LUBTIH Chapter 5

New Pavilion of Gunan Huating.

Shen Xifan’s eyes were attracted by a spider. She was a little myopic, but unfortunately, she forgot to take off her glasses while inspecting.

The foremen are a little nervous, this picture is already very strange: Manager Shen in the dark blue professional suit poses as a thinker, staring at a corner intently, what Liaoyuan seems to be expecting, until the supervisor Sister Zhang Suddenly, “Ah! There is a spider!”

Shen Xifan nodded with satisfaction. “Is it because our hotel’s ecological environment is too good? Even the spiders have come here?”

Jingge’s room foreman is sincere, “Manager Shen, it’s me “Neglect.”

She nodded. “I’ll check it again at five in the afternoon. Remember, it’s all. I won’t be bothered.”

Back in the office, she turned on the computer to check the department’s accounts. She just read two lines. , Suddenly, the computer “snapped” and the power was cut off. She sniffed carefully, the computer didn’t burn? Look at the indicator light on the water dispenser again, oh, there is a power outage!

The engineering staff immediately called, “Mr. Shen, there is a large power outage in the city, so the hotel generator is activated, but because the power range is too large, the administrative building is temporarily not powered. Please understand.”

Shen Xifan said, “Uh” “You have worked hard.”

She put on her clothes and walked to the lobby, called her dad. Dad Shen said it seemed that there was a large-scale power outage in the east of the city, and her home was in the west of the city. The power supply was normal. She relieved. “I Go home later in the evening.” The

lobby is a bit chaotic. It may have been caused by the elevator stopping at the time of the power outage. Although it was only a moment, some guests were frightened. A little girl panicked and shouted “Mom”.

Ding Wei, the lobby manager, explained the situation. Fortunately, the guests could understand it, and the scene soon came under control.

Shen Xifan crouched in front of the little girl and asked, “Child, what about your mother?”

The little girl’s milk was milky and she said intermittently, “I just…she was still here…the power outage…is messy…I was squeezed here…and then there is no mother…”

She had to Take the little girl to the security office, call up the surveillance video in the lobby, and let her recognize that the little girl is very clever, pointing at a woman who is not tall and saying, “This is it!”

Shen Xifan motioned to turn the video back. Turning around, her face was facing her, she suddenly froze, Gu Ningyuan?

She pointed to the screen and asked, “Children, are you sure this is your mother?” The

little girl nodded. “Mother suddenly said that she was going out. I didn’t want to stay at home alone, so I secretly got into her car and followed Come here, but when I get here, my mother disappears in a blink of an eye.”

“What’s your name?”

“Zhou Siqi.”

Shen Xifan was relieved. Fortunately, it wasn’t her surname “Yan” or “Dai”. It’s just that this little girl is less than six or seven years old. How could it be Gu Ningyuan’s daughter? There is no similarity between the eyebrows and eyebrows. Perhaps, it’s not biological.

“Auntie will help you to find your mother now, so you should stay here with your uncle security guard, okay?”

“Auntie!” the little girl pleaded timidly. “Will you not let her hit me when the mother finds you ?” , Siqi is so scared!”

Gu Ningyuan, how many years have he not remembered this name, that memory has been deliberately ignored by himself. After three years of dug it out, it still hurts, just like it has just condensed With a light touch, the blood clot will stop bleeding.

She still remembers that Gu Ning called her three years ago in the hallway of the teaching building. With her eyes open, her guilty gaze provoked at Shang Ningyuan. “I am with him is well known, Shen Xifan. Did you find him?”

She said nothing but held her finger fiercely.

“Don’t deceive yourself, Shen Xifan, I don’t believe you haven’t heard the rumors that we are together? But now you can see it if you haven’t heard it!” Gu Ningyuan smiled provocatively, “Don’t pester him anymore, so strict Heng will be very troubled, and I don’t like him coming back to you.”

“Shen Xifan, Yan Heng has long felt a little tired of you. Breaking up is an inevitable result. Why can’t you accept the facts willingly.”

She lowered her head and bit her lips tightly, she hated her, but she couldn’t do anything, It was only a thin sentence: “I know.”

But she couldn’t do it. She only had to explain it by Yan Heng.

Now think about it, she was really stupid at that time, willing to play such a role-“ex-girlfriend”, even if he knew that he had another new love, and he was also cheeky to ask, that the Gu Ningyuan’s criticism was also asked for of.

She didn’t need to go to her by herself, and she kept deliberately avoiding the villa area of ​​Jingge, but she didn’t know why there was a courage to push her to face it now-maybe it was unwilling, maybe it was a love, maybe it was still There are more reasons. She was not the little girl who hid and cried when she saw Yan Heng with other girls. But she didn’t know what she wanted now.

After the end of the unforgettable first love, three years later, the man and the woman reunited. What kind of expressions and words should she use, she didn’t know, but in many cases, everything was not explained and there was no way to explain it.

Although it was winter, she sweated uncontrollably and asked herself over and over again whether she was ready to face this time.

The two stood under the tree and talked. Yan Heng stood opposite the Gu Ningyuan. The flower of the original chemistry department is no longer beautiful. The delicate makeup can not hide the haggard face. Perhaps her marriage is not happy, Shen Xifan guesses .

She didn’t make a sound, just stood far away, and could not hear them, but saw that Gu Ningyuan grabbed Yan Heng’s arm and was thrown out by him fiercely, then she stumbled out with tears in her eyes .

Shen Xifan took a deep breath and shouted, “Wait, Miss Gu!”

Gu Ningyuan and Yan Heng turned their heads at the same time. One was surprised and the other was annoyed. Shen Xifan only said lightly, “Miss Gu, your daughter is in In the security room in the lobby, please take her away, and,” she paused, “the child just came out with no intention, please don’t blame her!”

Gu Ningyuan laughed, but was extremely reluctant. She saw Shen Xifan’s badge, and she was a little surprised. “I didn’t expect you to work in this hotel. Fortunately, I am very busy today. I will ask you to talk about it separately.”

Shen Xifan wailed. , You just invited me to eat the Manhan Quanxi, and I didn’t go either. I was afraid of you, but she kindly added a sentence, “Your daughter, please don’t scold her!”

Gu Ningyuan twitched her mouth and turned away. , Just like that time, she confronted her directly, neatly.

Shen Xifan’s involuntary glance, this woman, always has a bit more domineering and independent than herself. At that time, Yan Heng chose her not unreasonably.

She and Yan Heng stood face to face, not far away, but the atmosphere was extremely awkward. She spoke slowly, but politely alienated. “Mr. Yan, there is a large-scale power outage in this city. Didn’t you have any impact just now?”

Yan Heng shook his head. The tone was a little soft, “Xi Fan, do we have to be so decent?”

She suddenly choked, and suddenly regretted coming here to find nothing to do, she turned around and wanted to go, Yan Heng’s voice rang in the back, floating in the air, rigid. Hit it in my heart.

She was breathless and could not move for half a minute.

“Xiaofan…..” In the

past, she was flooded with earth and earth. A feeling of longing and fear occupied her thoughts in an instant. It was ambiguous. What pressed deep in the memory was turbulent and unstoppable. pain.

“Shen Xifan, your name reads a lot like porridge, but that is porridge, very fragrant, just like you, you have to slowly experience it to taste the taste!”

“Shen Xifan, you see you all It’s my girlfriend. It’s not intimate to call your name. Or, let’s call you Xiaofan!”

“Xiaofan, Xiaofan, do you like this name? What? Like a dog’s name? How could it be, if you were The dog is also the cutest dog in the world, and the laziest dog!”

“Xiaofan, don’t make trouble, your future old justice is reading, what to do if you don’t have money to feed you in the future, you don’t like to bring a loft house, we will Go pick such a house and live for a lifetime.”

“Shen Xifan, let’s break up, you have changed, not the original Shen Xifan, goodbye, Shen Xifan!”

Her thoughts were interrupted by Yan Heng’s words, “Xiaofan, only you know my taste, I don’t like spicy food but like to eat hot pot, I do not eat fish, drink soup, I eat meals every day, all you had asked the chef’s bar, three years, to me, what you did not forget, is not it? “

his eyes are not immediately The contention became damp, and Shen Xifan dared not raise her head and bit her lip. Just a familiar name made her so emotional and sentimental. If she continued, she did not know how to face the scarred past and the slim future.

A person’s life-long injury is not soothed with words, nor forgotten with endless time, but healed with happiness, but she is really puzzled. Happiness has been taken away by him, or has never existed.

Suddenly, the walkie-talkie rang, and she picked it up in a hurry. There was a supervisor’s voice over there, “Mr. Shen, do you want to inspect the hygiene at five o’clock?”

She immediately agreed, “I’ll go right away, okay, on the 1st Wait for me in front of the building.”

Shen Xifan didn’t dare to say goodbye, just as she had never said “goodbye” to him, even though they last met, she didn’t say “goodbye”. This time she just whispered softly, “Mr. Yan, I have left beforehand.”

She always said, goodbye, there are two meanings, one is to see you again, and the other is not to see, both meanings she doesn’t like, Because he neither wants to be separated from him, nor does he want to have no chance to meet him.

But it is always counterproductive.

Bypassing the artificial lake in Jingge, she suddenly felt powerless. Through the winter wind, she tried to keep herself awake. She warned herself that she should not bring personal emotions at work, and should not have unclear relationships with customers. She has always been a thoughtful person and is extremely self-disciplined.

Take a deep breath to adjust the state, sort out the uniform, and then give yourself a smile and keep meditating-the guest room, the door lock is flexible, there is no handprint, the room brand is clean and smooth, the walls and ceiling, no spider webs, stains.

After checking all the floors, Shen Xifan nodded with satisfaction, “The sanitary condition is very good, I am very satisfied, and thank you all, I have worked hard this afternoon!”

Then she was ready to go back to the office to pick up things, inadvertently pass by the Chinese restaurant, and then back back, Nose sniffing exaggeratedly, ran to the backstage operation room to find Xu Xiangya, “Ivory, there are fennel dumplings tonight?”

Xu Xiangya jumped, “You are a dog nose! So you can smell it from far away? Hello, what do you want to do? The fennel is so tender in winter, so it’s easy to find it and it’s not for you! Give it up!”

She was unhappy, “Is it for Yan Heng, no, it’s all good to me, he actually prefers to eat celery dumplings “

Xu Xiangya’s eyes lit up, “True and false, don’t lie to me!”

“No lie to you, no lie to you!” She reached out and wanted to grab the delicate dumpling in the blue and white porcelain bowl. Good looking, the food for VIP is different.

Chef Uncle Li smiled, “If it doesn’t matter, Manager Shen likes to pack it up. There is still more than half of it, and it’s time to make it. Ah, Manager Xu, do you now make celery or fennel?”

Shen Xifan answered Xu Xiangya instead, ” For celery, give Mr. Yan a little more sugar. He likes it sweeter. Vinegar needs vinegar. He doesn’t eat balsamic vinegar! The rest of the fennel is wrapped together, and the cabbage will be ordered again. The winter solstice is almost here, and it’s a joy to celebrate, and everyone has worked hard for this meeting.”

The little girl with her own food delivery packaged the dumplings, added a bowl of noodle soup, and placed it with Shen Xifan.

Xu Xiangya was extremely depressed. “My manager of the food and beverage department failed too much. Should we change it?”

Shen Xifan quickly shook his head. “No, I’m afraid I will take the lead in corruption and bribery. You know I can’t resist Li Shu’s best. Culinary skills, and, are you not afraid that I will eat up the hotel poorly?”

Everyone laughed, except Yan Heng who was not far away, with a somewhat lonely expression.

He still remembered that Shen Xifan was a glutton, not as picky as he was, but it was delicious.

The first time I saw her was a law elective course in her sophomore year. Winter morning is the most tormenting will. Generally, people will sleep in a hurry before coming to class, bring milk and bread, etc., and then eat in a fair and decent way. Because it is an elective course, the teacher only smiles when he encounters such a situation. There are also unreliable teachers who will borrow money from classmates to buy breakfast during class. They have been borrowed several times and have been doubled. Money, in short, winter is an excellent reason to be lazy.

Shen Xifan slipped in from the back door only ten minutes after class, carrying a lunch box, sitting in front of the penultimate row of windows, and then she opened the lunch box, and immediately a burst of steam and rice noodles rushed out, He was surprised that he was so bold that the steamed dumplings in the cafeteria could be packed and taken to the classroom.

Even the original steamed dumplings tasted even more, she added some vinegar, and immediately a classmate nearby turned her head to see the source of the taste, smiled and turned back again, which was regarded as her breakfast. But she was also conscious, she lifted the bench, squatted on the ground by the window, and she ate the first bite, and he smelled it as fennel dumplings.

At that time, he was suffering violently, his empty stomach suddenly began to betrayed because of the smell of dumplings, and his brain began to fly because of insufficient blood supply. He really wanted to tell her, can you not eat it, the taste is too fragrant, really It affects the classroom too much.

She just sat up and took water to drink. He gently poked her back with a pen and said quietly, “Student, can you go out to eat dumplings?” But I don’t know what she heard, I saw she slightly surprised a moment, hand reach for the lunch box, he shook his head, and from the bag and took out half a pack of digestive biscuits, “dumplings as well as half, if you are hungry to eat this!”

dumbfounding, had to take over, not for a long while Dare to move and prepare to give it back to her when the class is over. As a result, she jumped up and shouted, “You have eaten, go grab a meal, or you will have no meal!”

herself, pinching half a bag of cookies, blank. He didn’t know it until later, Shen Xifan heard his words, classmates, can you, give me, eat dumplings?

Later, they began to fall in love and go on dates. They like to pick the snack shop near the school. Shen Xifan said that there are the most fragrant fennel dumplings there. They ordered two. Shen Xifan always stared at his own after eating.

At that time, he just thought she was cute, childish, and a greedy guy. Until one day, he went to the snack shop alone to order fennel dumplings, the same stuffing, the same tableware and chopsticks, the same vinegar, but could no longer eat the original taste.

It turned out that the feeling was the taste of happiness, no matter what I ate, I felt sweet.

Yan Heng thought that she hadn’t changed. She likes to eat dumplings. She needs to add a lot of vinegar. Then she eats white lips and sips water.

He suddenly realized that three years had passed, like three seconds had passed, he had never modified his memory. The days of young frenzy never returned, but he never returned to those days to make up for his mistakes.

She should hate herself?

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