Moon Chapter 8

Since experiencing Feng Xiaoxing, Liu Shao finally accepted the reality, no longer afraid of being laughed at, and accepted Lu Li’s shelter as a matter of course. In such a place, she has no strength, but possesses a beauty that fascinates Lu Li. She is destined to have no friends.

How can true friendship be spared the sludge?

The room was gradually empty, and the number of companions was reduced one by one. Liu Shao witnessed this change with his own eyes, and the initial pity was gone, leaving only the numbness of the heart, and the little girl’s heart was hardened unconsciously.

Bai Feng did not want to offend Lu Li, but Liu Shao never dared to fall asleep at night. The girls didn’t move her in the dark, but secretly kept making small movements. For example, they accidentally bumped into her. Stepping on her hand… This kind of dumb owe a lot to Liu Shao. At first she asked Lu Li to complain, and after only a few words of comfort, Liu Shao gradually stopped talking to him.

The wayward girls have already learned how to do well, and have learned to observe and speak.

After mastering the condensed gas, Fang Weichang began to teach martial arts, and Liu Shao learned hard, but had been nurtured by the young lady for many years, and she was very weak. Fortunately, for her, there was no victory or defeat. Great influence, Lu Li never made her hungry.

After another three months, Liu Shan and Bai Feng stared at the battle table.

The two girls were at odds on weekdays. Bai Feng hated Liu Shaan, and Liu Shaan hated the evil behind her. This time, they were drawn into a group, and they showed the greatest hostility to each other.

Bai Feng was born in a poor, hard-working, talented and good manner, and her martial arts had already been far ahead of everyone. She saw that Liu Shao was inferior to herself, and she contemptuously said: “I advise you to admit defeat and don’t ask for trouble.”

Liu Shao also raised her eyebrows deliberately, in return to her: “I lost and Lu Li, you still worry about yourself!”

“A person like you is not worthy!”

“Then what, he just listens to me, who doesn’t know you like him, but he ignores you ugly!”


Of course, Bai Feng is not ugly, but she is taller than other girls, her complexion is healthy, she looks a bit heroic, it is not as beautiful as Liu Shao Bai Jing.

Seeing that Bai Feng was shaking with anger, Liu Shao raised his face and shouted, “Lu Li! Lu Li!”

Both of them have lowered their voices, and no one heard them at all. Lu Lizheng talked to a few boys and came over and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Liu Shao squatted: “My feet seem to be sloppy.”

Lu Li looked at her: “Your feet are fine.”

Liu Shao secretly said that he was busy and pitifully looked like: “Who said it’s okay, it hurts!”

Lu Li smiled and said: “How come? Let me see.”

Seeing that he really wanted to check, Liu Shao quickly stood up and hugged his arm: “No, now it’s better.”

Lu Li said with a smile instead of a smile: “Oh, how good it is.”

Liu Shao felt guilty for no reason and let him go. Sure enough, Bai Feng’s face turned blue as expected. When the goal was achieved, Liu Shao revealed more complacent colors.

At the end of the field trial, a boy withdrew from the injury, Liu Shao and Bai Feng jumped onto the stage, and they started without any nonsense. The killer is not an apprentice. Fang Weichang taught them the most fierce killing tricks in martial arts. The shot is a lore, to kill or kill them all. The children are beginners, and it is difficult to control the sending and receiving. The child died of the other party’s miss.

Liu Shao knew that her martial arts were not as good as Bai Feng, and she didn’t dare to carelessly. Condensing Qi was her only advantage. Now she is more proficient. This advantage is more obvious. Condensing Qi is faster, and she has enough aura to control martial arts. Doubled the power, so she decided to start with a strong idea at first, and took the offensive to trap Bai Feng so that she would not return the phone.

Bai Feng just sneered to evade, and occasionally returned.

No matter how fast the gas is, people’s own strength is limited, and there is always time for fatigue.

Liu Shao did not learn many moves, and soon ran out of it, and had to repeat it from the beginning. This simply gave the opponent a chance. The more times a move was made, the easier it was for the opponent to see the weaknesses. Very clever.

Sure enough, after she repeated the demonstration three times, Bai Feng began to fight back, and took the flaw.

Facing the fierce offensive, Liu Shao was a little confused, and after about twenty rounds, the discerning people all saw that she had signs of physical weakness.

Without any sense of defeat, Liu Shao whispered: “Bah! So many moves, just because you still want to win, look at Lu Li and laugh at you!”

“Death!” After repeated provocations, Bai Feng finally couldn’t hold her breath, her eyes flashed fiercely, her anger rushed straight up, and she shook her body in front of the willow branches without saying a word, turning her palms into claws. The best and most powerful trick.

Lu Li guards her, Shizi pays attention to her, isn’t it because she looks white and beautiful? If she becomes ugly, whoever cares about her!

Bai Feng has always been hard, and he must be shot, the power should not be underestimated.

Unexpectedly she was so ruthless, Liu Shao was shocked and stayed in place, as if she had forgotten to avoid it.

The nails were sharp, and she was about to scratch her face. The beautiful face was almost completely over, and a cry of regret was made from the crowd.

At the moment when Bai Feng thought he was successful, Liu Shan suddenly smiled strangely, and a layer of translucent white air wave floated around him!

The air wave is not strong enough, or even a little thin, but Bai Feng feels that his strength seems to have hit the water, encountering the resistance of the water wave, it is difficult to push forward.

The blink of an eye disappeared.

The timing was fleeting, and Liu Shao leaned hard against the line of defense. Of course, he wouldn’t stop easily. He immediately raised his fist and tried his best to swing it out!

She deliberately approached Lu Li before going to the court, angering Bai Feng, and then she continued to speak provocatively.

Bai Feng was shocked. When the reaction came, the two were too close. It was too late to avoid. She suddenly felt a pain in her upper abdomen, and the whole person was shot and flew out, falling to the edge of the high platform, and almost fell off the stage. It was also that Liu Shao was not fierce enough to take the vital parts, otherwise this punch would surely kill her.

Succeeded! Liu Shao finally exhaled, disregarding the internal disorder, and pointed at her with a sneer: “Who wants to admit defeat!”

Bai Feng was lying on the ground like a paper, seeming to understand something, and pointing at her with surprise and anger: “You can control the skill! You have not learned the martial arts, you will learn the control skill!”

Martial arts are composed of two parts: “martial arts” and “martial arts”. The formation is a type of “martial arts”. Compared with “martial arts”, “martial arts” are significantly higher. For example, the “bucket water” just used by Liu Shao. “Surgery” has very high requirements for gathering Qi, and Qiqi is exactly the strength of Liu Shao. This is an innate advantage. Ordinary beginners just want to practice “Shu” first. Liu Shaan understands that he can’t compete with others. This was used afterwards, which made Bai Feng suffer a great loss.

Seeing that Fang Weichang did not respond, Liu Shao knew that her complaint was unsuccessful and pushed back: “I will learn what I have to do with you first! Whoever wins will be great!”

Bai Feng endured the pain and turned to stand up.

Where will Liu Shao allow her to get up, thump up and step on her deadly.

Bai Feng struggled, gritted his teeth and said, “Willow, you remember it for me!”

Willow sneered unwillingly, “Who fears you!”

The two stalemate on the stage. Bai Feng always refused to confess his defeat. Liu Shan was thinking about how to make her suffer a bit more. Lu Li watched from the stage for a long time. Lu Li suddenly said: “Enough, Liu Shaner.”

Bai Feng immediately cast his gratitude.

He knew that Bai Feng bullied himself. He had folded his arms before, and now he wanted to intercede! Liu Shao had a stomach full of fire for a long time. Hearing this was undoubtedly fueling the fire. Without hesitation now, he lifted his foot and stepped on the back of Bai Feng’s hand.

Bai Feng screamed in pain.

Lu Li stopped talking very wisely, but wrinkled his beautiful eyebrows without showing any signs of disapproval.

Liu Shao squinted and saw that she bit her lip, but she didn’t have enough time to step on it for the second time. With irritability, she moved her foot to kick Bai Feng off the stage.

“Liu Shaoer! Liu Shaoer!” Someone called her.

Su Xin! Liu Shan heard the voice and looked sideways in joy.

Su Xin is standing under the stage. He is wearing a light blue robe today, with a snow-white flap, and a beautiful pattern embroidered on the hem.

Somehow, Liu Shao began to panic. In front of him, she didn’t want to show a fierce look at all.

In a moment of hesitation, the white phoenix on the ground jumped up and kicked her into the air!

The change was so fast that no one reacted.

Seeing the danger, Liu Shao flashed almost without thinking. However, in a hurry, he slowed down a bit. The right shoulder was hit with a heavy foot. She screamed in pain and fell off the battle platform.

Lu Li scooped up at her toes and took her in her arms: “William.”

“Who controls you!” Liu Shao didn’t care about the pain. He gritted his teeth and pushed him away, shouting, “Go away! You walk away!”

Su Xin was scared and ran over and asked, “How are you? Blame me…”

Bai Feng also got nervous, “I… I didn’t mean it…”

Liu Shao had been inspecting the injury for a long time and found that it was only pain. He suddenly relieved and looked at Bai Feng’s false expression. Liu Shao could not believe that she was merciless, but she was so lucky that she had to be so heavy. One foot, the shoulder bone must be broken.

The man had fallen off the stage, but he lost, and Liu Shao had no choice but to hate. He showed a smile to Su Xin, “No problem!”

Su Xin rebuked angrily: “If it is a contest, how can you sneak attack?”

Bai Feng’s face suddenly turned red and white, and he clenched his fists secretly.

The killer is a tool, what fairness is it? It’s just that the other party is Shiko, and she dared not talk about it.

Willow Shaw pulled up Su Channel: “Let’s play in the past.”

Su Xin nodded, and it happened that it was time to eat. The victorious children all went to pick up the buns. He hurriedly asked Liu Shao: “Aren’t you going to eat?”

Liu Shao did not answer, only looked at Fang Weichang.

Su Xin seemed to understand something, said “You are waiting” and turned away.

Liu Shao didn’t know what he was going to do, so he sat alone on the stone and waited. The victorious children received the food. The white buns were bigger than their fists. Break apart. After drooling, he looked down at the ground.

Soon after, Lu Li came to her and handed her a bun.

Liu Shao bit her red lips tightly and didn’t pick them up.

She hated her weakness. Every time she made up her mind to get rid of him, she still depended on him so much in the end. Without him, she would starve to death soon.

“Liu Shaoer, don’t be angry, come and eat steamed buns.”

“Who said I was angry!”

Facing her angry look, Lu Li compromised: “Okay, you are not angry.”

Liu Shao looked at him like this, but became more angry, and stretched his face: “I want to eat two!”

Lu Li moved in without hesitation: “Okay.”

Liu Shao was angry and nowhere to send, changed his mouth and said: “I want it all!”

Lu Li is embarrassed: “That will not work.”

In fact, Liu Shao didn’t really want him to give it all to herself, but after hearing this answer, she was still dissatisfied and waited to make trouble again, footsteps came from behind, accompanied by a long-lost, enticing fragrance.

“Crystal print cake!” Willow turned to look suddenly.

There are eight pastries on the plate, the outer layer is shaved and shaved, and there are eight patterns printed on it. The fragrance is soft and soft.

Su Xin had already seen that she had a different origin, and it was not surprising to see that she knew this, but she smiled and was about to pass the cake, but saw Lu Li and Baozi next to her: “This…”

Liu Shao took the crystal cake without hesitation and pushed Lu Li’s hand: “Who rarely eats you!”

The bun rolled down.


“How good Lu Li is to her, she is just praising her son now!”

Not to mention Bai Feng and their eyes trying to kill, even Su Xin couldn’t help but blame: “Liu Shaoer, he is kind.

Liu Shao had a hard time speaking, regretting and grieving. She was just mad at the moment and accidentally exerted too much force. Besides, if it were not for him, Bai Feng would have a chance to fight back, but her arm was almost abandoned! Even Su Xin is willing to help her, what is he protecting Bai Feng!

Lu Li was also not angry and turned away.

There was a lot of talk around, the girls were all gloating and being treated like this, Lu Li would definitely not care about her anymore!

A boy came over quietly to pick up the buns on the ground.

Suddenly, Liu Shao kicked him away and grabbed the bun: “Who gave it to you!”

Su Xin was next to him, the boy dared not snatch it, and walked away in vain.

Willow tipped the bun into his arms casually, then swept the people proudly, and turned to Su Xin, said: “Let’s go.”


With the consent of Fang Weichang, the willow branches are rarely free, and the two small people sit side by side on the big rock by the creek. Liu Shao looked at the gurgling mountains and rivers in front of him, and was a little listless. The crystal cake was not so sweet in his mouth. His hands would occasionally touch the dirty, cold and hard bun in his arms.

Will Lu Li really ignore her?

“Does your injury still hurt?” Su Xin took out a small jade bottle. “I have medicine here, and the gift in the palace is very useful.”

He mentioned the injury, and Liu Shao felt the pain in his left shoulder. He quickly asked to undress and check, but his hand was pressed.

Su Xin blushed and didn’t speak, only holding her hand.

Although the two were not very old, Su Xin was in this status, and Liu Shao was once a rich family, and she should know each other’s upbringing. Liu Shao suddenly woke up and quickly pulled his hand away, his face gradually warming up. .

For a long time, Su Xincai whispered: “Just before…you didn’t do it on purpose, I know.”

“Really?” Liu Shao raised his face violently. He could see that Lu Li should know it too!

Su Xin nodded and suddenly said, “But I’m afraid you will change, and those who survived in Uncle Fang’s hands will also change…” He stopped and seemed to make up his mind: “I asked Uncle Fang to let you go too Right!”

Liu Shao shivered and shook his head again and again: “No, no, I don’t want to go out.”

He pleaded, Fang Weichang agreed in person, and turned to kill the person alive!

“You don’t want to leave?” Su Xin was surprised, he thought she would be happy and grateful.

“I… don’t go,” Liu Shao replied disobediently. Why doesn’t she want to leave? But he didn’t know what happened behind him!

Su Xin was disappointed: “I thought you would not like it here.”

“Fortunately,” Liu Shao grinned reluctantly. “With you, you can come and play with me more.” With him, maybe she will suffer less.

Su Xin shook his head when he heard the words: “I’m leaving.”

Liu Shao asked, “Where do I go?”

“I’m going to worship the Immortal Gate.” When it comes to this matter, the gentleman’s gentle face also glows with a dazzling brilliance, dispelling the faint melancholy between his brows.

“Xianmen!” Liu Shao immediately remembered the bright night sky, the figure of stepping on the sword and fiddle, followed by a burst of excitement, and then he was puzzled, “But is your father…Hou Ye is not martial!”

“I never wanted to enter martial arts,” Su Dadao said. “After the day’s punishment, the demon went into chaos in the world. The immortal gate was weak and unable to guard. Wu Zun’s old man founded martial arts and taught human self-defense. Everyone wants to use martial arts for profit, bullying and bullying, killing each other, martial arts has long been ruined, who doesn’t hate outside.”

Liu Shao did not fully understand these words, but felt very esoteric and reasonable. She had no good feelings for martial arts. She followed the echo of “Yes” and asked, “Hou Ye agrees?”

Su Xin nodded.

Wu Yanghou acted fiercely, but he loved his son more. For him, it is not necessarily a good thing for Aiko to enter the martial arts. In these years, he has enemies countless. Let him enter the Immortal Gate and get away. In the future, finding an immortal family to get married will save the Su family. Besides, for the word “longevity”, the world says that it is false to say that the yearning is not desired. , Aiko is excellent and has a great chance.

Liu Shao worried: “Will that Xianmen take you?”

Su Xin said with a smile: “Father Hou has received a reply from the owner of Qinghua Shang Gong, and Shang Shang agreed to accept me.”

Liu Shao suddenly.

No wonder Wu Yanghou was so polite to the immortal Chang who came to hold the accountability. It turned out that he was preparing for his son to enter the immortal gate.

Liu Shao had heard of Xianmen very early on. It was something very far away for her before. She learned from countless stories that the Nanhua School, Qinghua Palace, and the fairy elders of Yujian Flying live forever. , Beheading the demon, removing the demon, protecting the life, and highly respected by the world… Recalling the demeanor of the exclusive night sky, she couldn’t look forward to it.

How much she yearns and wants to follow along!

Liu Shao stared blankly at the sky under the water, and his voice was a little weak: “That…very good.”

“I made a special trip to say goodbye to you today,” Su Xin hesitated and said, “If I have time, I will come back to see you.”

Willow wood nodded.

“You hold this medicine.” Su Xin put the small medicine bottle in her hand, with comfort in her eyes, worry, sadness, and determination she couldn’t hide.

Then he stood up and left.

Liu Shao looked at his back, the medicine bottle still had some temperature in his hand, but his heart was lost.

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