LUBTIH Chapter 8

Shen Xifan returned home and called Qiao Yang. In addition to stating his position, the two men chatted and talked about a few off-topics.

As soon as she put down the phone, Mother Shen came together, “Fan Fan, what are you doing tonight to hide from your mother-in-law?”

Shen Xifan wandered over to find a reason for duty, and Mother Shen smiled twice. “I’m your mother-in-law, you grew up from childhood, how can I not know your nature?”

She immediately had an ominous hunch, “Mom, you saw, what did you see?”

Shen My mother pretended to be mysterious, “I saw, eat, northeast, dishes!”

Shen Xifan immediately wailed and admitted sullenly, “It’s just a friend, eat and eat.”

Mother Shen raised her two fingers, shaking in front of her, “This Count

it- ” Dare love is a popular gangster film this year, or the authentic Hong Kong version. She only needs to know what she needs to say, and her eyelids jumped wildly, “Two, two friends, and the other came later.”

Shen Mom smiled smugly, “Can you know what happened between you and Qiao Yang? His boy had colluded with me long ago. Come and talk to your mother, what is there today!”

She was completely speechless. , Unstoppable sorrow, Qiao Yang, a guy who shares the enemy and sells his country, must bring him to justice, and what kind of medicine He Suye prescribes, how could it be a failure in her mother!

He Suye, He Suye, what a strange name, would anyone name it with Chinese medicine?

Shen Xifan lay on the table, spreading a word book in front of her, and then began to uncontrollable wandering. After a while, the manuscript on hand was full of his name. She was a little annoyed and a little shy, and then took his one by one. The name was obscured, and with a sigh of relief, he walked to the window.

The night is just right, the moon is bright, and there are thousands of lights in the house. Everyone has their own things to do. Time will slowly pass, and then everything happens naturally, ends, and becomes memories, but there is no way to know what will happen next. For example, oneself and Yan Heng.

It doesn’t make any sense not to think about him, but the memories, saying how to forget, the tragic love, the painful bones, and then the tears in the earth, the hope of luck is finally broken.

And now, does she still have the hope that he will look back.

Fool, she was a fool three years ago. Is she going to become a fool even after three years?

The next day, when Shen Xifan entered the office, she saw a handful of tulips on the table. She was slightly surprised and picked up the card. The extremely familiar handwriting was “Dai Heng”. For no reason, she felt annoyed and pushed the big flowers aside, staring blankly.

Unexpectedly, Xu Xiangya saw it, green eyes, holding the bouquet of flowers to read and smell, intoxicated, “How much silver does this tulip need, it’s a tremendous shot!”

Shen Xifan got up to make tea without looking back. If you like

it, I’ll give it to you.” Xu Xiangya didn’t answer. “Why, who is Dai Heng, where did you eat the golden turtle-in-law from the porridge?”

She smiled and deliberately changed the subject, “Turtle, what turtle, Green turtle! With green hair on the back, kept in the museum or kept in the aquarium? How much is a catty?”

Xu Xiangya took a sigh of air, “Stepped on your tail? Cheng always looked for you and asked you What do you think of the reception plan? Go ahead. Do you really want to spend the flower?”

She reached out and pulled out a purple flower bone. “Give it to you, you know I don’t like flowers.”

Xu Xiangya shook her head, “Nonsense, You like tulips. I guess that this person has any entanglement with you. It’s a sin for you to even wear flowers that hate beauty!”

Shen Xifan is dumb, not hating this person Yan Heng, but a little disgusted with his behavior, what he is going to do, What to express is apology or unrequited love, but there is some joy in the nameless heart.

She suddenly felt very confused, like a ball of numbness, what was missing was a sharp knife.

But the only certainty is that she won’t be a fool anymore.

For flowers, Yan Heng sent them for five days in a row. Every day, they are tulips of different colors. Shen Xifan knows that these flowers are sent by air in winter. Generally, there is no flower market. Such a generous Yan Heng, she really does not know what his idea is.

The Christmas reception was successfully held, and the “Dongke” software was generous. It not only packed the largest venue in Gunan Huating, but also booked three sets of villas and golf courses as a lucky draw gifts for the guests on site.

In this sweet festival, Gunan Huating employees can only watch others entertaining.

The huge crystal lamp is transparent and bright in every corner of the venue. The men present are basically accompanied by their female partners. For bright and luxurious occasions, the women around them are mostly fragrant, with elegant makeup. As an on-site staff member and guest, Shen Xifan only put on light makeup and simple clothes, and she felt that her disgraced face could not find her place.

“Dongke” invited a number of dignitaries in the electronic software industry. She recognized that there were a few executives attending the IT summit, and senior officials of Gunan Huating were also invited to attend.

Compared to others, she is too quiet. Standing in a corner, she felt that the lights were a little dazzling and a little trance, and suddenly remembered the sentence, happiness is theirs, and I have nothing.

She has always disliked noise, because she will lose herself.

She always feels that she seems to be a bit out of place with the hotel. She didn’t make Xu Xiangya smooth. Ding Wei’s worldly, Lin Yishen’s courage and determination. Some are just a little brute and clever.

She wanted to go home, soak in a cup of jasmine tea, and then chat with her parents, or go out and go, maybe she could still meet He Suye, and her uneasy feelings were all revealed in those smart eyes, and she was radiant.

The crystal chandelier scattered all the light, and the gold powder sprinkled down likewise, falling on her dark hair. The woman in white dress and white skirt stood quietly in a corner, as if she had just walked out of the old books with yellow paint, and even couldn’t match the laughter and laughter of the background.

A man looked back from time to time, but she did not know.

There was a commotion at the door, and Shen Xifan saw President Cheng and other high-level officials greet him immediately. Among the group of people, Yan Heng stood in the middle, politely shaking hands with them, saying hello, and laughing.

Someone told her that Yan Heng was coming, if anything, she would rather go to the hospital.

President Cheng waved to her, she had to squeeze her head forward, “Mr. Yan, hello!”

Yan Heng was wearing a suit, no tie, and glasses, and the gentleness of the gentleman showed another unruly, he extended his hand, “Manager Shen Thank you for your care these days, and I’ll trouble you for some time in the future.”

His fingers are a bit cold, like the slender and powerful in memory, once, this hand took her through the water and flowers Jin, just, she never thought that they would hold each other’s hands in such a way.

She couldn’t help but a sweat oozed out of her hand, her face was still calm, “Mr. Yan is polite, I will be happy to serve you.” She wanted to pull her hand out, but Yan Heng’s grip was tight, and he was determined not to let go.

Shen Xifan looked at him generously, her eyes were a little harsh, Yan Heng’s cunning smile suddenly released, she calmed down and retreated safely, but some things in her heart began to disintegrate slowly.

Yan Heng, from the past, he was not his opponent.

She thought of a sentence, “Can’t afford it or can’t hide it”, and immediately realized.

The prosperous city is full of colors and eccentricities on Christmas Eve, everyone’s face is full of smiles, the girl is holding her boyfriend coquettishly, the parents are holding the children, the children are clamoring for the sweets on Santa’s hand, the little girl selling flowers Shuttle through the crowd.

She slipped out of the reception to prepare to go home directly, but felt a bit lonely on the road. Everything around her seemed to be far away from her. Although she has always liked to be alone, this joyous festival will still have a lot of loneliness.

Suddenly, the phone rang, an unfamiliar number, but the voice was not unfamiliar, “Shen Xifan, guess who I am?”

She was a little curious, “Li Jie, how do you know my number?”

“Oops” said at the other end, “No fun, you guessed it so quickly, yes, what are you doing now?”

“On the way home.”

Li Jie sighed, “So boring, no activities tonight, then do you want to come? Me and my brother and they are playing in the tea bar, which is the’Erya’ on Tianyuan Road.”

He Suye is also? Shen Xifan thought about it, not that there were other people. Li Jie didn’t expect a sentence to come first, “There are other people, but it’s okay. I’ll introduce you to you later. Everyone gets along well, don’t hesitate, come here, we wait You!”

She agreed immediately. “Okay, I’ll be right away.”

“Ya” is a refreshing bar, a place where white-collar workers and petty bourgeois like to go.

As soon as she entered the door, she saw a group of people sitting at the innermost carved wooden table and said with great interest, at a glance he recognized He Suye, elegant and handsome, her eyes like a new moon with a smile, a deep unilateral dimple, in The crowd is really eye-catching.

Li Jie saw her and beckoned to her, “Here here!”

She walked over and introduced Li Jie one by one, “They are all brothers and sisters, and there is a little sister.”

Shen Xifan saw that there were only one girl among so many boys. It’s very beautiful, it’s that kind of publicity, and the beauty stood up. “My name is Fang Kexin. It’s the only younger sister here. I’m studying video, and now I’m an intern.”

Shen Xifan sits next to Li Jie. Familiarity is another open-ended job in a hotel. Natural speaking is polite and polite. After a while, everyone will be familiar.

He Suye looked at her and smiled lightly, not talking to her deliberately, but his eyes never left her.

A small boy suggested, “Shall we play something, or should we take the word game?” The

other said, “Okay, we take prescriptions, and those who lose will be fined. Chivas has been treated for twelve years. It’s over!”

Shen Xifan didn’t stretch out immediately. She had never heard of any “prescription”, and she turned to He Suye for help.

He Suye stood up and motioned for Li Jie to sit inside, then comforted her next to Shen Xifan, “It’s okay, I will help you!”

Li Jie looked at them and smiled cunningly before he was stunned for a moment, expression Thoughtful.

“Four paintings start, brother first!”

“Wuling Powder-Guizhi, Atractylodes, Poria, Polyporus, Alisma, Zhang Ming, six paintings follow.”

“Paeoniae licorice soup, white peony root, licorice root, Seven paintings, Shen Xifan.”

Everyone looked at Shen Xifan curiously, only to see that she was vomiting, “Liangfu pills-galangal, Xiangfu.”

Someone immediately laughed, “Brother, you help her cheat alas, no, You have to punish a cup!”

Li Jie waved his hand. “Let the master help her. You say two of them, then Shen Xifan, you have to keep in mind that everyone can put oil on and knock down the master!”

She really didn’t expect that there are so many Chinese medicines, and some names are still very strange. She can only support Wuwu, “Agarwood Jiangqisan-Agarwood, Licorice, Amomum, Xiangfu… ….. I can’t remember…” Helplessly blinked at He Suye, He Suye was not annoyed, just looked at her with a smile.

Everyone laughed, Li Jie pushed a small glass of wine in front of her, Shen Xifan frowned, and took a drink next to her, she was surprised, “He Suye, I lost it!”

Everyone saw Clues, one after another, said Su Suye, “Master brother pity fragrant jade!” Fang Kexin

also teased, “Brother, if my basic Chinese medicine teachers are like you, I don’t have to worry about my single subject scholarship!”

Shen Xifan is Sorry, thankfully secretly, whispered in a low voice, “I will remember it next time.”

He Suye, if nothing happened, reminded her, “It seems that I have to pick a simple name, too long, too annoying You can’t remember it.”

She had to smirk.

Later, I went to the cashbox to sing.

She didn’t expect that people studying medicine would be crazy once they played around. Once singing, some people applauded and others cheered, and the atmosphere became very lively, Li Jie was even more fuelled by it.

At that time, “Auspicious Sambo” was on the screen. Li Jie led a group of doctors to sing “Auspicious Sambo Doctor”: “Dad, will you go home when the sun goes down?-No! Where did you go when the stars came out?— —There is an emergency room! How about overtime pay?

—Serve the people!” Everyone fell on the sofa with a smile. Shen Xifan heard the live version for the first time and ignored the image and shrank into a laugh.

It was easy to change someone else to sing some sad love songs, but because of the atmosphere just now, I couldn’t sing the heartbreaker, and then someone urged He Suye to sing.

He Suye’s face was awkward, “I really can’t sing!”

Someone cried, “Brothers don’t give face, I hear people say you sing well.”

He waved his hand, “I really can’t sing… ..” Before the voice fell, Li Jie put a microphone in his hand, and the other was thrown to Shen Xifan, “Brother, male and female duet, see if you sing or not.”

Shen Xifan was suddenly stunned, looking at the screen , The familiar song name above-“Goodbye Arctic Snow”.

It’s not that I haven’t sung a song, but I have never sung a male and female duet, and began to sing very rigorously. Later, she completely let go. She and He Suye smiled at each other, and their confidence increased suddenly.

After she finished singing, she realized that He Suye was really good at singing, and it was really stressful to sing with him. She turned her head to look back at him. In his eyes, she saw a deep smile and her own flowery smile. She felt that in her heart, there was a soft warmth, similar to the moving happy.

This festival is very suitable for everyone to spend together.

The play didn’t end until 11 o’clock. Shen Xifan didn’t expect to be relaxed and happy with this group of people. Probably the doctor’s temperament is mostly attentive and serious. The one who learns Chinese medicine is more attentive and thinks about others. So he talks and gets along with them. A feeling of being taken care of.

He Suye went home with her, Shen Xifan walked in front, and turned back to talk with He Suye from time to time, “He Suye, I didn’t expect you to sing so nicely!”

He smiled embarrassedly, “I listen very little, generally Don’t sing very much, this is the only song I can get.”

“What kind of songs do you generally like? Chinese, Cantonese, or English?”

“It’s not limited, it’s good to listen, what good songs do you recommend?”

Shen Xifan thinks carefully, “Maximilian Hecker, Winter Pills, Lene Marlin, Cranberries, um, there are many good things, I can’t remember it for a while, I have time to pass it on to you.”

He Suye nodded, ‘um, I’ll add you back at night, are you used to □□, or MSN “”

Shen Xifan suddenly remembered the embarrassment of being turned into a penguin stealth when he met him in the restaurant last time, and he burst out laughing. He Su Ye Rao asked her with interest, “Don’t you use both?”

Shen Xifan turned the topic, “He Suye, the prescription you said today seems to have the agarwood drug in it, why?”

He Suye froze for a moment and blurted out without thinking, “I think you are more like this medicine.”

She was curious, turned around and waited for him, then carefully asked him, “Why do you say that?”

“Agarwood, which is agarwood, also known as daughter fragrance, is not only a kind of superior wood, but also a Chinese medicine, agarwood smells fragrant, the main is spicy Unblocking, entering the kidney, spleen, stomach meridian, is the most superior medicinal material in Qiqi medicine. The mysterious and strange fragrance of agarwood accumulates the spirit of heaven and earth for thousands of years, and it is rich, subtle and warm. It feels very similar to you. Sex is the kind of time that makes people feel the longer, and the more digging, the more happy.”

He Suye’s face reddish when he talked, probably because of alcohol, he talked a little boldly. If it is usual, he will definitely not It’s so direct.

But in fact he didn’t drink much and was very sober, but today he saw Shen Xifan for the first time, he jumped for no reason, and then looked at her bright smile, the cunning when cheating with him, lost the helplessness of the game And naughty, unreasonable heartbeat when singing, these make the mood infinitely good, just like the balloon being blown up, the inflation is full of joy.

The street lamp surrounded Shen Xifan in the halo, white clothes and white skirt, and then a long trench coat, she seemed to be afraid of the cold, kept breathing in her hands, not walking honestly, like to jump around, let it be black Hair fluttering in the wind.

Su Suye suddenly had a strange feeling, and she was always in a good mood when she was with Shen Xifan. Whether it was her shrewd ability or the helpless look, he found it interesting. The deeper she knew her, the more she felt rare and valuable. There are surprises.

Christmas Eve, really sensational.

Shen Xifan hesitated for a long time and finally said, “He Suye, I find it very happy to be with you.”

He laughed. He didn’t know where her dizzy eyes turned, expecting to glance at him casually. Then, if nothing came back, she would talk to him with a few prefaces and no words, and she only got along a few times. She showed a good impression of him. He actually did not reject it, and sometimes secretly hoped to be more obvious.

Tonight, it is obvious enough.

Sometimes I think when I go downstairs to buy things. I don’t know if Shen Xifan will be in the supermarket. She should eat more fruits instead of biscuits and so on. Sometimes she will look up outside the window when she writes half of the paper. I don’t know where the little girl lives, and the community is so big. At that time, she only noticed that she was walking towards the area F; if the little girl would lose sleep again, or toss about other diseases, humming and running again see a doctor.

He was a little surprised, but then he was relieved, why should he think so much about whether she should hang her on her heart, since it hangs, then hang it.

It’s just that he wasn’t sure what kind of feeling it was.

He is somewhat dependent on Zhang Yiling because it is her who pulls him out of the abyss to give him warmth. In this love, they are accustomed to accept each other’s goodness, although she does not love him in comparison.

Very strange, for Shen Xifan, he felt for the first time that he had something called responsibility.

Just because she is younger than him, just because she used to be his patient?

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