in a thin silk skirt, which made her bloodline expand. She swayed to Wu Helian and reached out to hook his neck.

Yu Mei teased him with his eyes, and stroked his chest with his small hand, comparing the pictures one by one. He even went out and leaned on his cheek, exhaling Ruolan, “Hey, man, am I not beautiful?”

“Don’t play this set with me, you’re too tender.” Wu Helian said coldly, pulling her hand away.

Yu Mei immediately smiled and glared at him for a few seconds. Suddenly turned his head to another door and opened it. The room was connected to the office, and Yu Mei shouted to Gu Xiaochen, who was coordinating on the desk, “Take him away!”

Gu Xiaochen looked up and saw Wu Helian standing there, “What’s wrong?”

Yu Mei turned her head. Just leave without saying much.

Wu Helian walked in front of Gu Xiaochen, pulled her from the chair, and then sat down and took her in her arms. Husky asked, “Do you still wear black lace today.”


work, Gu Xiaochen is rarely in the company. ICQ hangs here. Because it is inconvenient to make calls, it is also inconvenient to send messages. So I thought about it and decided to use an online chat tool. Since graduating from college, ICQ has never been used and the password has been forgotten.

She asked Wu Helian if she had an ICQ. He asked if it was MSN.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned, and suddenly found that he seemed to have so much, but in fact very few. Immediately applied for two ICQ numbers, the password is the same.

Nicknamed Ahe and Chenchen.

Gu Xiaochen specially took a lot of pictures and put them on ICQ as avatars. But after a day, Wu Helian’s head turned into a bone.

Jingyi in the office, colleagues are busy with leisure. This winter is still cold, but why is it so warm. The corner of the computer flickered, and Gu Xiaochen opened the news at a glance. Through the small screen, she seemed to be face to face with him. Typing on the keyboard with both hands, chatting quietly with him. But a little more fresh.

Aga: What are you doing.

Chenchen: I am making a report, how about you?

Ahe: There will be a meeting soon.

Chenchen: Then go quickly, what do you want to eat at night?

Ahe: Anyway.

Chenchen: What is it casually?

Suddenly there was no sound at the end of the chat box, Gu Xiaochen thought he was going to the meeting, so the window was closed to a minimum. But after a while, ICQ suddenly got news again. When the mouse clicked, a few words were written in the pop-up box, which reflected in Gu Xiaochen’s eyes, causing her to raise her lips unconsciously.

Ahe: As long as you cook it, everything is fine.

Gu Xiaochen suddenly thought that Yao Yongxin had said that his taste was almost absent. In addition to learning to cook new dishes, she also began to look for home remedies that can restore taste. At noon, Gu Xiaochen dialed the phone of a hospital and referred it to a specialist. The doctor talked about the possibility of loss of taste and the possibility of recovery of taste. Gu Xiaochen heard a little chaos, but he made a careful note.

“Today is Christmas Eve, what activities do you have?”

“Sing chant!”

At two o’clock in the afternoon, colleagues discussed the holiday activities. It’s Christmas again in the blink of an eye, the company gets off work early and has a day off tomorrow. Gu Xiaochen first went to Yu Mei to gather because he had an appointment for dinner. On the way, Gu Xiaochen made a phone call to Lin Fen, “Mom, Merry Christmas.” Lin Fen at the

end of the phone was very

quiet , “Merry Christmas.” “Mom, do you want to spend Christmas together?” Gu Xiaochen held With his cell phone, he asked as expected.

Lin Fen’s quiet female voice sounded, disappointing her, “Uncle Zhou is not in good health, and her mother can’t walk away.”

“It’s okay, mother, then we will be together next time.” Gu Xiaochen said with a smile, and then chatted a few words. To hang up the phone. She looked down at the delicate gift, but she didn’t know what it was like.

Due to Christmas, the bar will open in the afternoon.

Yu Mei did not know who he called, and suddenly laughed thief, Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but wonder.

But for a while, someone rushed in and rushed in front of Gu Xiaochen, startling her.

Wu Helian glanced around at Gu Xiaochen, didn’t see any men coming to talk, and suddenly realized. He turned his head to look at Yu Mei who was drinking, and she proudly raised a glass at him. For the first time, Yu Mei discovered that it was so fun to play tricks on people. It was also very interesting to see the black face of a big president, which was regarded as a life seasoning.

Only Gu Xiaochen flapped his eyes inexplicably.

Simply cooking hot pot in the private room of the bar, the lively atmosphere, the bar constantly has guests singing Christmas songs repeatedly. This feeling is really good, but two people in the private room began to “fight for food.”

“Xiaochen, I want to eat beef.”

“I’ll burn it for you.” Gu Xiaochen obediently went to pinch the beef, but was stopped by Wu Helian. “She has her own hands!”

Yu Mei raised her eyebrows. “Xiaochen , I want to eat beef.” “

Gu Xiaochen only looked at Wu Helian in this way, and let him loose his hand.”

This time Yu Mei was more happy.

After eating hot pot, Gu Xiaochen wanted to go outside and wander around.

Christmas Eve is very lively outside. Wu Helian is naturally good, and Yu Mei immediately raised her hand to follow. It’s gone, even if you know you are an electric light. Walking around along the way, it’s funny and fun for the three to get along.

“Ahe, Meimei, I’m going to buy marshmallows.” Gu Xiaochen saw the small street vendor on the road across the street sharply and ran past.

Wu Helian and Yu Mei were just going to chase, but the green light had turned into a red light and could not move forward.

People were crowded on the street, and the Christmas trees with bells and balls were everywhere. Santa Claus along the street distributes small gifts. Her thin figure drowned in the crowd and disappeared. When the traffic light turned again, Wu Helian and Yu Mei looked for Gu Xiaochen’s departure at the same time.

But the sound of braking and screaming suddenly sounded ahead, “Ah-“

it seems that an accident happened!

“A girl was hit!” someone shouted in the crowd.

Girl? Wu Helian suddenly had an inexplicable fear, Jianmei sighed, yanked away the crowd, and broke in. I only saw a girl fell on the ground, her glasses fell on the ground, and she also wore the same white sweater. He was anxious, didn’t see his face clearly, and ran past like an arrow.

Yu Mei was also shocked, but unable to shake the crowd, had to squeeze hard.

Wu Helian ran to the girl and lifted her up. “Morning morning!”

“Miss! Are you okay?” The owner also got out of the car and hurriedly asked.

The girl was obviously frightened and not hurt much, but she was speechless.

Wu Helian only saw this clearly, she was not Gu Xiaochen! The woman on the side rushed out and protected the girl. He let go of his hand and let out a sigh of relief. The crowd of black crows panicked for the figure. There are so many people, but none of them, face one by one, no one is his morning morning.

“Ahe.” But behind that soft cries, Wu Helian turned back sharply.

Gu Xiaochen stood behind him, holding three cotton candy in his hand, looking at him innocently.

At this moment, Wu Helian was suddenly afraid that she would disappear, leave, and have an accident. He walked angrily in front of her and scolded his head, “Who made you run! What to do if you lost your run!” What would never happen to her if she hadn’t thought of her.

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