LUBTIH Chapter 1

Insomnia started recently.
The time suddenly became very long, listening to my heartbeat in the night, and the frequency of the clock, hurriedly and slowly; the time became very short, the eyes were open, the night was fleeting.
Insomnia is often painful, because in a quiet night, in the face of the silent world of night, people tend to be much calmer than during the day and look at things more rationally. After being calm and rational, I found sadly that I tend to be very close to the truth and essence of things, which means panic and anxiety for people who are used to being ostriches. At least she thinks so.
Thinking about the past, thinking about the present, thinking about the future, thinking about interpersonal relationships, thinking about doing things for people, thinking about the childishness of the past, thinking about the growth of the present, thinking about what exists and does not exist.
Anyway, I can’t fall asleep, I always want to make sense of the time spent.
Many ideas often have no results. In other words, if you think about it, you think about it in vain. But she still stubbornly thinks, many ideas are entangled, entangled, can not be used to pull hard, the more you pull, the more entangled, and make her feel trouble and pain.
Therefore, the only way is to let it tangle and stand idly by.

Shen Xifan opened her eyes and listened to the ticking bells. She gave up her struggle to resist insomnia and stared at her big eyes, looking at the dark night, her thoughts turned a thousand times.
Turned and sighed, it has been five days in a row, and if I continue this way, I will be driven crazy. The tight strings during the day will not relax at night. Hotel work is originally a high-intensity occupation, especially as a manager of the housekeeping department. If you go on like this, I don’t know if you will be killed for business.
She thought about the trouble for no reason at work: I really can’t say whether I like or dislike this kind of work, but I think it’s enough to eat a lot of food; although I didn’t use a small amount of contacts when I was looking for a job, I was successfully promoted to the manager three years later. It seems to be a gold collar, but the pressure also comes immediately, now, she is insomnia for work.
She hugged the pillow, howled, half-kneeled on the bed, thinking, rest tomorrow, and must go to the hospital to get some sleeping pills to eat.

Finally, he fell into a dream, and fell asleep, but his head was strangely sober. There was a familiar person in the dream. He smiled lowly and called her “Shen Xifan, why don’t you wake up, and then you will become a piggy after sleeping” .
She let out a faint “en”, struggling to get up, as if her body was filled with lead, unable to move.
That’s it, it’s just a dream anyway.
I don’t know how long it took, her mother’s phone call came, groped for the receiver, raised her wrist and looked at the watch at more than seven o’clock, she wanted to cry without tears, she easily fell asleep and was woken up, it was a bad day. beginning.
Mother Shen is still old-fashioned, nagging, “Fan Fan, mother’s old friend Aunt Wang would like to introduce a lad to you, but the returnee, although this person is not long, but has a house and a car, an annual salary of hundreds of thousands. ….”
She became overstretched as soon as she didn’t get enough sleep, so the nameless fire burned all the way from her feet to her head. No matter what happened, she yelled angrily, “Go to his turtle, green turtle!”
Mother Shen was startled, “Fan Fan, haven’t you awoke yet?”
“I didn’t sleep at all, okay, mom, I recently lost sleep, and I’m dying. Let Aunt Yang in the hospital give me some sleeping pills and continue like this Your daughter is really going to become boneless!”
Mother Shen sighed. “How can sleeping pills be eaten indiscriminately, Fanfan, why don’t you go to see a Chinese medicine? Use some Chinese medicine to adjust it, anyway, there are some decoctions in the pharmacy, and you don’t want to be yourself Hands on, your dad had diarrhea last time and only took two doses. Or you can just stay home and go home. There are everything about rice cookers and casseroles at home.”
She scratched her head and looked at Chinese medicine, maybe it would be good, anyway. Even with a little money, she was so poor that she didn’t even sleep, and now she only has money left.

After waiting for a long time outside the Chinese medicine clinic, no one called her. She had to look around in a boring way.
The Chinese medicine building is cold and clear, and the large pharmacy is opposite the outpatient department. The neat small lattices are lined up and sealed well, but one or two people travel between them, holding the drug list and the small scale. She remembered that when she coughed when she was a child, she was taken by her grandmother to a well-known old Chinese medicine doctor. At that time, she remembered that the courtyard of the old Chinese medicine house was tanned with various kinds of Chinese herbal medicine.
But now that Western medicine is flooding, who wants to eat Chinese medicine?
Thinking about the arrival of a nurse at the door, Shen Xifan hurriedly shouted, “Miss nurse, please ask, what about the doctor here?” The
nurse looked at her medical record and said sorry, “Miss, sorry, Dr. Ho just went Acupuncture room, I’m going to call him now. I’ll trouble you to wait for a while.”
Just talking, I saw a tall man coming out of the innermost room, holding an old man, the nurse was busy pointing at Shen Xifan, shouting, “He Doctor, you have a patient!”

Shen Xifan originally thought that the traditional Chinese medicine was all old people with gray hair and beard. She had never seen such a young doctor, she was so handsome-it was really handsome, and the white coat was so snug, More handsome than wearing a suit. She meets the elite celebrities and elites in the hotel every day, this man can also hit more than ninety.
The tall man, the straight nose, the stern chin, the eyes are very big, the expression is very cold from a distance, but when you look closer, those eyes are smiling, flowing with tenderness and care.
It must be the profession of a doctor, rigorous and full of human care.
She was a little remorseful, wearing dark circles and no makeup, casually wearing casual shirts and jeans-she knew that she had come to see this handsome guy in bright clothes. It turned out that Xu Xiangya’s woman was right. The handsome guy in life is an accident, so even if you go to the trash, you must wear it.
The doctor motioned her to sit down and asked, “Where is it uncomfortable?”
Shen Xifan said angrily, “Insomnia, five days in a row!”
Unexpectedly, the doctor laughed, and a deep dimple immediately appeared on her right cheek. “Five days are not insomnia, but wasn’t sleep good before?”
She thought for a while and nodded, “should Yeah, I think I have always been difficult to fall asleep, easy to wake up, and can’t sleep after waking up. Recently, I couldn’t sleep at night.”
He pointed to the hand pad. “Pulse.”

Warm fingers touched her She’s a bit unnatural on her cold wrist. Although she knows that the doctor is seeing a doctor, she is still a little nervous, especially when facing such a handsome face. She prayed that the doctor should not feel her accelerated heartbeat.
After a while, the doctor took his hand away, opened the medical record, and inquired as if to conclude, “Have some Chinese medicine?”
She nodded and pointed to herself, “Then, from a professional perspective of Chinese medicine, what is it? Question?” The
doctor replied firmly, “Professional perspective-insomnia is due to lack of endowment, emotional injury, liver and yang hyperactivity, irritability, too much thought, damage to the heart and spleen!”
She froze, murmured He murmured, “So serious, heart and kidney deficiency, doctor, can I still save?” The
doctor was slightly surprised, and then explained with a smile, “Your physique is originally partial, plus some annoying things, heart Burning in the fire, are you usually irritable and irritable, upset and sleepless, sore tongue, dry mouth?”
Shen Xifan muttered, “Yo, God, you are all in!” The
doctor bowed his head to prescribe medicine, “I’ll give you a month’s medicine. The treatment for insomnia is generally longer. Be patient, have a regular life, drink alcohol and coffee, and –” He looked up at Shen Xifan. “Girls don’t fight too much Strong and strong, relax your mind, you can do yoga and the like.”
“But there is no medicine that makes me fall asleep tonight, I am all panic!” The
doctor is a little unbelievable, but still very patient ‘S answer, “Go for three laps around the hospital, and if you get tired, you will fall asleep naturally.”

Shen Xifan’s mouth was blocked, so she looked at the doctor to write a prescription. Suddenly, she saw the doctor’s badge, which was a little vague. She moved a little closer, only to argue that it was the attending doctor, the name was still unclear, doctor Perceiving and asking questioningly, “Is there anything weird?”
Shen Xifan was a little embarrassed and quickly shook his head, “No, I see what medicine you write, what’s the effect?”
He smiled and pointed to the prescription to explain, “Yellow Cen Qingxin, Angelica, Shengdi, Paeonia lactiflora, Zao Ren Ziyin nourishing blood, licorice and Chinese, Douchi, Zhuru Xuantong Yuhuo, Bai Ziren, Schisandra, Hehuan skin to nourish the mind and mind. “
Shen Xifan seems to understand, still Pretend to nod.
The doctor kindly said, “You took the prescription and paid the money directly to the toll office. Are you on behalf of Jianjian?” The word “daijian” was added to the prescription. “Come to get the first three at four o’clock this afternoon. “
The first three deputies? Why didn’t they come together?” The
doctor explained with a smile. “Because the traditional Chinese medicine has a shelf life, the effect is not so obvious after a few days.”
She accepted the “um, um” commitment. When she left the clinic and went out, she realized that she had signed his name on the prescription-“He Su Ye”. She was curious. How does Su Ye sound like the name of a traditional Chinese medicine?

At noon, she returned to her place and immediately received a call from her mother, “Fan Fan, I’ve seen sick, oh, take Chinese medicine, well, tell you something, tonight…”
Shen Xifan interrupted immediately , “I don’t want to go on a
blind date , Mom, you’ll die!” “It’s not a blind date,” Ms. Shen quickly explained, “The family members have a meal together, you see you are busy working every day, all your parents Forgotten, both of us are widowed elderly at home!”
Excuse! It must be an excuse to lie to her blind date, but she was a little soft-hearted and had to agree with
her mouth. See you at Starbucks!”

In the afternoon, Shen Xifan slept very peacefully. I didn’t know what immortality was in the Chinese medicine building. She even slept until five o’clock. She woke up and saw that she was yelling badly. She hurriedly dressed and rushed to the hospital.
The people in the outpatient department were rushing out one after another. Only she went straight to the big pharmacy. Seeing that the pharmacy lights had been turned off halfway, she was a little regretful and shouted, “Oh, my medicine!”
Fortunately, there is no window Closed, she looked around, but she didn’t dare to make a noise, the bill was squeezed in her hand, neither shouting nor shouting, and suddenly the doctor came out of the pharmacy in the morning and saw her laughing, “Just wait for you ,
She left work at half past five.” Shen Xifan really wanted to blame her on the medicine cabinet, but she didn’t feel any dissatisfaction with the handsome doctor’s face, and she was slightly relieved. The doctor pushed her a pack of medicine and asked, “Twice a day, Come back three days later to get the following.”
He spoke, the dimples were looming, and they looked-so small!
She immediately understood that if not cool, who would be willing to see such a tender doctor?

Shen Xifan, of course, was late, carrying a large bag of Chinese medicine, facing the sky. After seeing it, Ms. Shen slapped her on the head and said, “Let you come early, so I would like to leave your mother dry and wait.”
She Weak answer, “Mom, I am a patient! You have to care for me, understand me, and tolerate me.” When I
arrived at the restaurant that day, Shen Xifan thought that my mom had finally started to learn, no longer complimenting home cooking, and asking her to eat French food. . Who knows for a while, I saw a smiling aunt!
“How come there are others? Dad?” she asked when washing her hands.
“Your dad has something to do with the school, so I made a temporary appointment, an old friend, her home is nearby. By the way, her son will come later.” Mother Shen laughed harmlessly.
Shen Xifan blinked, expressionless-what can she do?

When he was seated, a young man was sitting next to his aunt. He was talking with his aunt while clearing his throat. Shen Xifan frowned, and was least used to showing others everywhere. What’s more, he looked very princeless and his face looked like a prince. White horse around.
“Waiting for a long time?” she asked politely.
He looked up, his expression changed, a little stunning, she was secretly happy, I Shen Xifan is just a flower.
“Yes, I’m going to a dinner party soon. You, a blind date at such a young age?” He thought about it, but she caught a faint or scornful thing in his eyes.
Shen Xifan didn’t want to take care of him at all. There was nothing great about the Diamond Kings. The hotel grabbed a lot of them and took a knife and fork to concentrate on the foie gras and cheese cake.
“White Horse” was a little surprised. Shen Xifan’s elegant manner immediately made him feel good. He began to talk eloquently, from the mother-child relationship to the Iranian nuclear issue, and ended with “What do you like”.
“Work!” She pretended to be an understatement. “There is no way to be a hotel manager. I care about the masses!”
He was not embarrassed, he also came to the topic, “Well, work is good, I also like to work…”
Shen Xifan quickly pretended to watch, “hey, but also on duty at night, you eat!”
Having left.

Shen mother was half angry, she really fell in love with this “white horse”, just wanted to stop Shen Xifan, but the “white horse” jumped up and caught up.
“Miss Shen!” “White Horse” hissed, “Please go with me!”
Shen Xifan’s face was white and shook his hand, “Sorry, I don’t have that plan now!”
“White Horse” said to herself, ” Miss Shen nice people, good work, especially very motivated Yeah, this is my favorite, the woman should be financially independent, innocent girl ….. I most dislike the “
heart has a spectrum, She wanted to vomit blood, but pretended to be pitiful, “Thank you, but I am sick!”
“White Horse” was surprised, “What’s wrong with Miss Shen, does it matter?”
“Gynecological disease!” She lifted the bag Traditional Chinese Medicine, “You know it’s inevitable to do our hotel…”
Before the words were finished, “White Horse” ran away, Shen Xifan took two elegant steps, stomped into the bathroom, saw no one around, and laughed uncontrollably against the wall.

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