Chapter 89: Good night kiss

a moment, Gu Xiaochen’s shy, slightly nervous face, so fixed on Wu Helian’s eyes, could not disperse. The blurry image suddenly became a brand, and it suddenly engraved into my mind, as if it could never be erased. The burning smoke in his hand rose into white smoke and filled the air.

Gu Xiaochen looked at him cautiously, his eyes dangling, not daring to look at him.

A heart pounding.

Gu Xiaochen clenched his fists lightly and met him suspiciously. His handsome face does not have a trace of expression, and it always makes people unclear about him. He got up suddenly, and then walked towards her step by step. She was a little scared, she wanted to run away, but she couldn’t move.

Maybe, maybe she is still waiting.

So she froze in place and stared at him in front of herself. How could this man be so tall. He didn’t look down at her, he didn’t have such a condescending posture, he didn’t have such an arrogant attitude. He just bent down slowly, his eyes flush with her, and stared closely at her eyes.

Wu Helian stared at her dull face, her panic eyes. Suddenly, without any warning, she smiled at her. His smile, very shallow and very light, only raised the corner of his mouth, but it was so beautiful. A bewitching smile stunned her.

His dark, warm hands touched her face, and his lips leaned towards her.

A kiss so light, the temperature of her lips fell on her forehead, a kiss so cherished.

“Good night.” Wu Helian dropped her hand and smiled charmingly at her.

Two red clouds quickly flew on her cheeks, Gu Xiaochen hurriedly returned a “good night”, her eyes hurried across his face, she hurriedly ran out of the apartment, and rushed back to the attic. Upon returning to the attic, she pressed her chest and found her heart beating fast. Is it … Is this an electric shock?

Gu Xiaochen lay down on the bed, holding the pillow and turning over.

Thinking carefully, he still didn’t answer whether they were friends.

But he said good night to her, and he didn’t deny it, so … so can she think that they are friends?

Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but smile with joy. When she was hazy, she heard Gu Qing’s low words-

“Lappland …”

“The farthest point in the north is the most beautiful and lonely ice queen in the world. It is snowy all year round, and the beautiful Queen of Ice and Snow lives in this palace without temperature. The wall made of white snow peaks and the glass made of cold cracked wind makes people cry from a distance. “

” The Queen of Ice and Snow has lived in this isolated palace for too long, and she feels lonely because she is too deserted. “

” She has no friends. “

” She went to the village and found a teenager named Gai. “

“Gay said, let me be your friend …”


“Assistant Gu, good morning.”


“Assistant Gu, is there any happy event?”

Xiaowen, a colleague, leaned his head to her Beside, curious. Gu Xiaochen put down his shoulder bag, while pressing the computer’s start button, while tidying up the desktop, “No.”

“Isn’t it? You are so happy, I thought you had something happy!” Xiaowen muttered.

Gu Xiaochen shook his head and suspiciously, was she very happy?

Working all day, so easy, everything is so smooth.

After the lunch break, the manager organized a group meeting. In the bright and quiet meeting room, Gu Xiaochen was sitting next to the manager Cai Hua and was recording the content of the meeting. Suddenly, the mobile phone in his pocket vibrated and wiped his clothes clearly. Who will send her a message?

Will it … will it be him?

Gu Xiaochen, who has never seen his mobile phone during meeting time, still couldn’t help but take out his mobile phone to watch. But when she saw the message, she was a little lost. It’s just system information. In silence, she took the initiative to send a message in the past-whether to have dinner together at night.

Waiting for a reply, the time was as slow as a snail crawling.

But until the end of the meeting, there was still no reply message.

Ah– ” Xiaowen stretched out and shouted, “Finally off work! Tired !” Gu Xiaochen smiled and got up and sent the last document to the manager’s office. The mobile phone resting on the table vibrated again, spinning on the table. When she turned back, she was busy sorting things out, and didn’t go to the phone. He picked up his shoulder bag and walked out of the office with his colleagues. Then he glanced at the phone.

There is information!

She clicked in and saw a series of numbers on the screen instead of the stored contact names.

Gu Xiaochen knew who this number was, and was a little excited.

Press the read button, the information is only a few words-I am downstairs in your company.

Is he downstairs in her company? Is it fifteen minutes? Gu Xiaochen was shocked and immediately took the elevator down the stairs. As soon as he stepped out of the elevator, he hurriedly looked at the hall, but he did not find him. She ran out of the building in confusion, and saw a black Lamborghini parked on the road in front of the building.

That’s his car.

When she approached, the door opened and Wu Helian’s long figure emerged from the car. Heroic, he was so handsome that he screamed. It was just after work hours that the commuting commuters cast their eyes on curiosity. He was smoking, dissatisfied, “How slow.”

And at the end of the road, a silver-gray Porsche came slowly.

Yan Xudong just took out his mobile phone and pressed the number, but when he looked up, he saw a Lamborghini parked in front of him. The license plate was so familiar, the number dialing stopped instantly. He watched her being tucked into the car by him, watched him sit in the car, watched the car carrying the two of them away.

Suddenly, there was a trance of sight.

The roses in the auxiliary seat are still blooming but have fallen, exuding the last fragrance.

That was Lian and Xiaochen.

the scenery along the road was thrown behind, and the car drove slowly.

Wu Helian was driving, looking at the front, Shen Sheng said, “What do you want to eat.”

“Well?” Gu Xiaochen responded, suddenly thinking in his heart for a long while. After thinking about it, I finally had a decision. He turned around to look, opening the proposal said, “Why do not we eat Japanese food, right?”

Wuhe Lian no objection, misty asked, “do have a place.”

“There!” She was like a soldier named head, female sonorous , Start directing the direction, “You have to drive straight ahead, and this road goes to the end. Then, turn left at the crossroad in front, drive three traffic lights forward, then turn right again and you will arrive there! Very convenient! “

Wu Helian listened to her words, frowning unconsciously, and said abruptly,” You go often? “

Otherwise, how could it be so familiar?

But with whom?

Gu Xiaochen secretly counted the number of visits and nodded honestly, “Okay.”

Sometimes she did go there to buy things, but she went to another convenience store more.

Wu Helian stopped talking, but her thin lips twitched out.

Silent all the way, he stopped talking.

Gu Xiaochen glanced sideways and glanced at him from time to time, only to see that his tall nose bridge was like a finely sculpted piece of art. Asian nose bridges are rarely so straight and so beautiful. This guy is really loved by God. And his slightly frowned eyebrows at the moment made her notice that he seemed a little unhappy.

what happened again? Gu Xiaochen couldn’t help but wonder.

The car finally stopped, and the two got out.

Wu Helian’s eyes swept around, looking for Japanese restaurants around. But where is the restaurant? In the empty parking lot, you can’t see the shadow of the restaurant at a glance! Just when he was confused, Gu Xiaochen’s small figure walked around the body and walked in front of him, said with a smile, “Go.”

“It’s not about eating Japanese food.” Wu Helian said slowly, and took a cigarette and took a sip.

Gu Xiaochen Xiu raised his eyebrows slightly, his eyes narrowed slightly, “Yeah, we did eat Japanese food, but we didn’t go to the restaurant.”

Where did we go?

In Wuhe Lian a hint of suspicion in the eyes, she reached a point not far from the shopping malls, eyes that actually look forward to conceal his share. “We buy their own materials, and then go home to do it?”

Sunset glory shines on her On her small face, her smile was as sweet as candy.

What else can it do. Wu Helian smoked a cigarette and nodded silently.

“Let’s go.” Gu Xiaochen took his steps and walked towards the shopping mall.

Wu Helian followed quietly, and her brisk pace, the song humming in her mouth, was just a lively little girl.

… the

two were about to enter the shopping mall, but were stopped by the security guard at the entrance.

“Mr.” the security guard shouted with a smile, his hand turned to the side sign. The two looked at the same time and saw the sign prohibiting attraction. Gu Xiaochen always came alone, and there were no companions around her, and no boyfriend, so she did not have this common sense. How come he didn’t know, did he come for the first time?

Suddenly, there was a strange feeling. Gu Xiaochen smiled apologetically at the security guard. “I’m sorry.”

Wu Helian silently, walked to the side of the trash bin and threw the smoke into it.

This large shopping mall has a total of six floors, and each floor sells different things according to the classification. They need ingredients for dinner.

So he took the elevator directly to the third floor and ran to the supermarket for a large purchase.

The assortment of commodities, complete with classification but dazzled.

Gu Xiaochen took the cart at the elevator entrance and walked into the supermarket.

Wu Helian was like a shadow, and followed her along the way. Wherever she went, he followed.

The Japanese cuisine for two people can’t eat much, make some sushi, and praise a hot pot. She looked for the same things she wanted to buy. She stopped in front of a shelf and stood on tiptoe to get the top dressing, but she couldn’t reach it on tiptoe.

“This?” Wu Helian’s deep voice came from his ear. He raised his hand easily, his long fingers pointed at the bottle of sauce.

“That’s it.” Gu Xiaochen was relieved. He had removed the sauce and put it in the cart, and even took the cart from her hand. His simple action warmed her, but he said indifferently, “

Hurry up.” Gu Xiaochen sighed, and hurried to continue to find the next material.

“Seaweed.” After a few rounds, she finally found the seaweed and whispered, and someone immediately took the seaweed bag and put it in the cart.

Gu Xiaochen turned his head to look at him, and the handsome and handsome Jun Rong suddenly became less indifferent, and turned out to be cute and childish.



“Pickled radishes.”

Every time she said one, he automatically took the things into the cart. The two made a tacit agreement to purchase, and the calculations were almost the same, and they planned to go to the cashier to check out. When I turned around, I saw how an aunt could not reach the canned tuna.

“Help her.” Gu Xiaochen couldn’t see it anymore, looking at Wu Helian and asked softly.

He didn’t want to move, and when she saw her, she walked to the aunt, and quietly reached out to take the can off and gave it to the other party. The aunt quickly thanked him and saw that he was such a handsome man, who couldn’t help smiling, “Boy, thank you. You are so nice.”

Too enthusiastic aunt, Wu Helian just raised her mouth, but it was very charming.

The auntie-level auntie who was buying around was confused by his smile and said, “Young man, come and help me!”

Wu Helian frowned, but Gu Xiaochen stood there, smiling like a child.

It was six o’clock in the evening when I walked out of the shopping mall.

Wu Helian carried large and small bags, but still free one hand to smoke. The long figure, he just walked on her left, the distance between shoulders and shoulders will not exceed one meter, she suddenly looked up at him and said suspiciously, “Will we walk away like this, will it be bad? “If

you don’t leave, you don’t have to eat anymore.” Wu Helian exhaled a smoke ring and said lightly.

Gu Xiaochen nodded in agreement, so to speak. Unexpectedly, he would like to attract those aunts like aunt, can only sigh that he is too close to a woman.

The two got into the car and hurried back to the apartment building.

After returning to the apartment, Gu Xiaochen immediately took out the ingredients in his pocket and put them on the counter. She hurriedly washed the rice and cooked rice, while preparing the soup. Turning his head to find the apron, he would go to the living room to get his hand.

Wu Helian took her apron and walked towards her indifferently.

“Turn over.” He whispered in his mouth. When he spoke, he had already put the apron over her head, and he stood behind her and tied the apron’s ribbon for her. Gu Xiaochen was stunned and heard him ask in a deep voice, “It’s about it.”

Too intimate …

She said “en”, and looked at him with a shy smile, “Then I started. You go outside and watch TV Good. “

Wu Helian sandwiched the cigarette between her fingers and glanced at the food that had accumulated throughout the kitchen counter. Jianmei bounced.” I need my help. “

“No, no, I can.” Gu Xiaochen hurriedly refused, thinking of this kind of thing or she came better. In addition, boys generally do not like cooking and cooking, and they are also very annoying to do laundry. Even his father Gu Qing didn’t like cooking.

“Is the dish to be washed.” Wu Helian took a breath and threw it into the trash can. He rolled up his shirt sleeves and actually took the dish she was about to wash. She hurriedly stopped and wanted to get it back, “It’s really not necessary, be careful to stain your clothes.”

“Dirty wash.” He lightly said three words, pressed the button, and washed the dishes under water.

Gu Xiaochen was stubborn but he had to withdraw his hand. She cut the fish fillet while turning her head to look at him. She was pretty sure he was washing vegetables for the first time, so she did n’t know how to wash them. She randomly placed the dishes under the faucet and let the water wash back and forth.

Hey. She sighed silently in her heart, but felt a little funny again.

At last, Gu Xiaochen yelled softly, “Ahe.”

“What.” Wu Helian frowned, staring at the dish in his hand like he was fighting.

“The dishes are not washed like this.” After a long thought, he said cautiously, although knowing this would embarrass him. She wiped her hands on the apron, moved closer to him, and used her hands as a demonstration, “I just rushed right, usually three or four times. Then, soak in a brackish water for a while, then use Just flush the water. “

Wu Helian only felt a little trouble, and ” embarrassed ” sullenly.

This financial tycoon, the man at the helm of the economy, really knows nothing about kitchen cooking.

“I’ll prepare something. Would you put it in the pot and cook it?” Gu Xiaochen went to garnish again, turning his head to see him nodding his forehead.

In the small kitchen, both of them are crowded in this not spacious space. The soup is boiled in the pot, and the sound of “poo poo” is accompanied by the sound of banging water. While she handed the prepared sauce to him, he took it in one hand and poured the sauce slowly into the pot with some clumsiness.

“Do not stick the sauce to the bottom of the pot, remember to stir with a spoon.” Gu Xiaochen singed a few words, turned and ran out of the kitchen, and entered the bathroom.

After a while, the glass door was pulled open, and Gu Xiaochen’s petite figure came out. She turned her head and saw Wu Helian standing in the kitchen. He was holding the spoon and stirring the soup in the pot. This action is like a robot, repeating and repeating.

The resolute side face has a faint calm feeling, which will make people look stupid.

As a child, Gu Xiaochen had asked Gu Qing why his father didn’t cook.

Gu Qing answered with a smile, because it depends on her mother cooking.

But why should I watch my mother cook?

Gu Xiaochen smiled slightly, walked into the kitchen and stood beside him, and started busy.

The soup of the hot pot was adjusted to keep warm. Gu Xiaochen put all the ingredients for sushi on the table, and the two also shifted their positions. This is also the first time Gu Xiaochen made sushi, and I just checked some recipes on the Internet just now.

Wu Helian stared blankly at the rice and seaweed in front of her, and started to wrap it.

“Ahe, how can your sushi rice ball be so big?”


“No, it’s not right, you can put less on it, otherwise you can’t wrap it.”


“That … how does this sushi look like dumplings?” “

…” After

finishing the sushi, it took me several hours to finally sit down and start eating. Steaming hot pot, put all the vegetables and fish fillets in a pot. He sat on this side, she sat on this side, there were two sushi in front of them, one was exquisitely squeezed, and the other was a somewhat “big” sushi.

“Start!” Gu Xiaochen cheered, but took a “giant” sushi. The sushi was a bite, but it was too big in her hand. She bite hard and could only bite half. The mouthful of rice, wrapped in delicious scallops, she smiled happily at him, “It’s delicious.”

“You try what I made.” Gu Xiaochen picked up a sushi that he made and stretched his hand to reach him Mouth.

Wu Helian froze, still silent, opened her mouth to eat sushi.

“How is it?” She asked expectantly, staring at him closely, and finally nodded at him.

She never understood, but at this moment, she suddenly looked at the man who would listen to her own cooking in the kitchen and the man who ate sushi together.

It turned out … it turned out to be a feeling of happiness.

It turned out to be that simple.

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