Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona of USA

Grand Canyon National Park of Arizona, Now the Grand Canyon has become a major natural attraction. It is a symbol and nickname of this state as well. For a trip to the Grand Canyon. Visitors will appreciate the magnificent geological wonders surrounding the Grand Canyon. It can attract more than five million visitors per year. The main tourist activities that are very popular. Rafting, hiking, camping And a lot more.

Grand Canyon, one of the world’s great natural wonders, is now one of the world’s most important conservation sites. The Grand Canyon was discovered in 1776 the same year that the United States declared independence from Britain. Occurs by the influence of the Colorado River flowing through the plateau. The erosion of rocks 225 million years ago, then the earth began to rise. Due to the tremendous pressure and heat under the earth. The transformation and become a vast mountain range. Elevation of the earth makes the stream flow through the slope and flow more water. The sand and sludge are washed away by the erosion of water into the crust. Measured from the edge to the bottom of the ravine, more than 1 mile (about 1,600 meters) and perhaps twice as deep as the thickness of the crust. Generates granite and rock formations. The sandy soil is watered and the wind is eroded into deep trenches. Sophisticated for millions of years.



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