LUBTIH Chapter 4

Due to work reasons, Shen Xifan stayed in the hotel all day long, and her office was filled with a smell of Chinese medicine. Lin Yishen always shouted, “Shen Daxian, are you practicing alchemy again?”

Shen Xifan always greeted him with cooperation. , “Come in and try to cure all

diseases !” Xu Xiangya was curious . ” Porridge, what do you do with Chinese medicine every day? Menopause?”

Shen Xifan frowned. “If I were menopause, you would soon get into the soil. I was eating cold. Medicine!”

Xu Xiangya pretended to be amazed. “Wow, it’s cold outside, you are so professional!”

“It’s not me who is professional, it’s the handsome doctor.” She said to herself, what appeared to be a dimple on her right when she smiled Doctors.

Who knows Xu Xiangya’s power is so good, immediately gossip, “Handsome? Doctor, who? Do you have a spring of porridge? Wow, uniform plot, doctor, white coat, so professional.”

Shen Xifan gave her a glance, “you The level of hair nympho is also very professional!” Proposed a bag of Chinese medicine, shaking in front of her, “The price of seeing a handsome doctor is very heavy, short pleasure and then long painful torture!”

Xu Xiangya pouted, “It doesn’t matter, I I pretended to be sick, and then left after reading it, and threw it away for me. Anyway, the patient didn’t care about the medicine, and the handsome doctor!”

Suddenly, Xu Xiangya approached her and lowered her voice, “Porridge, you think that Yan Heng How about it?”

She frowned, “Ask what to do with this? Could it be that the nympho is sent to the guests?”

“No matter what , I’ve practiced King Kong’s intact body, it’s my little waiters. Every The second time I saw him, I was so excited that I was about to help him serve food. He smiled, and the children were almost dizzy!”

“Is that so exaggerated? I think he looks too good!”

Xu Xiangya pouted “I think it’s pretty good. There are young talents and talents of overseas returnees. They have both fame and fortune. However, such men are estimated to have girlfriends. Maybe they will talk about marriage early.”

Shen Xifan smiled faintly, “Yeah, that kind of man is enough. We still live the lives of the people honestly.” After

a long silence, Xu Xiangya would have taken the case. “Man, I’ll find him like this. The man is her husband!”

Shen Xifan has a musty heart, she just kept silent and took a pill in the cup. Xu Xiangya was stunned and praised, “Talent! Talent! Shen Cairen!”

She was resting in the afternoon and suddenly received Shen Dad calls, surprise, just pick up and there is a sink father pitiful voice, “Fanfan, your mother is not up to what period, temper hard and stinking?”

she speculated, “menopausal syndrome?”

that Xiang Shen’s father nodded madly, “Yes, yes, that’s what it is. If you don’t go home, I’m a poor middle peasant now. I’m being bullied by her every day. If she says something about her, she complains. I said ten words, let me stop talking? In fact, she is the one who speaks the most!”

Shen Xifan had to comfort her dad, “Dad, you don’t know her temper, it turned out to be bad, and the result was menopause Hormone secretion disorder is even more irritable, you tell her cold war, soft resistance, eight years of anti-Japanese war, three years of experience of the Communist Party of China tell us-persistence is victory!”

“Does it work?” Father Shen hesitated.

She vowed to promise, “I’ll bear it if it’s useless. This family will not fight what I have with her voice. I will go home and persuade her another day. Now I work very busy. I have been staying in the hotel all the time. Endure.”

Father Shen suddenly thought of something, and hurriedly asked, “Yes, Fanfan, your cousin will bring your prospective sister-in-law to meet and have a meal. Will you have time to come?”

Shen Xifan Laughed, “When Qiao Yang abducted a wife, go!

She must go!” She went straight to the hotel after work, just got out of the taxi, and received a call, “Fan Fan, everyone is waiting for you, hurry Click!” I

took the bag and went straight to the second floor. When I pushed the door in, it was a familiar face. The elders and juniors each had a table. I saw her all coaxing, “Late!” “Fine drinking!” “Ayang, give her Full, full!”

Shen Xifan smiled bitterly. The people in their family just loved and had good feelings. But she likes this feeling very much, a big family is noisy together, very happy.

She was in a good mood and had a happy event with her cousin. She drank a lot and felt a little bit above, so she made an excuse to go to the rooftop to blow her hair.

Suddenly heard a noise behind her, she turned around and greeted with a smile, “Qiao Yang, why did you get a chance to slip out.”

“Come and see you!” Qiao Yang drew a cigarette and lit it skillfully, “Look what So crazy, thinking of a little boyfriend?”

Shen Xifan pouted, “Is there any boyfriend, I have been empty for several years!”

Qiao Yang flicked the ash and asked carefully, “How come the first love is over and hasn’t started yet?” In the new paragraph, I heard my aunt tell you to introduce so many young and handsome guys, and none of them make you rekindled with love?”

She twitched her lips, “I think I’ll survive!”

Qiao Yang sighed, “I know he’s back By the way, little girl, the past is over, don’t

think about it .” “I can’t think about it!” Shen Xifan narrowed her eyes and looked at the sky. “It’s just that there is no suitable one for the time being.”

Qiao Yang’s eyes rolled, “I know a few. Personally, it’s pretty good. I’ll introduce it to you next time.” The

family banquet was very late. I walked out of the restaurant and Shen Xifan couldn’t stop the chill. I just wanted to go back and borrow a coat from my cousin. I saw a group of people coming down the stairs. She saw the doctor-He Suye at a glance.

The first time I met him outside the hospital, he was wearing casual clothes in white clothes and black trousers, but he smelled like Yushu Linfeng.

Shen Xifan secretly lamented that even if he didn’t wear a white coat, the doctor was still as handsome. He was hesitating whether to greet him or not, he saw the doctor smiled slightly at her, and the deep dimple revealed a hint of playfulness.

But just as she was about to respond with a perfect smile, a wind blew through the hall, her nose sore, and she sneeze loudly in response to the situation.

At this time, the handsome guy walked towards her, the hall was brightly lit, and it was difficult for her to hide, she was still good, she could hide, MSN was also good, and it could be shown as offline, but at this time she could only cry away without tears.

The handsome doctor stood in front of her and handed a pack of tissues. “Be careful at night, don’t catch a cold.”

She took a smirk and said, “Thank you, I’m fine.” The

atmosphere was awkward, and the two froze for a while. Hearing the name of someone at the door called He Suye, he slightly said goodbye, still smiling slightly, “Sorry, let’s go first.”

Shen Xifan nodded and watched him out of the hall, then he took a black car and left, the license plate The awe-inspiring “South A” word-she wonders why this doctor is still somewhat related to the military area.

The pack of paper towels had a faint scent of green tea, and she couldn’t help but sigh that the doctor was so attentive and read countless illnesses-she really needed paper towels now to stop her snot.

The next day, Shen’s phone rang early, waking her from her dream. Mother Shen didn’t know where to pull a white horse again, and called her to evaluate at night.

At the morning meeting, Shen Xifan had not been attentive, so she had memorized a few words in the speech, and then the two big characters of “Bole”. She went back to the office and immediately wailed, “Why didn’t the prince give me a appreciation, either black horse, or white horse, I don’t do Bole, who do Bole!”

She decided to go bad mother’s plan.

This time, this man is too serious, his eyes are like Bai Yansong, but his face is like Wu Mengda, and his mother whispered aside, “The advantage of others is that they are certified accountants, and they are very good at accounting!”

Shen Xifan thought, in fact, it was sent by you Come undercover and take charge of your daughter’s finances and economy, don’t think I don’t know, eat the old lady inside and outside!

In appearance, Shen Xifan does not discriminate against him at all, but this successful man has extraordinary self-confidence. He repeatedly advertises how he has been aware of the false accounts and she shouted from time to time, “Wow, you are too powerful! I adore you! “

The accountant man was even more inflated. Finally, he finally took out a sincere statement from his heart: “Actually, I just want to find someone who is good for my mother. I am too busy to take care of her.”

This time , Shen Xifan Make a more admired and amazed expression, “Wow! You are so smart, how do you know that this girl is short of money and wants to apply for a nanny, how much money do you spend a month?…”

Sure enough, the blind date again Confused!

She was very happy in her heart, and she had to pretend to be a pity. Mother Shen scolded her from the hotel until she returned to the hotel, and when she went upstairs she took out her mobile phone and scolded it until she ran out of power. Shen Xifan is only now deeply aware of how difficult Dad’s situation is, so the next morning, she came to the hospital with a passion for saving menopausal women.

But her motive is definitely not simple. It is just that she doesn’t necessarily see the handsome doctor every time she takes medicine. She can only see her when she is registered for medical treatment on Monday and Wednesday. His dimples, gentle voice, professional dedication, and good writing skills, she feels stupid, but the reasons are not all in her own, at least the handsome doctor accounts for 50%.

If the doctor was ugly, she would not have so many thoughts.

In the face of Shen Xifan, He Suye is no stranger, from insomnia to fever, if this girl toss out stomach pain, bloating, edema, and exhaustion, he can accept it calmly, he smiles politely, without concealing the deep Deep dimples.

But Shen Xifan Zhiwu couldn’t tell the truth for a long time, He Suye wondered, what disease is so difficult to tell.

In the end she burst out and blurted out, “How to treat menopausal syndrome?”

He Suye’s eyes widened and turned back to the cover of the medical record, “25 years old? Entering menopause ahead of time?”

She quickly waved her hand, “Not me, my mother.”

He Suye said “Oh”, “Why don’t you let your mother come to see him in person?”

“Why dare I!” Shen Xifan mentioned this, and it was a big head, and the chatter completely forgot that the other side was the doctor. “My father is now being squeaked by bullying. I am harassed by daily noise pollution. You said who else in my family dares to talk to She mentioned this matter, it was totally a slavery society. You said that a woman was chattering in your ear for a long time, using a mobile phone to run out of electricity, and in three days, getting some flowers at both ends to fix you up, and eat… Um… Dr. He, am I talking too much?”

He Suye laughed, his eyes were full of smiles, “No, no, just sympathize with you, pitiful to nowhere to vent , Ran to the hospital to vent

her anger.” She accosted, “What do you say? Can you prescribe medicine now?”

He Suye shook her head, “This is not very sure, but I can give you a few prescriptions for diet, You go back and try. The right amount of lotus seeds, longan meat, rock sugar, porridge in boiling water, then add rock sugar to eat, or black fungus and rice boiled into a porridge, add dates, add rock sugar, these two side son of a buck blood, Yin and Yang Wei, spleen qi and effectiveness. “

then he took out a piece of paper,” I wrote to you come on, you have forgotten the province. “

written after Ho Su Ye Pass it to her. She looked at it carefully and pointed to the formula at the back and asked, “Doctor Ho, what is this for? What is the name of the medicine in it?”

He explained, “The cold is prevented. These are all colds. Tea.”

“Well?” Shen Xifan was puzzled and blinked, her face blank.

He Suye smiled and said, “The weather has changed a lot recently and it is easy to catch a cold. You can prevent it by making tea with these recipes.”

It turned out to be an episode of the cold that day.

Quickly swept the prescription, she frowned, “Will it be very bitter, I don’t want to drink bitter, there are sweeter ones, such as honey.”

He Suye wanted to laugh, but she insisted The smile forced it, thinking for a while, “Well, I’ll change it.”

Shen Xifan looked at him with his arduous writings, and was a little fascinated and secretly surreptitious. She and her blind date were all a group of “exquisite” men. Why is there no such a good man like him, who looks so gentle and gentle, she suddenly feels annoyed like this Blind date.

As a result, she blurted out, “Dr. He, is there any cure for blind medicine, the one-blind date obsessive-compulsive disorder?”

He Suye was writing seriously, “Wow!” The pen was wrong, and a light mark was drawn.

Shen Xifan was busy explaining, “I’m talking nonsense, don’t take it seriously!”

He Suye thought for a while and looked seriously, “OCD is a category of abnormal psychology. Chinese medicine rarely involves this field, but our hospital has a special psychological Consult the consultation room, Ms. Shen can consider the treatment of the relevant personnel.”

When she came out of the outpatient department, Shen Xifan smirked. The service of the handsome doctor today is too great. If there is no final performance that she is not in the plan, it is perfect.

She walked and read, “Five Gods Tea: 6 grams of tea leaves, 10 grams of schizonepeta, Su leaves, and ginger each, add 15 grams of hydroponics, then add 30 grams of brown sugar to drink, 2 times a day, can be taken as much as you want. It disperses wind and cold, dispels wind and relieves pain. It is suitable for colds, colds, chills, body pain, and sweatless embolism.”

Continue to smirk, “Five Gods Tea, with Su Ye…..” Inattentive, hit a person in front When she looked up, she turned out to be a doctor. She was not tall, but she was very personal, and she was absolutely unforgettable.

She was embarrassed, and the doctor was embarrassed. The two of them went their own way when they looked at each other and laughed.

After returning from the hospital, she went to the supermarket, and then carried a large bag of things home to treat the mother in the menopause.

Father Shen was very surprised to see her daughter go home, Shen Xifan explained, “Dad, I am here to save you from fire and water!”

Father Shen made a “shhh” gesture, “Your mother is still sleeping in the room, Last night she said that she was upset and night sweats. She didn’t sleep well all night. She woke up early in the morning and didn’t sleep until I came back from school in the afternoon.”

She nodded. “Dad, you go to the study room to help you first. I’ll cook some porridge for my mom. Today I went to ask the doctor. The doctor gave a few prescriptions for diet therapy, saying that it might work.”

She specifically checked the formula online: lotus seeds nourishing the heart and kidney, nourishing the spleen and lungs, clearing the heat and calming the nerves, solidifying the blood pressure, longan warm and sweet, benefiting the heart and spleen, nourishing qi and blood, used for heart and spleen deficiency, qi and blood deficiency Caused by insomnia, forgetfulness, palpitations, dizziness, Bingtang Buzhong Yiqi, and stomach lungs.

In the kitchen is the fragrance of rice porridge, accompanied by the faint medicinal aroma of lotus seed longan, and finally adding rock sugar, and at once, the sweet aroma sprang up, and the slightly hot water vapor with sweet fragrance diffused at home.

At the dinner table, Father Shen handed over the bowl, “Fan Fan, give me another bowl of porridge, it’s delicious.”

Shen Xifan looked at him incredulously, “Dad, this is for my mom, it is for women to treat menopause. “

Sick !” Dad Shen hit haha, “It’s okay, your dad is fast, be prepared in advance, and plan ahead!”

Ms. Shen stared at him, and Dad Shen immediately changed his mouth, “Make a meal, a meal, not enough to eat porridge!”

In the evening I have to go back to the hotel. She promises to go home and live as soon as the work is over during this time. Father Shen let her go.

Early winter was indeed very cold. There were colds in the bones blown by the cold wind. She could not help fighting several chills. She planned to take a drink of Wushen tea from tomorrow to prevent influenza.

I think there is a sweet fragrance on the clothes, not like the coolness of licorice, but the long and long-lasting rock sugar, warming into the heart and lungs, just like your own mood, sweet and carefree.

Suddenly she thought of the deep dimple on the right of He Suye. She laughed like rock sugar, cool in summer and warm in winter.

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