LUBTIH Chapter 9

When he didn’t arrive at six in the morning, He Suye was woken up by the telephone bell. As soon as he picked it up, a girl over there shouted anxiously: “Dr. Liu, come and rescue! The patient in bed 18 is afraid that it will not work. “

He immediately froze, just wanted to tell her that she made a mistake, and the other party apologized again, “I’m sorry, I made a mistake, I made a mistake!”

He was dumb, smiled and hung up the phone, but what about lying on the bed I couldn’t sleep either, so I just woke up.

It was very late in the morning in winter morning, and the sky was almost gray at six o’clock. There were no stars and the moon. Only the street lights of the community were quietly lit. Looking up, there were only a few lights. Maybe there was school. Children need to get up early.

He ate with hot milk dipped in bread in one hand, flipped the paper in one hand, and kept glancing at his eyes. The more he watched, the more he blocked, and he couldn’t stop sighing. Li Jie’s kid would cut corners more and more. Such papers were handed over to The boss is not afraid of being skinned.

He grabbed the pen and crossed out the useless content and called Li Jie.

At that time, Li Jie was sleeping in the duty room of the hospital. It was dim and dark. When the phone rang, he was so scared. When he saw He Suye, he began to complain, “Master, do you want to scare me, what do you think happened to the ward? “

He suddenly remembered the wrong phone call in the morning and quickly asked, “There is nothing wrong with you?”

Li Jie was puzzled. “What’s the matter, I don’t know, it’s not from our department, if you call it so early The phone call was just to confirm this matter. Brother Master, you are too kind and bully us resident doctors.”

He Suye was a little sullen. “I just asked casually. I wasn’t looking for you for your thesis. I I read it just now, and I wrote something messy. I have to dare to hand it to the boss. Do you have a manuscript? Okay, take it out and I will read it to you, let it be crossed out, let it be changed again. . I will go to the inpatient department when I go to work, and call me when the time comes.”

Li Jie obediently obediently smiled, “I know that the master can’t bear to see me in deep water.”

When he went to the inpatient department of internal medicine in the morning, he didn’t need to go to the ward round, but because he prescribed some Chinese medicine as adjuvant therapy to some patients, he had to ask about the effect of the medicine and then administer the medicine.

When I walked to the door of the Endocrinology and Metabolism Department ward, I saw several doctors and nurses whispering together, and a doctor saw He Suye and greeted him, “Doctor Ho, you said it’s not strange, obviously a good person said yesterday today not to die? “

he thought a moment,” six in the morning is your emergency ward? ” “

Sure, hyperthyroidism exophthalmos patients admitted to hospital two days just went this morning. ” “

hyperthyroidism heart failure? “

another A doctor answered, “Maybe it is true, who knew at the time, but was admitted to the hospital for observation. Now everyone is afraid that the hospital will provoke a lawsuit. Alas, you said that our department has no evil door recently. I went to two patients a week, one hyperthyroidism exophthalmia, another a heart failure, renal failure, every New Year’s Day, gloom enveloped the entire ward, panic. “

a young nurse interfaces small, no big or small,” but fortunately did not break out again what SARS than that this count? “

He Su Ye was shocked, the two senior doctors had a sudden change of face, and the head nurse reprimanded the little nurse with a severe tone, “Don’t talk nonsense, what to do!”

A nurse shouted at the door of the ward, “The director is here!” Immediately Everyone “Hula” spread out, He Suye shook his head and went to the duty room to find Li Jie.

Atypical pneumonia, a term that has not been proposed for a long time, was a disease that changed nationwide that year. This national top 100 hospital is of course no exception. Not only are SARS patients having difficulty breathing, shocking, and eventually dying, some medical staff have also contracted such diseases one after another and have fallen to their work places. In the early days of SARS, the mortality rate was almost 100%.

What a bleak year, everyone who has worked in this hospital knows that everyone used to be so close to death, familiar and unfamiliar people fell one after another, and their remains were cremated together with any relics. Everyone feels that they have actually existed and then disappeared without leaving any traces.

The sunlight in winter is always hazy, as if it is fainted in the sky but does not exist, so it can’t enter the ward. He Suye looked up at the sky, and his heart was pulled out of a gap in vain.

He suddenly thought and went to see his mother.

The school and the affiliated hospital are very close, almost across the road. That year, when the school was closed, many classmates tried to climb away from the back wall, and later they were arrested and isolated, and finally gave them punishment. I wanted to do this myself, not only because he hadn’t been home for a long time, but also the two people who were dearest in his life were in this hospital.

However, he is not afraid of this natural disaster, he just wants to know if they are in the hospital.

At last it was an attempt.

On the mottled red wall, the once-lived summer creeper had long lost its greenness, the familiar smell of Chinese medicine came from the school pharmacy, and the playground was covered with hay. The old campus has not been cleaned for a long time. Nowadays, it is the world of graduate students and doctoral students. There are few people coming and going. Only the five-story office building often has medical experts, professors and professors. Most of them are The expression is gentle and smiling.

The school bus is parked on the main road and travels to the old and new campuses every day. The driver uncle still remembers him and greets him enthusiastically. He can’t help but think about how long he hasn’t visited the new campus.

But he still has a deep affection for the old campus. He has lived here for seven years and is full of memories.

Walking to the fifth floor of the office building, he knocked on the door and entered with courtesy, “Professor Yang, I gave Li Jie’s paper to him.” The

old man laughed and said, “He Suye? Li Jie’s kid was afraid to take it I’m afraid I’m going to scold him? Come on, sit down and talk.” After receiving the paper, I turned over two pages. “Li Jie’s kid has made a lot of progress, wrong, Xiao He, did you help him change it?”

He Suye He nodded, and the old man took off his glasses and asked carefully, “I really don’t plan to read the doctor’s blog over there. I want to go to the Chinese medicine department and become a doctoral student in Gu Ping?”

He took a deep breath, “I decided, I have followed Professor Gu has talked about it and will be able to read it in about two years.” The

old professor regretted and couldn’t help sighing. “It’s a pity that a good clinical seedling was poached by a Chinese medicine doctor. Your grandfather has to laugh, your father.

I’m afraid I’m going to jump on my feet.” He smiled. “I always wanted to learn Chinese medicine, and it has nothing to do with my family.”

The old man nodded. “Now, young people rarely learn Chinese medicine. If you continue this way, the traditional medicine of the motherland will disappear. We all know that you are very eager to read it!” After

chatting for a while, he got up and left, Professor Yang Shouted at him, “Yes, Xiao He, can you do me a favor?”

He Suye nodded, “Professor Yang, let me do my best.” The

old professor laughed, “Don’t be so nervous, but it’s America A professor from the university over there gave a lecture, but I was very interested in traditional Chinese medicine. I told Gu Ping that I’m going to be busy with you. Do you think you have time?”

He laughed. “No problem. , But you have to remember to eat!”

After work at noon, He Suye went to the flower shop, bought a few tulip shops, and took a bus to the suburbs.

The cemetery is a rare place, but almost everyone will come in their lifetime, and the final destination is also here.

He stared at the tombstone for a long time, and his mother was smiling at him. In memory, her mother always smiled.

“Su Ye, Mom and Dad are going to work, please don’t run around at home, hungry there are bread and milk on the table.”

“Su Ye, it doesn’t matter if you don’t take the exam well, as long as you work hard, don’t cry, good! “

Su Ye, my mother knows I’m sorry for you. My mother is too busy to work with you. She has no time to accompany you. She can’t even spend time at your parent meeting, but Su Ye is still very arrogant and grew up. Mum is very proud of you.”

“Su Ye, you are sophomore, when will you bring a girlfriend to show to mom and dad, huh-look at what you said, your mom is open-minded, you never take the initiative Some girls like you.”

He felt sour in his heart and his eyes turned red . He heard the doctor say that when his mother left, he still smiled and said that the most sorry thing in this life is my son, Su Ye, don’t blame your father It’s my mother’s willingness to go, don’t blame him.

However, he still blamed his father. He had a knot in his heart. The longer he got, the more he struggled, and now he can’t solve it.

He put the tulips down and reached out to touch the tombstone, spotless.

His thoughts were long, and once he started, he couldn’t stop, “Mom, dad still visits you twice a week, do you know? I haven’t seen him for a long time, I don’t know if he is good, do you know?”

” Mom, I decided to study Chinese medicine. Although my dad wanted me to study cardiovascular medicine. Did you know that my first choice for college entrance examination is Chinese medicine? But my father changed it to integrated Chinese and Western medicine without authorization, so I would treat him very much There are prejudices.”

“Mom, I like Chinese medicine very much, probably related to my grandfather. When I was young, I liked to see him fiddle with Chinese medicine and give people treatment. Later, I sat on a rocking chair and told me, Su Ye, your name is blind Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine is not only traditional Chinese medicine, but also a science. Various names of various medicines, bitter, sweet, sour, spicy, and spicy, and then made into medicaments, each with different tastes, each with symptomatic, but the doctor Human intricacies, like life, few people can see through.” The

afternoon sun suddenly collapsed, bursts of cold wind began to blow, the petals of the tulip swayed in the wind, and there seemed to be signs of rain.

He got up and smiled at the tombstone, Mom, I’m leaving first.

Instead of going directly home, he went to the grandpa’s house in the old city.

He Suye’s grandfather is a very well-known old Chinese doctor in the country. His ancestors are said to date back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. His grandfather used to be the president of the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but was later transferred to the post of director of the Department of Health. After retiring, he has lived a semi-hermit life.

He Suye was named after him.

He Suye did not go directly to the study after entering the door, smelling the herbs in the yard one by one, but Grandma He saw him first, “Old man, Su Ye is coming!”

At this time He Suye was facing a kind of The medicinal herbs frowned, and Grandpa He stood behind him to remind him, “It’s turmeric, and you forgot to learn so much!”

He was embarrassed and muttered, “This is Chuanyujin?”

Grandpa He “hey” squatted down, picked up a piece to play with in his hand, “Guang Yujin is mainly produced in Sichuan, the root of turmeric, bright yellow; Chuan Yujin mainly produced in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, is the root of turmeric, color Dark gray. Guangyujin tends to dissolve depression by qi, Chuanyujin tends to promote blood circulation and stasis, you see, your kid is not good at learning art.”

He Suye Zhengse, “I plan to transfer to the Chinese Academy of Medicine to study doctorate In internal medicine, the instructor is Gu Ping.”

Grandpa He was surprised, “That old man! When I was a kid, I pinched that every day. He was severe. Before, all the students called his master to call the extinction master. After you’ve gone, you have to peel. “

He Suye didn’t answer, but just quietly looked at the turmeric in his hand and gently said, “Grandpa, I brought tulips to see my mother today.” For

a long silence, Grandpa He stood up, ” You haven’t been home for a long time, and you have to visit your dad. Although I am his dad and your grandfather, I can’t intervene in your grandpa’s affairs. Although your dad has a lot of wrongdoing, but… .. Alas…”

he nodded, although hesitating, “I’ll take the time to go, Grandpa don’t worry about it, in fact, I’m also wrong, but it’s difficult for me to explain clearly what happened between me and Dad.”

Grandma He shouted in the living room , “Old and young, have all eaten, Su Ye, today you have your favorite sweet and sour pork ribs.”

Grandpa He hurriedly collected herbs and called him, “Boy, it’s going to rain, go and collect all the medicine Only come in to eat!”

He Suye felt that when he was a kid, the grandfather’s courtyard was full of medicinal herbs, and the fragrance of honey pills was always floating in the air. He was fined to take care of medicinal herbs for stealing honey, and then suddenly a heavy rain fell that afternoon, and he and his grandparents made a mess of medicine collection. Although the medicinal ingredients were not drowned, he became a soup chicken and had a cold. God, but in those days, he eats honey every day.

The honey pot will always bottom out, but he believes that honey will not bottom out.

He Suye walked very late, halfway down the sky, there was light rain, fluttering on the leaves and windows, like silk, linear, continuous low, he sat on the bus, the lights on the road were broken by the rain Messy, trance, light or dark.

There is still a long way to get home from the bus. He is not in a hurry, but walks slowly in the rain. Today one day, he was very tired and depressed. The things in the past were repeated in his mind. He felt a little powerless and frustrated.

He wanted to get some rain and wake up.

Regarding his studies, his ideals, and his relationship with his father, there are still many that he needs to solve.

He escaped for too long, and finally had a decision to face one by one.

Suddenly, a blue umbrella obscured his sight. Looking back, Shen Xifan was grinning helplessly, “Oh, He Suye, you are too tall to reach, you are stunned to do nothing, but I did not see me lift It’s very hard!” The

slightly wet bangs rested on the forehead. Her face was a smile, her body leaned forward slightly, her left hand was holding a large bouquet of tulips, all purple, and her right hand was holding an umbrella with difficulty.

He quickly took over the umbrella, something in his heart was slowly melting.

Every time he saw Shen Xifan, he felt that she was very happy, at least worry-free, he envyed her a little, and Shen Xifan liked to laugh, even when he was sick, he smiled and said, “It can be cured anyway, it’s no big deal.”

Her smile is really sweet among the huge bouquet of tulips.

The bouquet of tulips was beautiful, but dazzling. He suddenly minded the person who sent her flowers and blurted out, “Who gave it?”

Shen Xifan stunned, and raised his mouth to smile secretly, “Whoever gave it, the hotel just made it At the birthday party of Miss Qianjin, all the remaining tulips were taken by me, how about it, so I don’t see?”

He Suye laughed, this is his first sincere smile today, “very beautiful, really!”

She dialed half of the past with her hand, “Take half if you like it, and don’t need money anyway.”

He deliberately tilted the umbrella to the other side, covering her body firmly, “How can a girl give a boy a flower? Little fool! “

Shen Xifan looked at He Suye, and then looked at the tulip, and it worked, “That’s it, He Suye, hold all the flowers first, and then pass me half, saying, Miss Shen Xifan, please accept this, this Isn’t that all right? It’s reasonable and reasonable!”

He Suye couldn’t help crying, “Although it’s a good way, but you don’t think it’s too much trouble, I just accept it!”

As a result, he really took half of the tulips home, he felt a bit silly, but he was very strange, For the first time, he waited for the huge bouquet of tulips for the first time, found a vase, watered it, and threw in a vitamin C.

He is a plant blind, and he never cares about the flowers and grass, and he can’t even feed the cactus.

However, he hopes that the flowering period of this bouquet of tulips will be longer, and when their petals are withered, they will be dried and bookmarked, which should be beautiful.

My mother also likes tulips the most, and she happens to be surnamed Yu and famous for her fragrance.

He began to wonder if he wanted to have a good talk with his father, about himself, about the future.

The blue umbrella was held in the corner. The little girl’s house was originally in Building 301, Unit 2, Unit F. There was a dad who looked very kind. He would tell him that the guy went back to drink some Banlangen. According to what she said, her mother who was in menopause and gossip-a very ordinary and happy family.

Sometimes, when he was very young, he wondered what would happen if Mom and Dad were not the directors and head nurses of large hospitals. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t cook for himself and say good night to Mom and Dad to the empty house; Mr. He and his teacher explained why no one came to the parent meeting; was it possible to honestly write “Today my parents took me to the park” when writing the essay. However, he learned to accept reality very early.

Instead of admitting fate, he knew that independence, sooner or later, had to learn, there was no difference between earlier and later.

He is a precocious and sensible child.

It was just that he hoped that one day, the family would become very lively, with the laughter and laughter of father and mother, but now it has become an extravagant hope. He feels that the kind of family happiness that the little girl has on him is what he lacks and is also his desire. of.

He wanted to get close to her and draw warmth.

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