FAHB Chapter 131 Not available

Gu Xiaochen immediately followed Wu Helian to the golf course in the western suburbs after preparing the car.

In the winter of December, even though the sun was shining brightly, the cold wind through the cracks in the window hit my face, and there was a slight pain. Gu Xiaochen has been looking at the scenery outside the window, she is still familiar with the direction of this road.

Because I have been here, I even remember that green plum bet.

“Xiao Chen, lift the car window!” Suddenly came his ear, Gu Xiaochen saw that the gap in the car window was also completely blocked by the raised glass, and the cold wind was also blocked in an instant, but there seemed to be nothing. The wind can be heard faintly.

After rushing to the golf course in the western suburbs, the two went to the clubhouse to change their clothes.

Gu Xiaochen put on a loose dark blue golf jacket, and the trousers were ruffled and orange buttons were buttoned into cropped trousers, revealing a leg. When she walked out of the dressing room to the lobby, Wu Helian also changed clothes and came out. The two saw each other almost at the same time, while Wu Helian was dressed in a casual shirt with a jacket and shoulders. Gu Xiaochen noticed that his coat was plaid, not as dull as in formal wear, and the color jumped a lot.

The caddie is already waiting in front, it seems to be going to play.

But still playing at this time?

This seems a bit strange.

Gu Xiaochen walked up to Wu Helian and yelled softly, “He Zong.”

Wu Helian was silent, but just walked out of the club hall and got into the car and headed towards the golf course somewhere. The green lawn turned into the eyes, and a few men and women playing football sporadically, glanced forward in the distance and saw a few people. Standing next to them were caddies, and they wore the same clothes on the golf course.

As for the man and woman, I don’t know who it is.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t recognize the man until the cart was getting closer. It was Lin Zhengfeng who had met in the office that day.

Lin Zhengfeng wore a pale green long-sleeved POLO shirt, a polka-dot diamond-shaped vest, and vertical bar-shaped dark pants. He wore a peaked cap, and this middle-aged man was as heroic as any young man. Lin Zhengfeng stared at the woman playing, and suddenly glanced sideways at the slowly approaching cart.

“Dad! Look at me! Am I playing well with the ball?” the woman shouted with a smile.

Lin Zhengfeng clapped and clapped his hands, “Not bad.”

“What’s not bad , I obviously played well!” The woman who spoke was Lin Zhengfeng’s beloved daughter Lin Lan, she leaned her hand to the forehead and looked at the direction of the ball being hit. .

“Dad has found an opponent for you, and his ball is playing well.” Lin Zhengfeng said with a smile, hugging her.

“Who?” Lin Lan turned to look at him curiously.

“People are here.” Lin Zhengfeng said in a deep voice, and her eyes signaled her to look there.

Lin Lan really looked down his eyes and saw a caddy parked on the trail, and the caddy came down with a man and a woman.

The man is very tall, just like the male model in the magazine poster, the golden ratio of the inverted triangle. In addition to the model’s figure, his face can be used as a star, even more than a star. As for the woman behind him, there is nothing special except for a little white skin.

Gu Xiaochen followed Wu Helian and noticed the girl. The black sports cap was pressed against pretty short hair, and two strings of meteor necklaces hung around the neck, highlighting the clavicle lines. She wore a red and white tight top, low-waist cropped trousers and a silver-white belt, and her waist was embellished. This dress is really fashionable, much more than the usual golf dress.

“Wu Er, you just happened to come with my family Xiao Lan.” Lin Zhengfeng shouted, Lin Lan also suddenly understood who the man was.

It turned out that this man was her fiancé brother who had escaped! Lin Lan meditated in his heart.

“Uncle Lin, Miss Lin.” Wu Helian greeted.

Lin Zhengfeng’s eyes turned to Gu Xiaochen behind Wu Helian and smiled slightly, “Don’t bring a secretary to this kind of entertainment in the future, we just have fun with our family.”

Lin Zhengfeng’s words made Gu Xiaochen very embarrassed, she understood what she said What does it mean.

Wu Helian looked at Lin Zhengfeng and said slowly, “She is not a secretary when she leaves the company.” In a

simple sentence, Lin Zhengfeng’s smile converged.

Lin Lan may not care what the secretary of the secretary, pouted said, “Mr. Wu Second, listen to your father said hit the ball well, we inning?”

“Willing to fight.” Wuhe Lian a hand, immediately handed caddy Get on the cue.

So the two opened a game, Lin Zhengfeng and Gu Xiaochen silently followed, watching them fight. It’s just that Wu Helian’s strength is obviously strong. After 20 minutes, Lin Lan finally couldn’t help shouting, “Dad! He’s completely the level of a professional-level player! This is not a bully!”

Of course, Lin Lan was defeated and Wu Helian won Easy.

At the end of the round, the four came to the umbrella chairs in the lounge area and ordered a drink break.

“Wu Er’s ball is playing well, you can come out and practice with him when you are free, maybe you will be a professional level in the future!” Lin Zhengfeng saw Lin Lan’s face unwilling, patting her shoulder.

Talking of strong interest for golf, turned and said, “Mr. Wu Second, you free tomorrow?”

Wuhe Lian went to pick up a few sips of mineral water, flatly refused, “no time.”

Lin Lan bored the next, so long Big, but no one has rejected her!

Lin Zhengfeng was displeased to see her daughter unhappy.

Gu Xiaochen went back to the bathroom and found that there was something wrong with the atmosphere. She was a little inexplicable and politely smiled back. Then she sat quietly and didn’t speak anymore. Lin Lanxu was angry because he was rejected. He got up and took the club to the driving range, swinging to set the ball.

“Will you play golf?” Wu Helian suddenly approached her, Shen Sheng asked.

“No.” Gu Xiaochen turned to look at him and answered honestly.

Wu Helian raised her lips and smiled charmingly. His hand also grabbed her. “I teach you.”

Gu Xiaochen was startled, and he was just taken up to the driving range. She was separated from Lin Lan. Wu Helian was standing behind her, leaning against her body, teaching her to play with her hands, dinging, “Attention.”

His breath surrounded her, how should she concentrate?

Gu Xiaochen has never played golf. In her world, she only thinks that golf is a game for the rich. The reason why she is exposed to this noble game is all because of a man. And this man is now standing behind her, with a strong arm around her body, holding her hands with both hands, and holding the cue.

Gu Xiaochen was unable to concentrate, he didn’t even know how to pose.

“Look clearly at the target, what is the direction you want to fight. Try to relax as much as possible, don’t be so nervous.” Wu Helian said in a deep voice in her ear, the masculinity exuded from him was too sultry, making her uneasy, he Speaking of professional terminology, “Keep arms and shoulders forming a triangle. Turn shoulders, arms, and cue rod to the right…”

Gu Xiaochen was annoyed and said with a lip, “I don’t understand.”

I’m afraid he doesn’t care now She couldn’t hear what she said.

Wuhe Lian slightly stunned, suddenly chuckle out loud, “Oh.”

His smile let Guxiao Chen blush, but also said, “I really do not, I do not want to learn.”

“That’s just playing, how happy how to play “Wu Helian’s voice was a little deeper, her eyes narrowed, and she took a swing with her hand. The ball was swung in the air, crossed a parabola, but fell precisely near the hole, rolled a few times, and rolled in towards the hole.

Gu Xiaochen opened his eyes in surprise, “Goal scored.”

“Well, come in.” Wu Helian echoed, the fragrance of her body was still the familiar fragrance of shower gel shampoo, so that he could not help but nostalgic, can not help but take a deep breath.

Lin Lan frowned and shot a ball with a swing, but with too much force, the ball flew across the hole from midair and flew past. She stomped on the club with anger, Yu Guang glanced at the men and women who hugged them together, her eyes fixed on Wu Helian, and said, “Mr. Wu Er, your ball is playing so well, why not teach me? “

Lin Lan interrupted the two men” intimate “Guxiao Chen realized that there are people, and hurried out of the Wuhe Lian’s arms.

The fragrance drifted through, Wu Helian said indifferently, “I don’t accept students.”

“I didn’t say that I want to worship you as a teacher, and friends can also teach.” Lin Lan akimbo, holding the cue in one hand, “If there is no time tomorrow , The day after tomorrow?”

“No time.” He is still the same word, unchanged.

“What about the day after tomorrow?”

“No time.” His answer remained unchanged.

“Why are you always free and free? Well, one day you have time to tell me, I’ll do it with you?” Lin Lan’s stubborn temper broke out, believing him.

Wu Helian looked at her and said, “I don’t teach people.”

“You have taught this lady, how can you not teach me again?” Lin Lan glanced at Gu Xiaochen, and there was nothing hostile to say, “Again, you It’s always easy to come to the golf course and call me to tell me!”

“Chenchen is not here, I am not interested in playing.” Wu Helian put her hand in her pocket and hugged Gu Xiaochen.

Gu Xiaochen originally stood quietly aside, listening to their conversation. But his sudden words, coupled with this embraced movement, made her stunned. Looking up at him, his side face was so close, it was still the same name, she heard him call her “Chenchen” again.

“She is your girlfriend?” Lin Lan only understood the relationship between them and asked Fox.

Gu Xiaochen was looked up and down by her, and instinctively said, “I…”

“Yes.” He increased his strength and hugged her more hard, and Wu Helian’s voice overshadowed her.

Gu Xiaochen was so surprised that he could not make a sound when he spoke. Thinking of the office conversation that day, Lin Zhengfeng seemed to want him to marry this Miss Lin, but was Miss Lin not engaged to Wu Haoyang? But what is the situation now? The brain was suddenly confused and confused.

“Stop playing, boring.” Lin Lan deflated his mouth, and the elder lady had a temper tantrum, and flicked the club to the side, throwing the next sentence and leaving.

Fortunately, the caddie was quick and caught the club.

Lin Zhengfeng’s voice came from a distance, “Xiao Lan, what’s the matter?”

“Dad, I’m not playing anymore, I’m going home!” Lin Lan said sullenly, with a sense of happiness.

“Okay, that dad will go home with you!” Lin Zhengfeng apparently spoiled her and promised, “You go to the car and wait for dad, I have something to talk about.”

Lin Lan didn’t answer, walked directly into the clubhouse and wanted to change Clothes.

Lin Zhengfeng walked back to Wu Helian, but looked at him and Gu Xiaochen at the same time, said meaningfully, “Wu Er, I am very optimistic about you, you will not let me down.”

“Miss Gu, goodbye. “Lin Zhengfeng laughed.

“Goodbye.” Gu Xiaochen murmured, Lin Zhengfeng finally turned away with a smile.

The person dispersed, and Gu Xiaochen took a step away, sorting out some confusing thoughts, and said softly, “General He, just now, I know it was a joke.”

“What’s the matter?” Wu Helian asked in a deep voice, making her heal more Annoyed.

“You said I was your girlfriend…” Gu Xiaochen bit his lips and said anxiously, “But I won’t take it seriously! It’s just not so good!” It’s

really not good, he already has Song Fangsheng, right?

She was too eager to dismiss him, and Wu Helian was silent for a moment before she said, “It’s not a joke.”

Gu Xiaochen’s heart lake set off waves, confused and confused.

“If it’s not a joke, would you take it seriously?” He repeated his words repeatedly.

Gu Xiaochen was surprised and opened his mouth. He wanted to say nothing, but couldn’t make a sound.

Such an innocent and lovable face, she was so at a loss, as if she knew nothing, as pure and transparent as white paper, enough to make any man blind his mind, crazy for her, and she did not hesitate to hurt others.

But those two words are also known from other populations.

He never said that.

“Gu Xiaochen, I didn’t say break up.”

Wu Helian solemnly stared at her eyes without blinking, as if looking into her heart, wanting to see her thoroughly. Before she could speak, he turned around resolutely and walked towards the hall of the clubhouse. His figure was farther and farther away from her, but she was dangling in front of Gu Xiaochen’s eyes, and she stopped and did not look back for a long time. What did he say…

“Miss? Miss?” The caddie saw everyone scattered Cried softly.

Gu Xiaochen dumbfounded “En”, and then he recovered. His figure had gone into the hall and disappeared, but her heart could not be calm. Seeing him from the news, she only thought that they would no longer have an intersection, a hundred reasons not to help him, but why can’t it be a crappy excuse that came up after a night of thinking hard?

After breaking up, they are still friends. He once said that.

Gu Xiaochen asked himself, could it really be done? only friends?

No, it can’t be done.

Because I like that.

I just want to stay away from him.

It was so far away that I could not hear any news about him, so that I might think I no longer liked it.

But why did you say that?

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly stepped up and ran into the hall. He has changed back and is about to walk out of the hall to the parking lot. She didn’t have time to change her clothes, and she didn’t care about the others. For the first time, she eagerly wanted to catch something and ran to him, following him to the other exit of the hall. Pushing the door too hard, the door flicked and she rushed out.

“Master Lian.” The driver Xiao Chen opened the door for Wu Helian.

Wu Helian was about to get on the bus, but behind him someone suddenly grabbed his wrist. He looked down and saw that a pair of small white hands were holding him, and his finger joints were starting to turn blue.

The driver Xiao Chen was very knowledgeable and immediately retreated to the distance.

Gu Xiaochen clenched his wrist tightly, and the sleeves of the suit were mostly scratched. She lowered her head and gritted her teeth and asked, “Why do you say that?”

Wu Helian looked at her silently and heard her trembling female voice sound, “We are not already Did you break up? Why do you tell me now, you don’t mean that! What does this mean?”

Gu Xiaochen finished his panic and finally looked up at him.

After a stalemate, Wu Helian never spoke.

For a moment, his eyes went up and down, as if he was restraining something. “It doesn’t mean anything, even if you’ve heard it.” It

seemed like who irrigated a pot of cold water and woke her up, making her cold.

Gu Xiaochen was stunned, and he let go of his hand for a long while.

After rushing back to the urban area from the western suburbs golf course, it was already after get off work. The car simply drove to the Spring Garden and sent her home directly. The car turned around the corner, not far from the community. The car stopped on the side of the road, and Gu Xiaochen got out of the car without a sound. The two people walking along the road ahead are Yan Xudong and Yu Mei. They went to the supermarket to purchase and brought a few bags of food.

Yu Mei relaxed and relaxed because all those bags were thrown to Yan Xudong.

Seeing the car, the two naturally understood that Wu Helian sent Gu Xiaochen back.

Feng Mei raised her head upwards, and Yu Mei strode to Gu Xiaochen, grabbed her shoulder and smiled, “After work? Then go home and cook! The dishes are all bought, you are the chef, I will start! The dishes are ready!”

Yan Xudong finally walked to Yu Mei and looked at Wu Helian in the car. “Lian, do you want to eat together?”

Wu Helian looked back at him, and Shen Sheng spit out three words, “No more “The

window rose slowly, and the car passed by.

Wu Helian stared straight ahead, but when the car was about to pass the traffic lights, she unconsciously glanced at the front mirror.

“Xiaochen, don’t always come back in his car, that man is not a good thing! You can take a bus or a taxi. If you can’t, just call a manager and he will be happy to send you home!” Yu Mei jingled and walked into the community with her arms around Gu Xiaochen.

Yan Xudong walked behind them, and suddenly turned around, the car was gone.


dinner last night, Yan Xudong told Gu Xiaochen and Yu Mei that he would fly to the UK tomorrow morning. Yu Mei shouted a few words and asked him to bring them gifts. Yan Xudong agreed, and the two had a great conversation. Gu Xiaochen didn’t know how to eat, and even slept unsteadily. What made her unexpected was that the old man of the Wu family actually sent someone to talk to her.

Gu Xiaochen was walking into Wu’s hall with Shen Ruo, and a tall man suddenly flashed in front of him.

The two were shocked, and heard the man say, “Miss Gu, Mr. Wu wants to talk to you.”

“Mr. Wu?” Gu Xiaochen murmured in surprise, and Shen Ruo was also surprised.

The man said, “Mr.

Wu Jizong.” Wu Jizong, the father of Wu Helian and Wu Haoyang, the head of the Wu family, and the chairman of Wu Shi. Such a heavyweight character really made Gu Xiaochen and Shen Ruo daze. Gu Xiaochen didn’t know what Wu Jizong wanted to talk to her, but the man had already made a “please” gesture, “Miss Gu, please here.”

Gu Xiaochen nodded and turned away.

Shen Ruo stood still, watching them walk out of the building.

Gu Xiaochen was taken to the parking lot where a luxury RV was parked. The man stepped forward to open the door, and Gu Xiaochen instantly saw the old man sitting in the car. Wu Jizong didn’t glance at her, just rubbed his handkerchief slowly and tried the pipe in his hand.

Gu Xiaochen stubbornly got into the car and shouted politely, “Mr. Wu.”

“Miss Gu, I have no interest in those things between you and the second child, and I don’t want to know. Girls must have self-knowledge, Too entangled is a burden. You are so smart and capable, you must understand what I mean.” Wu Jizong said quietly, his deep male voice was particularly shocking.

Gu Xiaochen pursed his lips without speaking, and Wu Jizong slowly put away the handkerchief, “Thirty percent of Zhou’s shares are still in your hands, and you shouldn’t hide it. After all, it was the second child who spent 1 billion yuan on it. When you come, you can go back wherever you come, and it is considered to be the original owner.”

Gu Xiaochen opened his eyes at once, his eyes filled with shock!

That 30% of the shares was actually exchanged by Wu Helian for 1 billion!

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