LUBTIH Chapter 7

After eating, Shen Xifan Lai went online in the room, and before reading a red post, Shen Shen shouted, “Fan Fan, will you eat at home tomorrow morning?”

She casually “hmm”, “I want to eat seaweed eggs Flower soup and fried dumplings.”Ms.

Shen came carrying a bag of garbage. “No seaweed and vinegar anymore. You go to the supermarket to buy a little and dump the garbage by the way.”

Shen Xifan looked at the clean cotton slippers on her feet. “I Don’t go to the supermarket, you have to change shoes when you go out. It’s too much trouble.”

Ms. Shen immediately changed her face, pretended to be a pig and a tiger, and said pitifully, “People are old, and it’s difficult for her daughter to do things. Forget it, alas!”

She jumped up immediately, “I’m going, I’m going!” Turning out the cotton tiger-toed shoes she wore in college from the shoe cabinet on the balcony, picking up her purse, and taking the rubbish angrily-Mom I really have more and more experience in the struggle against the enemy, knowing that I eat soft but not hard.

The winter night was really cold, the wind was blowing on her face, and even her thoughts were frozen. She walked and looked down at her cotton shoes, tiger head, and long and short beard. She couldn’t help but wonder what the pair of shoes looked like on her 25-year-old white-collar feet, but it was a pity that she didn’t look in the mirror when she went out.

Just before entering the supermarket with her forefoot, she was about to go out alone. She evaded intentionally and looked up at the person inadvertently. Shen Xifan froze for a moment and whispered, “That… I did not go wrong.” , This is a supermarket, but I am not sick, why did you see Dr. He?”

He Suye really listened and laughed.

She immediately looked back, looked straight at He Suye, secretly sighed, he smiled really cute. My heartbeat was a little faster, and I started talking without saying anything, “I’m sorry, Dr. He, you will also come to the supermarket, what a coincidence!”

He Suye heard this strangely, but didn’t think too much, “Come Buy something, your family lives here?”

She nodded and asked, “Does your family live here, but I haven’t seen you once in many years?”

He Suye smiled and explained, “I just moved in a few months ago, maybe I don’t go out, but this community is very good, the traffic is very convenient, and shopping is also convenient.” The

topic entered a dead end, Shen Xifan suddenly stopped, I don’t know how to answer the call, so I nodded “um” and “yes”, He Suye looked amused, she was not tall, and she stood in front of him until she reached her shoulders. , He lowered his head and asked, “Is the Chinese medicine I prescribe? Is it difficult to eat?”

The face that is very discouraged has some fever. She took a deep breath and carefully took two steps back, pretending to look like, “bitter Why not bitter? It’s hard to drink!”

He Suye smiled, turned over the bag, took out a large bowl of jelly and handed it to her, and told her, “If the medicine is delicious, if you feel bitter Take this after drinking the medicine, obedient!”

She was at a loss, and she was stopped by He Suye’s next sentence as soon as she wanted to laugh. “The children in the inpatient department refuse to take the medicine, we all take it This coaxed.”

Shen Xifan couldn’t help crying, pointing to his own face, “Doctor Ho, am I a child?”

He Suye blinked, holding back the smile, “You’re not a child, you are more like a child. I Let’s go first, remember to get the medicine tomorrow!” Then, she looked at her round tiger-head cotton shoes unexpectedly and far away.

Shen Xifan grabbed the jelly and stared blankly at He Suye’s back. She felt a little annoyed, but she couldn’t hide her smile, and for him, was he a special patient?

Back home, throwing the plastic bag down, holding the jelly with a smile and going back to the room, the cousin Qiao Yang called, “Little girl, after so long sea election, PK, promotion…”

Shen Xifan was curious and interrupted quickly. “Qiao Yang, you have something to say. I am not Hunan Satellite TV or CCTV!”

Qiao Yang’s voice immediately increased by eight octaves. “Blind, blind date, understand? Your brother went into battle personally. It’s a layer of checks, and you can’t do anything to harm the people. This time, your brother picked you up as a doctor. How about it? The resident doctor in the People’s Hospital has a stable job and a good personality. There are no bad habits. Are you interested? “

Shen Xifan quickly asked, “What’s his name?”

“Don’t you know when you go?” Qiao Yang deliberately sells Guanzi, “I’m afraid you go online to search for this person. When it comes to seeing blind men and women in front of me, I still retain a little mystery. Good–little girl, doctor, white coat, temptation of uniform!”

Shen Xifan sipped him, “how are you thinking is so complicated, just go, what time, where?”

“Sangzi teahouse on Wenquan Road, At 6 o’clock, do you think the time is all right?”

She should bear it down, “No problem!”

At the morning meeting the next morning, Mr. Cheng said that a software company in this city would borrow a hotel venue for a large party this Christmas Eve. So they allocated the work of various departments, and then everyone made some suggestions.

After the meeting, Xu Xiangya looked excited, and almost rushed to Shen Xifan, “Ah-porridge, you can see a lot of handsome guys, so happy!”

Shen Xifan depressed, “I don’t want to see handsome guys at all, I just want to go home and go to bed “

Xu Xiangya pouted,” No wonder you haven’t had sex in three years. It turned out that the secretion of growth hormone is strong, the secretion of female hormones is reduced, and you don’t think of men. You still want to participate. The Christmas Eve party was run away by you. You

don’t want to think about it this year .” She thought to herself, but this year, she can’t do anything for others.

The IT summit just ended a few days ago, and several company executives have left the hotel.

The morning sunlight penetrates the winter mist and the air is humid. Shen Xifan drove the guests back through the path and inevitably passed the Jingge villa. She saw Yan Heng standing by the window, just looking at the lawn outside the house, Jun Yi’s face was a little hazy.

Deja vu.

Once, in the piano room of the music department, Yan Heng sat at the window and looked out the window calmly, only with a gloomy glance, and at a glance, she could not help but pay attention to the legendary genius, she felt that he was not so happy .

And now he is not happy either.

It has nothing to do with herself-she is busy with her business.

It was easy to get off work, and she hurried home to prepare for a blind date at night.

Replacing the professional suit, Shen Xifan put on a ponytail, put on a simple red plaid jacket, removed makeup, and only applied a light lip gloss. Seeing her usual white-collar beauty dress, she feels fresh student makeup is more suitable for herself.

I went to the cafe with a sense of curiosity. I didn’t expect this time the actor was a big name. He waited ten minutes before he was late. Shen Xifan recognized it at first glance. He was a very personal doctor. Of that.

He poured tea to Shen Xifan on one hand, and introduced himself with hands on his hips, panting, “My name is Li Jie, Miss Shen is embarrassed. I just forgot to leave the key in the dormitory and had to go to get it. After a while, I am embarrassed.”

Sure enough, a string of keys hung on his little finger, Shen Xifan was curious, “Your key pendant is very special!”

Irregular block shape, gray surface, with vertical cracks and brown stripes, looks smooth and lovely.

As soon as Li Jie froze, he laughed, “Raw keel, which was touched in the specimen room of the school before.” Then he handed it to Shen Xifan, pointing to explain, “This is the bone fossil of ancient mammals such as three-toed horses and elephants. You see, this piece has honeycomb holes, which can be used to wear a key ring. The raw keel is a blind medicine, it is calm in nature, enters the heart and liver meridians, calms the liver and yang, and calms the blood.”

Shen Xifan feels that he is particularly easy-going and dark. Her eyebrows rise and fall as he speaks, and she is a little strange, why the doctor is always so devoted and confident when talking about her professional things, and He Suye is also.

Li Jie also had some impressions on her, “Why did Ms. Shen look so familiar, where have you seen it?”

Shen Xifan was refreshed, “In the hospital, it seems that last time, the two of us collided… “

Li Jie realized suddenly, “Oh, that time, Miss Shen went to the Chinese medicine building, why is it uncomfortable?”

“No, not–” Shen Xifan quickly explained, “That was a little cold, and I opened a little Cold tea.”

Li Jie said “Oh”, “Which doctor was Miss Shen at the time of the doctor’s treatment, maybe I still know.”

“Doctor He, He Suye, that, how to describe it, a good doctor.”

Li Jie’s eyes lit up in an instant, “He Suye is my brother, hehe, we really have a fate!”

“Oh– ?” Shen Xifan looked at him with interest, and listened to him continue to say, “My family and his family are friends, he is one year older than me. We grew up together, I love to provoke trouble, steal the dates from other people’s trees, smashed The bad glass and the like, and then He Suye helped me to blame me. Because his parents were busy with their work, he threw him to the elementary school early. I didn’t expect to be able to keep up, so I was three times taller than me… …” The

phone in her pocket was shaking. She carefully touched it and saw Qiao Yang’s message. “Little girl, are you satisfied? I know that men look at men differently from women, so you need to see through Look at the essence through the phenomenon.”

She smiled and put the phone back in her pocket. Li Jie thought that she was quite good. She was satisfied and satisfied, but it was more appropriate to be a lover than to get along with him. .

This is still left to Qiao Yang to convey, not to be a lover, but to be a friend is also good.

In the end, Shen Xifan was strange, “Why would Dr. Li come to the blind date?”

Li Jie waved his hand, “Just call me Li Jie, in fact, we are doctors, the circle is so big, the people we associate with are either doctors or patients. My brother and Qiao Yang Brother is a good friend. I talked about it when I accidentally talked about marriage last time. I have no experience with this kind of thing. Brother Qiao said that when I went to meet a friend, I came. But I personally feel very good. It’s easy and natural to talk to you, but how can Miss Shen come for a blind date?”

Shen Xifan didn’t expect him to ask himself in reverse, and quickly explained, “My situation is actually similar to yours, a woman as big as me. If the child doesn’t have a boyfriend, the family will be in a hurry. If he can’t hold back, he will be stuck!”

Li Jie laughed, “Miss Shen is really humorous. So Miss Shen has no boyfriend and is busy working? “

She nodded. “Work is busy, and the circle of friends is only so big.”

Li Jie blinked, “It doesn’t matter, we can communicate with each other. You are in the hotel, I’m in the hospital, and you can open a dating agency together-by the way, Miss Shen feels like my brother, he has not yet Girlfriend, if you are interested, I can help you!”

“Ah–” Shen Xifan didn’t react for a while, Li Jie’s voice floated again, “Ms. Shen didn’t just talk to me about the situation of brother and sister just now, I I thought you were interesting to him?”

Shen Xifan was puzzled. There was no reason why he would like a doctor who had only met a few times. He talked less than an hour before and after, just because he was very handsome, so kind, so good, right I also look good, is it called like, it seems that I am a bit frivolous, casual.

She had to explain, “Li Jie, I just think that He Suye is very good and wants to be a friend with him. Just like I also think you are easy-going and good-natured, I just want to be a friend with you.”

Li Jie Jie scratched his head, sorry, “I’m too subjective, Miss Shen don’t mind, then I invite you to eat as a courtesy?”

Instead, Shen Xifan secretly cursed himself for the gentleman’s belly with a villain’s heart, and laughed, “Call me Shen Xifan is just fine. If you’re still a friend, it’s Miss Shen. I really don’t know how to be a friend. I’m hungry. Let’s eat!” Going to

eat Northeast cuisine, the business in the store is particularly good. There is no private room, so I can only sit by the door. By the window, Li Jie was afraid that Shen Xifan would mind. Who knew that as soon as she sat down, she pointed to the crowd coming and going and squinted and smiled, “Li Jie, seeing that others are busy, we are eating leisurely, It feels really good.”

He thought she was easy going and comfortable.

I ordered three dishes, all of which were signature dishes. Although they were not many, they were very large and tasted good. The two of them happily ate. When half of them were eaten, Shen Xifan felt like someone was looking at him and looked up. ,

Blurted out, “Dr. He?” Li Jie immediately looked up and saw that He Suye quickly pushed the door in. The first sentence was directed at Shen Xifan, speaking quickly, and the accusation was full of meaning, “Why didn’t I take medicine today?” Did you forget it again? Just reminded you yesterday!”

Shen Xifan had to ridicule, “Forget, you must go tomorrow, don’t expire!”

After the two people finished their meal, the waiter brought the bills, and the two went to reach for their wallets at the same time. Li Jie paid the money first. Shen Xifan was refreshing and generous. “Please have a meal someday!”

She got up and went to the bathroom, He Su Ye’s doubts finally asked, “How can you two be together?”

Li Jie knocked on the bowl with chopsticks and said like a book, “Brother, in fact, it’s just an ordinary friend meeting. Although under the guise of a blind date, but I and her It was the same as before, without men and women’s

personal feelings!” After a pause, he added another good thing, “I think I was blind date for you, a strange feeling!”

He Suye immediately froze, ” Me? Blind date, nonsense!”

Because Shen Xifan and He Suye’s family lived in a community, so after the three broke up in Times Square, the two of them went all the way, Shen Xifan couldn’t be in a good mood today, He Suye saw her nonstop Looked around, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, he was also infected, and he couldn’t express happiness in his heart.

There are people on the street, and there will be five days of Christmas, and then New Year. The store is decorated with Christmas trees, hanging lights, and Merry Christmas sprayed on the windows! Happy New Year! , The fountain on the square is colorful. The children were running and cheering in the square, and the couple held hands intimately.

However, after so many years, he felt so lively for the first time, the air was filled with joy and laughter.

Suddenly, he felt that someone was pulling his clothes corner and looked down, a girl who bought flowers smiled at him, “Big brother, buy a bouquet of flowers for your girlfriend!”

He Suye was a little helpless, but Shen Xifan laughed, “

baby , he is my dad, you made a mistake!” The little girl looked at them in disbelief and walked away suspiciously, He Suye looked at Shen Xifan and snickered while covering her mouth. , Really helpless. She was wearing a red and black plaid cotton coat, ponytails, big eyes, full of energy, and full of energy. She was not like a 25-year-old professional woman. If she was a high school student, I am afraid that everyone would believe. He sighed, “Sure enough, I am Old.”

Shen Xifan comforted him. “Dr. He likes to eat jelly, and people are always old!”

When she walked to the supermarket in the community, she got in, and He Suye was waiting for her at the door. After a while she came out, carrying a large bag, and then she asked him expectantly, “He Suye, do you like eating Sweet food?”

This is the first time he heard her call his name and couldn’t say it. It just felt that she had a special taste when she pronounced “Su Ye” with a soft accent. It was a bit like grandpa making honey pills when she was a child. The honey used at the time is sweet and sticky.

He nodded, “I like it, what’s wrong?”

She took out a piece of Dove chocolate, “The return of the jelly, He Suye should see the doctor as a thank you to the doctor!”

He took it with a smile and said Say “Thank you!” Then he found that Shen Xifan’s face was slightly reddish, and a faint touch of light under the illumination of the street lamp, like the last sunset of summer night. She estimated that she regretted her boldness. She didn’t dare to look up at him until the door of the house. Although he was always dull, but intuitively, he suddenly saw the little girl’s idea.

But this is also the first time that he does not reject someone who likes him so straightforwardly, even Zhang Yiling.

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