LUBTIH Chapter 10

In the morning for breakfast, Dad Shen inadvertently asked: “Fan Fan, the man who walked with you last time is really handsome. What is his name?”

Shen was holding porridge. When she heard such gossip, her eyes immediately When it turned on, Shen Xifan secretly called badly. Sure enough, Mother Shen began to tease her, “Fanfan, I know you have something to hide from me. Was it the person who went to dinner with you last time?”

Shen Xifan was holding a fritter with a mouthful of teeth. Unclear by the way, “Ah-who knows -“

Ms. Shen didn’t hear clearly, just wanted to open her mouth to continue to ask, Shen Xifan lost the tableware and grabbed the coat, “I’m going to work, go first.” Then it was almost trotting out of the march.

Father Shen “haha” laughed, “Our daughter is not too young, and it’s too old to think of a man. Look, I’m sorry.”

Ms. Shen was depressed. “I haven’t asked what, please tell me about that What does the man

look like?” Father Shen looked sideways, “Let you not interfere with her daughter’s private affairs, I won’t tell you, save Fan Fan back to show me my face.”

Shen Xifan finished the morning meeting, walked out of the meeting room with a notebook, just ready to go In the elevator, Lin Yishen shouted at her, serious, “Manager Shen, wait, I have something to look for you!”

She felt strange but still walked over, Ding Wei and Xu Xiangya also joined together, Lin Yishen smiled, “We are on New Year’s Day What kind of activities are there?”

Ding Wei sighed. “I am unbiasedly scheduled for my duty. What kind of activities?

Partying in the suite, masquerade?” Xu Xiangya answered, “It’s not just ten o’clock, but sometimes it’s time, go to the bar. Sit down, don’t engage in high-intensity activities, can we live with this old bone?”

Shen Xifan said, “What is high-intensity activity, what do you want to do with ivory?”

Xu Xiangya thought about it, ” Intensive intensity It means that those with high physical strength, high consumption, and high difficulty, such as Bodie, are old and inferior to young dolls.

Everyone said “Oh”, his face suddenly, especially Ding Wei, an expression of “I was originally impure”, “Xu Xiangya, we all want to be crooked, but it is not our fault, you are too ambiguous. “

Xu Xiangya sighed and burst into tears, “I also want to spend the previous month, but unfortunately no one!” The

voice did not fall, I saw the expressions of Lin Yishen and Ding Wei were distorted, smirking, ” Xu Xiangya, you can shut up, and then it will be too meaningful.”

It was Shen Xifan who reacted for a long time and said four words in Xu Xiangya’s ear. Xu Xiangya was ashamed and annoyed, “I am dizzy! You two scum! Chinese culture It’s ruined by you!” The

four people of the same age are the only seniors in hotel senior management. They naturally share similar interests: Shen Xifan and Lin Yishen were alumni at university, but they were at different levels and different majors; Ding Wei entered early because of family reasons. Xu Xiangya left her hometown, and went to the city alone after graduating from university.

Shen Xifan remembered that when he went to the interview, Lin Yishen was sitting in the lobby, contented and unconcerned. He felt deep and majestic and approachable, and he looked special. It wasn’t until someone shouted “Manager Lin” that she didn’t realize that he didn’t come for an interview. He was already a senior manager.

Then I met him again. When it was reported, he smiled with his resume, “Sister, don’t you even know the secretary of the public relations department of the University Student Union?”

She suddenly realized that the roommate was hanging on her lips every day. It turned out that his “Once School Grass-Lin Yishen” was walking sideways in the school, no one dared to stand in the way. Later, the two met in private and got close to each other.

She has always treated Lin Yishen like a big brother, regardless of details.

Four young people work in a hotel, occupy important positions, get up early and get greedy, work day and night, four people often vomit blood for a certain plan, sometimes they will fall apart if they disagree, and then reconcile with no one Too.

Lin Yishen often said that we are passionate youths struggling for life and dreams. In this year, the waves of the Yangtze River push forward, and if we don’t pay attention to the waves, we die on the beach, so we can’t relax.

Shen Xifan felt that she was lucky to meet them, no matter what everyone is after, but someone with dreams has endless motivation to make her life alive.

The only thing that has always supported herself is to dream, even if she has lost everything.

At this time, Shen Xifan was checking the accounts of the guest room. She had no idea of ​​the numbers. Often she read a long list of numbers and then dizzy. If she was a little distracted at this time, she would have to come back again. The account, two or three hours to get it, she had to spend a whole day.

She had never hated her math ability so much, and she was in a bad mood.

But at this time, the supervisor knocked on the door and called “Manager Shen”. She panicked and stared at the account. She dared not look up and asked, “Well-what’s the matter?” The

supervisor replied, “Just now an American People came in and said they were dissatisfied with the room. Manager Ding is not here now. I’ll trouble you to deal with it.”

She nodded and stood up to adjust her clothes. Before she left, she looked at the account book reluctantly. This matter, I have to do it again.

In winter, there is a huge difference in outdoor temperature, the indoor heating is full, and the outdoor is cold and windy. The windows in the office are covered with a thin mist of water and woven into unique window grilles.

Shen Xifan was still wearing a uniform, a thin coat and pants, and her heart shivered when she walked down from the administrative building, but she did not take a step at the foot and walked into the lobby. She was a little surprised because He Suye was standing in a crowd of people, Very conspicuous.

Then she saw Li Jie and some people, surrounded by a foreigner, Yomo was the American who was not satisfied with the room. Lao Mei was some years old, with gray hair and flying spirits, wearing a shirt and carrying a travel bag, and someone next to him wanted to carry him. Lao Mei waved and refused. He Suye stood beside Lao Mei and explained to him in English.

The supervisor stepped forward, “Mr. Yang and Mr. Shen have come. Please contact her if you have any questions.”

As soon as he spoke, everyone looked at Shen Xifan, especially He Suye, looking at her for a moment, and then smiled, but Li Jie smiled happily, raised his hand, and extended two fingers, When curled up, it was considered a hello.

The middle-aged man named “Mr. Yang” stepped forward and shook hands with her, explaining, “Mr. Shen, like this, we originally booked a suite in Xinge, but Mr. Andy was not satisfied. We now want to change rooms Is it okay?”

She nodded. “Yes, may I ask what do you want to change?”

Lao Mei didn’t understand it and shouted with a smile, “Chinese style!”

Shen Xifan frowned, she whispered to the supervisor, “Is it? All the suites in Jingge have been booked?” The

supervisor nodded. “This is what we are embarrassed! We have already explained to them just now, but they are still frozen here, and Manager Ding is not there. I have to call you down to deal with it.”

She thought for a while and went to the service desk. “Please change this gentleman’s room to Jingge 1203, thank you!” The

lady at the front desk was a little surprised, but she still handed her the door card quickly, but her eyes were a little complicated. Shen Xifan ignored it, turned to smile in English and said to Lao Mei, “This is your door card, please collect it, I wish you a happy stay!”

Lao Mei was very happy, a large group of people hurryed to the elevator, He Su Ye and Li Jie walked very slowly. At first glance, they left behind deliberately. Li Jie turned back and folded his palms to Shen Xifan. He looked and worshipped, and his expression was exaggerated and cute. His dark eyebrows danced up and down like a Maitreya Buddha. She smiled, He Suye gently tapped Li Jie’s head, waved to her with a smile.

They had been watching them into the elevator, and she called Mr. Cheng, “Mr. Cheng, your daughter’s suite that used to live today has been replaced by me because of the guest’s need to adjust the house. Excuse me, what should I do now?”

Cheng Dongqian After

thinking for a while, “Did she reserve that room?” Shen Xifan groaned a little, “No!”

“That’s not enough!” Cheng Dongqian’s tone was relaxed, “Just let her lose her temper and come to me. You don’t have to be responsible for this!”

Back at the office, she grabbed her account in annoyance and sighed heavily. After reading two lines, the phone suddenly rang. She went to look sadly, and the result was a strange number. It’s easy to catch a cold.” The

mood suddenly turned better. She couldn’t hide the surprise and smile on her face. She wanted to hold back and go back in the past, but she couldn’t help but return immediately, “Dr. Ho can’t get rid of occupational diseases wherever he goes. “

He Suye’s message will come in a while, “Little girl is clever, I kindly remind you to prevent illness, but you told me that I am sick, or an occupational disease.”

Shen Xifan holding a mobile phone smiling, there is a kind of warmth The feeling of happiness begins to spread from the palm of your hand. When she went out, she was blushing and her expression was alive.

Realizing that there was some temperature on her face, she hurriedly collected her nerves, got up and poured tea to continue to look at the accounts, and inadvertently glanced at the sky outside the window, the sun was just right, warm, she couldn’t help raising her hand and painted a big one on the window Smiled, then pursed her lips and gently smiled, there was a soft light flowing in the eye waves, very happy.

In the evening, it was her turn to be on duty. When eating at the staff restaurant, Xu Xiangya flirted with dancing, a pair of chopsticks as a clapper, and vividly portrayed what he saw in the Chinese restaurant today. It’s so cute to laugh, crazy, and it’s almost unreasonable!”

Shen Xifan’s careless picking of dishes, “Ivory, can you be more stable?”

“I’m not hungry, I have drawn a lot of spiritual food today, enough for me to digest for a while That’s it!” He said, reaching out chopsticks to shove the slices of meat on her plate, Shen Xifan smiled, “I’m not hungry yet, I’ve given them to you, I’ll have supper at night.” After

eating, they saw Lin Yishen in the lobby Standing with He Suye, talking and laughing, unrestricted, two extremely eye-catching men stood together, the turning rate was almost 200%, and finally Lin Yishen also patted He Suye on the shoulder, he nodded. And then went out of the lobby and got into a black car.

Xu Xiangya was so nervous and excited that he grabbed his hands everywhere, “The porridge is the handsome guy! Is he handsome?”

Shen Xifan smiled heartily, “Very handsome, really handsome! Standing with Lin Yishen equally.”

Lin Yishen saw the two of them frivolous by the corner of the wall, winked, and came up and asked, “Is it handsome or handsome?” The man was handsome just now?”

Xu Xiangya did not hesitate, “Of course he is handsome!”

Lin Yishen showed a very hurt expression, Shen Xifan saw him at the opportunity to attack him, “It’s normal to see that you’re tired of aesthetics every day. , But people are really special and have unique temperament!”

She just wanted to ask Lin Yishen how he met He Suye. Lin Yishen was called away by the secretary. She sighed, thinking that there are so many people in the world The vast sea of ​​people passed by without having to pay attention, and now, it seems to know a person, everything around him is logically related to him, it is really wonderful, with some fatal taste.

Is this what is called fate?

Ding Wei was busy with the new product launch of “Zhongyu” recently. It is said that the harsh and impersonal feelings of the female director of “Zhongyu” marketing department, a plan was changed and changed. When he finally finished the draft, he thought it was finished and the result The director must be hands-on, go to the venue in person, and supervise the worker. He had to accompany him. After a week, the whole person collapsed.

Shen Xifan secretly rejoiced that she was very happy not to have a relationship with the guy Yan Heng. She was able to lie comfortably in the suite and blow up the heating. It was a gift to stay in the cold outdoor for a few hours. In the face of Big Ben’s accounts, she felt for the first time that people should be content with Changle.

On New Year’s Eve, four people went to eat hot pot, and then went to the bar to sit down. Before that, everyone was still drinking well. Ding Wei had a lot of grievances and drunk and hurriedly. Later, Xu Xiangya proposed to play cards. Tell your own story.

If the best gambler is a mathematician, then the most junk gambler is a math idiot like Shen Xifan. She is conservative in playing cards and often dare not play with big cards. As a result, she didn’t come a few games and lost a mess.

Others laughed, “Shen Xifan, tell us about your first love!”

She was embarrassed and pretended to be pitiful, “Forget it, I’ll drink well!”

Lin Yishen refused, “Little teacher, did your teacher teach you to use this trick in college?”

She had to hold her head and ponder the simplicity of depicting her love history, “When I was a sophomore, I liked a boy, that The boys are very good, and they are quite famous in school. The major is engineering physics, and they are clever. Then they were with him in a muddle, and then they broke up for some reason.” The

bar was dimly lit, and the bar was flowing with Sade “Somebody Already Broke My Heart”-“I’ve been torn apart so many times, I’ve been hurt so many times before. So I’m counting on you now, Somebody already broke my heart, Somebody already broke my heart heart…”

Xu Xiangya was not reconciled and asked, “When did it end, why did you break up?”

Shen Xifan felt that the atmosphere had cooled down, the laughter hovered around, but it was far away, and the misty lights felt like a dream, The alcohol smelled the nerves of the brain. She relaxed and smiled softly. “When the senior started, why did he already have another girl

she liked, so he broke up with me.” Turning the wine glass lightly, the amber liquid was swayed by the streamer, and continued. “At that time, when I fell in love, I felt that the sky had collapsed, and the pain was so luxurious that even the tears were flowing. Living with the walking dead, insomnia every day, vomiting when I see food, and then going to an internship, looking for a job, doing a graduation project, and gradually getting too busy thinking about that person.”

Maybe she realized that she was out of control, Xu Xiangya gently Hold her hand and let her continue to say, “Now think about how stupid it was before, what kind of man likes to have nostalgia for it, and he also lost his dignity and self-esteem and asked him in a low and high way, vowing that he would take him away My favorite temperaments have all changed-but, what am I wrong, he doesn’t like it, no matter how many advantages are disadvantages.”

She still remembers the first day of her senior year. When she went to the library to return books, she saw Yan Heng. He just came out of the library. Shen Xifan looked at the familiar face and suddenly had a strange illusion. Yan Heng was just right. She smiled and then left. If it is usual, he will stop and wait for her, and will cry out pitifully, “Xiaofan, hurry, I will wait for you so hard!” The

two of them quarreled during the summer vacation. Shen Xifan thought it was normal After squabbling, afterwards, he was still giggling and Yan Heng smirking, but gradually, Yan Heng’s text messages and calls were getting less and less. Sometimes she sent no one to reply to the message all day, so she had to stare at the mobile phone, Not afraid to leave for a moment.

For her, the summer vacation was like a year.

At that time, she just vaguely felt that something was wrong, but she never thought that Yan Heng proposed to break up at night, and she spent the next day with Gu Ningyuan, who is the Department of Chemistry.

I was a toy that was badly played, and was finally thrown into the trash.

As a result, she sent him a message like crazy and called him, all of which were “I have something wrong, you tell me, I changed it, and I won’t make you unhappy again”. Later, Gu Ningyuan personally Come to her, she still refused to give up, until finally, she got Yan Heng’s answer.

He said that all your strengths that attracted me to those years turned into your weaknesses. I hate that you stick to me all the time, and you disturb you when you have nothing to do. You let me have no freedom. In short, you are annoying me now.

She finally gave up, even felt pain in her breath, skin, bones, all over her body, and there was no cry of sadness everywhere-I just wanted to be with you because I loved you so much, and I didn’t want to leave for a moment.

So far she still can’t figure out why he loved him early and loved him deeply, and he lost the worst in the end.

There is some emotion in Shen Xifan’s eyes, she is still smiling, drinking water with a big mouth, if nothing happens to play cards, Lin Yishen looks at her, and feels sad for no reason.

He has known this little teacher for a long time. Her ex-boyfriend is Dai Heng, also known as Yan Heng. The next Vice President of the Student Union is very famous in school. He has seen them a few times, but he has grown them three times, and they must not even know him. A pair of couples in the school, he just passed by with a smile, but this one was very impressive to him.

Because when the two are together, the girl always smiles radiantly, sweet and sweet, with a sincere smile, even the outsider feels happy.

Later, when he saw her again, it was in the interview hall. She smiled a little, but she was still comfortable. The manager of the human resources department at that time asked her how to balance work and emotions. He remembered her clear answer. I did not Boyfriend, so there is no need to weigh, I just want to work hard.

Only then did he know why the happy smile disappeared.

When Yan Heng came, Lin Yishen recognized him at a glance. Out of selfishness, he handled a lot of affairs related to Yan Heng, although many were outside his scope of authority, even this time with “Zhongyu” Cooperation, he is also pushing Ding Wei.

Because, he didn’t want to see Shen Xifan wronged again, she had already suffered a crime, and there was no reason to suffer again.

Yan Heng cannot afford her love.

Next, Shen Xifan was bolder in playing cards, and pulled back several hands, but Ding Wei wine came up, his mind was unclear, and he lost several times in a row. Xu Xiangya made trouble and asked Ding Wei to talk about his first love.

Ding Wei dunked a glass of wine, “My family is poor, and I have never studied in college. When I was in high school, there was a lady who lived in a mansion and drove a BMW. I loved me. It turned out that I was just holding a playful mind. I didn’t expect to really fall in love. It was several years since I was entangled. Her family objected and took her under house arrest. I planned to elope with her and was caught back. On the third day, she married, and then I left my hometown. , go back, do not want to go back. that time a few years left, a Bi Yanjing saw her face in tears, heard her call my name …… piercing “

and later got out of hand, simply licensing Not playing anymore, Xu Xiangya also began to disclose her feelings. Ding Wei fell into a glass of wine, Shen Xifan’s attention and sigh, Lin Yishen’s emotions were also out of control.

The last night of the old year and the night of the new year were so heavy.

Suddenly, Shen Xifan accidentally looked at his watch, and then he was sober, “It’s half past nine! Ding Wei, you’re going to be on duty!”

Then, Lin Yi said to her with a deep smile, “Ding Wei is drunk.”

Xu Xiangya Immediately interface, “I’ll go for him!” Just thinking of her, the soles of her feet were soft, and her head fell back. She patted her head and still supported the table to stand up.

Shen Xifan held her and turned to Lin Yishen, “Brother, you send them both back, I’ll go to the hotel on duty.”

Lin Yishen thought about it, “Forget it, let me go!”

She smiled bitterly, ” I’m not going to lift Ding Wei, I’ve taught you the chores, I’ll go first!” The

winter night was cold and the wind was blowing, Shen Xifan was completely awake as soon as she came out, she felt a little raindrop On the face, for a while, the whole city was covered with a layer of rain and fog, street lights, neon lights, and the light fainted in the dark night, which made people feel sad for no reason.

Single men and women walked by in front of the bar from time to time, no one beside the couple was kissing on the street, and the young beautiful girl took the old man’s whisper. A delicate woman walked in front of her, the large crystal on her chest refracted the dazzling light, and then, a scent of fragrance remained around for a long time-the fire of a lifetime.

The air has an ambiguous, frivolous and gloomy taste.

She would like to ask herself whether love is everlasting in a city with material desires and new and old.

The lady at the front desk felt weird when she saw her come back to get the door card. “Mr. Shen, isn’t Mr. Ding on duty today?”

She smiled politely . “Manager Ding is not feeling well. I’ll

take the door for him.” He took the door card and opened it. Bao, she felt a pain in her stomach, and she yelled badly. She went to the bathroom to see. Sure enough, the girl’s most fearful case came.

After the treatment, she couldn’t cry or laugh, but couldn’t move because of the pain. She lay on the bed, grabbed the pillow under her waist, and fell asleep while drinking.

She had a long dream.

There was Yan Heng in his dream, still in his junior year, and said to her with a smile, “Xiaofan, I have to make a lot of money to feed your little pig, so I am waiting to study hard.”

She just wanted to answer, just A girl said, “Yan Heng, didn’t you say you broke up with her long ago?” She recognized the voice as Gu Ningyuan and turned to shout at her, “What did you say, when did he break up with me?” It’s not all you who robbed him, or how could he like you?”

Guningyuan was annoyed and reached out to push her. She couldn’t help but fall off the stairs. When she was about to fall on the ground, one Holding her hands in her hands, she looked at He Suye, and he frowned and blamed her, “Little girl, why are you so careless!”

Yan Heng stood at the crossing and stood side by side with Gu Ningyuan, looking at her coldly, intonation There was no emotion, no ups and downs, “Shen Xifan, we have broken up! Stop tangling me!”

She immediately awakened, her body sweating and sweating, Liu Hai softly hung on the forehead, she stretched out her hand, and her hair was wet Khan touched his forehead and felt them one by one, like needles.

At this time, the phone rang. She knew that she was a member of the engineering department, and people over there shouted anxiously, “Zhongyu’s billboards and advertising boards were shaken by the wind, and some of them have fallen down and destroyed some equipment. Manager Ding came to see See!” Without giving her a chance to defend, she hung up the phone.

She sighed, she knew nothing about the cooperation, and at this time she had to stick her scalp on her head. Fortunately, Ding Wei’s secretary was still there, and she opened the office to find some information for her. She couldn’t care about wearing an extra dress. , And watch while walking. By the time of the venue, it was already more than half clear.

At this time, it was still raining, and the wind was also very strong. Shen Xifan’s face was frozen and bloodless, and her waist was almost torn down. She could even feel the flow of blood, hitting her small belly, and it was painful.

The rain hit her body, and the cold went in without a trace.

She was so painful that she couldn’t pass out.

Manager Zhang of the Engineering Department saw that she was surprised. She had to explain that Ding Wei was ill. In fact, she didn’t care whether these could be fixed before the press conference tomorrow. She cares about the doubts on the project renderings of this project.

Sure enough, after half an hour, the marketing director of “Zhongyu” ran up and down, and the woman in her thirties was stern in her voice. “Manager Zhang, I’m extremely skeptical about the level of your hotel construction! The

female director watched the workers hang up the billboards again and inspected them carefully again. Shen Xifan was also extremely nervous, and she climbed up and down with Manager Zhang to check and confirm again and again.

In the meantime, Yan Heng came in person and spoke to Manager Zhang harshly and harshly. During the whole process, he only gave Shen Xifan a light look, and then moved his eyes away without leaving traces.

She knew that when Yan Heng was working, she would never talk about her personal feelings. If Shen Xifan made a mistake herself today, he would still blame her severely and never be polite.

But she still felt uncomfortable and blocked her heart, not because of scolding, but she suddenly felt that Yan Heng was so far away from her, so far away that he was so close to her, she could not see her discomfort and discomfort-just Is physical.

Finally, at six o’clock, the venue was finally restored, and several billboards were relocated, which seemed much safer.

She finally breathed a sigh of relief and touched the unintuitive face that had been frozen. She felt that it was difficult to lift her feet now. Not only was it cold, but it was so painful that she couldn’t hold it anymore.

But still have to support it.

In the office, the female director of “Zhongyu” insisted that it was the construction problem of the engineering department that caused the loss. Shen Xifan bit her lips and looked pale, almost saying it one by one. Yu said that the construction details, such as billboards hanging several meters high, how billboards fixed the problem, Zhang is responsible for the hotel project for many years, how will these mistakes on the little things? “

this is what the person in charge of all understand, it is in In order to pursue the so-called effect, without permission of the hotel, Yu changed the construction effect drawing without authorization, and the form was reversed all at once.

But this matter still had to wait until Ding Wei came back to deal with it. She called Ding Wei. Fortunately, Ding Wei had already left for the hotel before she let go of the big stone in her heart.

She almost clenched her teeth and walked to the back door, ready to take a taxi home, Yan Heng chased out, shouted at her, “Xiaofan, why are you so pale, are you sick?”

Outside is a light rain, dark clouds Covered with sky. Shen Xifan stood in the rain and fog, her face paler with a green woolen coat, and she frowned, “Mr. Yan, I’m fine, thank you for your care, I’ll go and see you.”

Yan Heng wanted to call her, she I thought she was very wrong just now, but she didn’t ask the exit, but now she was chasing it out because she was afraid of what happened to her. As soon as his hand was stretched out, Shen Xifan got into a taxi and left.

A few drops of rain hit his hand, cold and boneless, he had some faint premonition, Shen Xifan is not the silly simple girl at that time, three years, some things can never be found again .

For example, the bitterness of love and the fierceness of hate have to be turned into dust.

The taxi stopped at the entrance of the community, and Shen Xifan almost got off the car stumbled, and then walked a few steps, then he was cold and sweating. She had to hold the tree along the road and stood for a while, trying to pull out her mobile phone to call home, let her mother pick her up, and thought about it, they went to the grandmother’s house last night, they will not come back tomorrow.

She walked a little hard, with her hips on her hips, and stopped two steps at a time, her waist was sore, and her legs were sinking like lead.

Suddenly, she felt lightly patted on the back, and then He Suye’s voice, “Shen Xifan, what’s the matter with you?”

He pulled her body and saw that the little face had no blood on it, and her lips were bitten. Whitening, bangs were dripping with water droplets on the forehead, and there were some flashes in the eyes, like something happened.

All of a sudden, he panicked.

As if seeing a life-saving straw, Shen Xifan grabbed He Suye’s clothing corner and looked at him silently, with a hint of forbearance, more helplessness, and the body’s center of gravity was involuntarily dumped on him, not embarrassed , Shouting in detail, “pain….pain… I can’t take it anymore…”

He Suye had seen tens of thousands of patients and suddenly knew what happened to her. He reached over and took the bag. Holding her up, holding an umbrella in one hand, gently asked, “Can I stand? Is it okay?”

Shen Xifan nodded, squeezing an ugly smile, with a weak breath, “He Su Ye, is there anything that will make me not hurt, I’m dying!”

He Su Ye framed her, walking very slowly, Patiently comforted her, “Go to my house, not far away, I will be there in a moment.”

He Suye first helped her lie on the bed, then took out a box from the study, and then took out a few needles, some were very long, some were only A little bit, the needle was round and pointed. He wiped it carefully with alcohol and turned to Shen Xifan. She immediately pulled her face down and said pitifully, “He Suye, I don’t want to be hit by a needle.”

He didn’t listen to her Protesting, “lie down with your back to me and lift up the clothes.”

She had to do so, and asked in a low voice, “Is all the clothes?”

He Suye stared at her, “Of course, otherwise how will it work.” After that, Shen Xifan found that his face was slightly red, he quickly explained, “Don’t think about it, I am a doctor, you are a patient.” After

Shen Xifan sorted out his clothes, he started, the first needle is the bearing hole, the second needle is slow Slowly pierce the Dazhui point, slowly insert the needle, the third needle quickly pierces the 17 lower vertebrae, pricks the needle downward, Shen Xifan takes pain, and gently screams, he comforts her, “Forbear, obedient “” Then take a needle to pierce Chengshan, Sanjiaoyu, Shenshu and Qihaishu.

He was skilled, but when he faced Shen Xifan, he hesitated and looked at her with a slight frown. He knew that even a blunt needle would be painful. Even so, he was still worried that she would hurt.

After about twenty minutes, Shen Xifan’s body gradually became conscious, the cold pain of his lower abdomen no longer fell, and his face slowly became bloody again, he gently took out all the needles, helped her pull the clothes down, asked “How do you feel now?”

Shen Xifan took a sigh of relief. “It’s really much better, thank you.”

He smiled comfortably, wiped the needle with alcohol cotton, put it in the box, and then told her, “You lie down first Yes, I will buy something and come back soon.”

After he left, Shen Xifan held a pillow and lay in bed looking at He Suye’s home curiously. It was refreshing and clean. She was a bit like a family. She couldn’t hold herself. She wore shoes and walked around and found a notebook in his study. Computers, and then a lot of medical books, and then those of Chinese herbal medicine specimens-the home of typical research scholars.

She walked to the desk, originally intending to see if there were any fun things like medical records, but she found a pile of documents in English piled on the table, and she recognized at a glance that it was the University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania), Looking at it again, her face changed slightly, and it was clearly a doctoral application form. Isn’t He Suye going abroad?

When He Suye went out of the building, he found that he had forgotten to bring his umbrella out in a hurry. Fortunately, the rain had almost stopped. As soon as he walked to the door of the supermarket, the phone came. As soon as it was Li Jie, he immediately connected.

Li Jie was helpless, “Brother, it’s almost noon, why haven’t you come yet?”

He Suye smiled and explained, “There’s something going on temporarily, it’s not over,

please help me apologize to Mr. Andy.” Li Jie sighed, “They can I’m fancy with you. If you don’t go, forget it. I know that you have a sense of balance. It must be a very urgent matter. After finishing the matter, you can tell your boss. I can’t help you with this busy!”

He Suye hung up the phone , Thinking of the day before Andy and the boss asked him to consider the matter of going abroad for a good reason, he felt troubled for no reason. He felt that he was concerned, could not go, could not break his own fetters, it is better not to forget.

Shen Xifan was wandering around the house and suddenly heard the sound of the key unlocking. An excited spirit ran to bed and lay down obediently. He Suye came in with a large bag of things, and smirked into the kitchen.

Soon, there was a sweet fragrance in the room, some pungent, but very warm, Shen Xifan was in doubt, I saw He Suye came over with a cup, and handed her, “It may be a lot to drink “

Shen Xifan looked at the red water, and some spicy smell came into her nose. She took a sip in the cup and sighed, “It’s so sweet! He Suye, what is this?”

He Suye sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her steadily. “It is brown sugar wolfberry ginger tea. Brown sugar wolfberry relieves pain and promotes blood circulation and blood stasis. Besides, you just drenched the rain and used ginger to relieve cold to prevent a cold.”

She Laughing, “He Suye, you have more remedies, it’s delicious!” Then he handed the bowl to his mouth and sipped it. The warm ginger tea flowed from his mouth to the bottom of his heart. When the heart moved, the corners of the eyes were a little wet.

I don’t know when it will start. She will die alive in the past few days. She knows that there is nothing wrong with it, but she has to endure it, but she never thought that He Suye will be nervous like that. Give her acupuncture and prick the needle very lightly. .

She felt cared for and cared for with great care. For a long time, she had never tasted such love again.

Like the warm thick-line scarf in winter, the cool ice tea in summer, He Suye always appeared so timely when she needed it most. When she saw his smile, the unilateral deep dimple, she felt very Peace of mind.

Suddenly she wanted to know if the temperature of his palm was exactly 24 degrees in the afternoon sun.

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