LUBTIH Chapter 20

He Suye received the call from the school Red Cross very late.

He recently discovered that he often makes mistakes in some rope-related actions, such as pulling the pen and pulling down the pen holder, tripping over the power cord and overturning the desktop, etc. He carefully studied the thinking defects, logical thinking The chaos has led to extremely poor causal assumptions about things, which is an acquired disadvantage.

It was all the fault of Offer, which made him uneasy and the Six Gods had no master.

This phone call calmed his chaotic thoughts temporarily. The medical team organized by the school’s Red Cross every year was going to the mountainous area for free consultation. He had been there for two years and was very familiar with this place.

He hid in that small mountain village, where he had not seen terraces, rice, chickens and ducks, and muddy pigs. Every day I go to fetch water, burn fire, and then see a doctor and teach the villagers. Most of the people there are very poor, they can’t afford expensive medicines, and they can’t afford hospitals. The only doctor in the village is a doctor who doesn’t know how to vaccinate.

There is fresh air, although the conditions are very difficult, but he likes to watch the children around him called “Big Brother”, ask him math questions, and the villagers will thank him for sending fresh vegetables, the old man will invite him in the evening Time to drink a few glasses of rice wine.

Once there was an idea, he wanted to spend his life in a small village.

When he came back that time, he was half-dead by the counselor and the boss. Without a word, the roommate took him to the girls’ dormitory and weighed it. He still has plaster on his ankle, and the mountain village has weak foundations and often has landslides.

Later, when I was busy, I gradually forgot about the place, maybe not because I was busy, but because the person was no longer important. All the pain also went away, and the memories became insignificant.

It’s not that he is indifferent, it’s because she doesn’t deserve to belittle him. Sea wide sky.

The rice cooker stewed chicken broth, with astragalus and yam.

Astragalus tonifies qi and yang, benefits the stomach and solidifies the surface, diminishes water and reduces swelling.

It is said that the bridesmaids were more tired than the brides on the wedding day. They ran up and down, took care of everything, and were too busy to eat a bite. Even if the little girl vowed to ensure that she was experienced, he was still not at ease.

Maybe in addition to the extra meals prepared for her and Qiu Tian, ​​but also to prepare band-aids and the like, according to Su Shan, one of Shen Xifan’s high-heeled shoes is strapped, and it is easy to wear off the feet after walking too much.

He regretted that this wedding was really a tossing person, but fortunately he was not married.

Wait, get married? Yourself? with who?

With a flash in his head, he breathed tightly and hurriedly opened the lid, accidentally getting his hands hot again. But the mellow flavor of the chicken broth sprang up, making him laugh.

He could not wait to see how she was wearing a dress.

Qiu Tian-He shouted in my heart, I regret it, I already knew that I would not let you get those three knots, at least you can win your three knots.

The next day, He Suye was woken up by the phone early in the morning, and Qiu Tian over there shouted, “Come and see Li Jie’s house, can he marry Su Meimei in such a dress?”

Li Jie shouted helplessly, “I’m romantic Susu Panan, a pear blossoming begonia, why is it so ugly to wear this dress!” But Qiu Tian was not interested in his sneer, and continued to suffer, “Are you sure you want to marry in this turtle shell? Do you want it again? Wearing a green hat?”

He Suye was extremely speechless and immediately took a taxi to Li Jie’s house. Sure enough, except for the embarrassed bridegroom, Qiu Tianna shone his whole golden light, He Suye sighed, “Qiu Tian, ​​you are very much like a goldfish!”

Finally, I chose a set of the most satisfactory among many dresses The dress, he was strange, “Did you not try to wear it before? It’s messed up today.”

Qiu Tian was quite helpless, “I told him so, but this guy refuses to cooperate!”

Li Jie was helpless, “I Mom didn’t know how suddenly it dragged so many clothes, I was also very stressed!”

But when the last three people came out, they looked at the size of the Li family, men, women and children. The sisters of the Li family almost straightened their eyes. , These three people can play youth idol drama.”

At that time it was just dawn, the morning light was clean and soft, and there was a touch of water vapor and the fragrance of plants in the air.

Walking to the courtyard outside the house, Qiu Tianhang hung it on He Suye, and smiled in his ear. “Pointed corners, guess if the porridge cuties see you will be infatuated?”

He jumped a few times and pulled Qiu Tian backhand. “Scary nonsense, be your best man, don’t be okay.”

Qiu Tian’s head is still on his shoulders, “Sharp angle, why don’t you follow her? Confession, confession! Hurry!”

He Suye smiled, a little helpless, “You are more anxious than me, have the time to control yourself.”

Qiu Tian sighed, “When can the Xinye’s eyes not turn on you. That’s it, she seems to be very hostile to Shen Xifan?”

He Suye smiled, “That’s your business, take care of your family and lock your door.” When he

really arrived at Su Shan’s house, he felt like he was crazy. It is not Shen Xifan, but himself.

Pale pink dress, colored crystal headdress and high-heeled shoes, hair curled slightly, just painted a light makeup, holding snacks and sweets, saw them immediately laughed, “Come and kiss!”

Qiu Tian whistled. , With a smirk, said, “We don’t snatch the bride, snatch the bridesmaid!” A

slight reddish glance across her face, like the peach blossoms in April, and the skin in the neck was fair like porcelain, and a bright gesture appeared in the corners of her eyes, The eyebrows are dazzling like the sun.

I couldn’t describe my feelings. I just felt that my throat was tight. I couldn’t help but look away. Yu Guang still glanced at it involuntarily.

Su Shan shouted in the room, “Xi Fan, I’m nervous, I’m scared, can’t I get married?”

Qiu Tian laughed, “Late, late, today I was tied up by the big flowers and took you back.”

Li Jie aside Pretend to be pitiful, “Sister Shen, let me go, I am old, not young, a yellow dog is old. I married this daughter-in-law and hoped that I would give her tea and pour water, beat her back and pinch her legs. Eat and serve her for life!”

Shen Xifan giggled, “Su Shan, do you want to sign a marriage contract now? We are all witnesses.” In the

end, Su Shan walked out of his own eyes, red eyes, on Su Da Su Ma Weeping bitterly, Shen Xifan said, “I didn’t cry at all just now, but now it’s like opening a gate to release water.”

Li Jie was at a loss and was tightly wrapped in a pack of facial tissues.

He Suye took the dress paper bag that she carried in her hand. “It’s like this. I have a deep relationship with my parents. My cousin also cried happily when he was married. The brother-in-law felt that he was a bully

who robbed the women.” Shen Xifan smiled. “I guess I can’t cry if I get married. I can’t bear my parents.”

Qiu Tian heard it and seemed very emotional. “I want to get married, my parents will have to cry with joy.”

Then It is the bridegroom carrying the bride out, getting in the car, returning to the bridegroom’s house, and finally driving to the hotel. The mighty convoy occupies more than half of the city’s main road.

After getting off the bus, Shen Xifan and Qiu Tian did not spend time, helping the new couple to organize their makeup, receive red envelopes, send wedding candy, and when the wedding started, they were already hoarse and dry, and they also toasted with the new couple and helped them with wine .

Noisy ended at more than two o’clock in the afternoon, and there was another one in the evening, the two wanted to cry depressed.

Qiu Tian choked, “Shark fin soup, I didn’t get a bite.”

Shen Xifan was desperate to suffer, “I coveted that roast suckling pig for a long time, and finally I only had pigskin when I came back.”

Qiu Tian collapsed on the sofa, eyes closed. Looked at He Suye, “Sharp angle, I knew I wouldn’t be brave enough, let you be a best man, I will eat and drink!”

Shen Xifan smiled at him, “He Suye, you grow up Who would dare to ask you to be a groomsman

? It hurts the groom too much!” He had to ask, “Aren’t you two hungry? My family has food!”

As a result, the two of them left the new man without permission and slipped away to the He Su Ye family .

All dishes can be eaten only by microwave heating. He Shouzheng carries two large lunch boxes and invites them to show off, “Uncle, you let me pack the rice.” Then he looked at Qiu Tian, ​​”Uncle, eat less. , Not allowed to grab my sister!”

Chicken soup stewed with yam and astragalus, stewed mushrooms in oil, braised eggplant, cold beef, Qiu Tian waved his hand, “Come again Pepsi!”

He Shouzheng poured a glass of juice to him, a serious, “small Uncle said that men should drink less coke.”

Shen Xifan was buried in chicken soup and had fun, He Suye asked, “Would you like to get another apple? Or orange?”

Chew a bite of meat in her mouth, she said no Speaking, he had to raise his hand and made a gesture, He Suye smiled, “Oranges? I will make you a juice and bring it over.”

Shen Xifan nodded in satisfaction, Qiu Tian was surprised, “Can this also be understood? Pointy You can be an animal trainer!”

He Shouzheng blinked, “Don’t you say that a woman is a tiger?-Hey! Uncle, this is what my dad said!” The

night is more violent and busier, Shen Xifan I feel like my legs are about to stop, and I have to fight hard. When she was away, she looked at her feet again, and several of them were worn out, so that she felt cold.

While she was hesitant to change her high-heeled shoes, He Suye pushed the door in, holding a small box in her hand, and sighed gently, “Qiu Tian said that your feet are worn and let me take a look.”

He half kneeled , Take off her shoes carefully, move naturally, just like dealing with a patient. Shen Xifan didn’t notice the ambiguous atmosphere, the road was bitter, and he didn’t realize that his tone was completely a little woman’s coquettish, soft and nonchalant, a white jade fat foot was placed on He Suye’s knee, and several places were very broken. obvious.

He wiped it with alcohol for a while, then took out a small bottle and took out a little brown powder. Shen Xifan was curious, “What is this?”

“My grandfather made Sanqi powder. The main ingredient of Yunnan Baiyao is Sanqi. “

” That… specializes in knife wounds, falls, bruises, trauma?”

“Blood stasis and hemostasis, blood circulation and pain, not only trauma, but also internal injuries, hemostasis without stasis, stasis without injury, can treat coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, sequelae of cerebral hemorrhage.”

“It’s so magical! I’m a little bit, will I be okay if I break the lower part?”

I applied a bit of three or seven powder on the wound and finally applied it with a band-aid. He checked again. “It’s okay, just two days later. It’s easy to wear these shoes, and it’s easy to wear….” The

last word “foot” hadn’t been spoken before Xing pushed the door in and saw them immediately stunned, then quickly covered the door again, Shen Xifan Strange, “What’s wrong, something wrong, just before Xin?”

Fang Kexin bit his lip tightly, his hand twisting the doorknob oozes sweat, can’t tell whether it’s hot or unwilling, “Qiu Tian is in trouble, Qiu Tian lets you Hurry up.”

He Suye didn’t lift his head. “Oh, I know, we’ll go right away.”

Shen Xifan bowed his head in frustration. “I knew that high heels wouldn’t take off. It’s more difficult to put on now.”

Fang Kexin silently at the door After staying for a while, Qiu Tian shouted that she didn’t come back. The picture had just been printed in her mind just now, like a thorn, stuck in her heart and lingering.

Why am I silently waiting for you for so long, waiting for the past in the past, waiting for the future in the future, still can’t wait between you and my hope.

In fact, as long as you treat me well, a little bit is enough, you can die.

The trouble in the Dongfang room is jubilant. People who study medicine generally get married late and work in the hospital is also repressed. Therefore, every happy event is particularly troublesome.

The new house has been set up by obstacles for those who have lost friends. Apples, red dates and cherries that have been dropped all the way have to let the bridegroom and bride eat all the way before they can count. Li Jie and Su Shan drink a lot of wine and can’t bear to be teased. Exhausted.

Finally, Li Jie finally soared, raised his eyebrows, pushed Su Shan towards the corner, and pressed the whole person back, shouting to a person who was booing and coaxing, “The person of the truth will go quickly.” Then a hot kiss, let the presence All of them are extremely high.

Qiu Tian, ​​who was hiding in the corner, said with emotion, “I am old and can’t stand such a fierce stimulation. I’m going home to sleep. There will be surgery tomorrow, and I will be dead if I provoke the boss.”

Others heard To bid farewell to the newcomers one by one, his fists are not light, “Li Jie, good!”

Shen Xifan was ready to stand up and say goodbye, but his feet were sore and he wanted to rely on petrochemicals on the chair. With one hand stretched out, “I’ll help you go back, can I go?” It was

already deep at night. When they got off the taxi, the lights around the community except the security room were on, and there were only dim street lights.

Looking at Shen Xifan’s limping, he couldn’t bear it, “Forget it, I’ll carry it on your back. If you go on like this, you won’t be able to walk to the door at dawn.”

Shen Xifan was not convinced and wanted to stare hard. He was so exhausted that he lacked breath and looked at him pitifully. He Suye sighed, “Girl, don’t be brave, I will

carry you back.” He Suye carried her on her back, if there was nothing in her body The wine’s fragrance and her daughter’s body scent melted into his back. His body temperature was like burning charcoal. Suddenly there was an impulse. He wanted to hold her tightly and hug her to ask if you like me a little.

Suddenly she spoke like a pot of cold water and cold bones, “He Suye, I’m going to study abroad.”

His forehead felt burned because of the hot night, and there was a sharp tingling in the throat, fingers Suddenly cold and stiff, “Congratulations, which country do you go to?”

Shen Xifan didn’t notice his strangeness, and his tone was as easy as usual. “USA, Cornell, one of the Ivy League.”

It turned out that his own guess was really correct, he Suddenly I felt a sense of neglect, and my awkward mood surged, “Oh, congratulations, I will go out recently.”


“The medical team organized by the school, go to the mountainous clinic.”

“How long ?”

“I don’t know. According to the previous practice, a small number of people will stay for a while, maybe I will be chosen.”

“Is it hard to live in the mountains, without eating or wearing clothes?”

“Silly girl, not as bad as you think, but it is definitely incomparable with the big cities.”

In fact, he did not agree to participate in the medical team, Not even thinking about staying a little longer, he was just a bit willful and a little tempered. He was annoyed by her unauthorized decision, but she had no right to interfere with her, but why she couldn’t tell him early, let him know earlier than others, and make him feel that she was a special existence for her.

He wanted to be capricious and gamble. Without him, would she miss the days around him.

Suddenly, Shen Xifan’s cell phone rang, and she picked it up slowly, speaking softly and cautiously.

She patted He Suye’s shoulder and signaled that she was coming down, and then she stood on the flower bed with a long sigh, “Tomorrow is going to face the least wanted person, so bad luck.”

“Ex-boyfriend?” He speculated and asked.

“Guess right!” Shen Xifan’s face did not have a look of frustration, but instead had a cunning look. “In fact, he will not find me. I will not take the initiative to find him. Then he used the methods he used to say to me. He slammed him loudly, haha, how relieved!”

He Suye looked at Shen Xifan, she kept talking about herself, her mouth slightly upturned, and her good mood was not affected by the phone call just now. The little girl whose eyes were red and despondent asked him what to do a completely different month ago.

This was the only relief for his low mood, she had walked out from the past, although she was about to leave.

He asked himself if he could forgive his childish willfulness. He wondered how much weight she had in her heart. As for studying abroad, she would grow up in Japan.

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