A Naive Short-tempered Girl

A Naive Short-tempered Girl
Other Title: Innocent Girl is Hot
Qicheng Kun
Chapter 967: The Final End

A Naive Short-tempered Girl

“Innocent Girl is Hot” is a romantic novel written by the author Qi Chengkun. It is currently over. The protagonists are Luo Yaoyao, Yu Aotian, and Lan Nuo. The story of the novel mainly tells the story of a drunk night and she turns it over. Did the rainy underworld emperor treat him as a cowboy? What to do, run! Two years later, she was the elevator lady of China’s No. 1 company, but she was harassed by a handsome colleague all day long. “Hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t play anymore, okay? I should be pregnant as I play. Where did I mess with you? “Where?” “Where?” The man smiled sullenly and pressed her again: “The little thing I told you to run away 2 years ago. Two years later, I will definitely eat your bones.” Shrimp? This handsome colleague is the underworld emperor from 2 years ago? Shrimp? Is he still the president of China First Group?

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