LUBTIH Chapter 16

He lifted his watch to check the time and clicked on the date, only to realize that tonight is the New Year’s Eve, the school experiment building was deserted, and only a few research projects were lit, and few people came and went. The graduate student who went with him slipped early, and he was the only one in the large ultra-clean laboratory.

It’s been three years, and He Suye’s Spring Festival came like this. He was buried in pharmacology, dosage, and duty all day and night. Whenever grandma and grandma called, he always said that he was too busy to go back. I feel that the Spring Festival has become optional for him.

Because, there is no home, no family staying together, the fragrance of dumplings at twelve o’clock, and the endless phone call to the Chinese New Year, he does not want to spend it.

I don’t know who’s cell phone is ringing in the laboratory next door, and Eason Chan sang, “Merry, Merry Christmas, lonely, lonely Christmas, I want to wish no one knows who I am, love has been tied to death by us….” The empty corridor, passed on for a long time.

There was a sour heart in his heart, and he sighed heavily. He suddenly heard footsteps in the corridor, fine high-heeled shoes, some disorder, and stopped his work involuntarily, expecting something.

The footsteps came to an abrupt halt, and as expected, the coming person would push the door in, carrying a lunch box, and smilingly said to him, “He Suye, eat dumplings, don’t be busy, tonight is a big New Year! Come on! , Or I’ll eat it all.”

He always laughed at her, “Is eating dumplings in the ultra-clean room a bit blasphemous scientific instrument.”

At that time he didn’t want to go home for the Chinese New Year, only staying in the laboratory, accompanied by Zhang Yiling During the Chinese New Year, the two of them ate dumplings and dumplings in the laboratory, and then in the middle of the night he sent her to the train station, leaving him alone for one year.

However, how to escape was still empty, without a sense of belonging. He took off his gloves, took out the phone, dialed out the number of Grandpa He’s house, and someone picked up immediately over there, whispering and milky, “Hey, Grandpa He’s house , Who are you looking for?”

He burst into laughter, and suddenly his heart was filled with warmth, “It’s me, Uncle, Polygonum!”

The child hummed, “Little Uncle bullied me, I am not called Polygonum multiflorum, my name is He Shouzheng!”

There was an interface right across from him, “Su Ye?! Mom, Dad, Su Ye phone!”

He did not want the elderly to hurry When he came, he kindly said to his nephew, “Little uncle will go back and tell grandma and grandpa that they don’t have to wait for me if they have already eaten.”

“Little uncle will have to pay for the new year! Otherwise I won’t open the door for you!”

“Know Now, little fan! Hang up first and wait for the meeting.”

“Well! See you there!” The

supermarket has already closed, but fortunately the small stall beside the hospital is still open. The owner greeted him enthusiastically with a bowl, “Boy, out of town Just come back, it’s cheaper to buy more gifts, everyone is happy for the New Year!”

He smiled bitterly, his look like Luotuo really looks like a foreigner.

A man was sitting in the bus, and there were often people in a hurry on the street. The driver laughed, “Boy, you are in luck. This is the last bus tonight. We are also home for New Year after work.”

He thought It is God’s will, a good sign for the coming year.

It’s been a long time since such a family has had a meal together. The family is not busy, and the table is not close. His little nephew, the ghost elf, talks amusedly, and his happy meal is finished, and the family sits again. Waiting for the Spring Festival Gala in front of the sofa.

He Shouzheng ran upside down with juice, planted in He Suye’s arms, “Little uncle, accompany me to set off fireworks.”

Many children gathered in the Provincial Party Committee courtyard, the sound of “crackling” fireworks against the sky Translucent, He Shouzheng is happy to play, running deep and shallow in the snow, still holding a “magic wand” in his hand, Mars jumping, lined with a small round face, childlike, joyful, happy, happy There is happiness.

He Suye remembered that he was so happy when he was a child, but happiness is always so short.

After playing around for a while, He Shouzheng’s shoes were covered with snow, and pitifully shouted “Little Uncle”, he had to pick up his little nephew and go home. The phone rang as soon as I sat down, and Li Jie’s blessing text message, and then it was just Kexin, Qiu Tian’s phone, and some old classmates and colleagues.

He Shouzheng changed his shoes and leaned on him obediently, playing with his mobile phone. Suddenly, the mobile phone vibrated, and the child could not

speak clearly , “Little Uncle, Shen Qifan’s phone!” He took it and pinched He Shouzheng’s face, ” My sister’s name is Shen Xifan, not Shen Xifan!” Stand up and go to the yard to pick up the phone.

She is very lively there, it is estimated that it is in the hotel, and there is the sound of the collision of wine glasses. Shen Xifan said with a smile, “Although it is not yet twelve, but I am afraid that when you call you becomes a hotline, I called early. And, I’m afraid I can’t hold up to twelve o’clock, because I drank a lot of wine today, and I was already confused.”

No wonder the little girl came so much, he asked, “How much? “

Shen Xifan supported me a bit.” It seemed to be half a catty of white and half a bottle of red. It felt like I was full, so I felt very deficient and didn’t eat much delicious food. The people in my family were all drunks. In the second circle, more than twenty people, even my little cousin, was drunk and dizzy.”

She said babblingly, there were still gestures over there, and there were children smiling beside her, “Little aunt , You drank too much.”

Shen Xifan stared at her, “I can still drink!” Then she turned to He Suye and said sincerely, “I can still drink, really, believe it or not, come to me at night and get a Peanuts and sour beans make side dishes, open the bottle of Wuliangye, let’s not get drunk!” The

fireworks in the sky were bright, all kinds of brilliance glowed with snow, and he shone on his face, He Suye gently smiled, “Little Girl, don’t succeed, go back to sleep, drink it, and drink it, I’ll boil the Chinese medicine for you.” After

saying it for a long time, Shen Xifan hung up the phone, and He Suye felt frozen. He turned his hands into the kitchen and poured a cup of hot water, covered his hands, opened his mouth and wanted to call He Shouzheng, and found that his voice seemed a little hoarse. It was estimated that he had just forgotten to take Shen Xifan’s call because he was anxious to pick up his coat and stood in the snow and ice. For half an hour, no matter how good a person is, he can’t stand it.

But his sweet heart, mouth reside with a faint smile, parrots after He Shouzheng see, “Little uncle, now you look like a steal fishy cat, so my father would laugh!”

The next day it really is Some cough, he did not care, rushed to buy a lot of things before the supermarket closed, and called the uncle, and asked him to go to the grandfather’s family for a New Year.

He Suye’s grandfather is a senior officer in the military region. He is strict and hard-working. He has strict requirements for his children. He Suye is his grandson, but he is extremely affectionate and undisguised. Since the death of his mother, He Suye’s number of visits to his grandfather has not decreased but increased. He will go to dinner every New Year, but in the entire family, he has seen his father the least.

There were red envelopes for the juniors, and there was a lively banquet. There were many Yu family members. There were three uncle He Suye and one aunt, plus a few tables set by the younger generation.

Grandpa Yu is still the style of the parents. After eating, he went to the study. The children and grandchildren were accustomed to it. The atmosphere was more active. The uncle He Suye was sitting next to him. Have a look?”

Everyone laughed. His little niece asked curiously, “What is a girlfriend!” The

other nephew was smug, “The girlfriend doesn’t know, it’s the woman who can play with her uncle!” “

Tongyan Wucai, everyone laughed, and even the babysitter smiled secretly over his mouth, He Suye also laughed, “This matter is not in a hurry, wait for a suitable one!”

Others refused to let go, “No, no, fine wine, fine wine! Fill him up!” After

a meal, he also drank a little more, went to the bathroom with a wet face, Grandma Yu called him, “Su Ye, your grandfather called you Go to his study.”

Grandpa Yu sat at the chess table and saw him come in and greeted him, “Su Ye, play with me.”

He held white, Grandpa Yu held black because he didn’t play chess often, he lost in one glance Grandpa Yu nodded, “Although I lost, it’s still good. I haven’t

gotten off in a long time.” He Suye thought about it carefully, “It should be a year.”

Grandpa Yu took a sip of tea from the tea bowl. “Help me see this leg. The sequelae of fighting in the early years, it hurts in the cold.”

Grandpa Yu slowly spoke while he was consulting, “Su Ye, we I have never complained about your father.”

He gently yelled, Grandpa Yu continued, “Like me, the old-fashioned and unsatisfactory, still hope that in his later years, his grandson Chenghuan’s knees, your father will be your son. , Your mother is gone, and he will be lonely after

his old age.” He has a sour nose and dare not look up at his grandfather. “I know, grandpa.”

“My father-in-law told me about your father and son the last time I came for tea two things, I decided to call you anyway have to take a pass, but you are a sensible child, will know how to do. ” “

I will have the opportunity to find my father talking. “

New Year’s streets have been The hustle and bustle was filled with people. The sun that had not been seen for a long time was hidden in the clouds. The water was dripping from the walls of the trees. Even the dim sunlight was warm, and it would make the snow and ice thaw.

Drinking wine and blowing the wind, he coughed more and went around the road to the city’s largest Chinese pharmacy, ready to grab some Chinese medicine and press it.

There are only three female pharmacists on duty in a Chinese pharmacy, and a middle-aged man is losing his temper. “How can you do this in a pharmacy? You can’t even stand a prescription. I’m for treating illnesses. Can’t you delay? The boss, I have to complain!”

A girl trembles when she talks, “I’m sorry, I’ll look for it again, look for it again!”

He Suye went up and said to another pharmacist, “Catch me 10 grams of ephedra, almonds 10 grams, 10 grams of aster, 10 grams of white front, 10 grams of hundred, 20 grams of orange peel, 10 grams of lisianthus, 20 grams of licorice, three pairs, bring their own.” The

middle-aged man looked at him strangely, he smiled and did not do it. Sheng, the middle-aged man finally asked him, “Young man, my father got ill with a stomach problem. I sent me to grab medicine on New Year’s Day, but Fang Zi was lost by them. Can you do me a favor and not mix the medicine?”

As a doctor, when others trust him, it is naturally the happiest time.

He coughed all the way home and smiled bitterly in his heart. It turned out that the doctor would also be sick. Later, he could not brave himself in front of the patient. He remembered that he had not been sick for many years. He just planted it on the lungs.

At this time, the phone rang. He looked at Shen Xifan’s text message, “He Suye, am I drunk last night? You are talking about a lot of donkey lips and horse mouths. Don’t mind it. “

He returned, “No, when you’re drunk, you talk a little, you just hum.”

“It’s impossible, my mother said that I was holding the phone last night and I wasn’t finished. Where are you now?”

” I was on the bus and had some coughing and went home to take medicine.” As

soon as he walked to the door of the community, he saw Shen Xifan standing at the door and shivering. He quickly walked up and suppressed his cough. “What happened to the little girl?”

Shen Xifan Raised his head, his face was red and cold, “You don’t mean you are sick, I’ll come to see you.”

He was annoyed for no reason, “You are a fool, it’s so cold, it’s strange that you stay outside without sickness. Well, you don’t know that the hospital only has an emergency department, and it’s not an expert professor’s sit-in. If you still have a cold and fever during the Chinese New Year, you cry!”

He was so irritated by him, Shen Xifan felt extremely wronged and weakly excused. , “If you are sick, you can prescribe Chinese medicine for me. I am not afraid of suffering. I drink it, just like wine. It is braised!”

He Suye realized that his tone was too harsh just now, and Shen Xifan’s answer made him more His heart jumped suddenly. He looked away, a little embarrassed. “Girl, I was too anxious just now. Don’t be angry. Come on, it’s cold.”

He first picked a bit of ephedra and licorice , I rolled it with boiling water, handed it to Shen Xifan after loading it, and told her, “Drink it, be careful of your cold.”

Shen Xifan brought it over, looked at the various medicines in the plastic bag, and finally pinched out an almond. “He Suye, is this almond? Can I try it?” Then he threw it in his mouth.

He Suye didn’t have time to stop her, and she frowned and shouted, “It’s bitter death, what a weird smell! Is this almond? He Suye, you fooling me!”

He smiled, “This is bitter almonds, do you think it’s the one in the dry goods? Little greedy ghost!”

Shen Xifan had to roll his eyes, “It seems that I am unlucky this year…” While

taking advantage of He Suye Jian’s Chinese medicine, Shen Xifan slipped Entering the study, she wanted to find a few simple books on Chinese medicine to avoid being laughed at.

She looked for books one by one, and finally saw the one that suits herself-Chinese pharmacy (for Chinese medicine majors). Turning it over, it turned out that it was He Suye’s undergraduate textbook. The above paragraph was marked with emphasis and blank space. It was full of notes, and it seemed that I was studying very seriously.

She turned page by page, “The performance of traditional Chinese medicine, the compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine, the compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine, the dosage and usage of medication, is it quite comprehensive-hey, what photo is this?”

A photo, very common, a group of people, inside There are He Suye, Li Jie, Qiu Tian, ​​Fang Kexin, and there is a girl who is very beautiful. This person, she has never met, any party, any occasion.

But the woman’s intuition told her that the girl was related to He Suye.

There are no clues, Li Jie has never mentioned it, and other people have never mentioned it. She was curious a long time ago, why a good man like He Suye would not have a girlfriend.

Isn’t the answer right here? This girl, the one that everyone deliberately avoided, was his pain.

He Suye shouted in the kitchen, “Little girl, your medicine is going to be cold and drink quickly!”

She hurriedly closed the book and stuffed it into the bookcase. In the kitchen, He Suye was adding water to the rice cooker, the smell of Chinese medicine Escaped, she smelled-bitter, really bitter.

Why are there so many people in the world who are trapped by love, just like themselves, cocoon and self-restraint, trapped in the past and refuse to look back.

She has read such a post, “Someone loves one person for ten years. They open a barren land for him in the dark heart. On the lonely journey, they repeated a dream. There is one in the dream. The person who walked far away and the love he had brought. They bear, burden, and have a little pleasure for this.

But all the changes happened overnight, all the warmth suddenly turned into ice, they suddenly became old and near death. When he died, his name still murmured. This situation is extremely great. “

She didn’t have the courage to ask about He Suye’s past, just as she didn’t want to talk to anyone about her past. There was a place in her heart that gradually cooled down, and her heart was so cold. Why is this, why is it Su Ye? Feeling heartache and sadness, why do you want to cry, why do you want to smooth the sadness between his eyebrows, he always smiles lightly, but she feels very reluctant.

Suddenly she dare not expect him to treat her well, she can’t afford it, Not worthy, all this should be the happiness of others.

She has no courage to face.

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