LUBTIH Chapter 11

His bed was very soft, there was a clear fragrance of lemon on the quilt, and Shen Xifan, the steaming steam of ginger tea, was a little lost. The pores on his body seemed to be opened in a moment.

Just when she wanted to hand the cup to He Suye, she saw him set out looking out the window, “What’s wrong?”

He Suye withdrew his eyes, and his eyes circulated, “The sun is out!”

Sure enough, the rain stopped, and the winter sun was pouring into the sky , Shining through the glass window, turned around mischievously, and covered a warm halo around He Suye.

Shen Xifan was dumbfounded.

He took the cup and ran into Shen Xifan’s staring eyes, ignorant and psychedelic, and he moved involuntarily to lift her forehead. The palm of her hand seemed to be scratched across her face, softly instructing, “sleep After a while, just wake up.”

She then recovered, nodded, and He Suye got up and gently covered the door.

Inside the room, she was so quiet that she could hear her heartbeat.

At about noon, he went to open the door and wanted to ask Shen Xifan to get up and eat, but she was still awake and sleeping sweetly.

The childish face, the sleepy expression is content and sweet, the long black hair scattered in the pillow, the smart and capable all faded, at this time, she is the most unprepared and the most real gesture.

He Suye’s heart was filled with strange emotions, and he suddenly remembered that when he gave Shen Xifan acupuncture just now, although he was standing in the doctor’s perspective, her fair skin and lingering body fragrance made him a little flustered. , But now that I think of it, it’s not just a panic.

He hurried out, grabbed his head annoyedly, turned to the study, and pondered the doctoral student application form.

I don’t know how long it took Shen Xifan to wake up and confirm it several times before remembering this is He Suye’s home. She took a deep breath after touching her stomach and found that it was no longer painful. After seeing what time it was, I found that my phone was dead, so I decided to go home immediately. After all, she bothered him for too long today.

She had just opened a quilt ready to get out of bed, I heard some noisy living room, Lee referrals sound more mass the more recent: “Big Brother, do not you Jinwucangjiao good, this door closed What to do?”

Then that is what Su Ye’s anxious voice, “Hey, don’t open it!”

But he said it was late, the door was opened with a snap, Li Jie stared in amazement, and for a long time he said, “Master, you are really hiding Jiao!”

Shen Xifan was embarrassed, neither standing nor sitting, Ai Ai answered, “Okay… What a coincidence!”

She had a disheveled hair and cheeks were red, but she was wearing a thin sweater and her feet were exposed. Small and cute, Li Jie looked at her, then looked at He Suye, yelled “Don’t look at it,” and ran into the study with her heart, only she and He Suye looked at each other.

He Suye walked up and asked, “When did you wake up, did Li Jie wake you up? Is it still hurting?”

She shook her head and hurriedly put on her socks, saying incoherently, “No, no, nothing!”

He Su Ye Xinxia is funny. Sometimes the little girl does talk, and he doesn’t care about it. “Wear a meal and eat. It’s more than three o’clock.”

She opened her mouth and said, “I’m going home”, but Li Jie’s My head didn’t know when I came out, “I’m hungry when I eat and eat!”

He Suye gave the tableware to the two people. Li Jie was unkind to eat. Shen Xifan originally thought to be reserved, who knows to spoon a bowl Yam soup, just at the entrance, the thick soup slipped down the throat gently, mouth twitching, lips and teeth fragrant.

The yam is very rotten and has no astringency. It is accompanied by a thick bone soup and slowly simmered. It is simply the best. She can’t help but admire the food used by the hotel chef.

She really didn’t think that He Suye’s craftsmanship would be so good, which made her feel ashamed.

She felt he seemed omnipotent.

After the meal was full, she had almost no energy to stand up. Seeing that He Suye brought another bowl of longan and white fungus soup, she wailed, “He Suye, why didn’t you tell me that there was something else and didn’t have a stomach to eat… ….”

Li Jie laughed, “Hey, it’s all mine.” He raised his spoon to the bowl of soup, He Suye grabbed his spoon and stared at him, “Eat! You still eat, the last time you checked blood sugar Someone didn’t want to swear to control appetite and not to eat anymore.”

Li Jie’s elder pulled his face at once, but his hands were restless. He picked up chopsticks and picked white fungus. He Suye was helpless. With chopsticks? Didn’t you eat at noon?”

He shook his head, pointing at a thick stack of things on the table, and sighed, “I took these materials and came back, the boss said to him the day after tomorrow, God! Let me turn It’s dead!”

Shen Xifan was curious, “What is it?” I looked up and read it lightly, “All in English, acupuncture treatment, acupuncture treatment?” The words

fell, Li Jie’s eyes were bright at once, and he quickly asked, “ Shen Xifan, do you recognize these words?”

“I…” Shen Xifan hesitated and replied cautiously, “Knowledge is knowing, but you can’t spell it out, what’s wrong?”

Li Jie quickly pushed the bowl of soup to her. “All for you, but you have to do me a favor, and help me translate some of the Chinese version back into English!”

He Suye interrupted him, “Li Jie! You don’t ask people if they are busy, Just casually… “

Shen Xifan waved her hand quickly, “It’s okay, it’s okay, I can help, I will do my best, speaking of it, you have helped me a lot.” Especially He Suye, she is in Silently thinking in my heart, I dare not say it.

Picking up the information, she looked at it carefully and then suggested to Li Jie, “I don’t know much about these professional terms, but the sentence structure allows me to turn it over. It’s okay if you translate it first. I’ll help you correct it. “

He Suye took over the information and asked her in a low voice, “Is it really not bothering you? If you can’t do it, just leave it to me?”

“It’s okay, really!” Shen Xifan emphasized repeatedly, “I study English at university Professional, I have also received some translation materials before, many of them are about medicine, no problem.”

He Suye looked at her with a smile, and then said to Li Jie, “Boy, you have to ask us after we finish you eat!”

Li Jie had a large amount of information on his head and shouted dreamily, “It’s so sleepy, Master, what did you say, I didn’t hear anything…”

Shen Xifan read the professional term on acupuncture and read, ” Take the hand, foot, and Yangming Meridian as the main, and the hand and foot Shaoyang Meridian as the supplement, Tianzhu,

Bailao, Dazhui, Houxi.. God, there are a lot of acupuncture points!” She changed her topic, “He Suye, Li Jie , How can you remember so many points?”

He Suye and Li Jie were both stunned, and then looked at each other, laughing, and Li Jie rushed to answer, “You don’t know how our teacher taught at that time, and will give it to you. He is going to paint, master, our acupuncture teachers when we were undergraduates are all Wang Weizhong?”

He Suye nodded, don’t smile secretly, let Shen Xifan more curious.

Li Jie then said, “When we take an acupuncture class, the acupuncture points start from the beginning. For example, Jingming and Xuanji, he began to call people by their school numbers, only men and not women. They took a marker and talked about acupoints. Make a mark on you. Later, when it comes to the torso and limbs, the boys begin to take off their clothes in turns, shirtless, light thighs, and open chests, don’t be funny. He is even more, check in the hall If you don’t know anything, then you have to be ready to take off the next day. At that time, many boys in our class were hacked. Those girls took mobile phones to take pictures, put the boys’ faces on the mosaic and posted them on the campus network. After the uproar — I was hacked twice, once on the back, once on the thigh, so depressed!”

Shen Xifan laughed and turned to He Suye, “How many times did you take it off?”

He Suye’s cunning smile, The slightly raised corner of the mouth also carried a trace of pride, “It was only once, but it was the arm, and it was still early autumn, when I was wearing a shirt, I didn’t run out at all.”

Li Jie was more depressed, “I was in winter, wearing shorts. Go to the classroom and let the old guy paint the legs. If people don’t know, I think there is something wrong with my mind!” The

three laughed together, and the awkward atmosphere was swept away.

Suddenly Li Jie proposed, “Brother, take out your baby set for me to use, it’s a headache, I didn’t sleep well!”

He Suye had to go in and fetch the box. Li Jie pretended to tell Shen Xifan mysteriously, “I will look carefully afterwards, but the master’s needle is valuable.”

Shen Xifan was strange, even after reading it once, he was still curious. Made of gold, so precious?”

Li Jie smiled, and the sound of a pen turned in his hand, “Almost, gold may not be so valuable. His family heirlooms are not easy to show people, now I can’t find them. It’s nine needles, basically all of them are used. He has all of them!”

She just asked what is nine needles and what is a needle, and He Suye came out, carrying the box and looking at Li Jie with bad intentions, “Do you want to pierce yourself or let me help you?”

Li Jie’s face changed, “Don’t dare to trouble me, my own, come by yourself!” In the

end he really pierced himself, holding the needle in one hand, While explaining the basic principles of acupuncture with Shen Xifan, Shen Xifan was terrified, and He Suye also played with a needle, looked at his left hand, and stuck in it.

Shen Xifan looked at the two of them in disbelief. The needles seemed to them to be toys. Shuang also put a needle in it, and also got a needle when she was unhappy. It was like she had a painful death today.

Seeing her puzzled and still with a puzzled look, He Suye quickly explained, “I’m not as good as Li Jie, so I got a shot. This is because I hurt my hand when playing basketball the day before yesterday.” Refers to Li Jie’s arm , “His acupuncture point is called Qing Ling, and Shaoyin Heart Sutra can be used to treat headache, cold, shoulder and arm pain.”

Shen Xifan looked at the needle and acupoint with curiosity, his eyes sparkled, and he couldn’t help admiring, “Hello Awesome!” The

three people talked and left very late. He Suye sent Shen Xifan home, holding a large stack of information, and Shen Xifan was jumping around. The fatigue and pain in the morning were swept away, and now it looks like Full of spirit.

Looking at her made him very satisfied. Although the physical pain was not a serious illness, but he was very pro-autonomous. He was very relieved. Even if he treats hundreds of patients every day, she is not as real.

I don’t know why, maybe I think he is needed.

He thought that it turned out that such a calm and heavy-hearted person was a bit of a vanity, and it also needed constant confirmation from others.

In the early days of the community lanterns, although it is not a Wanjia light, this situation is still very warm. From time to time, there are RVs drove into the night, and the children’s “giggling” light laughter came from afar.

Approaching the door of Area F, Shen Xifan felt that her eyes were following her, inadvertently sweeping away, frowning slightly.

Besides Yan Heng, who else?

In fact, they were far apart. He stood on the main road of the community, backed by a black car, separated from Shen Xifan’s iron railings. The smoke on his hand was extinguished, and the faint light of the street lamp set off his face, and Junlang’s face added a bit of loneliness.

He stared blankly at Shen Xifan and He Suye, Yu Yan curled up, and the wind blew, distracting his sight.

But He Suye didn’t notice. He looked at Shen Xifan

‘s dazed eyes and kneaded her hair angrily , “How come the little girl is dazed all day long?” Shen Xifan only relieved herself and hurriedly picked up the stack. Information, “It’s okay, it’s too cold, the thinking is stagnant, my home is here, these materials are good for me, I will go to you tomorrow.”

He Suye helped her to sort out the information, and looked like winter night stars Cold Jun, but with a touch of spoiling, “It doesn’t matter if you can’t turn it over, take a good rest.”

She smiled a little, “No problem, I’ll call you tomorrow, good night.”

He Suye nodded, waved his hand, from Returning to the same way, Shen Xifan looked at He Suye’s back, fitting into the night properly, and being calm and calm, it has always made people feel very safe.

She moved, how could such a good man have no girlfriend.

But it is not surprising that men who are devoted to work and school rarely take care of emotional problems.

Immediately Shen Xifan’s eyes fell on the man, a face that was too familiar, a gesture that was too familiar, a breath that was too familiar, and after three years of familiarity, he felt strange.

When did he learn to smoke? Why did he change his surname, why did he suddenly return home in the United States, why did he repeatedly appear in front of him, and why would he wait for her at her door now?

A series of questions pressed into her mind, a little confused.

She felt a bit of suspicion for no reason. She was shamelessly concerned about Yan Heng’s ambiguous attitude.

I saw that he lost his cigarette butt, and walked straight from the small door. Shen Xifan’s heart was shocked, and she completely lost her calmness and proposition. She had only one thought in her heart-escape. She has never been guilty, to be precise, she was afraid of facing him in the bottom of her heart.

She just ran to the second floor and listened to her without any movement. She let out a long sigh of relief and reached out to press the induction light on the stairs. She hadn’t touched it yet. She grabbed her arm with one hand and held it firmly. , Not shaken for half a minute.

But she was frightened, all the materials in her hand were scattered all at once, the white flower paper stumbled down the stairs, sprinkled on the ground, pale, the cold wind blew, “cracked” sounded.

It’s always impossible to escape, and whoever’s disaster is always to be determined.

Shen Xifan struggled to control himself without looking back, struggling with all his strength, half begging and half helpless, “Yan Heng, don’t do this, let go, all the information is lost!”

“Who was that man just now?” A questioning tone of course , Yan Heng did not realize that he was full of jealousy when he spoke.

Anonymous industry is on fire, grievances of anger and grievances come up, she looks back at him bravely, and finds in his eyes the unknown anger and unwillingness in his eyes, Shen Xifan’s tough tone, “What is your business, what are you qualified to control I! Let go! I tell you to let go!”

Who knows Yan Heng’s hand strength, she fell into his arms, a familiar breath, with the temptation of tobacco, she suddenly felt that her empty hands were nowhere to be placed.

Because she was too tired, she had no strength and courage to hug her back.

His chin rested on her forehead, and he could feel the subtle stubble. The breath he exhaled was warm and the arms were tight, as if she would disappear out of thin air in the next second.

It’s like caring for a rare treasure.

He finally opened his mouth and broke the silence. “This morning I looked at you with a bad look. I was not at ease. I called you and said it was a shutdown. So I waited for you for more than two hours at the door of your house. When the house light is on, you are now Are you okay?”

Shen Xifan didn’t know how to answer, but was silent. He said that he was concerned about paying attention to himself. According to this situation, she should laugh happily, but she has a place in her heart. I was frozen and couldn’t laugh.

She should still be moved to cry, but she couldn’t cry either. She felt that it was most appropriate to use “numbness” at this moment.

Suddenly Yan Heng’s phone rang, Shen Xifan broke away from his arms, dared not to look at him at a glance, squatted on the ground to pick up information, only to hear him answer, “Okay, I know, I’ll go over immediately, the US side? No problem!”

After closing the line, he smiled helplessly, bent over to help her clean up, “I’m sorry, Xiaofan, I’m too impulsive, you’re fine.”

When he put the last piece of information in her hand, sighed, “I It’s time to go, see you tomorrow, good night.”

She lowered her eyes, “Thank you, good night.”

Then she went upstairs without a lock to open the lock, closed the door, and poured herself a cup of tea. She found that Yan Heng was standing beside the car. I stared at her house for a while before driving away.

be terribly upset.

After reorganizing the information, she pressed her impetuous heart and looked at the information. She just read two pages, and suddenly remembered that her phone was dead, she took the bag and charged it, but she froze as soon as she opened the bag.

A bottle of medicine is lying in a bag with a piece of paper attached to it, with a familiar note, “The medicine has been taken for a month, you don’t want to see it, I don’t know if you still have insomnia, if you still If you have mild symptoms, you don’t need to take Chinese medicine. This bottle of jujube kernel powder can be used as an auxiliary treatment. Jujube kernels converge qi and calm the nerves. Zhidinghe, conscientious and clear-sighted. What’s more important is that it won’t be bitter. You can take it directly from the water.

Shen Xifan carefully opened the jar of medicine, the reddish brown powder, the fine powder seemed to blow up in a single breath, apparently carefully ground.

She took the spoon, poured a little jujube kernel powder into the bowl, added water, and then spooned it up into the mouth, which was sweet and sour.

Maybe this is the taste of love. Sour, sweet.

She remembered reading a novel and remembered it vaguely.

“The sour taste is the vinegar taste. Girls who are jealous are foolhardy, stupid, stingy and cute. And Chinese girls who eat vinegar are subtle and wise. The sweet taste is when boys look at their girlfriends They bought a pomegranate, and they sat on the garden bench to eat together. The pomegranate has the most transparent pink, like the red beans of the southern country, which represents acacia. He eats one pill and she eats it while talking, and can eat a long Long afternoon.”

She said to Yan Heng before. I hope my love is like this. I found him in the years, relying on him and handing him my life. Be his wife, his child’s mother, cook for him, wash his clothes, and sew a lost button. Then, we grow old together in time. One day he will leave me or I will leave him to go to another world to repair the fate of the next life. At that time, we can still say the simplest sentence to each other, “I will.” It’s just that person, I don’t know if it is Who.

When all the precautions had faded and loneliness flooded her heart, she finally couldn’t hold herself, she squeezed the medicine bottle tightly, and the tears fell like rain.

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