Summer Palace, China



Name: Summer Palace
Other names: Summer Palace / 颐和园 / Yíhé Yuán / Gardens of Nurtured Harmony
City: Hainan County

Summer Palace, Hebei Yuan Located in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing, it is one of the most beautiful scenic parks in Beijing. The total area is 290 hectares.  One part of the land is composed of two parts, namely, “Naosan San” and “Kunming Hu” Lake. Many pictures are located in the landscape. At the foot of the corridor is a distance of 728 meters, traverses along the edge of Kunming Lake. In Kunming Lake, there is a small island with 17 arches. Summer Palace or the Heyuan Palace is China’s largest park. It was built about 800 years ago, when Phra Chulalongkorn used to be a royal residence. Created by the Naval Budget. And the soldiers of the military. Visit the castle, palace, china Chinese The 3,000 pavilions are surrounded by the Kunming Lake. Excavated with human labor And artificial mountain The palace is well-equipped with a variety of entertainment to the princess Sue Chao on the past.

The palace will start from the east side as

  1. Wenzhou Vanguard Phra Nang Si Chao Tai is used as a place to sit on the throne Dragon. Let the royal families come in. To see the greatness of the dragon over the dragon. It shows the power of her over the emperor.
  2. The Avant-Garde Palace It is used by the Emperor of China to detain the emperor. Then seize the power to govern itself.
  3. Ayutthaya Palace It is a place where Phra Chulalongkorn plays the show. The 3-storey co-op is built to celebrate the occasion of her 60th birthday. Sometimes it comes down to playing with it.
  4. Wang Suang It is the residence of the Sioux City. Have a bed Lamps, curtains, furniture, appliances. Most of the original.



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