FAHB Chapter 133 Whose Heartbreaks

His sentence made Wu Helian’s indifferent Junrong finally have a trace of cracks, as if it was understood, and it seemed like a half-knowledge. Eyes were right, but there were unknown emotions in the eyes and ripples in his heart. But he just smoked a cigarette and took a sip, and then spit out two words, the tone was flat, “Not sold.”

“The billion-dollar price is recovered, you don’t sell it?” Zhou Chengze seemed to be unable to believe it. He didn’t even make this profitable business?

Wu Helian raised her lips and lips, burning white smoke between her fingers, still the words, “Not for sale.”

Zhou Chengze said, “If President He intends to sell the shares to other buyers, why not sell them to me?” “

Wu Helian’s smile was very light, and she asked, ” Why did Zhou always come to me to talk about the sale in order not to let the shares flow out to outsiders?”

Zhou Chengze suddenly realized that his hesitation was for what. The whole heart sank, and he immediately thought, and smiled calmly, “Of course, who would be willing to let his company’s shares outflow. He still felt that I did not sit on the floor and did not have additional terms. He always felt very strange. Then I told He In general, I am happy, I am happy, I just want to use one billion to buy 30% of the shares.”

Wu Helian looked back at him, again silent.

“Mr. He, you may wish to consider it. Give me an answer a week later, don’t rush to refrain so hurriedly. Goodbye.” Zhou Chengze finished his speech and walked away.

After he left, Gu Xiaochen knocked on the door and entered.

Gu Xiaochen walked up to Wu Helian, quietly watching him, but quietly began to clean up the tea set on the coffee table.

“Zhou Chengze wants to use one billion to buy back 30% of Zhou’s shares. What do you think of this transaction?” Wu Helian asked quietly while sitting quietly.

Gu Xiaochen’s hands stiffened and his movements stopped. She turned her head to look at him in a formulaic tone, “According to the situation at this stage, this transaction is very reasonable.”

“Yes.” Wu Helian echoed lightly, the eagle’s eyes tight, “very reasonable.”

Gu Xiaochen felt his heart beating faster by half a beat, as if to be seen through his eyes. Restraint himself to calm down, he just didn’t let him notice the slightest difference, until he heard him say, “You said it should not be sold.”

“General Manager He, I can’t make a decision for you.” Gu Xiaochen said calmly.

Wu Helian chuckled and stared at her eyes, said slowly, “These shares belong to you, why don’t you have the right to decide?”

“I didn’t sign the agreement, so the shares do not belong to me, nor is it my business.” Gu Xiaochen Try hard to clear it, and gritt your teeth.

Wu Helian asked nonchalantly, “If it were you, would you sell it.”

“Then I want to know whether 30% of Zhou’s shares belong to Wu’s or Mr. He?” Gu Xiaochen asked objectively.

By deliberately circumventing these two options, Wu Helian said, “Private.”

“From the perspective of Wu’s company, selling the shares for 1 billion can stabilize the situation. Even if the Lin family really divests, Wu can survive. Difficult. From the perspective of President He, private property should not be used to invest in the company. I remember President He said that people should learn to be smart, and it is better to have money than no money.” Gu Xiaochen calmly analyzed the rights and interests of the two. Like a bystander.

Wu Helian asked stubbornly, “If it were you, would you sell it?”

“No.” Gu Xiaochen said half a moment later, paused, and said persistently, “But if it is for the family, not the company, then I will.”

Wu Helian was startled, silently watching her pack the tea set.

Gu Xiaochen did not know whether Wu Helian agreed to sell the shares to Zhou Chengze, thinking he was still considering it. She did not call Zhou Chengze, and it was inconvenient to speak. Just waiting, speculating about Wu Helian’s meaning.

The next afternoon, Gu Xiaochen accompanied Wu Helian out.

Both of them walked out of the company building, but there was a striking figure running towards them in the corner in front.

Gu Xiaochen fixed his eyes and finally saw the coming.

Zhou Yaru is wearing a white dress, her hair is combed into a tall hair, and the pearl hairpin is embellished. She looks like a little princess. But her face was angry, as if the volcano was about to erupt, and she rushed straight up, staring at Gu Xiaochen with her eyes fierce. Zhou Yaru rushed to her in a big stride, and a fan raised his hand.

Gu Xiaochen was not expecting it. He was about to be beaten, but someone suddenly reached out and grabbed Zhou Yaru’s wrist!

“You let me go! Let me go!” Zhou Yaru shouted loudly, staring at Wu Helian who was holding her tightly.

Wu Helian flicked her hand, and Zhou Yaru was forced to take a few steps back by his strength. Gu Xiaochen saw that she was about to fall, and hurriedly helped her. Zhou Yaru pushed her away shyly and indifferently. “Gu Xiaochen, how can you do this? How can you treat my brother like this!”

Gu Xiaochen suddenly dumbfounded, Zhou Yaru’s eyes were red and he gritted his teeth and said, “My brother was going to be engaged with Hui Hui, why did you jump out and disturb? You third person, squeezed in between my brother and Hui Hui! My brother likes you so much, regardless of father I want to marry you against my objection! But how can you get together with Chairman Lu’s son again and show off to show us that you really love each other! You ridiculed my brother and made my dad mad! All this It’s your fault!”

“Don’t you love Lu’s very much! Now how can you be entangled with other men!” Zhou Yaru’s eyes turned to Wu Helian, said with hate, “Wu’s encountered difficulties, you Instead, come to my brother! Why should my brother suspend some projects and raise funds for you! You are really the most powerful woman I have ever seen!”

“How can you play with someone like this?” Zhou Yaru’s voice was a little choked, just for My brother grumbled and said, “Don’t you know that this is abominable and hurts one’s heart! Gu Xiaochen, I beg you to stay away from my brother! The farther the better!”

“I will invite you from my brother in the future Disappear in the world! Never appear again!” Zhou Yaru finished his words with a brain, and left angrily.

Gu Xiaochen was standing still, feeling the cold wind blowing.

In a trance, he met with a pair of hazy eyes. Wu Helian’s attention seemed to burn her to ashes and shudder her.


Gu Xiaochen was totally embarrassed. She did not expect Zhou Chengze to stop the project in order to raise funds. She did not expect that Zhou Yaru would come to say this to her. Listen to Zhou Yaru’s words, Zhou Chengze likes her? But why does he like her? Isn’t it a selfish possessive?

Suddenly she thought of Zhou Chengze’s words in the past.

Gu Xiaochen, how can I like you.


Gu Xiaochen’s vision gradually became clear, but Wu Helian withdrew her sight and walked towards the RV parked by the road.

Getting in the car, the driver Xiao Chen drove.


Gu Xiaochen could not help but say, “Actually things…” “Secretary Gu!” Wu Helian shouted coldly. This official name made Gu Xiaochen stunned. He said slowly, “Don’t talk about private matters during working hours. And , I’m not interested in knowing.”

Gu Xiaochen squeezed the briefcase’s handle and said nothing with his lips. The words that I didn’t know how to explain, swallowed into her belly in an instant, and her always calm face could not be calm, but a heart was already uneasy.

The destination this time was actually a luxury hotel.

This hotel, Gu Xiaochen once visited.

It was still three months ago, when Shangyin took over the resort project in Wanchai Harbor, the hotel where Mr. Ding hosted the banquet was at this one. Gu Xiaochen still clearly remembered that glass of spirits, the undoubted game bet, and clearly knew that he came back only for Wu, and his Song Fangsheng was still waiting for him in the United States. When things are resolved, he will return to the United States.

It’s just that, compared to Mr. Ding’s lavishness, the people who are about to meet seem more lavish.

“Mr. Wu, please here.” Miss Etiquette took them to the private room. The strange thing was that the private room in this hall was empty and walked in the corridor. Gu Xiaochen found that the passing private room had a sign “handled” on the handle. Obviously it was all contracted, but who is so big? A private room here is all expensive!

It was not until the door of the private room was pushed open that Wu Helian walked in. Gu Xiaochen saw the two people sitting in the private room.

Lin’s father and daughter, Lin Zhengfeng and Lin Lan.

Lin’s father and daughter wear first-class clothes. Although Lin Zhengfeng is middle-aged, he is personable, and Lin Lan is about the same age as Gu Xiaochen. The two fathers and daughters are sitting together. Lin Zhengfeng is more fond of Lin Lan, and Lin Lan frowns. , Lin Zhengfeng will worry for her. People who don’t know will even mistake them for a lover relationship, not a father-daughter relationship.

Lin Lan was dressed very beautifully, with big eyes fluttering.

The two fathers and daughters looked up at the coming person. Lin Zhengfeng smiled first, but when he saw Gu Xiaochen who was behind Wu Helian, the smile was lighter. “Wu Er, come sit down.”

Wu Helian sat down, but Gu Xiaochen stood there, at a loss. .

Lin Zhengfeng didn’t greet her, and said, “I’m not saying that I want to talk about something and bring my secretary out to do something.”

“Ms. Gu, please sit down! Isn’t it sour to stand?” Lin Lan ignored both. A man talked and looked at Gu Xiaochen.

“Thank you.” Gu Xiaochen whispered, but chose a position to sit down without attending.

Wu Helian Yu Guang glanced at her, withdrawing her gaze across the empty place beside him. He said quietly, “If Uncle Lin is talking about business, then I will bring her there. It is nothing wrong if Uncle Lin is talking about business. There is nothing wrong with it.”

He expressed his attitude in one sentence, which made Lin Zhengfeng’s face sink, and made Gu Xiaochen surprised.

“Dad! I’m so hungry, are you all here? Can’t I have the dishes?” Lin Lan was obviously not interested in their topic and pouted.

Lin Zhengfeng immediately coaxed, “Xiao Lan, Uncle Wu, they haven’t arrived yet, wait a second.”

What? Uncle Wu? Is it Wu Jizong?

Gu Xiaochen felt confused, but the door of the private room was pushed open at this time.

In a flash, two figures flashed, and Gu Xiaochen stood up subconsciously.

Wu Jizong took Ji Yuehua, both of whom have extraordinary temperament. The dazzling light radiated from the inside to the outside. If they were not in an upper society, it was absolutely not enough to be just the coat and jewelry. Wu Helian got up slowly, and Lin Zhengfeng immediately pulled Lin Lan up and greeted him, “Xiao Lan, hurry up, and don’t say hello to

Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu .” “Good Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu.” Lin Lan shouted cleverly.

“Xiao Lan’s kid hasn’t seen him for a long time, and he is getting more and more lovely.” Ji Yuehua held Lin Lan’s hand affectionately and praised.

“Xiao Lan was cute when she was a child.” Wu Jizong echoed.

“Don’t praise this girl too much, she will rebel.” Lin Zhengfeng said with a smile, very affectionate, Lin Lan snorted.

“Okay, the people are here. It’s time to serve.” Lin Zhengfeng said, instructing the waiter to serve.

Several people were about to sit down, and Ji Yuehua finally found the girl who was standing silent. She wore a professional suit and dressed up for work. Ji Yuehua said curiously, “This lady is…”

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes turned to Gu Xiaochen.

Gu Xiaochen has always been like transparent air, standing quietly on the side, watching them greet and watching them talk. They are like a family, and she is so out of place. Until everyone noticed her, she panicked and Zhiwu said, “I’m Mr. He’s secretary, I’m sorry to bother you.”

“Not only the secretary, but his girlfriend.” Lin Lan answered.

Lin Lan’s words shocked Wu Jizong and Ji Yuehua, the second girlfriend? The second child never admitted his girlfriend!

“Everyone, I’m leaving now.” Gu Xiaochen just felt embarrassed. She grabbed her briefcase and left.

When she walked past them and was about to step out of the booth, someone behind her rushed forward and held her hand tightly.

Gu Xiaochen looked back, Wu Helian condensed a handsome face, held her hand tightly, and said in front of so many people, “Don’t go!”

Wu Helian suddenly grabbed Gu Xiaochen’s hand, and then suddenly opened her mouth to stop her Departed, such a magnificent place in front of Wu Jizong and Ji Yuehua, in front of Lin’s father and daughter. Gu Xiaochen’s small face turned red instantly, and his eyes were intertwined with surprise.

“The secretary is the secretary, don’t be unclear.” Wu Jizong said in his eyes, but the meaning in this remark cleared up the relationship.

Gu Xiaochen was even more embarrassed, trying to shake off his hand, but he was clenched harder by him, not letting her break away. Yu Guang glanced at him, only to see his handsome and energetic profile.

“Miss Secretary, please leave yourself!” Wu Jizong shouted at each other, already unhappy.

Gu Xiaochen immediately gritted his teeth and said anxiously, “Chairman, I… I will leave right away.”

“I said no to go!” Wu Helian snorted, turning her head to look at her, and the deep black eyes burst out and gave her light. The whole person is locked. Turning his gaze, he greeted the people proudly, and it was unnecessary for the curiosity of the four.

Shen Sheng said, “She doesn’t have to go, if she goes, then I won’t stay.” “You!” Wu Jizong was very angry. Ji Yuehua hurriedly caressed his back to help him.

Ji Yuehua did not resolutely repel and resist like Wu Jizong, looked at Gu Xiaochen and said with a smile, “Miss Secretary, don’t go away since you come,

let’s have a meal together.” Gu Xiaochen didn’t know what to say.

“Uncle Wu, Aunt Wu.” Lin Lan shouted, corrected on the side, “I said she was his girlfriend, not as simple as the secretary.”

Lin Lan interrupted, Lin Zhengfeng immediately used her eyes to signal her not much words. Lin Lan deflated her mouth, and seemed to be somewhat unhappy, but she didn’t say much, and obediently stopped talking. Lin Zhengfeng raised his eyes and said with a smile, “Brother Wu, sister-in-law, you sit first.”

“Master, sit down.” Ji Yuehua persuaded softly, and finally helped Wu Jizong into the seat.

“Wu Er, sit down and have dinner together. Uncle Lin rarely invites you to dinner. All of you have come and have gone away. Ms. Gu, you also gave me a face.” Lin Zhengfeng looked at Wu Helian and Gu Xiaochen again.

“Dad has spoken, you will stay and eat,” Lin Lan mumbled.

The two parents of the Wu family agreed to compromise. The attitude of the Lin family’s father and daughter was more euphemistic, and the atmosphere seemed to ease.

Gu Xiaochen actually didn’t want to stay, but if he still refuses now, it’s a bit unreasonable. But in what capacity did she stay? Under the guise of a girlfriend title? In a dilemma, Wu Helian took her hand and walked to the dining table, opened the chair for her, and pressed her shoulder to let her sit down. Gu Xiaochen lowered his head while he sat down beside her.

On the table, Gu Xiaochen didn’t use chopsticks very much.

“Miss Gu, don’t be polite, eat more.” As the host, Lin Zhengfeng naturally greeted him.

Gu Xiaochen said softly, “I will.” The

waiter brought a plate of fresh boiled fish, the fragrance was overflowing.

Lin Zhengfeng saw Lin Lan’s demeanor and immediately caught fish for her daughter.

“Thank you dad.” Lin Lan shouted with a smile, burying his head and eating. Suddenly he looked up and looked at the two people sitting opposite. His gaze was directed at Gu Xiaochen, and the fox questioned, “Miss Gu, you don’t seem to eat much, are you hungry? This fish tastes good, you try it.”

” I have something to eat.” Gu Xiaochen smiled back and went to pinch the fish.

However, some people stretched their arms before her, caught the fish on the belly of the fish, and even deliberately selected the parts without thorns. In a blink of an eye, the fish caught by Wu Helian reached the bowl in front of Gu Xiaochen. She still held chopsticks in her hand and stopped. Turning his head to look at him, he also looked at her, with only one word, “Eat!”

This intimate move made the other four people present watch and watch, and Gu Xiaochen became the focus again. She silently picked up the fish to eat, but it was difficult to swallow.

“How is it? Isn’t it delicious?” Lin Lan asked with wide eyes.

“Delicious.” Gu Xiaochen said quietly, but suddenly remembered that he had been stuck in the throat by fishbone.

And he is still around.

He said: You will not be allowed to eat fish in the future.

He said: Okay.

He said: Be my girlfriend.


“Brother Wu, sister-in-law Wu, now Wu Er and Wu San are so capable, you can also feel at ease to support each other.” Lin Zhengfeng and Wu Jizong couple talked, the friendship is obviously good.

During the talk, Lin Zhengfeng very much recognized and appreciated the two Wu family brothers, and the Wu Jizong couple also loved Lin Lan. From the past to the business experience, from the business experience to the children, from the children to the life events, such as this marriage event. When the topic came here, Lin Zhengfeng said, “Xiao Lan is still young and he is not in a hurry to get married. Of course Wu Er and Wu San should focus on career! Anyway, my relatives, Wu Ge and

Wusao, are ready !” Lin Zheng Feng took Qi Jiong touched a cup with Wu Jizong, and Wu Jizong returned with tea instead of wine.

Like an outsider, Lin Lan ate food on his own and said a few irrelevant words from time to time.

On the dinner table, in addition to Gu Xiaochen, Wu Helian has been silent.

When Lin Lan left the bathroom halfway, Lin Zhengfeng said, “Actually, I have been thinking that Xiao Lan, a girl who is not sensible and often causes trouble, should also find a calm man to discipline him. I think Wu Er is good. Of course, I Nor does it mean that the third son is bad. It’s just that Wu Er is more in line with my mind and better able to control my family Xiaolan.”

“The girl Xiaolan, I have loved since childhood, and the marriage of children has always been said by parents Count.” Wu Jizong put down the chopsticks, Shen Sheng said.

“Okay, that’s the best.” Lin Zhengfeng replied with a smile, “Why not get engaged first?”

Wu Jizong just wanted to speak, but Wu Helian, who was silent all of a sudden, suddenly surprised everyone.

“If I want to get married, my wife can only be Gu Xiaochen!”

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