LUBTIH Chapter 6

In the afternoon, when the Chinese medicine building was sparsely populated, He Suye squatted in the pharmacy to help the pharmacist catch and decoction.

He is the attending physician, so he doesn’t have to go to the pharmacy in person, but he has very few patients in the afternoon. He likes all kinds of medicinal materials, like the unique flavor of the pharmacy, full-bodied, and fragrant. The Chinese pharmacy has just recruited novices. He Huohou always needs someone to mention something.

He picked up a prescription and looked at it carefully. “Shen Xifan”-a nice-looking name, but when you read it, why is it so-porridge? Her family is really affordable.

Huang Cen is very bitter, but the other medicines are sweet and mild, and should not be difficult to drink. After a month of drinking, give her a Baiziren porridge, or grind a bit of jujube kernel powder to help insomnia.

However, he is not sure whether the girl will have any other problems. The frequency of seeing it three times in two weeks is indeed a bit high for a doctor and a patient.

To her, she always seemed to be full of surprises and miracles, and she even had a hint of anticipation.

After a while, the outpatient nurse came over, “Dr. He, Director Liao of the inpatient department called you to let you go now.”

He dropped the prescription and told the pharmacist to master the fire, and then went to the inpatient department.

Director Liao had been waiting for him in the office early and greeted him, “Xiao He, you come and see me in the ward. Recently, the temperature has suddenly dropped. Some patients cough and the effect of treatment with benproperine is not obvious. I dared not try it. Yes, can you see if you can prescribe some Chinese medicine? This is your best at studying Chinese and Western medicine.”

He Suye smiled embarrassedly, “I will do my best.”

He carefully pulsed and prescribed medicine. These patients are all Gastroenterology, so it is generally gastrointestinal and other problems, he did not dare to use too fierce medicine, and added some medicine to relax the liver and qi, warm the stomach and Chinese medicine as appropriate.

A patient asked him, “Doctor, I spit out yellow-green gastric juice every day when I administer Chinese medicine. What’s going on?”

He looked at the medical records and explained, “Maybe Tian Qifen is a little irritating, but it’s not a

big deal . If you feel uncomfortable, you can ask your attending doctor to reduce it to three times a day.” Director Liao came over to see, “Oh, It’s Xiao Xu’s patient, why didn’t he hear him?”

Suddenly, the lights in the ward went out, and it was dark early in the winter afternoon. The patient was shocked, and a nurse ran over immediately. “It may be out of power, call now! “The

electricity is coming. It is the generator inside the hospital. It is only provided to the emergency department and the inpatient department. Director Liao is kind. “Xiao He, tomorrow I will ask the nurse to get medicine again. Your Chinese medicine building does not have electricity. “

He Suye nodded. “I’ll take the prescription first. If there is a call, I let them fry it immediately.”

Director Liao patted him on the shoulder . ” Alright, then I’ll trouble you, right ,Say hello to your father!”

He Suye nodded and agreed, but he calculated in his heart how long he hadn’t met his father.

At half past five, it was the usual rush hour. He usually walked late. Whenever the Huadeng got up early, he waited for the car to slowly come under the stop sign, crowded into the dense crowd of people, and the regular congestion made him feel a little anticipation and a little depression.

Even though life is full and busy, he still feels lonely.

Fortunately, there was no power outage at home. He Suye was about to open the door. A sound of footsteps followed, and then a familiar voice came. He was weak, “Master, please reward us with a meal!”

He turned back, surprised, “Li Jie, Fang Kexin, huh, it’s been a long time since I disappeared.”

Li Jie pouted and gestured twice. “What memory, I’m with you, I saw you in the hospital yesterday.”

He Suye smiled awkwardly , “Is there anything wrong with me?” ,

Just make a phone call.” Li Jie was depressed. “The school is out of power . Master, you know our school is dead. There are no generators in the old campus, no cafeterias, and small restaurants around.”

“So Come here to eat mixed rice?” He Suye smiled, “Come in, there is no food at home, you will order.”

Even though the dinner was simple, He Suye had a good craftsmanship, and they cheered repeatedly.

Li Jie is Brother He Suye, and the two are also friends. He always treats He Suye as his brother. He is as casual as his own in his home. After eating, he loses his tableware and goes online to play games. Xin stand up and help clean up the dishes, I am sorry, “big Brother, really trouble you.”

He took the sage busy dishes, “OK, you stood it, I went to wash the dishes.”

twist, but what the sage She insisted that she had to wander around the house. His new home was as simple and refreshing as his own. There were various pharmacopoeias, magazines and periodicals, and half of the papers written on the desk of the study. Suddenly she remembered when she had been to his house last time-two years ago, when Master and Zhang Yiling broke up.

No one knew that she had a crush on He Suye four years ago. At that time, she and Li Jie were high school classmates. They happened to be admitted to the same university and naturally became good friends. She always heard from Li Jiekou that this master’s top academic was great, and the people are good. Since childhood, she has blamed herself and is also an object of worship.

She remembered that on New Year’s Day, a group of clinical classmates went to dinner, and Li Jie stopped at a table and stopped suddenly, exclaiming excitedly, “Oh, what a coincidence, Master, you are here too-Sister, you Good!”

Everyone’s eyes were focused on that table. The man raised his head, smiled softly, and his brows were gentle. “Yeah, you, come with your classmates.” The

girl immediately whispered, ” this is our school do, how I have never seen so handsome boys! “

and so on Lee referral back, only to explain to them,” my brothers, he has been in the old campus, Integrative Medicine for seven years. “

it was a joke, “! Li Jie, give us know, by the way matchmaking”

Lee referred pretending to be mysterious, “what the media ah, people already have a girlfriend, I advise you not to dig into, and Well -! opposite is”

a The girl suddenly realized, “That’s not Sister Zhang Yiling, she is famous. The vice chairman of the school’s student union and the editor of the school newspaper blame her for being common. It turned out to be in the old campus.”

Others echoed, “It’s such a match, it makes people jealous.” I

don’t know if the atmosphere was too warm that day, or for other reasons. She also drank a lot of beer.

When she came out of the bathroom, she felt a little trance. The stairs in front of her became inexplicably doubled, her body fell forward uncontrollably, her feet were empty, and she was held steady by her hands when she almost screamed. Too.

Most of the time when the wine woke up, she faced He Suye’s handsome face, almost embarrassed to say nothing, and whispered, “Thank you, brother!”

He Suye smiled politely, “Is Li Jie’s classmate?” , Glad to meet you.”

She didn’t know how to answer, nodded, and hurriedly fled back to her seat . She hadn’t settled yet. He Su Ye and Zhang Yiling came over to say goodbye to them. Children drink less wine.”

That day, she really drank too much, as if to be angry with anyone.

She knew that her heart had quietly changed. She almost fell in love with He Suye at first glance. Such a handsome and gentle man, she believed in love at first sight.

But she has the qualifications to disturb. Later, she learned from other populations that He Suye and Zhang Yiling are all model couples known to the First Clinical School of Medicine. Those who know them will lament the perfect match.

She had never imagined that she could replace Zhang Yiling, but she was secretly in love with him. Obediently be a little sister in front of him, silently pay attention to his every move, make harmless and elegant jokes, intentionally or unintentionally imitate Zhang Yiling’s dress, sometimes find some cases to ask him, although he is not studying video, Just to stay beside him for a moment. I thought they would get married, and then there would be lovely children, who will grow old together, but everything came to an end with Zhang Yiling’s going abroad.

She really doesn’t understand, the two people in love can divide as much as they want.

She still remembers that on the rainy night, He Suye said to Zhang Yiling, in front of her and Li Jie, you should leave as soon as you go, please don’t regret if you leave, I respect you for your choice, and also respect you my feeling.

That night, He Suye was drunk for the first time, Zhang Yiling was only silent and then silent, she felt faintly that Zhang Yiling’s going abroad must not be simple, but what might happen, she might never know.

From the beginning to the end, she was a bystander, a crush, and their everything had nothing to do with her.

After Zhang Yiling left, He Suye disappeared for a long time, and even Li Jie couldn’t find him. She went to his hospital office, asked his classmates to inquire, and finally realized that he went to the mountainous clinic.

One day she saw He Suye appearing in the laboratory, looking haggard and losing a lot, and asked him, he said that he went to the mountainous area for a free clinic for three months, and now that he is back, everything is fine, no need to worry.

His smile at that time was far-fetched, and the whole person exuded a decadent taste. She was uncomfortable, and she felt heartache, so she doubled up to He Suye. She did not dare to deliberately replace Zhang Yiling’s status. She just wanted him to be better.

Until one day, He Suye said to her, “Sister Xiaomei, find someone who can do you good. I am not worth it.”

She realized that her thoughts were hidden very well, but He Suye knew everything, he always refused himself in the most tactful way, overtime, papers, things, and she even thought he was really so busy.

Later, she finally figured out that He Suye is the most principled person, love is love, as long as that person’s love is enough, not love is not love, and will not be greedy for the temporary warmth. It’s just that I can never be that person.

The He Su Ye family has many medicinal materials, all of which are specimens from the school, and are well collected.

She doesn’t study Chinese medicine, so she rarely gets a name, but she likes to see these medicinal materials in various shapes and colors. Students who study Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine put the medicinal materials in a transparent plastic bag, which is very unique. Take it with you, sometimes they are jokingly called “Chinese medicine sachets”.

But she knows the medicines such as turtle board, soil Poria, Cangshu, Ligustrum lucidum, habitat, chicken bone grass, and the dessert made with them is turtle paste, if it is refined according to ancient methods, from the treatment of medicinal materials to the simmering of the fire The refining process takes about ten hours.

It turned out that she didn’t like Guiling cream and always felt bitter, but since she happened to see He Suye’s dessert at a snack shop once, she tried to eat it and tried to like it until she finally found that it was inseparable.

Every bite, the bitter taste, like the taste of her crush, only at that time, I feel that he will be closer to him.

She was seeing God, He Suye came over and asked, “What do you see? I don’t have anything interesting here.”

Fang Kexin was holding the small bag in her hand, “Is the soil Poria, right?”

He Suye Nodded, “The basics of traditional Chinese medicine are good, it is Tuckahoe.”

She smiled, a flash of joy and pride flashed in her eyes, “I only know a little fur, and in front of the master, it is the class who got the axe, right, how do you smell A taste of Chinese medicine, are you boiling Chinese medicine?”

He Suye pointed to the living room, “It’s the freshly made tortoise paste and green bean paste, go quickly, don’t be robbed by Li Jie’s greedy ghost!”

Guiling ointment cut into Blocky, drizzled with mung bean honey, delicious and refreshing to eat, very suitable for meaty and greasy after consumption.

Li Jie only cares about food, but Fang Kexin asked, “Master, do you like to eat tortoise cream?”

He Suye nodded with a smile, “I like it very much, I used to do it at home when I was a kid, and I didn’t like it very much at that time. This kind of bitter taste, when I later eat it, I think that the bitter taste is the most evocative. In fact, Guiling ointment is very good, nourishing yin and kidney, moisturizing skin care, eliminating acne, conditioning organs, clearing heat and detoxification.”

Li Jie interjected, ” Brother, I remember going to your house at that time, and I felt weird when I saw the dark thing, but it tasted pretty good. The jelly in the Chinese herbal medicine version.”

He Suye raised her eyebrows, “Dare to love at that time. My guy was the one who stole the Guiling cream. My grandfather thought that the cat came out and took it away!”

Li Jie smiled smugly. “But it’s still a greedy cat!” The

three laughed, Li I was a bit forgetful, and blurted out, “Yes, brother, did you have any news about Sister Zhang Yiling? We mentioned her at the last classmate meeting. How is she in the US now? By the way, Brother Qiu Tian!”

The atmosphere suddenly calmed down, before he frowned and hit him with his elbow. “Take it for you, don’t have anything to talk about.”

He Suye smiled first, “I am not very clear about Zhang Yiling’s situation. , I haven’t contacted her for a long time, but Qiu Tian did have some. Last month he told me that he was preparing a thesis, and he might be graduating soon.”

Li Jie was envious of his face . ” Brother Qiu Tian, ​​it doesn’t look so good. A talent in Yu.”

He Suye nodded. “It makes sense, an absolute person is fine!”

Fang Kexin’s heart surged, staring at He Suye stunnedly for the first time in two years. He Suye mentioned Zhang Yiling. She always thought that this was his taboo. The scars buried in the bottom of her heart would not be easily displayed. It was unexpected that he was so casual now, as if discussing the weather today as natural.

After a while, she responded, “Brother, you are now to her sister…”

“It’s been two years since.” He Suye said frankly, “Why do you have trouble with yourself, this is her choice, I She had to be respected, and she walked so determinedly, so it all passed away.”

He Suye’s eyes were purely calm, no sadness, no grief, and it was completely different from the rainy night two years ago.

He was willing, let go, no longer nostalgic, and he, and everyone in the world who was trapped in the past but could not extricate themselves, do not know when to let go, if not, how happy this life is.

After eating, the two got up and said goodbye, and he looked at the specimen in the study room alone.

These were all brought back from school by Zhang Yiling, who said that she had to learn something about traditional Chinese medicine. In his memory, she has always been a woman who is too strong, always not allowing herself to fail, the best results, the most unique clothes , The deputy chairman of the Student Union and the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, such a girl is born to be favored by God. However, she even looks for the best boyfriend, but is she the best one?

Because her test scores are always no higher than him, especially Chinese medicine.

In his impression, she was very busy every day. The journal was planned by her, and she often represented the school to participate in various meetings of the Provincial Federation of Students and organized various activities of the student union, but the results did not fall. Until one day, she leaned on her shoulder and said quietly, “He Suye, I’m really tired of living!”

He felt distressed, but he couldn’t think of any reason to let her give up, so she kindly persuaded her, “Girls, why do you have to be so strong? Just try your best. Why do you make yourself so tight?”

Zhang Yiling shook his head. “He Suye, you never know how strong I am. Sometimes I think I’m terrible.”

The last word is a prophecy.

He still remembers that the early autumn was a little cool, the flowers blooming but the mood was low, but he smelled the restless restlessness faintly.

The dean called them to the office and said very seriously, “Our college has a quota for public assignment abroad. According to the usual points, internship performance, mentor recommendation, and the department’s vote, the two of you are the most qualified, but if you are in trouble, Here, we all know what happened between you, so you are born to discuss it yourself.”

He knows that learning Chinese and Western medicine is the hardest to go abroad, especially when he is biased towards Chinese medicine, and he feels excited, and he is eager to try, but when he saw Zhang Yiling The longing and yearning eyes seemed to be silent pleading. He immediately softened his heart and made a decision immediately.

But he was wrong, he thought Zhang Yiling would come back to discuss with him, he thought she would persuade herself to give up, if she really asked him to do that, he also recognized, he would let her go, and then wait for her back in place .

However, for three days, she did not go back to school or go to the department. He made all the calls, and only the cold prompt “Sorry, the phone you dialed has been turned off.” On the fourth day, he saw her standing at the door of the duty room of the Internal Medicine Building and stopped him. He said coldly, “He Suye, I’m leaving. The department gave me a notice and sent me to study in the United States.”

He smiled reluctantly. But congratulated her sincerely, but suddenly he saw the bruise on Zhang Yiling’s neck and confirmed it several times before asking, but at that time he was so calm and calm that he couldn’t even believe it, “Zhang Yiling, what is your quota? Come, can you tell me!”

Zhang Yiling lowered his eyes and said with a firm tone, “I exchanged it with myself, OK! He Suye, I know that as long as your family speaks, the dean will definitely give you the quota, so I had to start with the strength first.”

He He smiled bitterly and shook his head. “If you say you want a place, you know I will give it to you. Why do you work hard on yourself?”

This sentence touched Zhang Yiling. She raised her head and looked at him calmly. , “I don’t want to owe you a favor, because I have to leave without worrying!” A

good “no concern”, what can he say now, this strong girl, after all, chose his own path, But he had a doubt that could not be solved, “Zhang Yiling, did you ever care about me, and what kind of existence

did I, to you?” He didn’t immediately wait for this answer, but he Finally waited.

On the rainy night before Zhang Yiling left, she told him, “I wanted the best, the best grades, the best clothes since I was a child. At that time, I told myself that I want the best boyfriend and the best husband So, He Suye, I loved you, but I fell in love with your best, I went abroad, and then I will meet better, so I will definitely not love you.” The

truth is clear, this is so strong The woman who wants is a man who can match her, not He Suye.

He had to be silent, and he kept telling himself that it was no big deal, no wonder Zhang Yiling, because this society has not become more and more utilitarian.

But there was a kind of despair where the faith was broken. He thought that they would spend their entire lives in plain life, simple and happy.

Later, the high-intensity work of the hospital made him gradually forget some things in the past. He likes a busy and fulfilling life and likes his job. He cherishes this calm and tranquility.

But even if there are girls who always show straight or implicit favors to him, he always smiles and refuses.

The good friend Qiu Tian was puzzled. He bitterly persuaded him not to hang himself on a flower. He didn’t say it, but he knew clearly that the girl who could accompany him for a lifetime had not yet appeared.

Thinking of the phrase “The revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades need to continue to work hard,” he laughed at himself, sorted out his thoughts, started to clean up the kitchen, and then opened the refrigerator to see the ingredients for breakfast tomorrow. It turned out that the eggs and bread were gone. He put on his clothes and prepared to go to the supermarket in the community to buy something.

Inadvertently looking out of the window, the community is at the time when the Wanjia lights are on. There are orange lights, intertwined with incandescent lamps, and the unpredictable color of the TV, reflected on the windows of every household.

He knows that although these lights are not burning for him, as long as you wait slowly, there will always be such a lamp.

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