FAHB Chapter 121 Irreplaceable

Gu Xiaochen is standing in a dark alley, but Wu Helian stands still in the dim light. There was some unreal feeling, blinking, but this is not an illusion. Perhaps because of some surprises and tension, she carried her shoulder bag in front of her and slowly walked towards him. When he came to stand in front of him, he looked up at him.

Wu Helian still stared at her, silently.

“Um… don’t you have to be busy today?” Gu Xiaochen asked softly.

“Busy,” Wu Helian said indifferently.

“How do you stand here?” Gu Xiaochen asked again.

Wu Helian remained silent for a long while, and then said quietly, “Forgot to bring the key.”

“Can you call me, have you waited a long time?” Gu Xiaochen heard him say that, glimpsing the cigarette butts discarded on the ground, you can guess he is waiting. How long has it been. Unexpectedly, suddenly he couldn’t bear it, and he was reluctant to wait here foolishly.

“I’m afraid you are busy.” Wu Helian said the sounding reason, and he did not forget to ask, “Why are you busy at night?”

Gu Xiaochen said with a smile, “Just met an old friend, so I went to eat together.”

” Old friend? Man?” Wu Helian’s eyebrows picked slightly.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t feel anything wrong, and nodded faithfully. Suddenly he found that his handsome face was a little hazy, and his facial lines were tight, and the two

sword eyebrows were also tightly wrinkled. She thought he was uncomfortable and stepped forward and asked, “Ah, what’s wrong with you?” Wu Helian She hugged her tightly and hugged her into her arms. Close to her ear,

Shen Sheng spit out two words, “toothache.” “Why do you have a toothache?” Gu Xiaochen was stunned for a moment.

He mumbled, “I have long wisdom teeth.”

“I still have wisdom teeth now?” Gu Xiaochen’s eyes widened, and he snorted as a response. She instinctively said, “Is the pain so bad? I’ll accompany you to the emergency department Look?”

“Don’t go.” He was ridiculous and childish.

“Then go up first, I’ll look for any anti-inflammatory drugs for you, does it hurt?”

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly hugged Wu Helian, and she didn’t find someone’s tightly-browed brow Yu slightly stretched.

I have heard people say that toothache is not sick, but it hurts. Gu Xiaochen also had wisdom teeth, so he clearly understood the pain. Wu Helian suddenly had a toothache, but he didn’t go to the hospital, and he didn’t have a serious fever.

Gu Xiaochen specifically asked his colleague and made him some light food.

In the past few days, Wu Helian has spent more time with her. Gu Xiaochen was surprised, didn’t he have to visit Miss Song? At dinner together in the evening, Gu Xiaochen asked him if his teeth still hurt. Wu Helian nodded her forehead and ate silently.

The TV set had news on it, and in September, Typhoon “Aisa” struck. After a few days of light rain, the weather turned out to be much cooler and less hot. It’s just that the power of this typhoon does not seem to be as strong as expected. At least it is not a storm. Everything is calm and no accidents have occurred.

Suddenly, the phone rang a rapid ringtone.

Wu Helian answered the phone, and Gu Xiaochen watched him call and heard him sigh, “What? I’ll be here soon!”

“What’s wrong?” Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help asking when he saw his expression anxiously.

Wu Helian immediately put down the chopsticks in her hand and took the coat and left. He changed his shoes and explained briefly, “Sheng cooks at home and burns the kitchen. Chenchen, I will go back when I go.”

“Ahe, it rains outside…” Gu Xiaochen was too late to speak, he had already Throw the door away. Halfway through her words, she murmured hard, “Drive carefully.”


Song Fangsheng’s apartment kitchen was almost half burned, and almost burned into the living room. When Wu Helian arrived, the door of the apartment was open, and there was a pungent smell of smoke in the air. Several security guards came out of the apartment, apparently the fire had been put out. Song Fangsheng wiped his face with a towel, standing in the corridor and coughing sadly.

“How are you?” Wu Helian hurried to her, Shen Shen asked.

“It’s okay.” Song Fangsheng shook his head and whispered softly that a Li Rong was obviously terrified after the shock.

Wu Helian saw her face was also burned and immediately sent her to the hospital.

After being treated by a doctor in the hospital, the burn on Song Fangsheng’s face was not serious. As long as he was carefully protected, it would recover within ten days. The doctor’s words made Wu Helian relieved, and then took the medicine, the two then left the hospital and returned to the apartment.

It’s just that the light rain suddenly turned bigger and the rain was getting bigger and bigger.

The aunt had ventilated the apartment, the smoke was quickly blown away, and she was cleaning. Wu Helian helped Song Fangsheng into the apartment and ordered her aunt to pour hot tea. The aunt immediately brought hot tea. Wu Helian took the tea cup and handed it to her, “How could the kitchen be burned.”

Song Fangsheng took a few sips of hot tea, and her emotions naturally stabilized, but she said with some difficulty. I was frying the egg yolk buns, and when I turned around to get things, I didn’t pay attention…”

“You won’t do these, don’t do them in the future.” Wu Helian said with a frown.

“But…” Song Fangsheng clenched the teacup and turned his eyes from the brown liquid in the teacup to Wu Helian. Shen Jing said, “I want to learn, cooking and doing housework, I can also.”

Wu Helian looked up at her, deep Eyes, like the deep pool, “Sheng, you don’t need to learn these. There are some things you can’t learn.”

Is it impossible to learn, or can’t it be replaced?

Song Fangsheng suddenly felt a pain in the burned area.

“The latest news from the Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning signal for the city’s typhoon. It is expected that Hong Kong will be affected by Typhoon Isa in the next 24 hours. The average wind force on the coast and land will be above level 6, and the gust will be above level 8, accompanied by heavy rain. , Partly heavy rain. Please don’t go out and prepare for protection…” At this time, the TV screen suddenly switched to the emergency notice.

“Sheng, you are careful at home.” Wu Helian stood up sharply and was about to leave.

Song Fangsheng also stood up at the same time, hurriedly put down the tea cup and ran towards him, hugged him tightly from behind, and said in a panic, “Ahe, don’t go, I will be afraid of…”


The night sky outside the attic apartment, Suddenly storms.

Gu Xiaochen originally watched a Korean drama on the sofa, but the screen suddenly switched to an emergency notice.

“The latest news from the Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning signal for the city’s typhoon. It is expected that within the next 24 hours, Hong Kong will be affected by Typhoon Isa. The average wind force will be above level 6 and gusts will be above level 8, accompanied by heavy rain and local heavy rain. Citizens, please don’t go out and prepare for protection…”

Gu Xiaochen hugged the pillow and turned to look out the window.

Suddenly he began to worry about whether he would have an accident. Song Fangsheng cooked something at home and burned the kitchen.

The phone was still on the coffee table, and she waited quietly.

The TV picture was switched back to Korean drama, but Gu Xiaochen didn’t care to watch it.

I don’t know how long I waited, the phone still didn’t ring.

But the door of the apartment was hurriedly knocked, “Dong Dang Dang–“

Gu Xiaochen thought it was Wu Helian, and immediately got up and happily went to open the door. The moment the door opened, I saw the figure standing outside, my eyes involuntarily dimmed, just confused, and said in surprise, “You… why are you here?”

Zhou Chengze was soaked in dampness that appeared so embarrassed in front of her, subverting the usual perfect image. The rain dripped slightly from the hair, and the lenses of the silver-rimmed glasses were wet by the rain. He took off his glasses, picked up his tie and wiped the raindrops on the lenses indiscriminately, and put them back on again. Shen Sheng said, “Hold your things and go with me!”

“What?” Gu Xiaochen didn’t have time to react, softly. Asked.

“I let you take good things with me! Aunt Fen let me pick you up!” Zhou Chengze frowned.

Gu Xiaochen only recovered, and she was at a loss. The phone happened to ring, and she turned around to pick it up. Lin Fen sang worriedly over the phone and asked her to immediately follow Zhou Chengze. Gu Xiaochen responded, holding the phone in one hand, grabbing the backpack in the other, and hurried down the stairs with Zhou Chengze.

The sky is dark, and the night sky is accompanied by lightning and thunder, and the intertwined beams make people feel terrible.

Zhou Chengze opened the door of the car and used a tall body to protect Gu Xiaochen and got on the car. Zhou Chengze took the tissue box and handed it to her, without saying a word, Gu Xiaochen whispered and took it. The car drove away quickly, and Gu Xiaochen looked at the front mirror, afraid that he would appear in the next second.

Or maybe he won’t show up again.

It was clear that the sky was raining, but her heart seemed to be raining.

“Brother, how are you? All soaked! Go and take a bath!”

“Xiaochen, Chengze, you’re going to take a bath, it’s not good if you get cold!”

“Go. “

Zhou Chengze and Gu Xiaochen walked into the Zhou’s villa, and Zhou Yaru, Lin Fen and Zhou Mosheng spoke one after another. Zhou Yaru hugged Zhou Chengze upstairs, Lin Fen hugged Gu Xiaochen upstairs. In the ensuite bathroom, Gu Xiaochen was taking a bath. Because she was in a hurry, she didn’t bring any clothes, and there were no clothes to be replaced temporarily. Lin Fen asked Zhou Yaru if he had suitable clothes. Zhou Yaru didn’t think about it, and took out the new clothes he just bought yesterday.

Gu Xiaochen walked out of the bathroom after taking a shower, and put on clean clothes. People were really comfortable.

Lin Fen beckoned to her, Gu Xiaochen walked over, she took a dry towel to wipe her hair for her. Gu Xiaochen froze for a moment, but suddenly remembered that he had wiped it for her. She asked, “Mom, what about my bag?”

“Your bag is wet, I’ll let someone dry it.”

Hearing Lin Fen Said, Gu Xiaochen asked again, “What about my cell phone?” The words

fell and the servant knocked on the door. She had a tray in her hand, and there was a pile of small things on it, including the phone. She made her debut sideways and followed Zhou Chengze behind her. Zhou Chengze also changed the clean home clothes, shouted “Aunt Fen”, and walked to the sofa chair to sit down.

The servant walked in front of Lin Fen and Gu Xiaochen and said softly, “Ma’am, the lady’s bags have not been dried. These are the things of the lady.”

“Thank you.” Gu Xiaochen took the things on the tray and hurriedly looked at the phone.

There was no phone call and no record.

The only message was sent by Yao Yongxin, telling her to be careful when the typhoon came.

Gu Xiaochen took the phone and returned a message, but he was inevitably lost. But her melancholy profile was captured sharply by Zhou Chengze on the side. He took the ginger soup sent by the servant and took a few sips in silence. Lin Fen took one of the bowls and gave it to Gu Xiaochen, “You have to drink a little and get rid of the cold.”

This evening the typhoon struck and the storm fell all night.

This evening was the first time Gu Xiaochen spent the night at Zhou’s house.

Zhou Yaru took the DV of the Korean drama, and a group of people watched it in the lounge. Zhou Chengze has never watched Korean dramas, and Zhou Yaru also shouted a few words, only exchanged a glance at him. It was a popular Korean drama, which was originally popular on TV, but Zhou Yaru bought a genuine disc-“Blue Life and Death” directly from South Korea.

Gu Xiaochen came out from the bathroom and quietly put the phone in his pocket.

His cell phone has been turned off.

Nuoda’s LCD screen, after Xiao Enxi and Xiao Junxi knew the truth, the two walked together on the railroad track. There was no end to the railroad track. Xiao Enxi said to Junxi, “Brother, if you have a lifetime, I want to be a tree.”

Junxi asked, “A tree?”

Xiao Enxi said, “Well, a tree. Because once a tree is planted, it won’t move anywhere, nor will it. Separated from the family.”

“Brother, I am not a tree, I am also your sister.” Zhou Yaru embraced Zhou Chengze with a smile and said with a smile.

Gu Xiaochen stood behind the crowd and burst into tears.

Suddenly there was a ridiculous idea.

If she really has the next life, she actually wants to make a tooth.

If you don’t have it, Ahe should hurt.

But will he hurt if she is gone?

That stormy night, Enxi and Junxi in childhood in Korean drama were finally separated.

Xiao Enxi ran back to her former home from school, struggling to catch up with the Mercedes-Benz car, which carried her most beloved person, her father and mother, and her most intimate brother. But after all, Xiao Enxi didn’t see the last of them. She standing in the tunnel couldn’t help but tears.

“Wow—” Zhou Yaru, who was still smiling and said that the tree was inappropriate, suddenly couldn’t help crying and hugged Zhou Chengze.

Zhou Chengze raised her eyebrows and patted her gently.

Lin Fen had already gone to sleep, and there were only three people left in the hall.

Gu Xiaochen, sitting on the sofa beside him, was in a trance, looking at the ending video in the TV series, as if Xiao Enxi in the play, after all, she still didn’t wait for the phone call, and she couldn’t help but red eyes.

But the tears were still circling, and she took a deep breath, not letting them fall.

“Okay, it’s not too early, go to bed.” Zhou Chengze snarled, Zhou Yaru rubbed his red eyes, and got up and walked out of the side hall back to his bedroom to sleep.

Gu Xiaochen also slowly stood up and silently followed.

Zhou Chengze stood sideways outside the side hall. After Zhou Yaru walked upstairs, he looked back at Gu Xiaochen who came out from the side hall like a wandering soul. Seeing her eyes flushed, when she was about to pass by him, he said, “It’s just a TV show, I really don’t understand what you

mean .” Gu Xiaochen’s footsteps suffocated, his black hair covering his cheeks.

Her eyes looked straight ahead, so softly, you said quietly, “The TV series is fake, but I just took it seriously.”

Zhou Chengze’s eyes suddenly condensed, and he pushed the silver-rimmed glasses on the lower nose bridge and dispersed The rising haze. Ying Ting’s eyebrows were awe-inspiring, staring at her calm white face, and the light and light tone asked, “He did not find you during the typhoon today?”

Gu Xiaochen didn’t want to ignore him any more, but felt that such a conversation was meaningless and unnecessary, It will make her feel tired.

So she took her steps and continued on.

Zhou Chengze saw her so cold treatment, suddenly a sullen chest gathered. Stretching his hand violently, grabbing her wrist and letting her frown back, he said in a cold voice, “I’m afraid he wouldn’t know which woman he went to, and he wouldn’t like Shu! Gu Xiaochen, what are you? In his eyes, you and Other women make no difference at all, he can not want you at any time!”

Zhou Chengze’s words and sentences entered Gu Xiaochen’s heart, making her feel that her throat was blocked by something and could not make any sound.

It took a long time for Gu Xiaochen to shake his hand hard, and Zhou Chengze was so shocked by such great strength.

Afterwards, she just “en” gently.

She didn’t say much. She didn’t even say “what’s your business” or “Thank you Mr. Zhou for reminding” as before, but the expression was so quiet, but Xiumei raised her eyebrows slightly. But with such a slight melancholy, if Zhou Chengze came to her mouth, she swallowed it back again.

Gu Xiaochen walked forward, his thin figure reflected in Zhou Chengze’s eyes. He stood behind her, Jun Rong said

calmly and gently, “What I said to you before is still valid.” Gu Xiaochen turned to the corridor without looking back, as if not hearing it.

Zhou Chengze’s eyes narrowed, but it was an unspeakable taste, and there was a touch of annoyance floating between his eyebrows.


weather forecast says that Hong Kong is expected to be affected by Typhoon Isa 24 hours, but the storms lasted only one night. That night, Gu Xiaochen slept in Zhou’s room. I don’t know whether it’s because of thunder and lightning outside the window, or because the unfamiliar room makes her insomnia. Until the eyelids were tired and began to fight, and finally, half asleep between waking up.

Only the mobile phone has been held in the hand, and has not left.

Waking up early in the morning, the sky outside the window dispersed with dark clouds, gradually clear.

Gu Xiaochen held the phone in front of his eyes with both hands and pressed the number stubbornly. Looking at the word “Ahe” displayed on the screen, I heard the voice of the dead female voice coming slowly, which made her close her eyes sadly, “Sorry, the user you dialed has been turned off, please dial later… “

At the end of the sky, a ray of sunlight loomed out.

After using breakfast, Gu Xiaochen was anxious to rush back to get things, only to say that he would go to work in the company. Lin Fen asked Zhou Chengze Fang not convenient to send her, because it is difficult to get her car here, but also afraid that she will be late. Zhou Chengze agreed, Gu Xiaochen had to get in his car and rush back to her attic apartment.

Along the way, Gu Xiaochen had a silly thought, would he wait there.

It was impossible to enter until it reached the alley.

Gu Xiaochen hurriedly thanked him, and got off the car when he opened the door.

Zhou Chengze also got out of the car and shouted, “Gu Xiaochen!”

Hearing his call, Gu Xiaochen looked back at him. Zhou Chengze saw a pocket around the body and walked to her, he handed that pocket to her.

“What?” Gu Xiaochen asked curiously.

Zhou Chengze didn’t explain, just grabbed her hand, just let her hold the handle of the pocket. Gu Xiaochen looked down, but found that Lin Fen made the cake by himself. Zhou Chengze’s eyes inadvertently glanced behind her, as if he saw something, and then slowly withdrew.

“Thank you…” Gu Xiaochen just started to speak, but Zhou Chengze held her small face and kissed her forehead. “You’re welcome.”

Gu Xiaochen froze for a moment, and Xiumei suddenly jumped, glaring at him angrily. “Please don’t do this in the future!”

“Go and get something, I’ll wait for you here.” Zhou Chengze was not angry, dinged, watching her turn and walk into the alley.

Gu Xiaochen walked back to the building, and when he turned the corner, he found that the trash can fell down and the trash spilled all over the floor.

There are countless cigarette butts along the road, submerged in the puddle.

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