Moon Chapter 5

In human life, good luck is usually the hardest to meet.

There was a scream of screams in the courtyard, and the sound of the whip on the *. The willow tree heard it from a long distance. It suddenly seemed like a pot of cold water splashed down the head, extinguishing the last luck in her heart. Lu Li’s hand looked at him expectantly.

Lu Li tilted his head, apparently in a dilemma. Before he could think of a good solution, the two guards found them and dragged them into the door.

There was a torture rack in the center of the yard. The child hanging on it had flesh and blood, and there were dozens of tortured people lying on the ground. Sure enough, as expected, the escaped children were all arrested and leaked back, each forty lashes, and the executioner’s strength was just right. The tortured children shivered, and the cruel reality told them that all they could do was obey orders and absolutely obey.

“Guardian, there are two more.” The guard throws Liu Shao and Lu Li over.

Fang Weichang only glanced at the two of them and motioned to continue.

Every time the whip was pumped, the tiny body on the scaffold shuddered, followed by a hoarse and vague cry.

Liu Shao was already cold and hungry, and even more afraid of the whip. She paled and shuddered to retreat, but couldn’t move her legs so softly that she dared not cry, yelled, and surrounded her with extreme fear and despair.

She is afraid of this ghost place! Why did Dad sell her in? They gave her birth, but they left her in the most difficult time, why not even save her moon?

All the previous obediences are false, and no one will care about her in the end!

Seeing that it was their turn, the abandoned girl blushed with red eyes, clenched her cold hands, and looked at Lu Li.

Junxiu’s side face has no obvious expression, his long eyelashes pick up a hint of light and shadow, and his thin lips have a random arc.

He was not afraid, she knew that he was not afraid of getting whip at all.

This strange feeling became stronger and stronger, and Liu Shao looked at that face and hated it more and more, almost an instant decision. She came to him and squeezed out a smile that she thought was the best look: “Lu Li, Would you beat me with a whip?”

From small to large, Liu Shao is quite confident in his appearance, and he can win the praise of the guests every time. The young boys love to turn around her. Is this teenager like her in front of her? He noticed her from the beginning and followed her quietly. Although it was annoying, she could only use this method to escape the terrible punishment.

Faced with this excessively bad request, Lu Li was really not angry. He looked at her funny: “Why should I do this?”

Yes, no one will do anything that is not good, not to mention the price is so high.

“Kiss him if you need help in the future, maybe he will promise you.”

The ghost was so miserable that Liu Shao thought of the man’s words, so he decisively reached out and hooked his neck, forcing him to lean down, and then tried to tip his toes and kissed on the thin lips.

The movements here attracted a few strange sights. Most of the children were precocious and the governor was obscure. Such a close move in public, let alone them, is rare even for adults.

Lu Li froze, which was obviously not the result he expected.

That lip was a bit soft and a little cold… Liu Shao also stayed for a moment, and suddenly felt extremely embarrassed, and took the back of her hand to wipe her lips with force. Seeing that the bodyguard was walking towards this side, she immediately landed away from the loud voice: He! He pulled me out!”

When the words came out, it was like throwing a stone at the lake. The crowd was stunned. Not only the girls were angry, but also the boys all cast strange eyes.

“It wasn’t Lu Li, but she ran by herself!” The girl named Bai Feng stood up and accused her with a righteous expression.

Liu Shao thought that there would be talkative, and his face was white.

Fang Weichang really asked, “Is she talking about true or false?”

The cold voice sounded like a devil’s grin in the ears, and Liu Shao shivered, and the fear of the whip was greater than anything else. She shook her head again and again: “She talks nonsense, I don’t! It’s true!”

Fang Weichang turned his face and asked, “Lu Li?”

Yes, what is important is how to answer Lu Li! Liu Shao woke up, barely covering up the panic in his heart, hugging Lu Li’s arm: “Is it you, right? It’s you.”


“Um…” Lu Li looked at the blood-stained children, looked at her again, and finally nodded, “It’s me.”

The truth of the matter could not be concealed from Fang Weichang. He had already seen it in his eyes. However, he did not dispose of the willow as everyone expected. Instead, he watched the landing and sneered, and ordered: “Whip eighty.”

There was a breathing sound immediately around.

The whip is so heavy that after being forty, it is half dead, let alone eighty!

The previous girl named Bai Feng anxiously persuaded Lu Li: “She hurt you, you still help her!”

Lu Li smiled, without distinction.

Liu Shao let out a sigh of relief, and quickly let go of his arm. There was a bit of imagination. She didn’t expect that method would really work. He even willingly punished her.

“Liu Shaoer, you boneless bastard!” Bai Feng stomped and scolded, “You will kill him!”

Seeing her head out for Lu Li, Liu Shao was inexplicably angry and stared back: “What’s your business!”

“You!” Bai Feng was speechless and had to shout, “Liu Shao injustice!”

Many children with a sense of justice followed suit.

Fang Weichang didn’t pay attention to them at all, the executioner’s eyes were scornful, and the black long whip with the wind was pumped heavily on the teenager!

On the first hit, Lu Li snorted softly, and then stopped.

Liu Shao hated him from the beginning, but she didn’t feel happy after hearing the sounds one after another. Instead, she began to be thrilled. She didn’t even have the courage to look. She only tried to open her eyes, she knew How bloody and terrible that scene was, and I knew how painful the whip was on my body.

He… won’t he really die?

The execution process seemed to be particularly slow and slow. I don’t know how long it took, and my ears were finally quiet.

Liu Shao almost broke his lip and quietly moved his gaze to the scaffold.

The charming eyes were tightly closed, Jun’s face was splattered with a little blood, and the vivid color contrast made the teenager’s face look paler. His clothes were still intact, but he was soaked in blood and clung to his thin body.

He didn’t open his eyes slowly until he was put down by the bodyguard. His body shook twice, but he didn’t fall down like the children before. He only frowned slightly, and then moved as usual, and walked towards this side.

Only suffering from skin and flesh will not hurt the bones and muscles, which is also the skill of the executioner.

After being punished twice, he could endure. Not only did the children admire him, but also a trace of surprise and satisfaction flashed in Fang Weichang’s gloomy eyes. He quickly accepted the expression and turned to everyone with a cold tone: “There will be another escape, All will be killed.”

The most taboo to be a killer is soft-heartedness. He really wants to give a hard lesson this time. How can this young man look like a jade and his heart looks like a wolf? What is more rare is his toughness, which makes him look at him differently. The killer man is inevitable to lust for money and easy to control if there are weaknesses. As for the girl named Liu Shao, she knows how to use her looks to be charming at a young age. This method is actually very common and useful in female killers. So he did not blame, and took the guards away.

Seeing Lu Li, who was all bruised, walked into the room, the girls all looked at the willow tree in unison, angry, disgusted, and more envious.

“Bah!” Bai Feng took the lead in scorning the ground with contempt, and all the girls scolded.

After being so severely rejected, Liu Shao blushed, and she raised her stubborn chin stubbornly, deliberately showing a proud face: “He himself has to admit, what’s with me!”

After that, she never looked at the girls again and went back to bed.


The girls didn’t sleep well that night. Under the torment of fatigue, hunger, and pain, many girls couldn’t help crying. Because of their kind nature, they comforted and looked after each other, and reported their names in twos and threes. With friends, no one cares about Liu Shao. Liu Shao refused to take the initiative to admit her mistakes. She was lying far away in the corner, sleeping with her eyes closed, paying attention to listen to the people, and falling asleep confusedly sometime.

Soon after, a scream was heard from the ear.

“Get up! Have you heard? Get up!”

When the body hurts, Liu Shao woke up from the dream. When he opened his eyes, he saw that the whip was chopping up with his face covered, and the whole house was full of grass debris. few times.

Before dawn, the mountain stream was lit by torches, and the water was cold and biting.

The girls always love cleanliness and are forced to cleanse their faces as quickly as possible. They are completely isolated from the willow branches. The willows also deliberately make a careless look. Lu Li was willing to be punished, he was punished for her, and she had kissed him in public, and she had lost such a big face, not to mention that if he proposed to come back, she might run away!

Thinking this way, Liu Shao couldn’t help but secretly looked over at the boys.

The teenager was sitting on the stone by the water, his blood still on his body, but he could not conceal the elegant temperament belonging to the nobility, leaning over and holding the water… The same action, he did better than others.

Liu Shao hesitantly took two steps towards him and stopped again.

“Lu Li, are you okay?”

“Does it still hurt?”

Bai Feng and several girls used to ask him around. He also answered gently, Zi Tong smiled, as he comforted her last night.

Bah, isn’t it just to see Bai Feng look good, disgusting! Liu Shao snorted softly, withdrew his gaze and turned away, a figure suddenly flashed out and stopped her.

It was a boy about the same size as Lu Li. He was a little shorter than Lu Li, but he was much stronger. Two thick eyebrows intersected in Yin Tang. His eyes were high and his nose was too strong.

Liu Shao stepped back and stared at him: “What are you doing!”

“I’m just…” The teenager was a bit unnatural, glaring at the boys who whispered, then summoned the courage to look at her, “I just want to know, what is your name?”

Liu Shan listened to the gentle tone of the pretense and tried to laugh. Impatiently, but looking at Bai Feng and Lu Li there, she immediately changed her mind and replied, “My name is Liu Shan, what about you?”

The young man was flattered and patted his chest with a straight smile: “My name is Du Mingchong, whoever bullies you will tell me, I will help you!”

“Let’s go to practice.” Liu Shao walked quickly.


Today’s practice is no different from yesterday. Fang Weichang still threw 36 arrows, and Liu Shao worked very hard. However, after all, she had limited strength and was hungry for a whole day like most girls. When they ran, the arrows were often stolen, and the two boys fought for the last arrow. One of them broke his head and collapsed on the ground.

Unsurprisingly, after returning to the camp, the children who didn’t get the arrow were beaten again.

These were nothing. Liu Shao was shocked to find that she faced more serious consequences than punishment-if she didn’t complete the task, she would have no meals, if she had no meals, she would have no energy to run, and if she continued to do so, she soon Will starve to death!

The unconscious boy didn’t come back, no one went to find it, and no one went to control it.

The victorious child was rewarded—three white-faced buns. This kind of food will always be thrown away without looking at it, but now, as long as she can eat one…no, one bite is fine.

Several fast-moving boys bravely grabbed two arrows. Fang Weichang did not punish them. Instead, he ordered them to send three more steamed buns. Because of this, many girls who had not grabbed had to be hungry.

Out of sweat, Liu Shao became more hungry and unbearable, and her eyes were black. She watched the gorging children, swallowing hard, and couldn’t help looking at Lu Li in the distance.

Lu Li didn’t grab much, only got three steamed buns.

Thinking that he was injured last night, Liu Shao was finally embarrassed to pass by, and she was too afraid to use the method of last night. The price was completely unexpected. So Liu Shao turned to look at a girl next to him, who had not spurned her last night.

Confronting her gaze, the girl subconsciously grabbed the remaining steamed bun and sent it to her mouth. The reaction was inappropriate and she looked embarrassed.

She does this, and naturally she will not speak again. Liu Shao was about to go hungry at this moment, and he could not care about anything. He dared to ask: “Can you give me a little? Just a little…”

The girl refused to refuse for a while, Zhiwu: “But… I don’t have much…”

Liu Shao was extremely disappointed and stood up pretending to be indifferent: “Never mind.”

Bai Feng and others stared at the scene staringly, and rarely ridiculed her, because they knew that everyone would have the same result-for the children who are growing up, there is really not much to eat at that point, who is willing to give it to others What?

“Liu Shaoer!” someone called.

Liu Shao turned his head and recognized that it was the young Du Mingchong who had just met in the morning. He had six steamed buns in front of him, waving at her.

Liu Shao actually forgot him a long time ago, and ran across with joy: “You…”

“Here you are.” Du Mingchong readily picked up two steamed buns and handed her to her.

Liu Shao was grateful that tears were coming out, thanking him, and taking the steamed bun, he bite a big bite.

After being reminded by her, the girls began to gather around the steamed boys, but Bai Feng sat down with her lips tight, bitten her hunger, and refused to beg.

Let you pretend! Liu Shao was gloating, thinking about the taste of starvation and his future situation, and could not laugh a little, hesitating whether to give her a bun.

But then, Liu Shao saw that Lu Li took out one of the only three steamed buns and handed it to Bai Feng!

Willow tip was so angry.

Rotten kindness! Not much to give back to others, nor fear of starvation! Seeing the pretty girl pleases you, deserves to starve!

Human cultivation martial arts is quite similar to Immortal Tao, except that Immortal Gate absorbs the spirit of heaven and earth into the body, first cleans the physique of the bones, purifies the physique, cultivates the spirit, and then cultivates the spell. , The purer the spirit, the less imagination it carries, the greater the power of the spell, and the purpose of extending life. At the same time, it can grow into a fairy bone. Therefore, the requirements of the root of the fairy door are extremely high, and many people have not spent their lives. Cultivation into immortals; martial arts is different. It is that mortals directly ingest the spirit of heaven and earth for their own use. Qi controls the martial arts and obtains the strongest power in the shortest time. The life span of the cultivator is still the same as ordinary people. At the initial stage of the cultivation competition, the strength of human cultivation is far superior to the immortal gate, which makes many people think of life: Instead of pursuing unrealistic fairy roads, it is better to live stronger in a limited life. This is also the main reason why Xianmen is not as prosperous as Budo in recent years.

After lunch, Fang Weichang began to teach the most basic method of condensing gas, which was very boring, and the children were all struggling to cultivate their spirits.

Liu Shao relied on two steamed buns and two bowls to hydrolyze hunger, and her spirit was restored. This time she clenched her teeth and persevered, probably for the sake of seriousness, and with good luck, she actually became the second child to pass successfully. So at dinner there was not only steamed bread, but also meat. Lu Li completed the task earlier than her. Fang Weichang was very satisfied with the result. A total of five people received the same award. The other three were Bai Feng, Du Mingchong and a boy named Zhu Yi.

The meat smells into your nose, the food in front of you is beautifully enough to eat, the willow shoots are excited, no one helps, this is obtained by your own ability!

She couldn’t wait to pick up the meat and bite, then stopped.

In the distance, Bai Feng and others gathered in a group to eat, and Lu Li sat in the middle to listen to them, with a gentle smile on his lips.

Somehow, Liu Shao felt that there was a serious interest in the smile, like a bystander, immersed in the alienation of being outside.

Bad, not good!

Liu Shao flat mouth, walked to Du Mingchong, picked up two steamed buns and returned to him.

“No, no, I have.” Du Mingchong resigned a little embarrassedly.

Liu Shao was really grateful. When he saw that he loved to eat meat, he forced him to force a piece of meat, and then strode over to Lu Li. He picked up a piece of meat and passed it to him casually: “Hey, give you!”

Just thank him for helping him get the whip, she should not owe him!

Lu Li said “Oh”, took it and took it to the boy next to him who didn’t get dinner. The girls were more admired. Bai Feng also generously gave out the buns to a girl.

Liu Shao originally thought about the injury on his body, and was just about to ask him if he still had pain, almost choking.

He used her stuff to pretend to be a good person! It’s too much!

When he reached his mouth, he was swallowed hard, and Liu Shao bite the meat bitterly. He didn’t want to stay beside him for a moment, and left quickly.


In the following days, Fang Weichang arranged various trainings, and Liu Shao also put down her arrogance. She tried her best to complete it when she was lucky, but failed most of the time. For help, fortunately, Du Ming was generous, often taking the initiative to help her, and Liu Shao was very grateful.

On the grass, the victorious children are enjoying the food, and the cruel environment makes them start to be selfish and easily refuse to share with others.

Liu Shao still did not complete the task this time, but she paid more attention to it. After completing the task yesterday and getting a lot of food, she secretly hid a part, which came in handy.

Willow sneaked back to the room secretly, came to the corner where he slept, and chopped off the thatch–

The hidden food is gone!

hateful! Willow jumped up angrily, rushing out with his fists clenched.

“Yo, what’s wrong with Liu Shao’er?” Some girls sneered because Du Mingchong and Lu Li helped her, and they had long been angry.

“You!” Liu Shao opened his mouth to scold, but knew that no one would admit that he had to eat this dumb. What’s more, she has no energy to settle accounts with them anymore, because she is about to pass out of hunger, and she won’t eat any more.

Resisting anger and grievances, Liu Shao walked towards Du Mingchong.

The food in front of Du Mingchong is twice that of other children. He was born strong and completed his task quickly. Nowadays it is quite appreciated by Fang Weichang. No one dared to rob him of things. Because there is enough food, more and more people flatter him. There were two girls around him, he was also quite proud, and he spoke a little bit of the lead of the elder brother.

Straightforward and simple teenagers, in the environment of weak meat and strong food, have begun to enjoy the taste of power.

Seeing Liu Shao coming over, the two girls beside him showed their alertness at the same time.

“Liu Shaoer.” Du Mingchong no longer pleased her as carefully as before.

“Which… Can I borrow some food for me? I will pay you back tomorrow!” Liu Shaoer opened her cheeks. Tomorrow’s training is her best condensing air formation, just need to support it tonight.

Du Mingchong looked at the two girls beside him: “This…”

A girl said sourly: “Ming Chong brother kindly helped her, and she was begging for beggars!”

The other girl lowered her head and smiled, “Help her so much and never see how she treats you. It might as well be to Lu Li!”

Yeah, she looked at Lu Li… Looking at the small pink lips, Du Mingchong couldn’t help swallowing, and her throat was a little dry.

When Liu Shao was reluctant, he promised: “It’s okay to borrow one, I will pay you back tomorrow!”

Remind by the two girls, Du Mingchong coughed and generously split the steamed bun in half, and handed the smaller half to the willow branch: “Here, take it.”

“Thank you!” Liu Shao was overjoyed and reached for his hand.

Du Mingchong withdrew his hand again.

Seeing Liu Shao’s face puzzled, he coughed and said, “That, you are not against Lu Li…”

He said that, even the stupid people understood that he wanted her to kiss him like Lu Li did before. A farce made the children forget hunger and laughed wildly, and the boys even roared loudly. After going through that night, no one felt that Du Mingchong’s danger was shameful.

Under the eyes of all eyes, Liu Shao looked at him incredulously: “You!”

For the first time to do such a dangerous thing, Du Ming flushed a little, and simply lifted his neck: “Did you not kiss Lu Li! How much do you have to kiss more people?”

Suddenly the blood on his small face disappeared, and Liu Shao froze in place. She is afraid of pain and starvation, but she is a girl after all, and she still has some remaining self-esteem, Du Mingchong’s humiliation, peer rejection, and the laughter in her ears so clear!

That method did work, but the person didn’t tell her that after using it, she would lose more.

Liu Shao looked at the people blankly, looking at the faces with the same expression, desperately biting his lips to prevent the tears from falling, his mind was blank, and he didn’t know what to do.

“Liu Shaoer.” A familiar voice came from the ear, a little low, a bit charming, and a little quiet, and I wouldn’t forget it once I heard it.

All laughter disappeared, and all around became silent.

Liu Shao was a little dull, and before he could react, a hand reached before her.

The hand was pale and almost transparent, and the pale blue blood vessels above could be clearly seen, and the long fingers held a steamed bun.

Liu Shao raised his face blankly, facing the pair of purple pupils.

He was a head taller than her. He looked down at her at the moment. His beautiful eyes were very close to her. There was no ridicule in it, nor a trace of pity. He just looked at her tenderly and gave him kindness.

The fallen prince saves another fallen princess.


“She hurt you by the whip, you still help her!” Bai Feng couldn’t help but scream.

“Yeah, Lu Li, leave her alone!” the girls echoed.

Lu Li didn’t listen and handed the steamed bun to Liushang’s hand.

Liu Shao instinctively wanted to refuse, but his hands were reluctant to let go of the food. She already involuntarily fed it to her mouth. There was no hesitation and concern in the middle-she hated Lu Li, but she would rather kiss Lu Li than Du Mingchong now.

The ordinary steamed bun was extremely sweet at the moment, and the willow branches did not care about the image, and nearly half of them were bitten off in one bite, and the tears were still turning in his eyes.

With food in her stomach, her hunger eased, and she suddenly felt even more embarrassed, and she didn’t bite her second bit.

Lu Li seemed to understand what she was thinking and smiled: “Okay, you don’t have to do that anymore.”

When Liu Shao heard the words, the small face immediately became vivid.

If it were not for him, she would not become a joke! It’s fake!

Grateful and angry at the heart, Liu Shao grabbed the bun tightly, glared at him for a moment, suddenly hummed, stretched his arms to hug his neck.

Lu Li escaped.

The girls laughed happily, which is no wonder. Their hostility actually came not only from the contempt for the willow’s conduct. The birth of the young lady of the willow decided the gap between each other, plus she was white and beautiful, the girl could not help but secretly They were a little envious of jealousy, and just happened to vent under the present situation, wishing her face would be wiped out.

“You thought he was so rare that you kissed him, he just looked at you poorly.”


Liu Shao was ashamed and blushing, and his gratitude suddenly disappeared, leaving only anger.

They thought she was so rare to kiss him! She just didn’t want to owe him, she just planned to exchange!

“Lu Li!” Du Mingchong felt humiliated consciously, and Liu Shao would rather look down on him than Lu Li, and even more good people cast sarcasm. Where could he bear this breath and jump up, “What do you mean Lu Li?”

Lu Li looked at him strangely: “What’s wrong?”

Du Mingchong was choked, and it was a shame to answer this kind of question. He changed his breath to the willow branches, put the whole bun into her hands, and ordered: “Give you, kiss me too !”

“Bah!” Liu Shao threw the bun back without hesitation.

There was laughter all around again.

“You… bitch!” Du Ming was angrily angry, scolding the rude words he learned, and forced to pull her.

Seeing his fierce expression, Liu Shao was so scared that he hid behind Lu Li: “What are you doing!”

Instead, she agreed with Du Mingchong’s intentions. Du Ming sneered at Lu Li with a raised eyebrow: “Want to fight?”

Everyone laughed and waited for the show, but the girls pinched sweats for Lu Li. In their eyes, Lu Li was born with a thin and gentle style. Where did he fight the strong Du Mingchong?

Bai Feng said anxiously: “Liu Shaoer seduce people, and it’s not about Lu Li’s business, he is just kind!”

The girls helped Lu Li, and Du Mingchong felt that his prestige had plummeted, full of jealousy, and rolled up his sleeves to move up to lift Lu Li’s shoulders: “What is hiding behind the girl, dare not fight?”

Faced with provocation, Lu Li hurriedly avoided that hand and suddenly pointed to the bun on the ground: “Beware, someone wants to rob–“

He raised his voice and said, intentionally or unintentionally, he looked at a dozen boys who were not far away. Those children did not complete the task. They were already hungry. Hearing these words was like a mention, and they all rushed to grab .

Du Mingchong was at ease to teach his opponent. How could he know that his food was robbed at the end, so that he turned around to take care of him, but he was always a step slower, and the white buns were gone, and Du Mingchong could no longer care about anything, Roaring like a furious lion, punching Luli with a fist.

Lu Li turned sideways to his left somehow, kicked his legs, and moved quickly and beautifully.

The frame ended quickly and was almost incredible. The children reacted and stared at the scene in front of them in a daze.

Lu Li stepped on Du Mingchong’s back with one foot and leaned over, “Are you convinced?”

Du Mingchong’s struggles were still unmovable, both ashamed and hated, and looked at the steamed buns in Liu Shao’s hands and yelled, “There are still food! You are not going to grab it!”

Liu Shao realized that he was so scared that he quickly put the leftover bun into his mouth.

In fact, no one came up at all. The boys looked at the land and left in awe. The victorious young man was not imposing, but inexplicably made them guilty. The girls were full of excitement and worship, Du Mingchong was so powerful among the boys, Lu Li was even better than him!

The guards who watched with cold eyes over there couldn’t help speaking.

“Chief, this kid is really good.”

“Hou Ye has a good vision.”

Fang Weichang did not speak, this fight was naturally not wonderful, it was really the children’s play, the important thing is that Lu Li’s performance did not have any flaws, previously because of its unknown origin, Hou Ye explained to pay attention, now observed, although he is Zi Chaoqun, but he has never practiced martial arts and has no demon characteristics. A few days ago, he specially sent someone to investigate his details. It was indeed the family of Lincheng Lu. It was only because of the decline of the Lu family that this performance fell. Also in line with his identity, this kid has the conditions to be an excellent killer. He is not afraid of pain or death. At a young age, he knows how to use the minds of others.

“This is what you do first,” Lu Li retracted his feet and took two steps back, to himself, “This fight is really shameful.”

Du Mingchong said nothing, and rushed towards him again when he got up.

Lu Li had been prepared for a long time, and kicked him down again in two or three hits, reminding him in good faith: “Don’t mess with me.”

The gentler he is, the louder the children laugh.

“You dare to laugh!” Du Mingchong had red eyes and turned his anger on the ridiculed person. He was much more powerful than the other children. He shot harder in anger and quickly beat two of them. You have to move on the ground.

Looking at the boy □□, Du Mingchong consciously saved a little face, regardless of the left cheek blue, and took the sleeves to wipe away the blood at the corner of his mouth, and kicked the boy’s foot heavily, staring arrogantly at the other. people.

The children quickly squeezed and smiled, all with anger, and they admired Lu Li more in their hearts.

After being suspicious, Fang Wei’s face gradually improved, and he signaled that people would use a whip to drive them away. He whispered “useless things” and then waved his hand to the guard. The guards grasped and immediately went up to drag the two children on the ground, rudely, and the injured children screamed more than once. Although they don’t know what will happen to them in the end, Fang Weichang will deal with “useless things”. The children have a general understanding of his methods, and vaguely guessed what, and no one dared to speak.

Only the strong can survive in this place, and the end of the weak is death!

Liu Shao looked back at Du Mingchong with fear. The young man’s face had no enthusiasm before, and he became fierce and strange. When he thought of the help he had before, Liu Shao was a little bit sad.

It turned out that people can become so fast and so bad.

Looking at Lu Li again, he turned around and walked away. Many girls and boys, including Bai Feng, gathered around to talk to him. He didn’t seem to remember her at all.

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