LUBTIH Chapter 14

He Suye went to work in the hospital, just got off the bus, and saw Qiu Tian wearing MP3, shook his head and walked into the door of the hospital outpatient department. He was curious and walked over to shoot Qiu Tian’s shoulder. “Don’t tell me you work here too “

The elder Qiu Tianlan pulled his face, with an innocent expression, “What kind of world is this, I don’t welcome my arrival, I’m so sad!”

He Suye smiled, “Welcome, of course welcome, just think that any tutor is shocked I can’t

hold you, I’m curious.” Qiu Tian sighed. “You think it’s great to get a doctor in the United States. As soon as the hospital catches a lot of it, when I returned from abroad, I still had to fight with my boss. Very strong, I stayed first, maybe I ran away someday.”

He Suye didn’t make a sound, quite sympathetic, “It’s true that he is still a strong cardiovascular cardiologist.”

Qiu Tian continued, “Su Ye, In fact, I really want to go to your father, but unfortunately there is no way.”

He froze for a moment, “Yes, it seems that it is impossible to go, that is the General Hospital of the Military Region, it is very troublesome to adjust the past procedures, especially if you want to join the military.”

Qiu Tian reached out to pinch him, and sighed, “I really can’t understand you, even if I didn’t test the Military Medical University, even the study is all in the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, and the country does not go out; there is an old man who is the dean and major general at home. Dad, or a well-known expert in the cardiovascular department of the country, what a good prerequisite, you are really a waste!”

He Suye helpless, “This kind of thing can not be forced, I still prefer Chinese medicine.”

Today is Su Suye’s tutor Professor Gu On the consultation, the Chinese medicine building was full of people. He Suye sat with the boss’s other female doctor student to see the patient, copy the medical record, and called the number. Professor Gu was always famous for being strict. When the female doctor wrote the prescription Stopped the pen a few times and was glared several times.

It was easy to wait for a call to call the professor away, and the doctoral student sighed, “The boss sits once, and I will lose my life for a month.”

There was a small nurse over there, “Doctor He, Professor Gu let you go to the internal medicine building, digest Section.”

Only then did the female doctor see his badge, “the doctor in charge”, and sighed psychologically. No wonder the boss took him so seriously. He was just a doctor. According to this file, the first teacher should call him his brother.

I had a very busy day today. First, I was accompanied by a Chinese medicine building, then treated a patient in the gastroenterology department, and was called away by the hematology department. Finally, the boss told him that he had a new medicine recently and asked him if he would like to go. help.

He Suye smiled bitterly, really sad about this year.

The application form of the University of Pennsylvania Medical Department was pressed under the table by him, and it has not been touched for a long time. Professor Andy has expressed several times that he does not want to lose outstanding talents in integrated Chinese and Western medicine, and how long he is willing to wait.

The leading-edge research on cardiovascular research, biotechnology, and gene cloning are all in the United States, and now he is also involved in traditional Chinese medicine research. He feels a little sad.

He found that everyone was busy by the end of the year. Li Jie was confused by the exam. He ran for two days and asked him to focus on him; Fang Kexin did not appear in a long time, he heard that the imaging department was also busy; grandma Called and said that his father went to Japan, and may not go home for the New Year.

Recently, he was busy and upset, and bought a little cassia and Kuding to soak in water.

He prefers the bitter taste of cassia and kuding and drinks it as plain water.

The second heavy snowfall this year was bigger and fiercer than the first. The Meteorological Department issued a series of warnings one after another. Roads and railway hubs were damaged. The airport was forced to close. The city was quiet, as if it were isolated.

He Suye also felt isolated, except for Qiu Tian and Li Jie, no one spoke to him.

Even Shen Xifan was missing. This sometimes noisy and sometimes quiet girl disappeared out of thin air, like evaporated snowflakes, leaving no trace, making people nowhere to be found.

He Suye wondered if it would be too abrupt to send her a message, and is it necessary?

This winter is really cold. The heat of a cup of tea is not enough.

He has been studying pharmacology these days, and is busy with his boss’s new pharmaceutical preparations, including the use of the 1.5 million LC/MS instrument and 650,000 GC/MS instrument.

The desk is full of books, manuals, papers, and reports. He Suye’s things have never been so messy, but he has no intention of tidying up and letting them develop.

He reached out to draw the book of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia that was buried in the bottom of the ground. He didn’t want to overturn all of the above books. In all the books, he found a blue letter paper mixed with Li Jie’s information.

The writing is Shen Xifan, elegant and elegant, and still a little smart.

“There are huge clouds floating fast over the city, and suddenly there are pigeon wings across the sky.

I think this scene is very familiar . I have had such a sky before. I walked hand in hand with you on the road after the rain. I asked you what It’s called happiness. You say happiness is the life of arguing and arguing with the person you like.”

“I’m used to it. One person is playing umbrella, the other is shopping, the other is smiling, and the one is raining. So such a rain In the afternoon, I walked alone from Dongtou to Xitou in the flower market, and then walked from Xitou to Dongtou. Later I was finally hungry, so I walked into the Hong Kong-style tea restaurant alone and ordered your favorite food. A little bit of seafood noodles, as if eating memories, eating the food in front of

me . I don’t know those days without me, how are you doing?” The

sour taste came to his heart, He Suye sighed softly. , Thinking of the last time Shen Xifan’s red eyes and the strange question of “regaining love”, he should have noticed something was wrong.

Shen Xifan must have liked it deeply. The man on this letter exhausted all his strength, the moths were like fire, and then burned to ashes, and now, did that person come back to find her.

Such a good girl is simple and cute, and somewhat naughty but works hard in all things. She should be pampered and cherished by others, not for hurting, abandoning, and then turning back and begging for forgiveness.

She recently disappeared out of thin air. Will it be difficult for her to encounter something unimaginable? He was worried, though—feeling weird.

In the end, I still sent a message to her, but like Shi Shenhai, he waited for one night and did not reply. He dialed the phone and sent back a cold echo “Sorry, the phone you dialed is turned off.”

He took the tea cup for the first time. Feeling a bit of bitterness coming from the tip of his tongue, he thought badly whether he should add a little sugar to try.

In fact, this is not Shen Xifan’s fault. When she attended the wedding reception of her cousin Qiao Yang at night, the cousin’s four-year-old child cried and went home. She hugged the child and let him make trouble at the stairwell. Take it out and play music to tease him.

As soon as she turned her head, the child was restless, holding the phone in both hands, but not holding it firmly. The phone fell from the second floor and fell to the marble floor of the first floor, falling a five-minute body.

She feels that the New Year is really sad, lonely and boring, and she is also making money.

But I didn’t know that someone missed her for a night.

Going to work the next day, Shen Xifan felt that it was difficult to move without a mobile phone, and decided to buy a mobile phone as soon as possible after get off work to solve communication problems.

It happened that the courier company sent something. She was a little curious. She signed it and opened it. She was really scared. Chow Sang Sang’s logo, when opened, looked like a diamond necklace. She vaguely remembered the “platinum heart shadow” “

She was dumbfounded. The light of broken diamonds turned into a dreamy light color under the orange light. Ambilight, sparkling like Yuehua, no wonder women all like diamonds, not just vanity, but extremely Greatly satisfied their beauty.

She is no exception, but this gift is too expensive, not that she does not want it, but that she cannot afford it.

I wanted to call Yan Heng by phone, and felt that it was a bit unclear to use the hotel’s internal line. Suddenly she saw a note in the jewelry box. She picked it up and looked at it, then carefully put the necklace on, and put the box on the bottom of the bag. .

She decided to go to the coffee shop to find him, and then returned the gift, she wanted to tell him, please let me think about it.

This is the best way, for example, the injury is not casually written off, and the emotions are not that they will disappear without it. She does not understand these reasons, but she does not want to have regrets in her life.

Think clearly before saying, how to go in the future, time will prove everything.

He Suye stayed in the laboratory very late, and the graduate students who went with him were frantic, accidentally miscalculated the dosage of the medicine, and then overturned everything again. The experiment that could be ended at five o’clock was dragged to more than seven o’clock.

He planned to go to the roadside stall to make a good meal, and when he turned to the ramen shop, he saw Shen Xifan, chopsticks and tissue in one hand, “Hula Hula” eating spicy, quite entertaining.

Suddenly he felt a sense of ridicule, worried about himself for no reason, and the little girl’s mindlessness.

Shen Xifan was picking lettuce happily, the soup bowl was full of spicy oil, and she kept breathing in her mouth. Then she saw He Suye holding the bowl and begging if she could sit opposite her. She was curious and the doctor would eat this Unhealthy food.

Sure enough, it’s a boring type, but it’s actually clear soup. It’s boring. What do you want to eat spicy? It’s just spicy! She stared at him contemptuously, pouting.

He Suye said with a face, “I’m angry, I can’t eat spicy

food , don’t look at me like this, I’m very upset recently!” It turned out that the gentle and kind doctor also has emotions, but she is more uncomfortable, eating hot and spicy. The fire came up, “I’m not upset, the phone is broken, don’t say…”

He Suye was stunned, murmured, “The phone was broken? Oh, that’s the case.” The

food choked, Shen Xifan slowed down. , Sucked chopsticks twice, and sighed, “Even if you broke your fortune, the ex-boyfriend came to your door and gave things to yourself in vain. Do you think I earned it? How can I return it again, I’m so depressed!”

At this point, He Suye really didn’t smell it, and he thought about it a thousand times. It turned out that the man on the paper was really her ex-boyfriend. It turned out that her pitiful appearance that day was also for that person. Now, she opened her mouth. It was the same person who shut up, and gave gifts to the little girl. Why do you want to please others? Fortunately, the little girl stood firm and stood up to the revolutionary team.

He He Ye has not spurned anyone for more than two decades, but now he has a lot of opinions about the little girl’s ex-boyfriend.

Wait, what’s wrong with him? What are you thinking about?

He Suye had a tasteless meal, but Shen Xifan grinned and stretched his chopsticks to pick the gluten in his bowl. He didn’t care about his ex-boyfriend’s affairs at all.

He looked at Shen Xifan and sighed after eating, “My depression, my heart is very strong, don’t look at me like this, it looks like a very happy look, in fact, I am sad, He Suye, you say what I do “

I went to the doctor in a hurry. He felt that the little girl should go to the emergency department, get a needle first, and then go to the neurology department. The speech was unfavorable, and he asked him what he could do, but he couldn’t say why.

“Cassia and Kuding make tea to eliminate the fire.” He replied, in order to present sufficient evidence, he added, “I am also drinking recently.”

Shen Xifan said, “He Suye, Kuding tea , You want to lose weight?”

Frustration and frustration, He Su Yetou big, no annoying answer, “Lotus can also lose weight, but no one stipulates that it can not be used for heat relief, Qingyang, cooling blood to stop bleeding.”

As soon as the words fell, I heard Shen Xifan’s smile, “Su Ye, lotus leaf… He Su Ye, you really have all the functions.”

On the way home, the two thought about each other, silent all the way, and finally Shen Xifan couldn’t hold back, “He Suye, did you find me yesterday.”

He was stunned, and his mind was pierced and tried hard to cover up, “Ah-uh -“

Shen Xifan couldn’t help laughing, flashing Bright eyes looked at him, “Is it really! Doctor He.”

He Suye calmed down and nodded. “Yes, I sent a message last night. As a result, you did not return. Call and say yes. Shut down.”

Shen Xifan apologized. “I’m sorry. My phone broke when I went out yesterday. I just bought a new one and it’s very money-breaking. By the way, what’s the matter with me?”

“Well, nothing, just want to ask Ask what you do.”

A smile appeared in the corner of his mouth, He Suye mentally meditated, what can I find you, but I miss you, your smile and voice, every second and every moment you are by my side.

He Suye went home, soaked a cup of cassia, and picked up the letter again. Under the soft light, the blue letter paper folded out a touch of sadness, her words, and her heartache, he could feel it.

It seems again that it was more than a sour feeling. He was a little bit distressed to her. It turned out that the little girl still had the scars that she had left when she was young. It seemed to heal, but it was as deep as the bone marrow. It turned out that she never had a boyfriend, so she dared not mention it again, fell in love again, and then hurt again. Such a sensitive girl is fragile and frustrating.

Putting the tea into the mouth, He Suye couldn’t help frowning, bitter, really bitter, there was a place in the bottom of his heart that was faintly painful, long and soft, bit by bit, tightening his heart.

He loves her, cares about her so much, likes to look at her with a smile, angry and frowning the little woman, she will miss her in a few days, will be scared for her, mind her ex boyfriend, somehow jealous, Everything is proof that he likes her.

Huanxi and frustration caught him at the same time, the little girl had a bottomless hole in her heart, he didn’t know what to fill, she refused to move forward, he couldn’t pull her out, but how to make this let He was distressed, and the girl who made him feel full of sunshine was all over the place, smiling as happy and joyful.

Just make her feel happy. He is willing to stand beside her and wait quietly.

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