LUBTIH Chapter 27

The following days were as tired as ever. Countless courses, reports, and papers once made Shen Xifan’s mood extremely low. She had long been told that Cornell was “a university deprived of four years of sleep”, but really experienced that This painful taste is only known to me.

The weather in January suddenly became cold, and the wind was swaying badly. The school that had come and gone, and the bustle and bustle, suddenly became quiet and abnormal, as if it were against each other like this weather, she also became gloomy. ,sad.

Two days are the Chinese New Year, but the New York town on the other side of the ocean does not have any festive atmosphere, no red lanterns, no firecrackers, no crowds buying and selling new year’s goods, no dumplings, dumplings.

There are no family members, no blessings, and no company with him.

The sky in Ithaca was bluish-grey, astringent, and there was no sign of snow but there was no snowflake, and it squeezed heavily on her heart. Such a sky is really lonely and lonely.

Such a day is only suitable for a deep sleep, rather than discussing boring planning schemes in the team work in the classroom.

She could not help but frown, and suddenly a voice came in. “Serena, what do you think of this plan?”

There was a momentary blank in her head, and her thoughts were pulled back to the material in front of her. Slow opening, from international hotel chain culture to management, and finally added some Chinese hotel management concepts.

The team leader thought for a while and nodded, “It’s a good thing, but generally you are rarely seen to speak. The hotel culture you mentioned just now has a few points that are very good. So, next time you discuss the group Leader, can’t you?”

Looking at the expected eyes of the team members, she smiled embarrassedly, and should bear it.

There is another exam on Friday, and next week we will start a new course preparation. The thesis has not been completed yet. Now we have added a lead discussion, which is even worse.

At the end of the group meeting, her exhausted body and impetuous mood made her a bit collapsed.

After returning to the dormitory, I made a cup of tea for myself and sat blankly at the window, with a lot of reference materials on the table, but I didn’t know where to start, and I turned on the computer. The blessings on MSN and □□ continued. Colleagues and friends sent beautiful pictures, and warm or funny New Year greetings filled the screen.

It turns out that today is New Year’s Eve.

But he did not receive the blessing of He Suye, maybe he is still in the research institute, maybe he won’t go back at night. He had long told her that the subject was the key to entry. Maybe she didn’t have so much time to accompany her. Please forgive her. At that time, although she was a little lost, she still told him to rest assured that research work is the most important.

She called home, there was a thunderous firecracker in her ear, and Mother Shen shouted in her throat, “Fan Fan, mom and dad miss you so much, your dad has been talking about you for days, your grandfather asked them when you will come back “

She heard a sore nose and quickly agreed, “I will be back in half a year, soon.”

Ms. Shen sighed, “Forget about it, the New Year’s Eve, Fan Fan, remember to eat dumplings tonight, you Wouldn’t it even have this, Tangyuan? By the way, can you receive the Spring Festival Gala?”

Of course , you ca n’t say that there is nothing here, Shen Xifan nodded quickly, “Okay, okay, there are, Mom, rest assured, I I will eat well! There is also Spring Festival Gala, online live broadcast. Help me and my grandfather to celebrate the New Year, um, that’s it, hang up!”

Put down the phone, the picture of the Chinese New Year is in her mind, she remembered last year’s New Year’s Eve and drank too much Inexplicably, he told He Suye what he could not verify. At that time, the family was reunited, lively, and happy.

Suddenly the roommate called her, “Serena, there is your courier, I just forgot to tell you, on the kitchen table.”

She was very curious and hurried to get up to take a look at the address and name, but was surprised to find The sender wrote the English name of He Suye.

Carefully dismantled the small box, and a small piece of jewelry greeted the eyes. The large black crystal was inlaid with dense white crystals. Under the dim light, it dazzled dazzlingly.

When I took it out, I found out that it was originally a scarf. It was similar to the one she had broken before. She remembered that she had comforted the lost that night. She said that she would buy another one later.

Her answer at the time was that it was given to me by my grandma. It was brought from France a few decades ago. I don’t know if it will be there all over the United States now. Forget it.

But he found so similar for himself.

There is also his message at the bottom of the box, “Happy Chinese New Year, pay attention to your body and take a good rest.” The

corner of her mouth could not help raising a radian, sweet and ecstatic, she carefully buckled the silk scarf back into the gift box, and then picked up the piece Courier, looking at the familiar handwriting above, gently touching, seems to have his residual temperature.

I quickly ran to the computer and left a message for him. I typed a few words and deleted them. I couldn’t find the right words to describe my mood. It’s better to write, “Happy New Year, the scarf is beautiful, thank you, I like it very much. Also, pay attention to rest, and don’t be too tired.” With a sigh, the eyes floated back into the beautifully packed small box.

She pursed her lips and smiled lightly—how little time did such a little thing take him to find.

Outside the window, there was still a deep gray and gray twilight, but those bright lights made her feel warm, and the orange light penetrated the confusion of the night, and reflected with the one in front of the table, like a lover looking away from the other shore.

But □□ the head picture didn’t beat for a long time, she had short hope and then long disappointment.

Then you can only bury your thoughts in your heart and numb yourself with work.

The test on Friday was quite unsuccessful. Shen Xifan always felt that someone in her ear was singing, disturbing her. She couldn’t even spell out a few professional words. In the end, she hurriedly handed in the test paper.

Although the discussion on Saturday’s group was relatively smooth, she was nearly collapsed by the team members’ incisive questions during the defense, and she ended up in a hurry.

There was also a problem with her thesis, even though she had been fighting for a few nights before, and used all the information she could find. She gritted her teeth and changed the thesis. But when I handed it in, the tutor shook his head and stroked, “Not professional enough!” It

was about the theory of administrative management. She immediately felt speechless. The theoretical knowledge of the management profession was too abstract, and sometimes she could not even understand it. After all, She did not come from a management major, but it was said that she was not professional enough.

Shen Xifan completely lost his temper, and obediently went back to the library to continue to look for materials. When he looked at it, he felt that the letters in front of him were all beating. Lean forward.

Wandering on the edge of drowsiness and confusion, without paying attention, her head knocked to the thick edge of the book. When she hurt, she gasped, and the person was completely sober.

Touching the sore spot that was knocked, she planned to continue reading, only to hear snickers coming from behind, she turned to look at it, it turned out to be Lin Yishen, who was standing behind her with a bag holding a few books, but her eyes kept staring at her Thesis.

Shen Xifan didn’t even want to lift his eyelids, and sighed heavily, “Don’t disturb during rework.”

Lin Yishen did not leave, rummaging through the paper, and then asked, “Where is the problem?”

“Theoretical part of Operations Management!” “She was holding her head weakly, and the pen in her hand was carelessly turning,” the tutor said that it was not professional, not professional! If I were professional, I wouldn’t read MMH and change to MBA.”

Lin Yi smiled deeply, “That’s all. Trivia, why didn’t you say it early, maybe you didn’t take my brother who is from my class as an eye. This theoretical knowledge is too high for you, it’s a piece of cake for us. In this way, you take the paper Copy it to me, let me take a look.”

Shen Xifan thought of it as well. With her own efforts, she wanted to perfect the theoretical part of the thesis, an almost impossible task, nodded, and immediately copied all the materials to him. .

Lin Yishen looked at her dull eyes and sighed, “After all, after a few days of staying, your tutor will not be human, and forget it, I will go to see it immediately, you go back to sleep first, I changed to find you.”

She just felt very tired and couldn’t bring up any energy. She was still struggling and entertaining herself. “In the past few days, I have continued to take exams and essays. I feel like I am ten years old.”

Lin Yishen was not angry. “Like it was just dug out of the ground, okay, go back, I’ll go find you later.”

She nodded, carrying her bag, and waved out of the library. Along the way, the bone-like cold wrapped her tightly like a big net, so cold that she looked up to see the sky, and the gray sky of Ithaca became darker and darker, and it seemed to snow.

Lin Yishen looked at her leaving back, sighed slightly, sat back to the original position, took out the computer, and the friend sitting on the side only recovered for a while, “The girl looks like your girlfriend at first glance!”

“What girlfriend, when do I have a girlfriend!” He looked at his roommate suspiciously.

“Hey! Don’t admit it, the one who came to you last Christmas is small and exquisite.”

“That’s not my girlfriend, I said it didn’t matter to me.” He sighed again when he questioned his friend. , “I can’t speak clearly in three words, in short, I’m wrong, OK!”

My friend continued to gossip, “The little sister you said before will not be the girl just now, weird thing, the two look really like “Yes!”

Lin Yishen pointed to the computer. “Work, work, stop whispering, be careful not to be scolded!”

I didn’t know how long I slept, I just felt hot all over, but subconsciously felt cold and trembling, shallow Shallow dreams, a blank, but still retain a little sober consciousness in reality.

She only knew that the roommate had come to open the door and left, and then heard a fine “dumpling” sound in her ear, soft and seemingly the melody of falling snow.

After a long time, the doorbell rang quickly, Shen Xifan suddenly awake, opened his eyes, the room was dark and dark, groped for a long time before putting on his shoes, the feet just touched the ground, only felt the battering of the head, and there was someone shouting outside the door , “Shen Xifan, not here!” It

was Lin Yishen-she responded, and stumbled to open the door, only to see Lin Yishen standing outside the door, with water dripping on her hair, gasping for a little, “How to answer the door now, dorm There was no light again, I thought something was

wrong with you.” She let out a confused “en”, “Why, it rained?”

“It’s snowing!” Lin Yishen entered the door and pressed the switch, The room was bright. Shen Xifan narrowed his eyes and looked out the window. “It’s really snowing!”

He smiled and raised the material in his hand. “It’s sorted out, you have a look. I will explain to you if you don’t understand. If the tutor can’t answer it if you ask it, it’s miserable.”

Shen Xifan exhaled, relieved. “Brother, I promise to provide you with red eggs and burn three incense in the future. Yes, you are not a vegan!”

“Big mouth!” Lin Yishen reached out and poked her head. The temperature where the finger touched was actually higher than normal. Withdrawing her hand, she quickly asked, “Shen Xifan, do you have a fever?” “

She touched her head and nodded. “No wonder I feel cold. It turned out to be a little bit hot.”

“Go to bed!” Lin Yishen frowned. “Such an adult has no consciousness and doesn’t know how to take care of it.” For yourself, how did your tutor toss you up and stayed up for a few days?”

“I’m fine, but I have a little fever, why is it so fussing!” Shen Xifan’s stubborn temper came up again, “Come and show me the paper, I’m going tonight It’s going to be changed, and I’ll pay it tomorrow!”

She didn’t say anything. She felt dizzy and couldn’t bear her heartbeat. She only felt the rapid expansion of her blood vessels. She had to hold her heart and take a breath.

Lin Yishen was terrified, “Shen Xifan, what’s the matter with you, are you okay, do you want to go to the hospital, lie down and talk again!”

She nodded, “I go to lie down, breathe slowly, my heart is not comfortable.”

The CVI Institute of the University of Pennsylvania.

The laboratory and reference room are all bright, the data scrolls in rows on the computer screen, and the simulated images are passing by page by page. From time to time there are complaints in various languages, “Wrong, wrong! Damn data!” “

Su Heye looked at the computer intently, suddenly his right eye jumped wildly.

Perhaps it is too tired. I have only slept for less than three days in more than half a month. Even lying in bed is a luxury, not to mention sleeping. In order to come up with the research results of the subject, everyone worked hard. And he has not contacted Shen Xifan for a long time.

I don’t want to, I can’t.

Suddenly, the phone rang far away, in silence, like in the ear, over and over again, somehow no one answered. It’s like anxiety that you can’t say a thousand words.

Someone next door called him, “Hey, your phone!”

He was shocked in his heart and quickly stood up. After receiving it, he heard a familiar voice with some anger in forbearance. “He Suye, what the hell are you doing?”

he A little surprised, more worried, “Lin Yishen! What’s wrong, what’s going on?”

“Shen Xifan has a fever and an uncomfortable heart, what the hell is going on, do you want to go to the hospital?”

The instinct of the profession reminded him of those at once A terrible disease, the brain was blank, and the coolness slipped across the body. At this moment, it was like a huge stone smashed hard on my heart, shaking it, feeling such panic, and my voice suddenly became hoarse. , “Is she in the dormitory now, apart from these symptoms such as vomiting and breathlessness?”

“There are no other symptoms for now. She is lying in bed now, and she has fallen asleep. Today I saw her face is particularly bad, like It’s been several nights.” After a

long sigh of relief, the tense string still refused to relax. “I know, I’ll go right away!”

Lin Yi froze for a moment. “It’s snowing here. Besides, it’s so late…”

Before the voice fell, he was interrupted by the sound of He Suye’s decisive voice, “It’s okay, help me look at her, and send it to the hospital as soon as there is a situation, and I will go right away!”

Hanging up the phone, he found his palm out A thin layer of sweat, hands and feet seemed to be frozen, and I felt conscious only after several activities. I hurriedly explained the progress of my work and picked up my coat and left the institute.

The sky was gloomy and pressed against his heart. He couldn’t help breathing and messed up the square inch. There was only one thought in his heart. Shen Xifan, don’t get into trouble, don’t do it, I’ll be there immediately.

The endless darkness and loneliness, the ear is the sound of the wind and the snow. Time became unpredictable in her sleepy consciousness. The man in the dream was walking in the snow and still had such a beautiful look, but the whole body exuded a cold air that was thousands of miles away, and was lifeless.

She ran desperately towards him, a cold heart that held her thoughts tightly. She felt that the distance between them was so close that she was within reach; but the person who couldn’t reach him at all saw her slowly disappearing, even her footprints disappeared, as if she had never been there.

She shouted his name, she begged him not to leave her alone, and the space was filled with despair.

There was no response from the sky and the sky. Only the deep white snow was still falling in front of me. The hoarse and sad wind sounded painful and painful, leaving me standing alone in the snow, I don’t know where to go.

Even tears do not know how to flow out, it seems to be numb.

Slowly, word by word, she heard the anxious, low-alcoholic voice, “Girl, wake up, what’s wrong?”

With some lukewarm liquid slipping from the corners of her eyes, she fell into her hair, misty eyes In the middle, the man frowned, his eyes full of worry and anxiety.

Nothing can be said, but the tears flowed out of control, not just because of the nightmare just now, so many days of depression and thoughts, all vented. His arms were still as warm as ever, she had only one thought at the time, why she was so fragile and so crying in front of him.

The heavy snow outside the window dyed the entire night sky into a beautiful cyan color, like the softest feathers on the wings of a white bird, which was elegantly swayed down. The beauty is beyond description.

Everything in the world has become vivid and beautiful, only because of the man in front of her, in a flash, she finally knows how important he is.

When she calmed down, He Suye asked, “After all, I haven’t slept for a few days. You are a futile fever. I was shocked when Lin Yishen described your situation on the phone.”

“Lin Yishen?” Shen Xifan Wide-eyed eyes, “How did he know you when he called you?”

“Because I am the cousin of the cousin of his uncle’s third aunt–” Lin Yishen pushed the door in and smiled at the interface, “No Think of it? We are still somewhat related.”

Shen Xifan looked at He Suye for help. He nodded. “Actually, I don’t know what our two generations are, but basically that is the case.”

No wonder the hotel was before Seeing the two of them talking intimately, Lin Yishen always told her “your boyfriend” with a sly smile. It turned out that this was the case-she carefully looked at the two people in front of her, “It really looks a little like!”

Lin Yishen smiled, “The real boyfriend is here, and my fellow brother is going to go, save the light bulbs.”

He Suye held Shen Xifan, “You lie down, I will send him.”

Walking to the stairs, Lin Yishen waved Waving, “Don’t give it away, take good care of her, don’t thank me too much!”

He Suye smiled, apologizing and relieved, and sincerely said, “Thank you.”

Lin Yi pursed her mouth deeply, hesitated, and finally lightened He sighed softly, “Forget it, forget it, we both made it clear before going abroad, I hope you don’t forget it!”

His eyes were clear, his voice was soft, but the ground was loud, “I will give her happiness “”

Lin Yi narrowed his eyes and looked at the heavy snow outside the building, leaving a smile on his mouth, timeless and long, relieved.

After going back, Shen Xifan asked, “How did Lin Yishen find you, isn’t your dormitory without a phone?”

He said lightly, “He found someone he knew well and went directly to the institute to find me.”

Shen Xifan lowered his head. “I’m sorry, He Suye, I’m such a troublesome guy, I’m so sorry.”

Unexpectedly, a soft kiss Falling on her forehead, with infinite warmth, he gently lifted her forehead and looked straight into her eyes, “It should be I said I’m sorry.”

This was a quiet and warm moment, but it sang in her belly She was embarrassed because of the empty city plan. He Suye rubbed her messy hair with a smile, and asked, “Put your clothes on and eat.”

Maybe it was just a fever, and the white porridge had no taste at all. She Just after eating half a bowl, I couldn’t swallow it anymore. He Suye refused, “Take a little more, and you will have to take medicine later, and the empty stomach will not absorb the medicine well.”

She was curious, “What medicine to take?” , Do I need to take medicine like this, isn’t the fever already gone?”

“You are overworked and feverish, I’m not telling you not to be so desperate? The original body is not good, now a toss is worse!” He Suye mentioned The illness is a bit anxious, and the brows are deeper.

She was a little curious, “What medicine should I take this time?”

“Guipi Decoction, tonic heart and spleen, Yiqi and blood, which contains Astragalus, Poria, Atractylodes, Licorice, Longan, Angelica, Polygala, Muxiang, Wolfberry. “He Suye sighed, “Go to sleep for a while, then I’ll call you up and drink medicine.”

“But, where did these medicines come from? Are there any Chinese medicines in the United States?”

“There are Chinese pharmacies in Chinatown, where Chinese medicine is there.” Very popular with Chinese. By the way, today is the third day of the Chinese New Year. When I went to Chinatown, it was still very lively.”

She smiled lightly, a little childish, “Is there any sugar gourd, steaming dumplings and dumplings, Will there be dragon and lion dance performances, couplets, and blessings!”

“Homesick, isn’t it?” He Suye took her hand, “If I want to go, I’ll show you, but it’s still domestic New Year has an atmosphere.”

Shen Xifan felt that there was a move in her heart, but she didn’t know how to express her words. She just gently picked up the medicine called Danggui and put it in her palm. She said gently, “Wait for another six months, I will be like it. Then you What about it?”

“Silly girl!” He Suye smiled comfortably, “What do you say?”

Angelica, Angelica-“Wanderer tired of the hometown, the old house is home to the highest house,” she couldn’t help falling in love with the name.

So, is it the ancient man who gave such a name to this Chinese medicine, whether it is the beloved mother who hopes to return to the world day or night, or the woman who thinks about her husband and angelica, but no matter who it is, such a heart and a kind of thought reach the bottom of your heart.

Maybe it was really tired, maybe it was the effect of Chinese medicine, and the drowsiness soon rushed up, feeling that someone was gently kissing her lips, she laughed softly, and fell asleep again.

So, there was no dream overnight.

The next day, she was aroused by the morning light.

The sky is white, the dense sun shines on the snow, and it emits a faint halo, so clean and elegant, so flawless. Shen Xifan gave a light sigh of relief and couldn’t speak with ease.

However, with such heavy snow, how did He Suye come last night.

There was a scent of mellow rice in the kitchen, which interrupted her thoughts. She quickly dragged her shoes to the kitchen and found that He Suye was holding tableware. When she saw her, she asked, “It’s up, now How does it feel?”

She touched her forehead and breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s okay. Now I’m feeling better. What are you doing, so fragrant!”

“It’s vegetable porridge.” He Suye opened the lid easily. , Attracting Shen Xifan to take a deep breath of satisfaction, he could not help laughing, “Girl, don’t be intoxicated, go and wash it.” The

vegetable porridge entrance is refreshing and mellow, one bowl is not enough, another bowl is added, and He Suye Just looked at her with a smile, “Don’t eat so urgently, be careful of your stomach upset.”

Because he made it with his own hands, it tastes very sweet.

He did so much for himself, but he felt that it was not enough, and that he was not good enough for her, and he was always worried, worried, anxious, and anxious about the future of the two people, and this time the disease was also born in the heart.

Those heavy tasks are really nothing, and the ascetic life of ascetics is just a shameful sense of loneliness. It turned out that she was suffering from acacia, because she missed it, she was lonely, afraid, impetuous, helpless, and out of control, and he was the medicine for her.

If you owe him a lot of love, then spend your whole life to repay.

She put down the chopsticks, looked at his eyes with stubbornness and frankness, and gently told him, word by word, “He Suye, I think, I want to be with you forever.”

The hand holding the chopsticks shook slightly. , And then there was the crisp sound of the chopsticks touching. A complex emotion appeared in his eyes, rejoicing, moving, or something. Shen Xifan couldn’t see what it was, so he stood up and walked to In front of yourself, then hugged gently.

He Suye said only one word in her ear, but she felt more touching and sincere than any mountain alliance.

He said, “Okay!”

Commitment to life.

This winter, in a foreign land, she finally understood that there will always be happiness in the world of love, and that there will always be a long time in the world of love.

She met him in such a splendid time, fell in love with him, and then decided to stay with him.

At this point in time, there is no sigh.

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