Chapter 93: The rain keeps falling

Lin Fen’s consent made Gu Xiaochen very happy. The two of them agreed to meet on Saturday afternoon.

Gu Xiaochen thought to separate from Lin Fen, and then resigned to manager Cai Hua. Since it was not working time, she had to visit her home in person. Although it is a bit unreasonable, it is only so. That evening, she started to sort things, clothes and the like, only bring some convenient ones, and try to keep as little as possible.

But in Gu Qing’s picture, she had to put it in a bag like a treasure, caught in the middle of her clothes, and was afraid of being crushed.

After finishing things, Gu Xiaochen knocked on the door of Wu Helian’s apartment and wanted to tell him that she decided to go to the United States with him. Waiting in front of the apartment, a heart seems to be in his hands, so excited. But no one answered, and no one opened the door for her.

After waiting for a while, she opened the door with the key herself.

I saw a deserted room, as if no one had lived for a few days.

The phone was also turned off, and he had disappeared.

He even left her with only one ticket, without more words, she took the ticket in front of her and looked at it again.

The plane at 7:35 on Sunday morning flew to New York, USA.


Here it rained suddenly in the middle of the night.

The rain kept falling for a whole night, but there was still no momentum to stop. Until dawn, it was still a storm. When Gu Xiaochen got up early in the morning, he saw that the rain was falling fast and big out of the window of the attic, and it was blurry. He could no longer see the sky and the world outside.

I cooked a little porridge myself and covered everything in the attic with clean sheets.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, Gu Xiaochen came downstairs with a backpack and an umbrella. Before leaving the building, she deliberately left the guard’s phone number, and told the guard’s uncle to wait until the landlord’s aunt returned home to contact. She has something to do and wants to leave for a while. Uncle nodded again and again, very enthusiastic.

As soon as he walked out of the building, heavy rain fell on his face, and his clothes were slightly wet.

Gu Xiaochen straightened his spine and grasped the handle of his umbrella. Every step was extremely firm.

He stopped a car and headed to the Korean barbecue restaurant that he had been to twice before.

Perhaps it is the reason for the rain, so the barbecue restaurant with a good business has only three or two customers. The shop was a little damp, and she still chose the window. In this way, you can see Lin Fen the first time. It may not even be possible to meet occasionally in the future.

“How come, it rains all the time.” The guests in the front seats began to complain about the endless heavy rain, feeling a bit bad.

“Maybe it will stop tomorrow.”

Gu Xiaochen ordered a cup of milk tea, holding the milk tea and waiting patiently.

Looking down at the time on the watch, he wondered why Lin Fen had not yet arrived.

Suddenly, a taxi drove slowly across the road. The taxi stopped at the opposite side of the road. The woman took the big bag and the small bag in one hand, and got out of the car with the umbrella in one hand. The wind was too strong, and the umbrella was blown crooked. The woman was obviously struggling. She only supported the umbrella above the thing she was carrying in her left hand.

Through the glass window, Gu Xiaochen turned his head inadvertently and glimpsed this scene.

Then the woman walking in the wind and rain in disarray, that woman … is Lin Fen.

Her mother.

How could it be that my heart was suddenly hot, and I was so sad that I wanted to cry.

Gu Xiaochen got up quickly and ran out of the shop.

“Miss, you haven’t paid!” The waiter shouted anxiously, stopping her.

“I’m going to pick up someone!” Gu Xiaochen said anxiously, glancing at the waiter in front of him, looking at Lin Fen who was walking towards her hard, forgetting the secret of “never say”, she explained, “My mother is outside. She brought a lot of things. The rain is too heavy. I will pick her up.”

The waiter turned his head and saw that a woman was walking across the road.

Lin Fen Xu, who was not far away, saw Gu Xiaochen, who was entangled with the waiter Do n’t come out! It ’s raining heavily outside! I ’

m coming! ” Several cars parked on the roadside, obscuring the gaze.

Lin Fen walked quickly, stepping in the puddle, splashing on her skirt, a large stain.

“B–” The horrified horn suddenly sounded in the sound of rain and wind, and a private car drove over there.

Lin Fen panicked back and saw that the car was driving towards her at a speed of only two or three meters.

Too late to respond, too late to dodge, the car knocked her to the ground all at once, the driver slammed on the brakes, and Lin Fen’s body could not bear the sudden impact and was hit on the ground instantly. The big and small things flew in the air, she rolled a few times on the ground, the blood flowed to the ground, mixed in the rain.

“Ah–” someone shouted in horror.

Gu Xiaochen froze at the door of the shop, the whole person was empty, and his soul seemed to be pulled away.

That’s … that’s her mother!

“A car accident occurred! Hurry up and call the police!”

Gu Xiaochen shook, pulled his legs reflectively, and rushed into the rain. The umbrella in her hand had been thrown aside, the rain hit her, and her clothes quickly got wet, her hair wet, her clothes close to her body, and her hair close to her face. Suddenly hugged her and shouted hoarsely, “Mom … Mom …”

And Lin Fen had long been unconscious.

It was pouring down, the crowd gradually gathered, and the thin girl cried while holding the bloody woman.

The rain has been falling, and there are countless things scattered around, clothes, socks, towels … even some snacks, and chocolate rolling down the roadside.

She seemed to hear Gu Qing asking stubbornly, Chenchen, has our family gone?

Dad, it’s not gone … Gu Xiaochen gripped Lin Fen’s hand with fear.


Waiting for the arrival of the ambulance, watching the medical staff lift Lin Fen into the car, Gu Xiaochen seemed to be a walking dead, accompanied by an ambulance to the hospital. Lin Fen put on an oxygen mask and lay unconscious on the sick car. The medical staff beside her kept yelling at something, she could not hear anymore, and her mind remained blank, unable to think again.

Gu Xiaochen held Lin Fen’s hand tightly, daring not to let go, let alone let go.

Lin Fen’s hands gradually became colder, like a time he couldn’t grasp.

The gentle smile was gone, the blood blurred Lirong, she could not see her clearly.

But the one in her memory …

that would cook for her, play with her building blocks, knit white sweaters for her, and run for her in several bookstores just for a study guide. Don’t forget to quietly cover the quilt she will kick off, no matter what she has changed in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

There is not much words, only the gentle smile of her.

Five years ago, she was no longer able to hug her coquettishly in front of others.

She could only pray silently in her heart, she had never believed in anything.

If there really is a God, then ask God, please let her stay.

Even if you know that people will leave one day, don’t be so fast. Don’t go so fast.

She had never even said that sentence deeply buried in her heart.

She always wanted to speak in person, but she didn’t mean to say anything.

Waiting for one day, she looked at her loose eyes, looked at her white hair, and told her that.

That sentence-Mom, I love you.

Unable to tell whether it was rain or something, Gu Xiaochen only felt a warm liquid flowing down his face.

The rain washed the whole world, and the ambulance rushed to the hospital in the wind and rain.

“The patient’s breathing was very weak, and he was injured by a car, which may have hurt his brain! Send him to the emergency room immediately! Quick!”

“I see!” The

doctor and nurse rushed out, and a group of people pushed Lin Fen on the sick car into the car In the hospital lobby, head towards the elevator to the emergency room. Gu Xiaochen followed along, grabbing Lin Fen’s hand and never let go. Until the elevator reached the third floor of the hospital, she was stopped by the nurse outside the emergency room, and she was not allowed to enter again.

“Miss, you can’t go in again, we will do our best! Please keep calm!” The nurse calmed her gently, but she was in a state of hesitation.

The door of the emergency room was opened, and the bed was pushed in. The transparent emergency room, the lights are so dazzling. The door was slowly closed, and the light slowly disappeared from the bottom of her eyes, and the light in her heart seemed to disappear.

Drops of water dripped from the fingertips, mixed with thin blood, and landed on the floor.

The mobile phone in the pocket of clothes kept clamoring, rubbing and shaking across the clothes.

Gu Xiaochen didn’t respond and didn’t pick up.

Finally, the passing nurse could not help stepping forward, patting her on the shoulder, and suspiciously said, “Miss, your phone is ringing.”

Gu Xiaochen raised her head anxiously and stared at the nurse for a long while.

“Miss, your cell phone is ringing.” The nurse repeated, seeing that she was wrong, and seeing that she was drenched and blood was still on her clothes. Obviously what happened. Looking back to the emergency room, there was a vaguely visible figure of nervous first aid, fighting against the figure of death.

Gu Xiaochen reached out and wanted to get the cell phone in his pocket. But his hands seemed to have no strength, he reached into his pocket and fumbled, and the phone rolled down from his pocket all at once, making a snap.

The clamor was clearer and louder, circling in the quiet hospital corridor.

“Miss!” The little nurse shouted again, but she didn’t respond. Small nurse bent over to pick up the phone, so driven to distraction to see her, but also a person, then turns on the phone, “Sir, I am sorry, I am not the owner. The way it is ……”

Another nurse from the cloister at the end of emergency Coming in a hurry, came to Gu Xiaochen and stopped, “Miss! May I ask if you are the family member of the patient in the emergency room? Would you please go through the relevant procedures first?”

Family member! Formalities!

Gu Xiaochen’s brain was suddenly hot, and he just wanted to save Lin Fen. He suddenly stood up and grabbed the hand of the nurse. “Where to go? I will do it immediately!”

“I will take you!” Frightened, Gu Xiaochen immediately left with her.

The nurse who was still talking on the mobile phone hurriedly shouted, “Miss! Your mobile phone …”

At the check-in counter, Gu Xiaochen only realized that his backpack did not know where he was going. She stood stunned in front of the counter, unable to think clearly. How helpless she is at this time. There was no strength to clenched his fists, and he was stunned.

“Miss, your friend said he will be here soon. Don’t worry.” The little nurse said beside him, and Gu Xiaochen nodded.

But how long did someone rush in.

The person coming is Zhou Chengze.

Zhou Chengze appeared in the hall in a black suit. His elegant appearance was like a landscape. Looking far away, I only saw the thin figure standing in front of the window, she turned his back to him, so she couldn’t see her expression, but her shoulders were still brave and trembling.

The pace accelerated, he came to her and stopped, Shen Sheng shouted, “Gu Xiaochen.”

Gu Xiaochen turned around slowly when he heard someone calling his name. The black hair was attached to the small white face, a small face that was so weeping, and her eyes were swollen into small walnuts. “”

Zhou Chengze was stunned, his eyes narrowed.

At this moment, something flows through his heart.

Gu Xiaochen bit his lip in the hospital hall where people were coming and going, and finally couldn’t help it anymore, like a child, suddenly burst into tears.

After going through the formalities, Gu Xiaochen returned to the emergency room. She sat on the bench, pursing her lips without saying a word. After crying, she looked very quiet. Zhou Chengze leaned against the wall and stood aside, but his eyes occasionally moved away from the lighted emergency room and glanced at her.

After a while, Zhou Mosheng and Zhou Yaru, who received the news, came anxiously in the storm.

Zhou Yaru helped Zhou Mosheng, the two of them panicked, and apparently was not surprised.

“Chengze, how is it now?” Zhou Mosheng looked at the emergency room and then looked at Zhou Chengze.

“Brother, why did Aunt Fen suddenly have a car accident? What’s going on with her now? What did the doctor say?” Zhou Yaru asked anxiously, Xiumei frowning.

Zhou Chengze stared at the two and said so firmly, “Aunt Fen is still rescued in an accident. As for what is happening now, I don’t know the specific situation. Don’t worry, I think Aunt Fen will not If something happens, sit down and wait. “

Hearing this, the two calmed down.

“Daddy, sit down.” Zhou Yaru helped Zhou Mosheng sit down, turned his eyes, and turned to another silent Gu Xiaochen on the chair. I saw her clothes crumpled, apparently after being wet by the rain and dried by her own body temperature, and whose blood was still stained on the clothes, the dried blood had become dark red.

Zhou Yaru walked suspiciously in front of Gu Xiaochen and could n’t help but ask, “Gu Xiaochen, what did you do? Last night, Aunt Fen made chocolate and baked snacks, and I guessed she was going to find you! Do n’t you know today under heavy rain? you fen aunt also let go? out no problem, why not let the chauffeur, so secretive what to do? I tell you, if something happens Finland aunt, all because of you! ” “

Yaru! Zhou Mosheng drank and stopped her from yelling.

Zhou Yaru closed his voice, angrily withdrew his eyes, and sat down beside Zhou Mosheng.

Zhou Chengze stared suddenly, Gu Xiaochen remained silent, just staring at the emergency room.

The sky gradually darkened, and the operation lasted for several hours.

Suddenly, the red light in the emergency room went out, and the door was pushed open from inside. Almost at the same time, everyone stood up and saw the bed pushed out. Lin Fen was wearing an oxygen mask, and his pale face did not show any blood. The crowd hurried to her and shouted constantly, as if to wake her up.

“The patient needs to be quiet! Please don’t follow the family!” The nurse shouted.

Zhou Chengze saw the doctor who came out of the emergency room and took a big step forward and calmly asked, “Doctor, how is she doing.” The

doctor took off his mask and said Shen Sheng, “The patient is still in a dangerous period and the situation is not very stable. soon to be sent to the intensive care unit. If you can stay up tomorrow morning, it should be no big problem, mainly to see tonight, but the patient is still very tenacious willpower, you have to have confidence in her. “

in critical condition … Gu Xiaochen was bored.

… The

group moved their positions and waited outside the intensive care unit.

Zhou Yaru bought some coffee and snacks, and she took a cup of coffee in each hand, handed it to Zhou Mosheng and Zhou Chengze, and said softly, “Dad, brother, you have a cup of hot coffee and have something to eat.” The

two took the coffee, Zhou Chengze Chao Zhou Yaru made a wink and looked at Gu Xiaochen who was sitting still.

Zhou Yaru pouted, some unwilling, but still picked up hot coffee and cocoa bread and handed it to her, then said awkwardly, “Here!”

Gu Xiaochen shook his head, “I don’t want to eat.

” Zhou Yaru was angry, seeing her so empathetic, and wanted to get angry again. But when she bowed her head, she saw her red and swollen eyes, such an annoyed expression, her eyelashes flickered, and deep shadows under her eyelids. She was so at a loss, even afraid of who was leaving.

Zhou Yaru closed his voice and just stuffed coffee and bread into her hands. “Take it, my hands are sore!”

Gu Xiaochen froze, looked up at her slowly, and spit out two words, “Thank you.” “The

group ate something casually and continued to wait. The doctor said that as long as he survived tonight, he would pass the dangerous period until tomorrow. While waiting, time seemed to be infinitely longer. Zhou Yaru fell asleep on Zhou Mosheng’s shoulders, and she was covered with Zhou Chengze’s suit jacket.

Zhou Mosheng closed his eyes, and Zhou Chengze went to the smoking area to smoke a few cigarettes and turned back.

Gu Xiaochen stared at Lin Fen in the intensive care unit, she was resisting fate.

Time walks slowly one minute and one second, and doctors and nurses keep coming in and going out.

At seven in the morning, the attending doctor came again to check the situation.

A group of people had simply cleaned up and stood together outside the intensive care unit. Gu Xiaochen stood on the last side, clenching his hands into fists. Until the doctor walked out of the ward, until he heard him in a low voice that Lin Fen had safely passed the dangerous period, she felt that all her strength seemed to be drawn away, even breathing.

After dawn, the dawn dawned again. When the first ray of sunlight in the morning shone, even life had a new life of joy.

“Dad, Yaru, you go back to rest first. Aunt Fen, let me take care.” Zhou Chengze said with a deep voice, Zhou Yaru obediently helped Zhou Mosheng turn away.

A man in a suit came face to face, saw Zhou Mosheng and Zhou Yaru, and immediately stopped to honor. Then came to Zhou Chengze, respectfully said, “Master, things are done.”

Seeing Zhou Chengze nodded his forehead, the subordinate immediately handed the backpack with his hands to Gu Xiaochen, “Miss.”

Gu Xiaochen looked back, and the other party’s hand was right. It’s her backpack. She hesitated to reach for it, but her hand touched the backpack, but she missed because of lack of energy. The backpack fell to the ground and the contents of it fell to the ground. Keys, wallets … and the ticket.

The plane at 7:35 on Sunday morning flew to New York, USA.

After all, the missed flights are still parallel.

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