Chapter 1 wedge

In the garden in the night, with lights everywhere, occasionally, three and three girls in twos come and go, and a splendid couple sits in front of the window.

“Master, you see he’s going to be a mother!” The woman teased the little pink-faced baby in her arms and was happy.

“Young Master is so smart that he will be the No. 1 champion in the future.”

The child was born only when he was not confused. The husband touched his beard with self-satisfaction, but said in his mouth: “Where do you know the future, you must teach it well, and the most important thing is to know the book.

“The old man said yes,” the woman smiled, and suddenly there was a cry outside the door, and she turned helplessly, “Ah, what happened to Liu Shao’er?”

A four or five-year-old baby girl burst into the room crying. Everyone’s costume was wearing a gold collar. Although she was young, her eyebrows were faintly beautiful.

The maid and the mother-in-law hurriedly chased her into the door, and when they saw the woman, they looked down: “Madam.”

“Mother, I’m going to chase her away!” The girl pointed to the maid.

“Why drove her away!” The husband was furious. “You said, how many girls have you drove away?”

The scolding was severe, and the young man burst into tears. The woman immediately shouted, “Master! Jing’er only ate, and you scared him again!”

The husband said nothing.

“I just don’t want her!” The girl was more aggressive, “I hate her! Drive her away!”

“Well, don’t want her,” the woman was afraid to disturb her son, and calmed down her daughter. “You don’t like Qingchi to serve, just change your own. Qingchi, you go down first, and change the grass.”

The girl named Qingchi was relieved and agreed.

The baby girl is still a little dissatisfied, don’t look away and see the jade Ruyi next to you: “I want that!”

“It’s really annoying, let me play for you, no more trouble!” The woman shook her head and handed Yu Ruyi to her, and instructed her mother, “Bring her back to the room.”

The baby girl looked at the young man in her arms, still looking a little unhappy, but helpless, and let the grandmother pick up.

In the garden, the lights of the lanterns were extremely dim, and the small stone path passed through the secluded bamboo forest.

The wind blows bamboo shadows, weird like claws.

The milk girl couldn’t help but shivered. Seeing that the girl had fallen asleep on her shoulders, she couldn’t help complaining in a low voice and speeded up her pace. Suddenly, kicking a soft thing under her feet, she almost stumbled.

“Which doesn’t have long eyes…”

Looking down at the thing, the maiden flew away!

“Come here! The evil spirits are eating people’s hearts again!” screamed.

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